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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

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Part 107: Through Flame Demon's Domain

Update 16: Through Flame Demon's Domain

Beyond the low grass is a mountain of beautifully ripe, red fruits!

Ah...! So many small fruits! They look simply scrumptious.
I know these. They're edible.

You know from having seen these berries at the market that Chloe is right. If you wish, you may take advantage of this good fortune and enjoy the sweetly tart berries.

The game pretty much told us they're safe to eat, so we may as well

Lured by the sweet scent, you pick and eat all the berries you can hold. You smack your lips at the perfect balance of sweet and sour that floods across your tongue.

Ooh, these are good.
I want more.
Dame Chloe, you'll sully your clothes if you stuff so many in your mouth.
Who could tell? They're black to begin with. Just leave her be.
But that wasn't my issue...

You are half concerned that monsters may strike while you are engrossed in eating the berries, but none do. You spend a peaceful moment here...

Whew, we ate quite a lot... good thing there's tons more here that aren't ripe.
Can we eat all we want again?
Yeah, but probably another day.

You return to exploring alongside the blank-faced yet oddly cheerful-seeming girl.

Another daily event. Oh and here's an audio only conversation we can hear in the 2nd Stratum. It's the only one that plays in this Stratum, oddly enough, when all the other Strata have at least 2 audio conversations.

Are we having a short rest? I anticipated this might happen. Look!
Are these playing cards? Tarot cards, too.
Yes! They're perfect for passing the time.
You're far too into this. Put those away.

That could be a problem in such a tight space. Could we squeeze by it somehow?
I hate getting hurt... almost as much as I hate having to figure this stuff out.
How about it? What if we just charged right in there?

I like his style of thinking. Sometimes I don't bother with the FOE puzzles and just kill the FOE itself.

Let's force our way through.
Ooh, great minds and so forth. Sometimes the best way forward is straight through.
We don't know if we can beat it. But we won't know unless we try.

With that discussion settled, you prepare yourself to challenge the monster.

Of course actually trying to fight the thing now would result in a game over.

This room's bigger, so it seems like it'd be easier to dodge it in here... but the floor seems pretty dangerous.
Yes, it's a thorny problem. I don't advise that we sit anywhere in this place...
Uh, it's going to be just as bad to try and walk across. What do we do? If there's one thing this old man hates, it's getting hurt.

There's no predicting what the monster may do. You ought to keep an eye on it and your own position as you proceed.

I know! A rare breed FOE! How lucky!

Could these be its friends?
Friends, drinking buddies, whatever. Bottom line is, they're trouble for us.
You have the hang of how they move by now, right, Knight?
Try to make this easy on us. We're counting on you.

Once you have decided on your plan to deal with the multiple monsters, you may begin whenever you are ready.

I slip past them.

And we're done with the 8th floor.

A new floor! You know what this means.

Oh dear, you all look filthy today. Hold on, I'll go get some water heating up for all of you. ...You really do enjoy going into that Labyrinth, don't you? Is it honestly that much fun? You always come back covered in scratches. I don't want you to end up covered in scars, now! Mm? Oh, I'm not worried about you, Knight. It's Arianna and Chloe I'm fussing over! You boys treat all your scars like badges of honor, but it's just not the same for girls! You'd better do your best to protect them!

Talking to people! And nap time!

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Now it's Arianna's turn.

That's right.

Oh, I see now... This wasn't my room at all.
Then where in the world could it have gone?
I apologize for disturbing you, Sir Knight. I think I'll go and look around for my room a bit more.
If you'll excuse me...

And the scene ends just like that. Okay okay, let's go back a bit. Picking that option or “No, it isn't” ends the scene immediately.

What're you doing, Arianna?

I'm ashamed to say that all these doors look alike to me, which has been a great source of confusion. As I walked around the inn, I became lost, and couldn't tell which room was my own...
Haha, but I was fortunate enough to run into you. Would you mind if I stayed to talk a bit? ......
Explorers must be used to staying here and waking each morning to venture out into the Labyrinth. But it's all so new to me. Eating on the road, camping, fighting deadly monsters... I'm accustomed to none of it. What are your thoughts, Sir Knight?

