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Part 8: Dinophobia

Update 5: Dinophobia

Everyone ready to go?
You bet! I've been waiting for this since you all got to Lagaard!
Why are we the ones that have to explore the Labyrinth now, again? This seems rather abrupt.
Hospital put out a call for Medics. Somethin' about a massive shipwreck and the hospital being badly understaffed. Said they were willing to pay. Guess where Realga went.
I saw Stardust volunteering to help a theater group with a show they're putting on, too. She brought Ursa to act in it, too.

I gathered up a lot of stuff while training up the rest of the guild.

A lot of stuff.

Leather Whip is unlocked by selling 1 Gum Hide, Papillon Collar is unlocked by selling 3 Venomous Wings, and Leather Hat's unlocked by selling 3 Soft Furs.

Here's the new party's starting equipment. I opted for Leaf Sandals on Nadia and Jackie due to the fact that bow and gun damage works off AGI, and Leaf Sandals provide +1 AGI. The 2 DEF difference between them and the Papillon Boots is insignificant at best.

Zack's starting build. I put 4 points into Tornado, which is a Cut attack that deals 50% splash damage to enemies around the primary target. It's also a prerequisite to Hurricane, which I will want later on. My reasoning for only putting 4 points in is while the damage goes up by around 30% from level 4 to 5, the TP cost also goes up from 7 to 12, which will strain Zack's TP pool. I opted to put that point in Sword Mastery, which unlocked Blinding Slash. Without talking about it too much, Blinding Slash is a decent skill that requires a pretty large skill point investment to make work. I won't be using it.

Phoebe's starting build. Front Guard is a very useful skill that reduces physical damage to the front line for one turn. Rear Guard does the same thing, except for the back line...which already has a damage reduction in place, making Rear Guard really bad.

Leveling Shield Mastery up to level 3 unlocked the elemental Walls, which received a huge nerf compared to EO1-3 in EOU that's carried over to here: they only activate once per character during a given turn. They're still very much worth leveling up for certain bosses, and I want Fire Wall to be at least level 5 by the time we reach the 1st Stratum boss.

Nadia's starting build. I leveled up Bow Mastery to 3, which unlocks the disabling Arrow skills, which are a Survivalist's bread-and-butter skills for pretty much the entire game. Sleep Arrow is of questionable usefulness due to the status ailment it inflicts, but Blind Arrow and Paralysis Arrow are very much worth maxing out. I prioritize Blind Arrow here due to the enemies we'll be encountering.

Jackie's starting build. I leveled up Gun Mastery to 3, which unlocks the elemntal Rounds skills (Element+Stab attacks), then leveled up Ice Rounds to 5, and put the last point into Charged Ice (a line-piercing Ice+Stab attack that lowers the user's defense until the skill is activated). I'll want Burst Shot eventually (pictured on the right), but the skill point investment needed for it is very large, so I'll just level up Charged Ice some more; it'll be useful until the 3rd Stratum.

Rheine's starting build. I leveled up Order Mastery (which actually provides a unique Mastery bonus: whenever Rheine uses an Order on someone, they are healed for a small amount + a percentage of their max HP), which unlocked: Attack Order, Guard Order, Holy Crown, Ad Nihilo, and Negotiation. I'll want at least one point in Prevent Order soon, which will require 2 more points in Order Mastery. I level up Attack Order to 4, stopping short of 5 due to the TP cost increase from 5 to 10.

Oh yes, I should explain Grimoire Chances (because I skipped showing the tutorial Marion gives you ). During battles, there is a random chance your character may get a Grimoire Chance, which will then roll for your character generating a Grimoire when they act that turn. If they roll successfully, depending on the Grimoire Chance you got (yes, there are multiple types), you will be given:

The different Grimoire Chance types are:

The only condition for Grimoire Chances happening is that the character must have at least one Grimoire equipped.

Crush these insects!


HrrRRAAAAGGGHHHHHhhhoooooh, I feel dizzy...

A nice change to the Grimoire system in EO2U: when a character generates a Grimoire, you are told immediately instead of having to wait until the end of the battle to see.

You're also told what Grimoires were generated during the battle, what level they are, and what added effects they have, if any, at the Results screen. In EOU, you were just told a Grimoire was generated, and given a vague "quality."

