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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 104: Basilisk

Update 13: Basilisk

You stop and cautiously sniff the air. Indeed, something smells to high heaven...

You think there's a body nearby?
A-A corpse, you say!?
It's the smell of decaying organic matter. Not far away, either. Can we check it out?

It does seem to be the smell of some kind of dead flesh... whether animal or person, you cannot say. You can investigate your surroundings to find out, if you wish.

We may as well.

You follow the fowl stench and push through the underbrush...


Though it has begun decomposing, not many days seem to have passed since its death. Given a few more days, the corpse will return to the forest... But until then, there may be some usable parts left. You may search the corpse despite the stench, or leave this place at once.

Oh dear... I don't feel up for this.
But it's a waste to let it rot away.

Steeling yourself against the stench, you kneel at the corpse--when you pick up on the sound of a fast-approaching screech!

Knight, we've got company!

Flavio can barely mouth the words before a monster, drawn by the rotten flesh, charges at you from the brush!

It goes down without issue.

Over the corpse...? Is that what that monster was after?
Probably. Animals that eat rotten flesh aren't so uncommon.
Th-They eat rotten flesh...!?
If we stay here, more might come.
Actually, if the smell gets on us, they might attack again.
I-I can see where that would be a problem...!

Though your attacker is vanquished, the lingering potential threat drives you from this place with haste.

Oh, but before we go...!

Ooh, I didn't see that vine there at all. Good catch, kid.

I'll go get one too.
Uh, no! Bad idea!

Fearing another attack, you leave this place as soon as you are able.

...There's nothing here?

Though you remain cautious of your surroundings for a while, no further sign of the threat presents itself. Could whatever it was have already left this place? Yet you cannot discount the possibility that whatever menaced you so still lurks, waiting to strike... You wonder if it would be prudent to draw your weapons before proceeding deeper into the room.

If there's a monster here, we can probably handle it.

We should be careful.

When you reach the center of the room, there is a violent susurrus of leaves!


Something passes before you, but when it sees your weapons, it just as quickly withdraws into the forest.

Wh-What was that!?
I couldn't tell if it was a beast or a person.

You look to where the blur rushed past you like a sudden storm, and notice something scattered about the ground.

Nuts? Did it drop these?
We should keep them, as payment for it giving us such a scare.

Though you know not what that mysterious creature was, the nuts, at least, have done nothing to offend you. You gratefully collect them and move on.

Not much to see on this floor, really.

You can encounter this thing earlier, if you bought the Yggdrasil-Bud Tea DLC. If you didn't, this is where you can first encounter it.

There is a plant before you. However, it seems to be moving continuously, as though it were an animal of some kind.

Just watching it move sort of calms you down, doesn't it?
Let's take it home.
Hey, quit that. Looks awfully suspicious to me.
You're boring.
Oh, yeah? Sure, I'm boring all of a sudden 'cause I gotta be the voice of reason here.
My way sounds better. Like a dream. I bet Knight thinks so too.

I agree with Chloe.
Who said this was a democracy? I'm telling you, you can't just bring home weird stuff from the Labyrinth.
Asked Knight first.
Honestly, you get worked up over the smallest stuff. That's not cute, y'know.

As Chloe and Bertrand argue, the plant wobbles, as if responding to their voices...

I agree with Bertrand.
Heh, see?
Knight. You're just a boring adult with no dreams... Disappointing.
I just tried to analyze the situation with a cool head!
When you say it, Trand, it doesn't sound that convincing.

As Chloe and Bertrand argue, the plant wobbles, as if responding to their voices...

Well, Flavio?
Wh--Hey, why are you dumping this in MY lap!?
Alright, kid. So?
Who's right?
I don't have anything to do with this! Why am I involved!?

As you all argue, the plant wobbles, as if responding to your voices...

What do you think, Arianna?
I, too, wish to bring it back with us. Will that not do, Sir Bertrand?
Arianna agrees. Let's bring it back.
Ugh. You get one person on your side, and suddenly you're full speed ahead again...

As you all discuss custody of the odd plant, it wobbles, as if responding to your voices...

Dialogue merges here.

You watch its motions a little while longer... and it suddenly lunges at you!