I love a good fight!
You are quiet brave, Sir Knight.
I don't think all this fighting agrees with me... but I have a duty to perform. I mustn't shrink from it.
Still, I'm relieved to know that you are enjoying our adventure, Sir Knight. I'm very glad to have you accompanying me to complete this ritual. I enjoy traveling with you...
But I worried that you didn't share this sentiment, and that I was inconveniencing you.

It is a little trying.
Wh... I-Is that true!?
Y-You're having me on, right? Would you mind if I ask again...?

But thou must!

I enjoy it too.
I was hoping you would say that judging from what you said earlier. I confess to being relieved to hear your thoughts, Sir Knight. Well... I suppose it is getting late. I think I shall head back to my room now. Good night, Sir Knight.

Alone again in your room, you have only the silence for company. It is late, and you decide to rest in preparation for tomorrow...

Abigail and Regina have nothing new to say, but we can cook some new stuff at Cafe.

...Sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go. It turned out pretty well.
My...! It has quite a strong bite.
Hmmm... So food is stuffed into this fanged vine's mouth?
It's a basket, so even the meat juice won't drip out. Interesting.
This makes me happy. The insides spill out all the time for me.

Good for you.
Yeah. I can now eat all of it. I'm really happy.

I spill a lot, too.
Sandwiches always spill...
But with this sandwich, you and me are happy.

Dialogue merges here.

H-Hmmm... If you put it that way, it's not a bad sandwich... I guess.
But since it looks pretty much exactly as the monster we fight all the time... it's... kinda...
Hmm, it is true that depending on how you look at it, you're eating a sandwich along with the monster, huh?
Er... That's not the positive opinion I meant...

You're being too sensitive.
No one ever told me that while we were back at Midgard...

I understand that...
R-Right? I'm not the crazy one, huh?

Dialogue merges here.

Being able to enjoy the presentation is one of the charms of Apicius's recipes, but... it might not be for everyone. I'll keep tabs on the customers' reactions. This'll go on the menu, so order it whenever you like.

You get one extra material from gathering points. A high level gathering skill, or the Yggdrasil Bud Tea outclasses this heavily.

...Sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go. It turned out pretty well.
Heh, a pot-au-feu. That's nostalgic; I used to eat those all the time...
But isn't that a lot of meat in there?
What are you saying, Trand? The more meat, the better. In fact, these mushrooms should be meat, too.

That's too much.
You're wrong. There's no such thing as too much meat.
Sorry to butt in after you've made your statement, but there is such a thing as too much.
Because there are vegetables, the meat tastes better. That goes the same vice versa.
...Is that true?
That's true.

We don't need veggies.
I'll refute that. Because there are vegetables, the meat tastes better, and vice versa. It's about balance.
...Is that true?
That's true. Don't just hate vegetables for no reason.

Heck, I don't need meat.
...!? Knight, are you insane?
Oh, you prefer vegetables? I thought that most explorers were meat lovers like Chloe... I'll remember that.
But that's the problem, too. The vegetables taste better, because there is meat, and vice versa. It's about balance.
...Is that true?
That's true.

Dialogue merges here.

Hmmm, you really need to think about a lot of stuff when cooking, huh?
I just think it's all good as long as the taste is good.
Well, it is the job of a cook to think.
*giggle* Dame Regina's cooking is always so delicious... We cannot help but let you handle it.
I... I see. Then I'll take care of it.
I'll add this to the menu, so order it again if you like.

Not that useful, since it only restores 10 points of Force for every 10 steps you take. And this has absolutely no effect if you've used Force Breaks. Eat something else.

...Sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go. It turned out pretty well.
My, my... They look so cute. And delicious, as well.
Ooh...! Candied chestnuts! I love the way they look like treasure.
But it leaves the mouth a bit dry. Hey lady, some tea.
I'm not a maid. You have your own legs.
It's a pain to get up.

I want some tea, too.
You're the same as this man?
*sigh* It seems the male members of Guild all lack manners.
Wha-- I didn't say anything, yet I was counted together...!?

Get up, Bertrand.
What, I'm beat from all the exploration. Let a man bum around while in town, at least.
Trand is bumming around even in the forest.

I'll go make some tea.
Ooh, sorry to bother you. Make sure it's hot.
...Don't you think the reason why this man is so arrogant is because you're letting him?
Uh-uh. Trand was like this before we met Knight.

Dialogue merges here.