Ooh, Zack, Phoebe, you both got banged up pretty bad by those Venomflies. Hold still for just a sec...
GAH! What the--did you just shoot us?

Medic Bullet is granted with level 1 Gun Mastery. It's okay in the very early game due to how low everyone's max HP is, but Gunners don't really have the TEC or VIT to make effective healers. Medic Bullet is also single-target only. Basically, don't level it up past what you're given by leveling up Gun Mastery.

SYSTEM: It's said that things happen in threes, and lo and behold, when you approach you find a hedgehog there. Just like the previous times, the s pines in its back are lodged into the roots, and it cannot move without aid. This seems to be a rather dull-witted hedgehog... You are free to help the hedgehog or leave it to its predicament.
Yep. It's that hedgehog Realga rambled about at the bar.
Why would she ramble about a hedgehog?
Said Ursa kept saving it when it got stuck like this. Realga got real angry at her for that, heh.
Well, it's our decision now. Do we save it or not?
Don't see why not. Ursa understands forest creatures better than any of us--why question her?

SYSTEM: Deciding that you can't start ignoring the hedgehog now, you lend a helping hand. Phoebe volunteers and cautiously pulls on the hedgehog's spines to pull them from the roots. The hedgehog, seemingly used to this by now, shows no signs of resisting. But that is when you recall that the last two times, the hedgehog struck the moment it found itself liberated. It may be docile now, but you have your suspicions... Given past history, it may be wisest to have a plan, just in case.
Gently now, Phoebe.
SYSTEM: You've been hurt by it twice already; what's the use in worrying about another wound or two? Phoebe rescues the hedgehog from the tree without hesitation. Despite Phoebe's decisive action, the hedgehog does not thrash about this time, and allows you to place it down. It may have slowly come to understand that you have no intention of harming it. But no sooner is Phoebe's guard lowered than the hedgehog hurls something at their face!

SYSTEM: Though you're worried for Phoebe, who is writhing in pain, the injury seems superficial with only a bit of swelling. But by the time you have ascertained this, the hedgehog is already long departed. You share a chuckle at how things played out just as you anticipated, but then you notice a rare commodity at your feet. It must be what the hedgehog threw at you. At least the pain incurred wasn't for naught, you reason. You put the item in your pack before resuming your investigation.

How nice of it.

Clumped Sap is a rare find from Chop points on this floor.

HP: 97, STR: 8, TEC: 6, VIT: 9, AGI: 6, LUC: 6
Damage resistances:
75% 75% 125% 100% 100% 100%
Ailment and bind resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 50%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%

A critter with a tough hide, it curls up in a ball to ram enemies!

Rollers resist most types of physical attacks and that's the most interesting thing about them.

Giant Ladybug
HP: 100, STR: 8, TEC: 8, VIT: 7, AGI: 11, LUC: 8
Damage resistances:
100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 150%
Ailment and bind resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 150% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
50% 100% 100%

An enormous ladybug. If it is in danger, it can emit a smell to attract ferocious monsters!

Giant Ladybugs, on the other hand, are more interesting...because they summon a fucking monster from 5F if they're the last monster left alive in a battle. Take them out first if at all possible.

Yes! It worked!
Huh. How do you hit tiny targets like that with just one eye? Is it some kinda mystic power?!
Nah. I've just spent more time practicing with bows and arrows than you can imagine.

Here's what Front Guard looks like when it activates.

That was not even close.

Alright. We could either go further into the floor...

...Or go down this way! Heh-hah!
Slow down, Zachary! I can only chart so fast!

Waaaaugh! What is this thing?!
Oh! The Protector at the bar said something about a beaked monster that...could hit the back line...

Wild Wing
HP: 167, STR: 13, TEC: 6, VIT: 10, AGI: 10, LUC: 8
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 150% 100%
Ailment and bind resistances:
150% 100% 100% 100% 50% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

A carnivore who soars through the sky. You would be wise to use cold attacks...

Wild Wings are dicks. Beaked Rush is a line-piercing attack that really hurts on the front line, and can realistically kill one of your back liners if you're somewhat unlucky or have a very fragile class like an Alchemist. Thankfully, they are very susceptible to blind.

All of you, kill that overgrown avian quickly!