Oh crud, not goo-

...Never mind. That's not actually scripted to happen, I actually just got a bit unlucky.

Yggdrasil Bud
Level: 1
HP: 50
STR: 5
TEC: 5
VIT: 5
AGI: 5
LUC: 5
Skills: N/A
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Disable resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Yeah this FOE is pretty much pathetic. Just smack it and get your prize.

Now if you're fighting these enemies through the DLC quests, you would be getting far more. However, regular versions only give out one of their ingredient drop at a time.

I said less than a minute ago that it was suspicious.
You're still boring, Trand.
You little--

No more fighting, okay?
Was... that a fight?
Once again, completely over her head...
Ah, but it seems that monster dropped some new ingredients! Perhaps we can develop some new dishes, Dame Chloe!
Let's go back and check then.
Geez, that was a fast turnaround!
Now I look like an idiot for even arguing with her at all...
Well, at least it was pretty weak. If we get that kind of stuff out of it, we should knock them out whenever we see 'em.

That's a bit redundant.

I understand! I will make sure to remember that.

After your conversation, you return to your exploration.

Well the stairs are nearby, so let's go to the 7th floor.

Let's go deeper into Ginnungagap, for Arianna's sake.

You remember now that you must go further within Ginnungagap to carry out the ritual. In defence to your original duty, you decide to head back the way you came.

Oh, fine. We'll follow the railroad instead. After a quick trip to cook this new ingredient.

Rare ingredients? Well, let's see...
Wait, this is--It's an ingredient that can only be obtained from a Yggdrasil Bud!
Is it something good?
This ingredient is used in a recipe that predates even Apicius's work. I've only read of it in ancient tomes... These were so difficult to find, some called it a mythical recipe...
How in the world did you find this?

All of these answers are technically true.

I'm just a lucky guy.
Oh? Still, impressive... According to Grandpa, luck is a special gift that no amount of hard work can get you. As long as you have it, I suggest you use that luck wisely. Here, take this. It's a recipe from the old texts... It shows how to prepare this ingredient.

We walked around a lot.
Haha, I suppose it's a reward for all the effort you put into your exploring. Good work. ...It might have seemed like pure chance, but behind that, you found it through hard work and dedication. Here, take this. It's a recipe from the old texts... It shows how to prepare this ingredient.

There's one weird trick...
Hm. I'm not an expert on exploring... but I'm sure when you've been doing it for that long, you pick up some tricks of the trade. All it takes is the know-how, and it's yours, huh? Quite an interesting thought. Here, take this. It's a recipe from the old texts... It shows how to prepare this ingredient.

If the texts are true, there are two other ingredients like this one. If the opportunity comes up, could you try searching for them?

Keep in mind that you can't advertise these teas. They're for your own personal use only.

It's done. This is Yggdrasil-bud tea!
Ooh... This is a good tea. The color is clear, and above all the scent is excellent.
Yes, you're right...
It has a hint of sweetness. Did you add some sugar?
No, I didn't add anything. This is the natural flavor of the bud.
Hmmm... It's sweet just making the tea, huh? That's amazing.
I don't like tea that much, but I like this.
I want to keep smelling it.
Haha, this is what I'd expect from Apicius's recipe. Enjoy the scent.

The true effects of this tea are that it forces enemy drop rates to increase to 100% (It doesn't force conditional drops, but if you do fulfill their conditions, they're guaranteed to drop) and when gathering at item points, you're guaranteed to get 3 to 5 of the rare item there. So essentially, this tea is meant for grinding item drops.

However, the effects of the tea only last for one Labyrinth trip. So if you don't have the DLC, you can't really take advantage of this tea, as it's nearly impossible to grind up a supply of these ingredients while playing normally. See, after taking out the respective Yggdrasil plant once, they'll start showing up randomly on other floors. With an extremely slim chance of happening. So if you want to take advantage of the teas, you must pay for their respective DLC.

Okay, let's finally get going to Ginnungagap.

The concern in the young man's voice is starkly evident. Still, your pulse, breathing, and overall fitness all seem ordinary. You haven't heard the strange voice again either, suggesting that you're in no apparent danger.