*giggle* I see that everyone is getting along very nicely with Dame Regina.
Yeah, we're the best of buddies. Right? Milady?
...The man really is ill-natured. Whatever. I'll add this to the menu, so order it when you like.
And let me warn you; the tea costs extra.

This makes it so that Grimoire Chances have a 40% chance of becoming an Active Grimoire Chances. There are better ways to farm for Grimoires.

...Sorry to keep you all waiting. It turned out pretty well.
Whoa...! This smells good! And it looks normal!
...What. You have a problem with what my cooking usually looks like?
E-Er, that's not what I meant... Right, Knight?

I have a problem.
...Ho-ho. I'll remember that.
You pissed her off... You're too honest, Knight.

I don't have a problem.
Hmph, of course. Apicius arranged his recipes to entertain by looks as well.
...You're amazing.

...I can't tell you.
That sounds suspicious. ...Very well.

Dialogue merges here.

Regina. More.
...You always eat so fast. Are you even tasting the flavor?
I'm tasting it. The fat of the meat and the tanginess of the sweet and-sour sauce, absolute harmony. Chloe likes the sweet-and-sour sauce. And the spices are great. The brisk texture and scent are unique.
Hmm, you actually have sharp taste buds. The strong smell is thanks to the forest vegetables. Because of the harsh living conditions and various beings, there are a lot of strong-smelling plants.
You're right. There actually are a lot of smells in the forest.
But I've heard that they're more apt for medicine than food.
When prepared normally, the other ingredients lose to the strong scent.
This leek here needs special preparation or else it can't be eaten.
...What is it, Arianna? You shouldn't look at someone's face and just laugh.
Ah, please excuse me. I was just thinking about how much fun you look like you're having talking about cooking.
Having... fun...? Was I looking like that?

You were.

You weren't.
I-I see. Phew...

Dialogue merges here.

Why? I like the Dame Regina who smiles while talking about food.
D-Don't say things like that.
Anyway, I'll add this to the menu, so order it when you like.
...Regina, are you embarrassed?
I'm not embarrassed!

Essentially, it's an automatic Prevent Order that activates at the start of the fight. Could come in handy for a few places.

...Sorry to keep you all waiting. It turned out pretty well. I had Arianna help out again. I thank you.
Oh, no, it was fun for me, too. The kitchen at Cafe is full of utensils!
Hmmm... It looks small, but it's heavy. Looks like this'll be quite the eats.
*giggle* Please enjoy!
I will!
*munch* *munch*
This is good. It's not meat, but Chloe approves.
Same here. The warm sweetness of the chestnuts is great.
Moon cakes get their name from being shaped after the moon. In one region, it's tradition to eat these while gazing the moon over with friends.
Moon over... a friend?
Th-Then... like this? It's a bit embarrassing.
Uh, kid?
Arianna, why are you eating the moon cakes while staring at Knight?
Huh? But I thought you're supposed to do this?
It may be rude to Sir Knight, but he is the only dear person who is always near me.


...Then I'll look at Trand.
...Don't worry. You'll find someone who'll eat moon cakes for you one day, Flavio.
She's right. You are a good person!
Th-That's not what this is about! It's not that I don't have anyone; it's that there's no such tradition!
...If you really want to, I could eat one for you.
...Don't worry. I was joking.

Shot down.

Apicius took a hint from that tradition and created his own version. Alright then, I'll add this to the menu, so order this again.

Increases the party's leg bind resistance by 80%. Handy for a few boss fights. That's all we can cook for now.

Cass has nothing new to say, but there is a new bar patron we can talk to here.

Hey, you! Bottomless pit!
Bottomless... pit? I wonder what he could be talking about.
I'm talking about shorty there! In the hat! I'm always watching her! She orders tons of food, and just gulps it all down like it's nothing. Little girls aren't supposed to pig out like that! She's gotta be so embarrased!
Nah. Not really embarrassing.
Huh? But anyone would be embarrassed by that! It's not normal to eat that much!
Normal is normal. Chloe is Chloe.
Rrrgh... Gah... Shut up, stupid!
What's wrong with that kid?
I-It's like looking into my own past...! Gah, that's kinda creepy.
...Ah, youth.

Miss Quona has nothing but praise for you. It seems as though she's gotten pretty fond of all of you. Well, that's all I have to say for now. Try to avoid any unnecessary risks.

