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by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 6: Jurassic Labyrinth

Update 4: Jurassic Labyrinth

True to my word, Papyrus is now named FOEbucks, a name initially suggested by Tyty.

Alright, Byeahs. Time to shine.
What...are these things?
They're creeping me out...
Yeah I don't know why I didn't just have donuts. Byeah.
Eugh, get outta my face!

Meet our gathering party, 5 Survivalists with 3 points in Natural Instinct. Natural Instinct is a gathering skill, and basically acts as having Take, Chop, and Mine all at once.

When a gathering skill is activated, this message pops up.

And here you can see why gathering parties are a neccessity. Rolling for uncommon drops from gathering points isn't that annoying, but rolling for rare drops (the purple-colored materials) without gathering skills is a massive waste of time.

While gathering is pretty boring busywork (and, later in the game, potentially really frustrating if you don't keep your gathering party at-level with where you are), it's very profitable. We've made a lot less than that amount so far from what we've gotten off monsters.

Nectars (Revives dead party member with 20 HP) are made from 1 Dew Shard.

Therica B (Removes ailments from one target) is unlocked by selling 1 Sour Fruit.

Note how Nectars have a gold icon--this means that they are limited stock items. Sitoth Trading can only sell as many Nectars as you've sold them Dew Shards; once they run out, you can't buy any more Nectars until you sell some Dew Shards again. So yeah, get very familiar with the Take points on 1F, because you'll be visiting them a lot over the course of the game. You can't unlock Nectar IIs until 27F, which is in the postgame.

Eugh...those things are effective at their jobs, but they still weird me out.
Out of everything in the Labyrinth, bearded robots are what reduce you to this.
Sh-shut up.

Well, um, let's get going.

SYSTEM: You can see at a glance that this is not an opponent you can defeat at your present strength! You look around you, trying to think of how you might avoid this monster.
I didn't think the monsters could be worse than the deer. I guess the Labyrinth couldn't wait to prove me wrong...
Hm. The door's over there...we should be able to walk over before that thing catches up with us.

It moves at the same speed the deer did. To the door!

Hah...hah...hah...never thought I'd see an actual dinosaur.
Uhhhhhh, everyone...?

SYSTEM: It would appear that many of these monsters dwell on this floor... Once more, you must devise a way around this serious threat. You take care to look around the room for any promising avenues...
The door's right there, run!


I--hah--hate this place...

Another shortcut we can't use yet.

Gathering point.
Oh, what's that ore right there?

Didn't Cass say the Grand Duchy was looking for a blue ore like this?
Let's go deliver it before we go any further.
SYSTEM: The requested Amazonite has been gathered. All that remains is to deliver it to the bar to complete the quest.

I got kinda lucky here. Amazonite is the uncommon Mine item for the 1st Stratum.

One more shortcut we can't use before we go back.

Oh, there y'are! Did yeh find what yeh were lookin' for?
Right here. One Blueite--erm, Amazonite.
Let's see...yep, this is it alright. I'll take this over to the Palace to turn it in, so yeh can rest easy. ...If they're gonna fix up the town roads, ye s'pose they could deck out my bar's storefront while they're at it? Everyone loves a classy bar, right? The customers would roll in if I had a little glitz to flash! Haw!
I don't think anyone that's not interested in drinking will be convinced by a flashy storefront.
Anyhow, yeh'll be wantin' yer reward. Thanks for takin' care of that--I'll be lookin' forward to next time!

Freeze Oils are items that add an element to the targeted party member's basic attack. For example, if we used it on either Freyja or Asriel, their basic attacks would become Ice/Cut attacks. It's pretty worthless, but provides an excellent segue for me to talk about a weird game mechanic!

When a damage type is composited like Cut+Ice, the game picks whatever element would deal the most damage to the target and counts it as that. It's worth noting, however, that even if a given element in a composite damage type isn't what the enemy takes the most damage from, composite damage types can still count for conditional drops that rely on what damage type you defeat an enemy with. For example, if you have an enemy that takes only 1% damage from Ice, but has a conditional that requires defeating it with Ice, and you use a Fire+Ice+Volt composite attack to kill it, the conditional drop will be awarded to you.

I raise Gag to level 4 (damage goes from 134% to 141%), where I'll leave it for the time being. I'll get Shackles up to level 4, then work on getting the basic whip skills up to level 7 to unlock Ecstasy.

