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Part 98: Better Know A Majin: Magiquarius

Better Know A Majin: Magiquarius

Name: Magiquarius
Meaning: Literally could be interpreted as ‘Great water carrier’, though going a bit more broad you could also interpret ‘Magi-‘ as being intended to relate to magic.
Appearance: Magiquarius is a flying shark monster thing.
Physical Power: Low
Physical Defenses: Low
Magical Power: Low
Magical Defenses: Low
Vulnerabilities: Maqiquarii are totally immune to Water based magic and take double damage from Fire. They’re also somewhat vulnerable to Earth and Wind, with no real resistances to speak of beyond the Water immunity.
Skills: Magiquarii are armed with a mix of Water and Air skills, and generally have enough to last them for most of a battle. Higher level versions have the ability to cause Freeze and Bleed with their magic.
Special Notes: Flying.
Tactical Assessment: Magiquarius is an interesting Majin. It’s theoretically a caster but it’s not particularly good at magic. Unless it’s going for someone seriously vulnerable to one of its spells Magiquarius is just a really minor threat.
Threat Level: Low