...By now, there is very little I can tell you about the Labyrinth that you wouldn't already know. I do hope that you remain here to explore the Labyrinth, even after you have completed the ritual... But... I suppose that would be rather selfish of me... Please excuse me. I wish you the best of luck.

Back to the 9th floor.

Chloe's comment gives you pause and you listen carefully. Indeed, you hear the very soft sounds of chirping from somewhere.

The chirping's pretty faint. Whatever's doing it must be weak.

Though you have misgivings about this, you begin searching the area for the source of the chirping. Sound enough, you find a monster's chick chirping pitifully at the roots of one of the trees. The down-covered chick is frantically shaking its head, but its movements seem weak and lifeless.

The poor thing... Could it be in pain? If only we could help it...
But it's a monster. It's tiny now, but when it grows up, it might be dangerous.
This is true, but...

You cannot discount Chloe's objection. Though this chick may be in pain, it is still a monster. That must be factored in when deciding whether to save the chick's life or not.

May as well.

You cannot abandon a living thing, even a monster, to such pain and suffering.

Okay. If you say so.
I think this chick swallowed something. If we help it cough it up, that should fix the problem.
Uh... How do we do that with a chick?

You quietly crouch down so as not to startle the suffering chick.

Clearly we must shake the obstruction out.

If there is something stuck in its throat, then you see only one way to remove it... You flip the chick over and shake it!

D-Dude, you're gonna hurt it!
Wait... Huh?

After one or two vigorous shakes, the chick makes a small belching sound, and a stone comes tumbling out! To your surprise, the object lodged in the chick's throat turns out to be a large gem.

Now that the foreign object has been expelled, the chick steadily regains its normal breathing.

It'll be okay now. It just needs to warm up, since it's weak.

You do what you can to ensure that the chick's body temperature does not fall any further. After some time, the chick raises its head to look at you, and then gives a hearty chirp.

Thank goodness... I believe it will be all right now!

You return the chick to its nest before resuming your investigation.

Something's looking at us.

That looks like a mean one. Ugh, this isn't going to end well, is it?
Yet we must pass through here if we mean to make any progress. I hope that we can find some solution...

You decide to track the monster's moves carefully as you search for a way to move through the room.

Oh? That monster... there's something happening to it.

You look to see that the green monster which had been caught in the thorns slumps over, seemingly weakened.

I don't blame it... Those vines really hurt. Looks like even monsters have to look out for them.

Hmm... We could use this. These vines might make it easier to dodge.

With that useful trick in mind, you begin your attempt to proceed.

And I head up to the 10th floor.

It'll be by the stairs. Do we explore for a while?

Oh, Chloe's figured out how this whole boss thing works.

We must reach the monster's domain. Peak performances, everyone!

Now that you have reached a new floor, you take even greater caution than before with every step...

Knight... Can I talk to you for a sec?

But before you can begin exploring this new floor, Flavio stops you. It seems the young man wishes this to remain private, as he keeps his eyes on the others and speaks in low tones.

Knight... How are you holding up? It seems like you're getting more used to transforming lately... and that makes me worried.

You surmise that your friend is concerned for your physical well-being. But for the moment at least, there is nothing wrong with your health. You feel that you have control over that power.

Ngh... The darkness in my arm...!
No...! Knight!? ...Wait, what do you mean by darkness?

Maybe the darkness in my heart?
Why're you asking me!?
Hmph... If you can fool around like that, I take it you're just fine?
...I guess that's okay.
But seriously, you need to cool it with the jokes. If I go to an early grave, I'll blame this for it in my will!

Flavio sighs before anxiously glancing at your right arm.

If we finish exploring Ginnungagap and still don't figure it out, let's have them look into it at the Library.

The Midgard Library is indeed known as an edifice of wisdom... They may be able to help resolve the situation. Arianna, who had been walking on ahead, rushes over to you, breaking up your chat with Flavio.

Is something amiss?
Oh, uh, sorry! We're almost done, just give us another second!
Ah? Very well.
Keep what we discussed a secret from her for a while, okay? I want her to stay focused until the ritual's over with.

With that, the young man leaves your side, running to meet up with the others as they walk on ahead. You are about to follow his lead when you notice Bertrand staring at you with a curious expression.

Sorry. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop or anything, but...

Bertrand seems to be unable to find the words to continue. He scratches his head before quietly muttering...