I put a third point into Horse Slash (damage goes from 157% to 164%), which unlocks Flame Grater. Flame Grater is a composite Fire+Cut attack that hits an entire row. It's quite useful for clearing out mobs, and will give Asriel access to a bit of elemental damage.

I leveled up Loyalty Mastery to level 4, which increases the halve damage chance from 9% to 10%.

Same for level 2 Heal Mastery--2% heal bonus to 3% heal bonus.

Cocytus Formula is now level 3 (145% damage to 150% damage), which we need for Compression. I'll level up Inferno Formula to 3 next, and then Thor Formula.

Hmm...didn't we get Sugar Beets from that point, too?
Oh, yeah, we did.
Should we go give Regina the ingredients?

With the Rye and Sugar Beets, I can test out this recipe! Let's move on to the next step, then.

Alright, let's try making a new dish!

I was able to make it. This should help the restaurant prosper. I thank you for your cooperation. If you think this dish would be useful to your exploration, feel free to order it from me. I'll treat you.

Cooking is an entirely new mechanic, although EO4 and EOU both had variations on the idea of "food that gives you in-Labyrinth benefits". Different foods give different bonuses, some more situational than others, and some so immensely situational I have to wonder what the thought process was for them at Atlus.

Hi Lagaar Coffee restores 15% of each party member's maximum HP every 10 steps. Some might say it's mediocre, I say it's garbage.

I think we have the ingredients for this one too...

P-people eat snails?
Oh yes, they're a big delicacy in France.
I can't say I know what France is...

I'll stick with the Escargot Citron for now, which doubles the amount of ingredients we get from gathering. It's not the best food, but we can't make either of the others yet:

Alright, now where were we...
...was that with an "s" at the end?



A-a-alright, how do we get past this?

Trick it into circling around this rubble.

Guess these things aren't too smart.

Another status ailment weapon; this one has a 30% base chance to inflict blind. Yawn.

So what's next...

Another stupid dinosaur.

Just circle the Raptor around the rubble in the top left of the room and you're good.

Hmm. There's a shortcut down that path. Let's go open it.

: ...rr?
: Hold up, Ursa. Monsters.

HP: 96, STR: 6, TEC: 6, VIT: 7, AGI: 10, LUC: 9
Damage resistances:
100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 150%
Ailment and bind resistances:
100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 150% 100%

Do not underestimate the deadly poison this creature carries...

Venomflies don't really hit that hard on their own; they don't need to, though. They're perfectly capable of killing you with this:

Um, Realga, Ursa looks sick...
Oh no, not these butterflies.

Yeah, Poison can be really dangerous in EO. Had anyone but Ursa been poisoned and hit on the same turn, they'd be dead.

Thankfully, Cure at level 5 is fast enough that Realga can patch Ursa up before most enemies so far can act.

Oh yeah, here's a game mechanic I haven't brought up yet. Enemies can do the same front and back line thing our party can do, a feature introduced in EO4. And, much like our party, when the monster's front line dies, their back line becomes the front line.

Oh, that poison didn't last very long.

The only status ailments that persist after battle are Petrification and death.

: ...rr?
What is it, Ursa? ...oh, not again.

SYSTEM: Recalling something like this happening once before, you walk closer to see what it is, and find a hedgehog there. Once again, the hedgehog's spines are caught in the tree, keeping it stuck fast. Could this hedgehog get itself into these situations often...? Though you know that there is no reward in helping it, you still have a choice to make.
Ursa. Don't.
SYSTEM: Reasoning that you have already rescued it once and may as well do so again, you lend the hedgehog your assistance. Ursa carefully pulls on the hedgehog to dislodge its spines from the tree's routes. The hedgehog is initially surprised at your presence, but once Ursa takes hold of it, it calms down. Ursa, seeing this, succeeds in extricating the hedgehog from the tree's roots. But the moment the hedgehog realizes that it has been saved, it nimbly leaps from Ursa's arms! To add injury to insult, it makes sure to launch itself at Ursa's face as it does so.

SYSTEM: As the party stands stunned by this turn of events, the hedgehog darts away without so much as a glance back. Though you are incensed by its ingratitude, you remind yourself that this was not an unexpected outcome as you go on your way.

I'm not healing you the next time this happens.