You're such a worrier.
Hey, it's been my job to worry about you since we were kids, haha.
The reason for the curious change in Sir Knight must be something that affected him here... Let's proceed with caution.

You check the wall near the lever, and just as Brucke said, you find the slot where you must insert the Dynamo Stone. The stone currently fitted there is dull and cracked...

If I understand properly... We must remove this old Dynamo Stone and insert the fresh one, yes?

Arianna does just that, swapping out the old Dynamo Stone for the new, and then pulls the lever.

The bridge rises all the way this time.

The bridge came up. Cool.

With loud clanging, the bridge reforms, allowing you safe passage to the other side.

Now we can finally go further in.
Yes. And with luck, we may proceed far enough inside to perform the ritual!

Your duty is to deliver the woman to the Hall of Sealing, said to be in the depths of Ginnungagap. You decide to proceed across the bridge in order to get closer to that goal.

Hm? Is that... a drawbridge?
There are many bridges here, it seems.
But all these bridges are up. We won't get anywhere like this.
Oh dear... Another setback already...
Oh, but look, there is something we can try. Those bridges to the north and east don't have it, but the one to the west has a machine we can probably use.

Huh... So the machine to raise the bridge is only set up on one side of it.
In which case, we will need to raise and lower the bridges accordingly if we are to make any progress.
You're right. Ugh, just when we thought there'd be smooth sailing. Figures... Why won't this place just let us waltz on in, huh?
It seems fun. Knight, hurry and use it.

You can do as the girl coaxes you to and try manipulating the drawbridge, if you wish.

A bit further in...

The moment the bridge is lowered, Flavio raises his voice and points.

For the love of... We just got the bridge set up and it's already about to charge!
Interesting. We were not the only ones keeping a close watch on the state of the bridge, it seems.
Yeah. It looks like it'll come right at us if it has a clear shot, so we need to be careful how we use these bridges.
Then let's do that.

In case you thought that the drawbridges were nothing more than glorified shortcuts, they're not. They're pretty much the main gimmick of this floor. Oh and don't think those FOEs are just more Mercenary Boars. Those are actually Boar Captains, stronger versions of that boss. So don't get fooled by model reuse and think that you can easily circumvent these puzzles.

The woman walking beside you sighs under her breath.

Let's keep moving.
Oh, my apologies... But... I wonder if this is how things will be for the rest of our journey.

You ask the woman what she means by her anxious comment.

I'm surprised at how dilapidated these ruins of Ginnungagap are...
Yeah. They're collapsed all over. Didn't they tell us at the Grand Duchy that they couldn't do any upkeep on the place?
That's why even the bridge lost power.
Indeed... ...I was told that Ginnungagap was a legendary place of great importance.
It was my impression that this would be a well-tended holy ground... I confess to some disappointment.
F-Forgive me, this has nothing to do with the task at hand.

Can you still do the ritual?
It's just that... I'm worried that the Hall of Sealing, where the ritual must take place, will be equally in shambles.

Before you can reassure the woman, she seems to right herself, and chirps for your band to continue onward. You nod to yourself and delve further into the ruins, toward the Hall of Sealing.

Eventually I go back to resupply.

This will surely help the farmers there, and more people might soon come to visit Cafe.
Well, let's head to the bar to report the results!

And get a reminder for the Urban planning quest. Anyways...

The black-robed girl touches the door which looms in front of her...

Wait. Hold on... ...I don't like the feel of what's up ahead.

The young man directs an unusually serious gaze at the door. You, too, can sense the reason for his unease beyond it... Your surroundings are deathly silent, but you feel something dangerous lurking beyond that door.

This may be a sanctuary, but given how run-down it is, I wouldn't be surprised if something nasty took up residence. All I'm saying is, stay on your toes.

You may proceed forth if you wish, or exercise caution and withdraw for no to better prepare yourselves.

Translation, there's a boss fight. Get ready before going beyond the door.

And here's our party's builds. Once again, I'm using the TP Up food, but I would rather have a different food in this case. Which sadly, isn't available at this point. Oh well, let's go.

Yikes! Wh-What is that!?
It's... quite large...
A lizard with four arms. Neat.
Don't get all giddy now, Chloe. That thing's primed to attack.