...That's a true friend you have there.

He can be a pain.
Haha... But even that proves how loyal he is to you.

With that, Bertrand lightly taps your shoulder and goes on ahead, slouching his way along as usual. You follow his somewhat pensive stride and continue investigating the forest with your guildmates.

Camera pans to the Baby Salamander and then the Tree Sponge.

The other, as I remember, moves back and forth on its set path... We've encountered them both often enough that I think we can manage.

You try to remember the particulars of each monster's behavior as you proceed through the room...

Y-Yikes... I guess even monsters get caught up in friendly fire.

It's a bit heartbreaking...

You feel an indescribable sadness at seeing monsters which share territory destroy one another...

Well, they're not the same species. But I guess you have a point...
I see it as a win for us. Thanks to that lizard, we're in the clear.
Uh, that's true, but...

Though your feelings about this are mixed, you can use this to your advantage when proceeding, or choose a different way.

I decide to go back to town at this point. Hanna has nothing new to say in Story, so it's time for another nap.

As you sit there, you hear a knock at your door. Who could it be at this hour...?

Uhhh, well we've already seen all of them at this point. Um, Arianna?

You decide to get some rest in preparation for tomorrow.

I'm still asleep.

Come, we can go to the lobby together.
I'll give you some time until you are done with your morning ritual. Is this all right?
I'm surprised, though... You're not much of a morning person, are you, Sir Knight?
Hahah... it's a side of you I hadn't expected.

Oh yeah, if you select a character when you've already viewed their inn scene for the current Stratum, you'll just get a bonus scene where nothing much happens. It's the exact same scene no matter how many times or when you view it. Anyways, I got some new ingredients, so we can do some more cooking.

...Sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go. It turned out pretty well.
It's curry! I freaking love this stuff! Oh man, this smells awesome!
I wonder who's excited...
*giggle* Sir Flavio really must love curry.
I am... not very fond of spicy foods...

Pour some honey on it.
I see. No matter how spicy the curry may be, it must bow to the power of honey!
Er, no! Maybe if you were still cooking it, but now? It'd just be crappy curry!
Huh, is that so!?

Add an egg.
Add an egg? Will that make it less spicy?
Technically, no. More like it makes it easier to eat. It makes it pleasant and cools down the roux to a balanced heat.
I see...!
I see... That might be okay then!

Suck it up and eat it.
Oh... I suppose I have no other choice.
If it's that hard for you, why don't you rest your tongue every so often with something cold and sweet like lassi?
You don't have to force yourself to eat it so quickly. Just do it at your own pace!

Dialogue merges here.

...I'm surprised. You're pretty knowledgeable with curry.
Well, I was raised in a place where I could look up things I liked as much as I wanted.
Midgard Library is incredible. You can become a genius of curry.

Isn't that awesome?
Yes, that's awesome. I want to look up meat.
Then I would like to look up sweets!
To you guys, the world-famous temple of knowledge is nothing but a cooking class, eh?

Not really.
Huh, not really?
Midgard Library is nothing, then...
Those are some bold words to be throwing at the temple of knowledge.

Dialogue merges here.

Hrm, I'd like to visit Midgard Library one of these days...
But the urgent duty is reproducing Apicius's recipes. I'll add this to the menu, so feel free to order it whenever you feel like it.

Increases your party's max HP by 20%. Could be handy for defensively oriented parties, but there are usually other meals I prefer.

...Sorry to keep you all waiting. It turned out pretty well.
Well, this one sure makes an impact.
B-But, it looks like it's not used directly in the dish, so it's okay... I guess?
This is interesting. Is this to retain the heat of the dish?
Yeah. Temperature is part of the taste, after all. I can keep the ideal flavor at this temperature.
Being able to serve hot foods hot, this technology is great news to chefs.
Temperature is part of the taste... I've never thought of that before. I cannot eat very hot food, though...
But I shall try my best!

Good luck, Arianna.
Yes, I shall challenge this hot dish!

Don't strain yourself.
No. In order to answer Dame Regina's hard work making this dish... I shall overcome my weakness!

Dialogue merges here.