SYSTEM: Closer inspection reveals them to be a number of shining coins piled beyond the rubble. Could another explorer have dropped them? You're tempted to retrieve them, but you have to wonder about the circumstances...
Everything about this just screams bad idea.
Eh, there's no monsters around. We're fine.
SYSTEM: You reach into the rubble and pick the coins out from within. Their total worth is 100en... A careless adventure must have smiply dropped them here. Heartened by the lucky find, you return to your investigation.

A few steps later...

HP: 86, STR: 5, TEC: 10, VIT: 7, AGI: 7, LUC: 7
Damage resistances:
150% 100% 100% 50% 100% 100%
Ailment and bind resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%
100% 100% 50%

A floral monster that grows in the outer areas of the woods. It absorbs power from sunlight!

You know how Abigail gave us some Blast Grenades that knock enemies off-balance, and the drunken adventurers in the bar warned us about a plant spewing fire? This is that enemy, and it's basically a tutorial in how to use Blast Grenades.

When a Sunflower does this, that's your cue to use a Blast Grenade the next turn., how do these things work?

Ooooooohhhh, that was not a good idea...
Should've paid more attention to Abigail. Bah, my hearing was bad enough already...

Hm, those drunks at the bar were actually right.

Items with yellow icons and yellow backgrounds on the results screen are conditional drops.

Oh! A shortcut we can open.

Some shortcuts aren't really shortcuts, but entrances to secret areas, usually with one or more treasures. In this case:

Wisdom Earrings provides +2 TEC, which is very helpful for casters like Stardust. that a Mole? It looks different...
SYSTEM: You deduce from this that the specimen is much more powerful than its brethren! When the monster discovers your presence, it immediately turns to you and attacks, giving you no time to think!

Rare breeds are, as their name implies, fairly rare events.

Rare breeds, aside from absolute priority actions like Hit-Taker, pretty much always go first in the turn order. They also hit harder than a normal monster would.

They go down just as easily as a normal monster, though, and...

Rare breeds provide quintuple the EXP that the monster would normally give. While they're kind of a pain to deal with, especially given that they will also randomly try to run away, the reward is very much worth it.

SYSTEM: Should you come across more of these shining monsters, you must judge carefully whether or not to fight them.

SYSTEM: You can easily imagine the juices of the plump fruits overflowing into your mouth as you bite into them... If you wish to eat one, they can be easily plucked from the tree.
The fruits look safe. Couldn't hurt.
SYSTEM: The moment you bite into the ripe fruit, a delicate sweetness washes over your tongue.

I feel renewed!
SYSTEM: You look to the tree to see if there are any of these delectable fruits left, but all the ones you see are unripe. Though if you happen to pass by here some other day, it is comforting to know that the yellow fruits will be here.

Shortcuts. Yes.

And here's the other Mine point on 2F. This one gives out Rock Salt for its ingredient.

Is that...stone pavement? In the Labyrinth?

Settle down, Ursa. He seems friendly.
SYSTEM: But after an appraising stare, the beast shifts its gaze to a point behind you. Could it be trying to convey something?

SYSTEM: You have seen stone pillars on occasion elsewhere, but this is the first time you've seen a floor tile like this. If the patch of pavement piques your interest, you can examine it closer.
SYSTEM: You decide to investigate the pavement and kneel down, feeling it with your hands... But your inquiry yields nothing more than an ordinary stone pavement.
Bah. Nothing.
SYSTEM: Frustrated by the waste of time, Asriel gives it a light jab before standing.

The game plays a sound effect here. Pretend you knocked on a large, hollow stone cube, and you have that sound effect.

What was that?
SYSTEM: You are surprised to hear a sound much different than what usually happens when you walk upon this pavement. Curious as to what this might mean, you strike the pavement once more and notice that the sound echoes within. The implication would seem to be that the area below this pavement is hollow... But if you were to tear up the path to see what lies beneath, it would hinder any exploration, including yours. The wiser course would be to not tamper with this stone pavement.

Note the stone pavement icon I put down. There's an extra panel on the mapping screen, pictured here, which has numbers, pointless icons (I don't even know what that yellow one or the sign are supposed to be for), holdovers from older EO games (the item gathering point icon from EO1 and EO2, along with the clover icon used to denote treasure from EO1 to EO4), a special icon we'll see later on (that bridge thing), a pit (which doesn't really show up in EO2U), and the aformentioned stone pavement icon. You'll see why it has its own icon soon.

