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Part 111: Something You Probably and Definitely Shouldn't Be Reading at Work

Update 20: Something You Probably and Definitely Shouldn't Be Reading at Work (Gentle Toad)

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Okay, it's time to take this quest. Cass' dialogue for this quest is the same as in Classic, so I'll just skip ahead a bit.

Damn ridiculous if you think about it. Hot springs come from underground, so how would we get 'em up in a tree? ...Then again, it is the Yggdrasil Labyrinth we're talking about. Who knows what kind of weird stuff is in there.
If we do end up finding it, I better send a report about it back to the Midgard Library.
They might say that it's an amazing discovery. Isn't that right, Chloe?
...Huh? Chloe, you feeling okay? I thought you liked talking about this kinda thing.
She's being quiet for once. Just leave her be.
You could at least show some concern, old man... Hey, Chloe, are you sure you don't have a fever or anything? Are you feeling alright?
No fever. Just thinking.
Thinking? Of what?
A hot spring... I don't know what that is.
Huh? You don't?
No. First time hearing it. What's a hot spring?

Why don't we mess with her a bit?

...Knight. You shouldn't lie. If that really existed, I would be the world's leading expert on hot springs.
She's got a point.
Well, I'm sure it'll become clear if we actually manage to dig one up.

Okay, now let's head to the quest location.

Isn't the place the requester at the bar told us about around here? You know, where we might be able to find some hot springs?
Yes, I do believe this is it.
Really? A hot spring, in a place like this...? Well, Knight?

You can proceed ahead to find a possible location for a hot spring, or you can turn back for now.

Might as well go through.

Is this the hot spring place?
It was supposed to be around here somewhere... but we're going to need a little more room if we're going to dig.
Why don't we go in a little further?

You decide to head down the path in search of a place large enough to dig up a hot spring.

Sir Knight, why don't we try searching for a hot spring?

We have to dig in order to get this sidequest done.

Alright, we might as well get started. Everyone got their own shovel?
Yes! We are fully prepared.

I'll be cheering from the sideline!
Yes, please do so.
Hey, hold on a sec, kid. That's my job.
It's not anyone's job! Old man, Knight, you both better get to work!
Blegh, what a pain.

Indeed, this requires a goodly amount of strength...
Hey, can't we call it quits? I think it's pretty clear we're not getting anywhere.
And it's dangerous to just keep digging straight downward, too. What're we gonna do if we dig through to the floor below us?
Hrgh... I-I didn't really think that was possible...

After some time, you notice that the hole you've dug is quite deep and wide. ...It may be time to call it. It doesn't seem likely that you'll find a hot spring here. Just as you find yourself thinking this, you realize the ground beneath your spade feels somewhat different... ...Could it be a hot spring?

Let's dig down at once.

At the sign of progress, you pull back the shovel and drive it fiercely into the ground!

Digging sounds.

...Whoa, kid...!?

Sounds of gushing water occur.

You look down, and see that water is gushing out from where you drove down the shovel! ...And this is no ordinary water. It appears to be steaming hot!

Huh? Whoa!? Th-This is amazing!

Surprised, you watch the hot water continue to pour out and fill the hole you dug.

...The hell just happened?
I did not know that a hot spring would well up in the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. And from a plant, no less! Could this be... sap?
Hot springs come from trees. You learn something new every day.
No, that's not how it works! Hot springs form when water heated underground somehow gets to the surface! It isn't made from tree sap!
But we're in a tree right now... so how would this water get heated underground?
...Huh!? Well, uh, th-that's...
Hmhmhm. We shouldn't worry about the details now that we've succeeded. Why don't we simply enjoy this new hot spring?

The devs are pretty much just admitting that this makes absolutely no sense. Look, just go along with their setup for this quest.

Ehh, all we had to do was just find the hot spring.

...I'll pass.
Ah. That's... unfortunate.
C-C'mon, Arianna. Really, you and Chloe should go enjoy it first.
Hm? You're not going to bathe either, Trand?
Yeah. I ain't in any big rush. You two ladies go on and enjoy it first.
Very well. Then... graciously accepted.
I'm looking forward to this!

As the two of them happily rejoice, the rest of you quietly file out of the room where the hot spring has formed...

I don't feel nervous.
Th-That's pretty impressive...

Wow. Real mature, Pervbert.

......! Somehow... it feels like I lost this battle...

A sound of a frog croaking plays.

As you wait outside while the two are bathing in the hot spring, an unfamiliar sound reaches your ears...

More croaking.

...Hey, Knight? What's that sound?
Sounds like frogs. Croaking up a storm.

More croaking, and then a crashing sound.

H-Hey, you don't think they've been found by a monster or something!? C'mon, Knight, we gotta go help!

A frog at a hot spring...?

Arianna! Forget the frog, your front...!