Victory Vow cuts the TP cost of Order skills in half, and makes them target the entire party instead of just one row.

A'ight, Zack, get behind me.

Try hitting us now!

Hup! Try again.
Admirable effort, but insufficient.

Dammit. Just barely undershot getting the conditional drop. Oh well, Wild Wings are pretty common encounters; there'll be other opportunities.

Ooh. I think these are some of those Labyrinth Cuisine recipes the others talked about.
Alright, let's try looking at them!
...these instructions make no sense.
Asriel said they were encoded. The chef at FOEbucks can probably make sense of them.

From here on out, FOEbucks recipes can be found in either the Labyrinth or as rewards for quests, with one exception. Some of the recipes are hidden behind shortcut-accessible secret rooms, making them something of a pain to track down if you notice you're missing them (like what happened to me on my first playthrough).

Like I said, Wild Wings hurt. Blinding them really helps, but blind isn't a 100% miss chance.

Ooh, ooh, look! I froze it! ...Kinda.

Chop point. The ingredient for this one is Walnuts, which I actually really want because they're a component in a very useful food.

Got a level up from an otherwise unnotable fight.

Refer to my starting build comments for my reasoning behind all of these.

I went back to town at this point to make that food I mentioned at FOEbucks. Stopped by Sitoth Trading to unload everything I'd gotten so far:

Wyvernbone Blade requires 1 Frozen Bone, Ladybug Hairpin requires 1 Spotted Carapace, Wooden Shoes require 1 Hard Root, and the elemental Oils require 1 Clumped Sap.

Oh, that sword looks nice...wait, it costs how much?
More than we have at the moment.

The Wyvernbone Blade's a nice upgrade for Zack, but I can't buy it at the moment.

And now, we stop over at FOEbucks, to develop...

Walnut Rye Bread! This is pretty much my go-to food if I don't have a situation that specifically calls for any of the other foods. The max TP boost is small but nice early on, and can really significantly bolster TP pools as the game goes on, even for low TP classes like Landsknechts. I'm pretty sure the bonus it gives is 1.5x a character's normal max TP.

I also equip Rheine with the Order Mastery Grimoire I got. The boost to the amount she heals is really small, but it does more for her than the Horse Slash Grimoire I had on her before does.

One rest at the inn later, and...

So what's behind this door?

A-a giant d-dinosaur.
Ohhhhhh crap. It's blocking the way...
Alright, don't panic. Stardust told me how to get past one of these...we just have to lure it into this pit, and...


I'll be glossing over a lot of how I lure Raptors into pits now. I'm sure you get the idea behind it now.

Oooh, that one's golden! It's sparkling, too! Let's kill it!
Let's not. The others told us that shining enemies are more agile and deadlier than normal, remember?

Yes, you can run into rare breed FOEs too. Yes, they give metric boatloads of EXP. No, it is not a good idea to fight them until you are past the point where you can reliably take down a normal breed.

Pfft. We didn't even have to lure it that time.

Alright, it looks injured. Let's just lure it into this pit behind us...

Not so tough now, eh?

I-it is still terrifying, even when immobile.

A'ight, that had to be the last one.

Oh well.
"O-oh well?!" There's no pits this time!

What is she doing?!

You're braver than I am, Nadia.
Aw, go on.

I-it has climbed out of the pit, and that alley is the only way out of here...
We have a pit here, we're fine.

Yessssss. Return Flutes are the best "oh shit I need to get out of this fight NOW" item in the game. I'll demonstrate it later.

See ya, dino-brain.

Hey, who's that?
Realga told me about him...think she said his name was Flausgul?
Hrothgar. His name his Hrothgar. I recognize him--he and his sister are the latest in a long family of dragon-slayers.

I opt to map out what's up of our position before triggering Hrothgar's dialogue, and...

This is something of an annoying enemy formation. The Ladybug takes reduced damage in the back row, but you still want to kill it first--giving the Wild Wing theoretical free reign for a turn or two.

You're not touchin' us.

Perfect Defense completely cancels all damage to the party for one turn. It's a very powerful Force Break, and I'm only using it because I'm about to head back to town anyway.

This message pops up when Perfect Defense is activated.

Think I put enough powder in that one?