SYSTEM: Could it consider its duty to be over now that it informed you of the pavement's peculiarities? You doubt you will get any answers by standing here and pondering, so you elect to leave it here and proceed onward.
Well, that was...nice of it, I guess.


And another level up!

Shackles now deals 127% damage, up from 120%.

I take one point in Flame Grater for now, but I'll be leveling up Horse Slash some more after it.

Level 5 Loyalty Mastery unlocks Self-Defense, which lowers the caster's attack in exchange for raising its defense. It's a very nice buff, but we won't be leveling it up or using it for a while.

Level 3 Heal Mastery unlocks Unbind and Refresh, which remove one ally's binds and status ailments, respectively. Leveling them up increases their range (from single target to row to all-party) and decreases the TP cost. I probably won't be leveling these up more for now, usually because lots of status ailments and/or binds tend to be all-party, meaning your Medic can get disabled as well. There's better ways to deal with them.

Inferno Formula now deals 145% damage, up from 140%.

Oh, we still have two Ariadne Threads.
We got that spare from the first floor, and haven't used either yet.

SYSTEM: You can barely make out a squirrel-like animal in the shadow of a large plant. The rodent doesn't seem to fear your party, and it chirps brightly as it approaches. It seems as though it wants you to pet it. You wonder if you should oblige the creature...
Aww, it's kinda cute. C'mere...
SYSTEM: You reach out to the small animal... But it takes the opportunity to run up your arm and onto your body!
Hey-hey-HEY! Get off me!
SYSTEM: From there, it jams its head into your backpack and runs off with something in its mouth. You hurriedly rummage through your pack to see what it was the thieving rodent stole... It was an Ariadne Thread, one of an explorer's most essential tools! It's too late for you to catch the animal by now... You sigh, and move on with your journey.
W-we have a spare, anyway...

SYSTEM: There may be no other way but to use something in this room to help you avoid combat with the monster. Desperate times call for desperate measures... This is one such time, and you must act wisely or perish!
How many of these dinosaurs are there, anyway?
Hmm... Everyone. Move behind that pavement.

SYSTEM: You determined previously that there is a hollow space beneath the pavement. You resolve to factor the stone pavement in before acting again...

Th-this'd better work, Luca...

These things REALLY aren't that smart...

N-no, Ursa!

L-let's at least see how strong it is before we fight it!

Get away get away GET AWAY! RUN!


: Hah, hah...we're safe...
It got out of the hole, but...
It's injured. See? It's kind of limping.

Raptors that you trap in the pavement traps will only take one step for every two steps you take after getting out of the hole. If you trap them twice, they won't move at all.

Also note that, while I failed to screenshot it here, the stone pavement icons on the map automatically change into holes when a Raptor falls into them. This is change actually introduced in Persona Q: context-sensitive icons--icons that react to changes in the Labyrinth dynamically.

Who's there?!
SYSTEM: You hurry to draw your weapons, but a figure appears before you can do so!

SYSTEM: The man clad in fine armor raises both hands to show he intends no harm before walking towards you.
Now then... I should introduce myself properly. I am Hrothgar. Wulfgar and I are members of the Beowulf Guild.
Oh, another explorer. Hello.
SYSTEM: The friendliness of his manner allows you to relax and lower your weapons.
I'm glad you trust me. Are you new explorers in the Duchy?
W-we just finished properly registering two days ago, actually...
I see. Then you may find navigating the Yggdrasil Labyrinth a bit trying. Though coming as far as you have shows promise.
Of course. You would have had to avoid that bloodthirsty beast to reach here. The list of explorers who fail to escape its clotches is long, and growing longer.
SYSTEM: Hrothgar stops speaking there to look you over, sizing you up before asking a question.
Tell me, how did you get through the room just before this one?
Those stone pavement traps--we lured it into one. Our bear wanted to get into a fight with the thing, though...
SYSTEM: The protector's expression brightens a tad and he nods.
I see. In that case, I'd say you have the observational skills to survive in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. You've probably seen already how this Stratum has areas where the stone pavement is hollow underneath. When a heavy weight is placed on these sections, the pavement gives way, trapping the monster in the hollow. It seems to have been done long ago to prevent monster incursions. It's quite functional, for such an old trap.
SYSTEM: Hrothgar's expression becomes apologetic and he scratches his cheek.
Listen to me, going on and on. I'm sorry, I just can't help but give advice when I meet new explorers. I suggest you keep a cautious eye out as you traverse the forest. It's the surest way to survive your forays.