N-No, that's not what I... hglk...!
Eyes on the enemy, kid. We've got more important things to worry about right now!

Scatter About is the theme that plays for a few optional bosses in the EO games. I really hate the 3DS versions of the song, especially the the EO2U version. Anyway, Gentle Toad.

Gentle Toad
Level: 27
HP: 9000
STR: 27
TEC: 26
VIT: 23
AGI: 18
LUC: 23
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 125% 50% 125%
Disable resistances:
0% 75% 50% 50% 50% 0% 50%
0% 0% 0%
50% 50% 50%

The Gentle Toad is honestly a very unremarkable boss. Actually, that goes for most of the DLC bosses. They're not very interesting boss fights. In fact, they're pretty in terms of design. I probably won't cover these too much, since they're a good deal easier than the Stratum bosses.

Like always, setting up a Delayed Chase.


...Okay then.

So yeah, there's the main attraction for this DLC. You get those portraits of Arianna and Chloe. For the record, Knight, Flavio, and Bertrand don't have those kinds of portraits.

Gentle Toad really isn't worth covering. The only time you need to be worried is when it gets excited, and if you have Ice Wall at level 5 like I do, that's 3 free turns to smack it down.

Now, I was trying to get its conditional drop, which required killing it with Bash damage. Normally not a problem, since Knight has Meteor strike, but he spent all of his Force too fast. Which meant that my only source of Bash damage was...

hooray for sticks!

Fortunately, it only took 3 turns of Arianna smacking it with her staff to kill it.

Really, it's an easy fight. It shouldn't give you much trouble as long as you can deal with Hug, Lick Around, and Hydro Jump. The strategy to deal with the thing in Story Mode is the same as in Classic. It just might take you a bit longer.

I thought we just had to dig a hot spring. Who'd have thought it'd lure some kind of frog thing over this way...?
That was the most awkward fight yet. Everyone splashing around… Gah, I'm soaked from head to toe.


No! No no no! Nnno! That would be totally awkward! Inappropriate! Right, old man?
Mm? Well, we're all kind of filthy at this point... and the place is pretty huge, too. Might not be a bad idea, really.
W-Wait, you're in on this too!?
Knight, wh-what're we gonna do?

Both of these choices lead to the same dialogue.

This is the chance of a lifetime!
G-Gah! You too!?
Well then, as collective members of Guild Guild, let us all take some well-deserved relaxation.

Man... the hot water's so nice...
Yeah. Phew... Now this is living. All the snow, and the hot spring… the only thing still missing is some good, strong booze to go with it.
Flavio, what's wrong?
Huh!? Wh-Why!?
Your face is unnaturally red. Do you perhaps have a fever?
N-Nope! Nothing! Perfectly fine!
...Is that so?

My face is starting to get red too.
Oh, my--if I may advise? Perhaps you should get out of the hot water and lower your body temperature with the cold air.
Oooh. I see. You were right... It feels nice and cold now.
Ahah... Mm, this is quite relaxing. I wish we could remain like this forever.
...The sooner we get out of here, the better...
Oh dear... We offending your delicate sensibilities or something, kid?
Look, what am I supposed to do!? I didn't even get any time to mentally prepare myself...

It's a nice bath, though, isn't it?
Well, yeah, you're right about that. The new hot spring is great.
Man... you say that, but I still think we could do with a couple drinks...
Hey, Flavio. You wanna get my bottle for me?
What am I, your slave? Get it yourself!
Pardon, but is something the matter? I heard some yelling over there...

Just talking about how nice this is.
Indeed, this is quite wonderful. I've never bathed like this before, so it's a welcome surprise. Dame Chloe seems to be enjoying this as well. I'm glad that we took on this request.
Mhm... It's very nice... But I think I'm starting to feel lightheaded...
My, that's terrible. Perhaps we may have soaked for a little too long. I believe we've sufficiently warmed ourselves. Shall we get out?
Mm. I don't really want to leave, but okay.

...It felt very nice.
I have learned what a hot spring is. And I like it a lot. I want this at home too.

...I think I like bathing alone better.
Oh... That's unfortunate. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to chat and relax with you, Sir Knight.

She sounds slightly regretful, but swiftly changes the subject, suggesting that you all head back to town. You have completed the request to dig up a hot spring in the forest. You should head back to the bar when you have time, and report your success.

Incidentally, spending some time in the hot springs fully healed the party.

If you want to use those portraits, check the hot springs to switch over to them. But I'm not gonna be using those.

And that's the end of that quest. Before I close off this update, I would like to say one last thing.

If you plan on tackling a certain piece of post-game DLC, you'll want to make sure to get the conditional drop so you can get the equipment it unlocks for your entire party.

So you can get this. It's limited in stock, so you'll have to do the hot springs quest 5 times to get enough for the party.

Next time, back to the Labyrinth.