Charged Shot is very useful for encounters like this, thank to its line-piercing ability.

I forgot to screenshot it, but the Chop point right up ahead's ingredient is Asparagus.

SYSTEM: The sharp cry comes from Hrothgar, the protector you met earlier.
You're from Lumen, right? Could you hold off on that door for now?
Huh? Why?
SYSTEM: The man looks at your party members in turn, a troubled expression on your face.
I can't explain why. Just go ask the Grand'll understand then.
SYSTEM: The protector remains in place, blocking the door with his head hung low. It seems that he won't let you pass just yet. You should return to town and visit the Duke's Palace for an explanation.
Well, he certainly looks down.
This sounds urgent--we'd best take his advice.

...Ah! If I recall correctly, you are...Lumen, correct? Excellent timing. Would you be able to assist me in a delicate matter? I must tell you's a very dangerous mission. I'll understand if you refuse. However, if you're still willing to help... Then perhaps you might hear an old man's grievances.
What bothers you, Minister Dubois?

Oh, you'll do it? Splendid, thank you very much. Allow me to explain further. A number of the guard corps have gone missing over the past few days. We have guards and medics posted around the first Stratum to support new explorers, you see. I assumed that the danger they would face there wouldn't be anything they couldn't handle. However...yesterday, when the shift was over, ten of them did not return. I fear something very bad is happening near the Labyrinth's entrance. Normally, it's a mission I'd reserve for a guild like Beowulf or Esbat. But I think I can entrust this one to you... Let it motivate you to someday surpass those sterling guilds! Now, go... Find out the source of the disappearance and save the guards!
What? What do you think happened, Nadia?
Oh, it's nothing. Just picturing the worst-case scenario...

Dubois also has Talk dialogue for after you finish The shopkeeper girl:

Hm. Whatever happened to that issue that you and the girl from the inn were trying to solve? Ah, so you were able to settle the matter then. I'm sure that girl is relieved. Quite admirable of you. Not only do you explore the Labyrinth, but you even solve the problems of the citizenry. Ho ho!

So does Marion.

Ah, it's you. You remember when I told you about that guard that lost his Citizenship Card? Sometime after, the innkeeper's daughter Quona turned up. Seems she was concerned about the guard, and if he was alright. She's quite a warmhearted child. It was...quite touching. Oh, the guard? No need to worry about him--he's back to working hard, now. Perhaps moreso than anyone else.

And Abigail.

By the way, did you find that citizenship card you and Quona were looking for? ...You're getting a replacement issued at the Explorers Guild? I didn't even know you could do that! I...I thought the only thing we could do was look for the lost card. I'm glad to hear it! I'm sure Quona was really happy everything turned out okay.

We're near the end of 3F, but I stop by the inn to rest up anyways. It's cheap, might as well.

Go on, then. I'll leave the matter of the missing soldiers to you. I have other things to do...
SYSTEM: He seems to be addressing this to the beast beside him as he moves away from the door.
One more thing... A little free advice. The reason why all those soldiers went missing... It's becausae a herd of monsters is running amok in there. The area's choked with enemies. Never let your guard down and avoid combat whenever you can.
SYSTEM: With these last words, Hrothgar and his companion walk away. You can continue through the door and face the chaos within, or return to town to prepare.
Oh no...

SYSTEM: The ground is stained crimson with blood, and corpses are stacked on the field. The bloodcurdling sight reminds you of the mission you accepted at the Duke's Palace... You agreed then to find the soldiers who never returned from their posts in the forest. The gruesome open grave before you may be the final resting place of those very soldiers... A sudden roar startles you. You know now what caused this slaughter.
Oh gods...
This is...horrifying...
Oh man, those poor guards.
Nope nope nope nope NOPE lemme out. Where's our Ariadne Thread, I wanna go back.
D-does that dinosaur in front of the door look different to anyone else?

SYSTEM: The instant the monsters catch sight of you, the menace in the air becomes palpable. If you charge in heedlessly, you may succeed only in adding your bones to the pile of corpses here... You do, however, see a door beyond the monsters. There could be surviving guards beyond it. Having accepted the mission, you are obliged to check the region for any survivors. You must make your way past the monsters somehow and get through that door!
So, um, Nadia...what's the plan here?
L-let me look around first.