Well... It's time I was going, I musn't keep Wulfgar waiting, after all.
SYSTEM: The man calls the beast by name before walking away from you... As you see them off, you resume your trek to explore more of the forest.
Seemed nice enough.
He looked like he had something on his mind, though...

How many dead ends can this place have? Geez.

The Labyrinth has a ton of dead ends that do nothing except put you closer to a random encounter.

And we're finished with this floor.

Can't get through.
Let's just go back to town, then. might be a good opportunity. You all should come by the cafe when you can. There's something I want to tell you.

Might as well oblige her. Maybe it's a new game mechanic!

It was left here so you could use it however please, which is why I was carrying it in. I have a message for you from Grandpa as well.
...Oh, the Minister. Go on.
It appears as though the Midard Library has decided to help the explorers of this nation. These things the Library developed... Grimoire Stones, or something? Anyways, they've been approved for use here. The Grimoire Stones are apparently items that can record the skills of those who equip them. By using these stones, anyone in your party can use anything from healing skills to elemental attacks... ...It's not really my field, but it sounds like something that would come in handy for explorers like you. I'm not really an authority on anything besides cooking. I mean, I can tell you anything you want to know about gluten. In any case, I've received a number of these for you to use. I'll set up the facility for them here, so do what you want with them.

Hoo boy, Grimoires. I'd say they were introduced in EOU, but frankly the system's gone through such a massive rework since that game that it's basically entirely different, aside from some very basic things.

The basic idea behing Grimoires is something like subclassing, only a lot more complicated. Every Grimoire in EO2U contains one skill of a particular level, with maybe an extra added effect. Any character can equip any Grimoire, whether it be of their own class, another class, or even a Grimoire from a monster. Equipping a Grimoire can also provide the ability to equip weapons that character normally can't; equipping Medic Bullet on Realga, for example, gave her the ability to use guns.

Grimoires in EOU were only one per character, but contained many skills in one stone. Grimoires in that game were a massive pain in the ass, and frankly, trying to make the most efficient use of them was actively detrimental to the game itself.

Aside from the fact that Grimoires only contain one skill now, the biggest change is this:

Equipping a Grimoire of a skill a character has learned will increase the level of the skill on that character by whatever the Grimoire's level is. This is how you get skills above level 10, and...well, to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of this system. Grimoires were initially intended to be a substitute for subclassing, but the whole overlapping levels system in EO2U means you're only ever going to want Grimoires of skills the class already has. In fact, a lot of EO2U seems to be balanced around the idea that you have Grimoires such that you have skills beyond level 10, which is not okay, in my opinion at least. The midgame and lategame become significantly harder if you don't have good Grimoires, and the postgame ranges from frustrating to pretty much impossible without them.

Enough about Grimoires, though, let's go offload what we got from 2F.

Falcatta is unlocked by selling 5 Rat Needles, Amud Staff is unlocked by selling 4 Small Nails, Nail Whip is unlocked by selling 3 Small Nails, Breastplate is unlocked by selling 5 Small Nails and 2 Ray Flowers, and Fire Talisman is unlocked by selling 1 Perfect Thorn.

I buy Amud Staves for both Realga and Stardust, due to the TEC bonus and +8 TP, and a Nail Whip for Freyja. The Nail Whip's not that big an upgrade to her damage, but it's cheap (150en), so why not.

I also buy a Nectar, because we have the money and it couldn't hurt to have one more.

Abigail's Talk dialogue for 3F:

Welcome! Oh, it's you! Hi! Is it your shopping day again? Hee hee... I actually went shopping with Dad the other day, and he bought me an adorable new dress. I thought I could wear it while I worked to show it off a little, but it gets a little too dusty in here... Maybe you can come by when I have the day off, and I'll wear it then!

Cass's 3F dialogue:

How's it going in there? Heard yeh made it to the 3rd floor. How's yer expedition goin'?
Well, none of us have died yet... We're taking it fairly slow, though.
Looks like we got a clever one here. Good, good! Kids these days just wanna get results and rush into things... Yeh're different, though. More reliable. That's why I can trust yeh with all these jobs!