Watch my flank!
You may trust in us, Sir Knight!
Yeah, you don't have to tell us twice.
Healing's my job. I'll do it.
*groan*... You kids are spoiling for a fight, huh?

You take up arms and stand against the monster that nests in this sanctuary!

I won't lose!

Level: 18
HP: 4320
STR: 19
TEC: 17
VIT: 18
AGI: 14
LUC: 19
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 125%
Disable resistances:
50% 75% 0% 0% 0% 50% 0%
0% 0% 10%
0% 50% 25%

Basilisk is a bit weaker than Chimaera, and the reason for that will be seen a bit later in the fight.

Starting off with setting up a Delayed Chase.

Also setting up Artery.

Gonna Front Guard the Basilisk's attacks. They're all physical, so that's pretty much what he's gonna be doing throughout the fight.

This is power!

Gonna try to Blind the thing. If I can manage that, the fight will become much easier. Though the chances aren't good, because discounting Flavio's massive LUC disadvantage, he only has a 49% chance of pulling that off.

More setting up on my end.

Ugh, didn't land the Blind. Maybe I should focus have on raising Flavio's LUC instead of his AGI.

Basilisk decided to use Dark Moon first.

Oh that's just a fantastic start!

At least the arm bind doesn't stop Artery.

Time to come out swinging.

No more games.

Basilisk's weakness is Volt, so that's what I'm gonna use.

I was hoping to have Chloe use Ailing Slash, but that's not an option for me right now.

But good thing I packed all those Therica As.

Now that I'm using elemental attacks, it's time to start using Link Order.

Oh come on!



Blood for blood.

Thunder Wave racked up about a total of 190 damage. Not bad.

That's significantly more damage than I was doing to Chimaera. I've already knocked out about 1/10th of its HP. This fight should be going by a lot faster.

Let the current flow!

It may be dangerous to leave those eyes be like this. You can attack its eyes, or ignore it and take a different action.

Oh great. Here's basically something that a lot of bosses in this game incorporate that I'm really not a fan of. Helpers.

Basilisk Eye
Level: 18
HP: 680
STR: 21
TEC: 17
VIT: 18
AGI: 14
LUC: 19
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 125%
Disable resistances:
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 0%

Essentially the boss can summon another enemy to help them out, and if you leave the helper alone for too long, it's game over. I don't like them because they tend to bring the fight to a screeching halt since you have to focus on damaging them instead of the boss itself.

So yeah, the Basilisk Eye. Basilisk brings it out when it reaches 80% or 40% HP. If you don't take it out within 3 turns, it starts petrifying your party. And you can't resist the Petrification, since it has a 999% success rate. So you have to take out the eyes.

Time to finish up that combo.

I'm gonna use the fact that Bertrand is slower than Basilisk to my advantage. Since I'm having him use a Nectar, he'll revive Chloe after Basilisk has attacked, which will prevent her from dying immediately after being revived.

Get outta my way!

May as well have Flavio use his Force Break. I don't see the fight lasting long enough for him to use his Force Boost again.

Force Boost!

And I'm gonna have Arianna boost our whole party's damage, because why not?

Some nice damage to both the eyes and the Basilisk.

Okay, not having Bertrand use Front Guard was a risky move there.

Some more damage to the eyes.

I'm not gonna waste this on the eyes, they're almost dead. Instead I'll use it on Basilisk.

Going for broke.

It may seem crazy to use her Force Break without taking advantage of her Force Boost, but my front line is in dire straits right now, and I don't have any multi-target heals on me. It's pretty much all or nothing here.

Link Order II is basically Link Order, only as an AOE. I'll use this to finish off the eyes.

Okay, my party shouldn't be in any danger of dying for a while.

Oh wow, that was pretty much a 10th of its HP right there.

And now I don't have to worry about the eyes. At least, not until they're summoned for a 2nd time.

For the rest of the fight, I'm just gonna have Knight use Delayed Chase + Shock Sabre.

Also now I can finally have Chloe dish out some damage.

I'll stake my pride on this!

And may as well have Arianna use her Force Break.

Just like I planned!

Oh, finally!

At the very least, it'll keep our party going for a bit longer.

