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Part 99: Better Know A Majin: Aquamote

Better Know A Majin: Aquamote

Name: Aquamote
Meaning: ‘Aqua’ is of course Latin for ‘water’. The second section could be interpreted as ‘moving’ or something similar, alternatively it could be interpreted as it would in English, ‘speck’.
Appearance: Aquamote is a weird snail thing sitting on its own floating shell.
Physical Power: Very Low
Physical Defenses: Medium
Magical Power: Medium
Magical Defenses: Medium
Vulnerabilities: Aquamotes vary from mostly to completely immune to Water and are also highly resistant to Strike attacks. Fire and Pierce attacks are your best bets to bring them down.
Skills: Aquamotes are armed with a mix of Water and Healing skills. Unlike Magiquarius they can do some serious damage with their spells. I seem to recall that higher level Aquamotes can also have the Release skill, which frees a bound Majin and restores it to half health. Obviously this is bad news, and we need to not dick around in capturing when such a Majin is on the map.
Special Notes: Flying.
Tactical Assessment: Aquamotes are really nasty when they can support their Majin allies. They actually have the stats to back up being a caster and are able to heal. Fortunately ranged attacks are pretty good against them, so we can rain arrows down and force them to heal themselves instead of the Majin tanking for them.
Threat Level: Medium