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Part 97: Better Know A Majin: Laquo

Better Know A Majin: Laquo

Name: Laquo
Meaning: Possibly derived from Latin, snare/trap/noose.
Appearance: Laquo are armored lizardmen with huge slashing polearms.
Physical Power: High
Physical Defenses: Medium
Magical Power: Very Low
Magical Defenses: Very Low
Vulnerabilities: Laquo are very vulnerable to ranged attacks of all sorts but Water. They’re especially weak against Fire.
Skills: Laquo tend to have a lot of passive skills that improve their physical abilities, and higher level ones might have physical skills as well.
Special Notes: Very high physical power.
Tactical Assessment: Laquo are some of the most physically powerful low-level Majin. We really want to be sure to engage them from a range as much as possible and get them stuck up close to powerful physical characters like Ashley. If they get into our ranged group they’ll slash them to bits.
Threat Level: Medium