And here's Chloe hitting like a truck.

Shock Sabre is pretty much his main form of offense since he can't transform anymore.

I had Arianna use Attack Order on the front row, so Chloe's hitting harder now. She's pretty much taking of 5% of Basilisk's HP with each Ailing Slash.

Oh dear. Basilisk's attacks just got a lot more dangerous.

Here we go again.

I'm gonna have Knight and Arianna target the eyes.

While Chloe targets Basilisk.

Oh great. This is gonna hurt.

While Chloe took a beating (and is dishing it back), it managed to miss the rest of the party (Aside from Flavio.)

Yeah, the eyes should go down pretty quickly.

I come through when it counts!

It just occurred to me that I could use Bertrand's Force Boost to mitigate the HP penalty from Doom Breath.

But I need to heal up Chloe as well. Even a Front Guard under the effects of Shield Protect can't help her when she only has 9 HP left.

Much better.

And the eyes go down!

Crud. The blind wore off, though thankfully the fight is almost over.

I'm gonna try for another Blind Arrow, but even discounting the LUC disadvantage, Flavio only has around a 13% chance to inflict Blind again.

Shield Protect is pretty much reducing Basilisk's damage to laughable levels. It just doesn't look like it due to the effects of Doom Breath.

Chloe isn't dealing as much damage as before with Ailing Slash, but it's still a respectable amount.

Just watch me go!

And since this is the last turn of Bertrand's Force Boost, I may as well use his Force Break.


Okay, Basilisk can't have much fight left in it now.

Oh. Well this fight is pretty much over.

I'll just use Sonic Raid to secure the win.

Got it.

And Basilisk goes down!

A bit of a tougher fight than Chimaera, but it went a lot more smoothly.

Did that... do it...!?

As you swallow hard and watch in trepidation, the lizard's body slowly collapses to the ground...

Victory is ours!
...That was hard.
But we did it. Looks like we can finally pick up where we left off exploring Ginnungagap. Still, that was one tough customer. I feel more drained from fighting that than anything else so far.

It didn't take as long as the Chimaera fight, and we had 6 people for that!

It was a breeze.
Well, aren't you impressive. Guess you won't mind if I slack off a bit the next time, huh?

The surly, tired protector's words remind you why you came to this room. Could this be the Hall of Sealing Arianna spoke of? You glance about to search for the woman.


You notice that the princess is standing alone, before a large door in the depths of the crumbling hall.

The ritual cannot be performed without the mark spoken of in lore. I thought that I might find it beyond this door...

The woman tries pushing and pulling at the door, but it shows no sign of movement.

What about sliding it?

Arianna tries the robed girl's suggestion, yet it remains fixed in place.

...Breaking it down's probably out of the question, I guess.

Flavio's shoulders sag as he knocks and prods at the door. As you watch from behind him, you hear a voice call out from somewhere...

A flash of blue.

When we beat bosses in Ginnungagap, we get passive abilities for Knight. What this does is that it lets Fafnir endure a killing blow while he's Transformed. It only works once per Transform, through, but it's guaranteed to work. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Instant Death attacks.

You emerge from your reverie to find that your companions have gathered around you, regarding you with concern.

Sir Knight... Are you certain you're feeling well?

Seeing the worry on your companions' faces, you explain to them the voice you just heard...

A voice only Knight can hear, huh...?
And this voice said that the Hall of Sealing is past the door, yes?
If we can believe what Knight says, anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's not him I'm doubting. I just can't be sure if we can trust a voice the rest of us can't hear. How about the rest of you? From what you've heard, do you think this voice can be trusted?

I'm gonna be honest, I don't know if we can really trust this voice. I mean I barely have an idea of what's going on here.

...I don't know.
That's normal. It's hard to tell if you can trust someone or not if they won't show their face.
But that's the only doubtful part. There's no proof it's lying.
In other words...?
It could be true.
Well, logically, sure...
...We have no way of knowing if it's true or false. What we do know is that Knight changed somehow... If going further into Ginnungagap can solve the mystery of that change, then I think we should do it. And hey, it might help Arianna perform the ritual as a bonus.
You two and the girl are the ones who need to do that. So if you say you want to keep going like the voice says, I have no objection.
I'll go too.
I... must perform the ritual. If the Hall of Sealing is past here, then that is where I must go.
Then it's decided. Knight, let's do what that voice said and go search for this 'third power.'