And here are the bar patrons. Note that a few of them aren't actually new, due to some recording mishaps.

Knight in shiny armor:

Gaaah! I got wrecked again! Why are the monsters in the forest so strong!? Especially that bird...! It's a bird, right? Seemed like a bird. Birdlike, anyway. But yeah, that damn Wild Wing! That beak is just...unfair! It's so quick that even reaches the guys in the back line! I mean, I stand on the front line, so I'm used to it, but the poor guys in the back...
Oh no...

Bizarrely-dressed merchant:

Hey, hey, you guys! Have you heard!? You know what's goin' on!?
Well, if you don't know, then I have no choice! I'll tell you, so keep your ears open, yeah!? There's this thing popping up 'round the forest sometimes, called an Yggdrasil Bud. Got no idea when or where they appear, but I do know one thing... An old veteran told me that you can make tea out of those buds. And he's not the kinda guy to lie about this kind of thing! I mean, he does exaggerate a lot, but...

Well-informed man:

Hahaha, everyone's got completely the wrong idea... Hmm? About what, you ask? Well, everyone's speculating about which guild is closest to the flying castle. Sure, a lot of amateurs think that it must be the oh-so-famous Guild Esbat, but I know better! The guild that's closest to the flying castle... That would be Guild Beowulf! Sure, they're just wandering around the bottom floors, but they were pretty big back in the day. They're just lying low right now! When they're ready, they'll spring up to the second Stratum. Guild Beowulf's got this!

The only quest unlocked when you reach 3F.

Oh, yeh're taking that quest? Well, yeh can probably tell from the description, but it ain't gonna be too exciting. Yeh just gotta stand around and...well, that's it. The client is the innkeeper. Go ask her for the details, eh?

Let's stop in on Marion, first.

Hm...? Oh, it's you. I've heard you're steadily progressing through the Labyrinth. As you proceed, I'm sure you'll encounter members of other guilds as well. For example...there's a guild known as Beowulf. They're friendly, and patient with new guilds. I'm sure they'd gladly help out. ...Continue at this rate, and perhaps you will become a model guild that the younger groups look to, as well. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Try to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Dubois, too.

Mm? Can I help you? Ah, it seems your exploration is going well. Good to hear, good to hear... ...I must say, you explorers are impressive. Our guards have been investigating since the Labyrinth's no avail. As you can see, this is a small country. Our military is quite modest...but to think we would be outdone this easily... Hm. If there are more like you in the other countries, perhaps we need to rethink our strategy, eh? Ah, my apologies--I did not mean to go on for so long. In any case, I am glad to hear that your exploration goes smoothly. We owe much to you. I look forward to the results of your future endeavors.

And Regina. Her Talk option is, incidentally, under the Guild House option.

Trial and error is essential to cooking new dishes. You can't give up just from one failure. You have to try again and again. ...Of course, there's a limit to how many ingredients we have, so that's annoying.

Now, let's start that quest.

Oh dear, I see, you took it for me! Thank you. I know I can leave it in your hands! Alright, let's talk about that quest, then. Oh, but before that... Quona? Come downstairs!

Oh... Y-You're an adventurer...? Uhm... Hello...
Bahahaha, isn't she just adorable? She's my daughter, Quona! She's so cute, isn't she!? She gets that shyness from me, of course. And so, I want to ask you to look after her for a little bit.
Well, we DID accept the quest.
Bahahaha! I knew I could rely on you! It's nothing too big. I've got some business to take care of, so I have to leave the shop for a bit. Usually, I would just leave the inn to my hubby, but he has an appointment that he just can't miss. So, I was going to have Quona watch the shop for a little while, but she's still so young! I can't just leave her alone. I'd like someone to stay with her, and help her out if anything comes out. Since you're the ones taking the quest, I can go take care of my business without worrying about a thing! It'll be fine! I'll only be gone for a short while, okay? So, with that said, once you're ready to look after her for a little bit, come talk to me again, okay?
O...Okay... I'll see you later...

You can take this opportunity to rest up, save, or whatever else here. When you're ready to start the quest, just Talk to Hanna.

The quest is actually of fairly decent length, however, and the update's already nearing SA's character limit. So, we'll be seeing it later!