I don't think that door is where any survivors might be...
Why don't we just try the pits again? There's lots of 'em in here.

A-alright! Two down, one to go--

I-I didn't plan for that...

Yep. The Terrible Hunter (the FOE staring us in the face) is considerably better at hunting than its compatriots. Unless you position the Raptors just right, it'll jump over any pits in front of it to get to you. Yes, you can start a fight with it that way, and no, it's not a fight you're going to win.

I-I didn't sign up for this!

Hah...hah...and Realga was complaining about the dinos on 2F...hah...
So. What's the plan? That navy raptor seems smarter than its friends.
Well...we aren't trapping that thing in a pit unless we position the Raptors just right, which we only have one shot at...
Oh, you guys saw that shortcut on the wall to the right of the door?
No, actually.
It looked one-way; we could go into it from here, but can't go back the other way.
W-what if we go back inside, lure the navy dinosaur to near one of those passageways, go through it, go back to the door, and then sprint to the center door...?
Seems sane enough to me. It's worth a shot!

If you try to go to the stairs before finishing the mission, the game gives you this message:

SYSTEM: The terms of the mission dictate that you must carefully search this floor before moving on.

Got into an otherwise unremarkable random battle literally the step I took after that last screenshot, but I did get this. Here's what added effects look like when you get them on Grimoires. The Sleep Arrow Grimoire here has Cut Up 1, which increases Cut damage on whoever equips it by...I believe 1 or 2%. Complete garbage on a Survivalist Grimoire, though.

E-everyone r-ready?
Let's do it.

Keep running!

A-alright, w-where's that shortcut? We're kind of cornered here...

Over here. C'mon.
Alright. When we go through the door, everyone sprint for the center door.
On my count. Three, two, o-one...


I-it's gaining on us!
We're almost there! Keep going!

W-we did it...
I think it realizes it's not going to catch us...

Once you reach the tile in front of the door, the Terrible Hunter de-aggros.

SYSTEM: You tense, but the sound is not that of a ferocious beast. Rather, it sounds like a human's cry for help. The voice is coming from the south... You must proceed in that direction in order to discover what the sound is.
I'll go chart and open the shortcut ahead. Everyone else go look for the guard.
I'm going with you. 's dangerous going alone in the Labyrinth.

Waugh...! Oh... A-Are you e-explorers?
Yes. We were told by the Minister to come look for you.
SYSTEM: Judging by his uniform, there is little doubt that this is one of the missing guards.
I'm saved... I'm saved! Thank you! Yes, I was a member of the guard corps. My comrades...they were all slaughtered by that herd of monsters!
SYSTEM: You tell the soldier the fate of that monster and how to return to town safely.

Unless the game somehow assumes you can kill the Terrible Hunter at level 7 or 8, I'll assume this is a mistranslation.

You're a lifesaver! I'll make sure to put in a good report for you when I get back.
SYSTEM: The guard stumbles to his feet and staggers to the exit. Your mission is complete! Return to town and report to the Grand Duchy.
Alright, that's...enough near-death experiences for one day. Anyone want to go to the Stickleback after we report to the Duchy?
Count me in. I could use a cold one...nah, a couple cold ones, after today...
I feared for my life today more than I have since I could this what exploring really is about?

Here's one of the alternate Grimoire Chances I mentioned earlier, before we go back to town.

I heard all the details from our man. You did well in rescuing him! He has given us an extensive debriefing on what happened in the Labyrinth. Marvelous work. Please accept this token of the Grand Duchy's gratitude for saving his life.

A very nice EXP reward. That was almost two levels worth.

Which reminds me... I mentioned the report the guard filed on the events that transpired. According to him, the cause of so many monsters appearing in the first Stratum... Was, in fact, the work of another monster! The Grand Duchy is issuing an official mission to resolve the crisis. You have contributed much to the matter already, so I will not force you take part. However... No, it's nothing. You did well.
No, no, continue. What did you say about another monster?

Guild Lumen... You're accepting this mission!? I cannot thank you enough for going back into the breach to rid the forest of this threat. Allow me to explain fully. I trust you are aware of the powerful monsters which have been appearing in the first Stratum of late. The cause seems to be that the king of beasts, called Chimaera, has settled on the 5th floor. It is Chimaera's roar that draws monsters from the upper floors down to the first Stratum. By defeating this Chimaera, we eliminate the roar that lures such terrible fiends downward. It is a serious crisis, make no mistake. We must destroy this Chimaera, king of the beasts!