You should go to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth for now in search of the third power.

We can't proceed on from here due to the plot. Classic is also barred from entering the 2nd floor, but they're held back by a much flimsier excuse. Anyways, I warp back to town.

Oh? Weren't we going to obtain this third power, just as Sir Knight has told us?
Yeah, I guess... but I wonder what exactly we're supposed to do to get that power...
Knight, this is the third one, so that means you already have two powers?
Oh right, yeah. So? Do you already have two powers, Knight?

You know, I don't really recall.

...I don't remember.
I see. Well... I guess there's not much we can do, then.
Why don't we try going into the Labyrinth in the meantime? We were told that we could obtain the new power there...
...... Knight. You remember what happened when we beat the Chimaera? There was a moment after the fight when I felt some immense power coming from you. I thought it might be another monster coming to attack us, but turns out it was just you. After we defeated the Basilisk, too. I felt the same thing again. ...You know, now that I think about it, something might've been happening to your body then. What do you think?

You may be onto something there.

Maybe you're right.
So... what you're saying is that Knight gained new power after beating the Chimaera and Basilisk...
If Sir Knight is able to defeat another powerful monster, then... perhaps he will gain yet more power?
If we make assumptions based on what we've observed so far, it seems probable.
But it seems unlikely we'll encounter many more monsters of comparable strength to the past two, even in the Labyrinth. It's a little difficult to set a course of action without more information.
...I'm thinking maybe we should try looking into what happened a hundred years ago.
Pardon!? How would that help us?
Well, other people did the ritual before us. If we look at what they did, then I figure we can work out what we gotta do.
I guess... but how are we even going to find information on something that happened a century ago?
...What do you think, Knight?

Let's try asking someone.
Ask someone? But who?
Hmm. Wonder if the folks of High Lagaard know anything? I mean, the ritual's always been performed at Ginnungagap, right?
You might be onto something. Maybe if we search the records at the Duke's Palace, something might turn up.
The Duke's Palace... You may be right. We may be able to find some clue about this within the records of High Lagaard.
Now that you mention it, the Minister said he was gonna check for any kind of information about it. Let's try heading to the Duke's Palace then, huh?

Sure, we'll do that. But that battle tired me out. I could use some sleep.

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Okay, so after beating Basilisk, you're allowed to choose whoever's inn scene you want to see instead of them being in a set order. I held a vote to decide on the order I should see these in. The first one we're gonna be seeing is Bertrand's.

Who the heck is knocking at this hour?

Mind if I borrow this chair?
Remember how I said the inn scenes are missable? That includes the movies that pop up in some of them. If you want to complete your movie gallery, you have to see the inn scenes.

Whew, a nice drink after a hard day of exploring... It doesn't get more relaxing than this. You've been on your feet a lot, haven't you? Aren't you tired at all?

Not really.
Haha, that's youth for you. You've got a lot on your plate—leaving home to take care of this ritual thing, exploring... Guess that's why Flavio and Arianna count on you so much.
But you know... a break every now and then won't hurt. I mean, you've got that thing with your body to worry about.
The power of the Fafnir, was it? And now you're stuck with that crazy arm... What do you think about all this? You've gotta have a complaint or two about the whole thing to get off your chest.

I can't remove my armor...
Haha, guess it wouldn't do for people to see that arm of yours, huh? Yeah... no one knows the pain of having to keep armor on all the time better than a protector, trust me. Anyway, I think you're doing pretty good, all things considered.
......You've really done good at keeping it together, kid. You never asked for any of this. You got roped into it. But you don't complain or try to find a way out... Are you satisfied with your life, Knight?

I want to go back home.
Haha, that sounds about right. I hear from Flavio that you're one of the star pupils out at the Library. Sounds like that's where you belong. Hope you can get back there soon. Hm. Looks like I'm all out of booze.

See you tomorrow, Knight.

Alone again in your room, you have only the silence for company. You decide to rest in preparation for tomorrow...