This is a big ordeal for a single dish...
I'm glad you think that way, but if it's your constitution, then-- Hey! Don't stuff your mouth like that!
...! ......! ......!?
It... It's... It's spicy! It may be hot, but it's even spicier! I-It's hot... and spicy... It's spicy and hot!
It's because you stuffed your mouth like that. Couldn't you tell it was spicy by looking at it...?
It... It was red... But tomato soup isn't spicy...! I-Ich ho shpaishee... Wawer...!
It looks like temperature was the least of your problems...
I didn't know you couldn't eat spicy things. It's so good, though.
I cannot believe you can eat such foods with a straight face...
I'll put this on the menu, but make sure to take care when ordering for Arianna. ...I'll change it so that every person can adjust the level of spiciness.

Self explanatory, but not really that great of an effect. Regina has nothing new to say in Story mode.

Hey! Everyone at the bar's talkin' 'bout how yeh lot've reached the 10th floor. Explorers are a dime a dozen here, but half of 'em couldn't make it to the 10th. Gotta give it up to yeh Midgard folk. Hey... hold on a tick. When did the trees start turnin' all red, now? Around the 6th floor, eh...? So the place changed on yeh after five floors. And now yeh're on the 10th. That's five floors above when it turned red... So yeh think the trees are gonna change again on the next floor...? Oi, yeh lot! Hurry and continue yer investigation to see if I'm right!

There's also a new bar patron we can talk to.

My, if it isn't Bertrand. I heard you were working under Guild... is that still going on, then?
Geez, lady. Putting it like that, you make it sound like I can't stick to a job.
My, was I being rude? I'm afraid I don't see any evidence to the contrary. But, it's good to know that there's somebody in town who knows what's going on. Once you've finished amusing yourself, please do come take the request again.
Request...? Was there something we were supposed to be working on? We haven't heard about anything.
Something from before I teamed up with you. Back then, I took whatever jobs I could get, whether I wanted to or not. I needed the money. I mean, it's almost like I'm feeding an army. Isn't that right, Chloe?
Sir Bertrand and Dame Chloe are leading an army!?

That's... Arianna, that's not what he meant... Figure of speech. That's all.

Marion and Dubois have no new dialogue in Story. Time to go back to the 10th floor.

Even from behind, you recognize them as belonging to the Esbat guild you once encountered. Even before you can call out to them, the woman of the pair notices you, and speaks with a slight smile.

You must really love dangerous work.

The girl mutters in a somewhat baffled tone.

You've probably figured out by now that the forest gets more dangerous the further in you go. If you need a boost in making progress, I don't mind healing you. How about it?

Full heals are always nice. Oh, and this event is exclusive to Story. Classic has no access to full heals, and only gets an Amrita from them.

No problem.

The woman chants some odd syllables and touches the ground...

Come back anytime and I'll heal you again. You should be grateful, haha!

The woman's manner is carefree, but the tall man standing behind you gives you only a cold stare.

Do not take this to mean we're allowing your kind to proceed. You'd better be grateful for the goodwill of the Grand Duchy and Milady.
Say that again...?
Ha... If you must draw your weapon, then we will have no reason to hold back either.
Wilhelm, I thought I told you to stop this.
If you're off to fight the Flame Demon, be careful. It's a very tough opponent.

The woman's smile and the man's cold gaze see you off as you return to your investigation.

They'll continue to offer us full heals at this spot until we take out Flame Demon.

The tree trunk before you is forked in two, and a shining liquid spills over the center.

What's this?
Is it sap? I've never seen it pool up like this before.

You may try drinking the liquid, or ignore it and be on your way.

Always consume foreign matter within the Labyrinth.

There is enough of the shining liquid for you all. You each take turns scooping up a handful and swallowing it. The mild sweetness of the shining liquid drives away your exhaustion!

This elegant sweetness would go wonderfully with tea...
Mm-hm. It's good. Is there more?

You check the liquid's source in response to the black-robed girl's question. There isn't enough to drink now, but the liquid is slowly pooling again. By tomorrow, there should be enough for you all to have another drink.

Ooh, that's helpful. It's always good to find nice rest spots.
But what is this stuff? We've all had some and we still didn't figure it out.
The details aren't important. It's sap. Probably.
...The way you guys say it doesn't really inspire confidence.

Nevertheless, the shining liquid is most welcome on your arduous journey. You decide to make a mental note of this place as you return to exploring.

There is nothing else left on this floor aside from Flame Demon herself. We'll get around to fighting her next time.