Uninteresting level ups for the first four members of the party.

Rheine, on the other hand, unlocked Prevent Order, which will nullify one status ailment per cast on a character. It's a very fantastic skill, especially given that a lot of bosses and FOEs utilize status ailments to the point where I'd almost call it abusing status ailments. Leveling it up decreases the TP cost, and getting it to level 5 increases the duration to 4 turns. Neither of these are really worth investing skill points for, especially if you know when to time Prevent Order, so I'll leave it at level 1.

I also made a very brief trip back into the Labyrinth to trigger Floor Jump for 3F, and open up everything that comes with 4F. When we leave the Labyrinth after getting to 4F:

It seems that there is something he wishes to discuss with you regarding FOEbucks... I haven't been informed of the details, but we would appreciate it if you would come by when time permits.

I heard of your work from Regina. I also heard you found some new recipes, and provided the name for FOEbucks.
Well, we did not technically provide the name--Asriel wanted to name it after some old tale about a human who ends up underground, but Stardust changed the name after hearing it suggested at the bar by some woman wearing sunglasses, who apparently rode out of town on a winged horse.
You're rambling, Rheine. In any case, Minister, you should come visit the cafe.
Indeed, I would like to do so when time permits. It would be nice to see how Regina is doing as well. I believe the store's preparations are now complete. Next, I'd like you to spread Apicius's dishes among the people... ...In other words, I would like you to advertise the cafe. It may be a government-run cafe, but it's still fairly unknown among the citizens. I would like it to attract more customers. I considered leaving this duty to Regina...but, ah...well, I feel you may be better suited for this task.
What're you talking about? Regina seems perfectly capable of doing that!
It's quite kind of you to say so, but I'm afraid Regina is not very good with people. Which is why I'd like you to take on this task. I have already informed Regina of the details. I'll be counting on you.

Dubois's 4F Talk dialogue:

Ah, explorers. How goes the exploration? ...Do you not find the place to be beautiful? I have accompanied the guards to the Labyrinth, and never before have I seen a more lush and beautiful forest. Certainly, there are forests outside the city, and rich green fields of crops...but the Labyrinth feels different. Ethereal, yes? In some respects, it feels as though the Labyrinth has been watching over us. There is something mystical about it, isn't there? ...Perhaps a god really does reside at the top... Ho ho, it would appear I've been rambling again. Now, I wish the best of luck to you on your adventure.
A god, huh. I've heard the tales of the so-called "Overlord," but I'm not entirely convinced.

You've already heard about the advertising plaln from Grandpa, right? I've been giving it some thought, myself... High Lagaard may be a small city, but there's still a lot of people. It might be best if we pick a specific area of the city, and market a kind of food that fits their preferences. I've received information on each ward's populace, and the type of requests they make. You mind taking a look?
Let me handle this, everyone.

Oh, that's right... This is our first time trying this, so Grandfather's providing us with the ingredients. He said to advertise without worrying about our stock.

So here's how Advertising works. You pick a region of Lagaard, and look at whatever groups happen to be there at the time. Each one will request a type of food, and you have to determine what food you have available fits that description best.

Also note that starting an ad campaign will only use up one measure of ingredients for that given food, no matter how many of the food you actually sell. You also can't sell food you don't have enough ingredients for.

Advertising takes 20 in-game hours in the Labyrinth to finish. You can't just sleep at the inn over and over again until the campaign is finished.

Regina also has post-The shopkeeper girl dialogue:

...Helping people... So you explorers do those sorts of things too. I used to think that all you did was just explore the Labyrinth. Looks like I'll have to reconsider my perceptions... I guess I should expect no less from the guild that Grandpa trusts so much.

And her normal 4F dialogue:

I had no idea cooking could be this fun! I can simmer the posts and cut the meat without worrying about a thing... I guess I'm a chef through and through.
Some people are born for specific duties on this planet. It's the basic philosophy behind sovereignity.
That...seems a bit iffy if you ask me, but what do I know?