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Part 135: Bonus: Draconic Cooking Part 1

Bonus: Draconic Cooking Part 1

For this update, we're gonna be cooking all the 6th Stratum foods.

I've made dangerous flowering tea. Could you try drinking it?
...Hm? What's wrong? I though that Arianna would like this drink...
W-Well, there's no complaints about the dish, it's just this scent...
Scent? ...It smells fragrant to me.

Both of these choices lead into the same bit of dialogue.

It's a trap!/Don't let your guard down!
Wh-What the!?
...Er, sorry about that. This particular scent puts us on guard.
This smell makes me sleepy... We can't move... It's very dangerous.
...I-I see. To me, it's a very flowery smell... but is it THAT dangerous a monster?
...What will you do? If the smell's too traumatic, you don't have to drink it.
B-But... it's Regina's cooking. We should drink it!

You're right.

...The sweet smell relaxes you, beckoning you to slumber. ...At this rate, you're going... to fall... ...asleep...

Good night.

Unable to resist the soft scent, you let your consciousness go.

A slap can be heard.

It's nothing. I can't just let my buddy put himself in danger.

What are you doing?
Whaddya mean by that!? If you sleep here you'll be in danger!

That bit of dialogue merges here.

Er, I don't think there's anything dangerous here in the restaurant...
Huh? ...Now that you mention it, yeah...
But still, it is a bit dangerous to nod off due to the scent. ...I'll serve this with something to waken the customers.
And I'll put a warning on the menu... You guys be careful too whenever you order it again, okay?

Going back to an earlier choice...

We can't sleep!

...This isn't good! You open your eyes with firm resolution!

...Oh, you're awake. I was wondering what happened. You nodded off due to the sweet scent... That IS a bit dangerous.
...I'll serve this with something to waken the customers. And I'll put a warning on the menu... You guys be careful too whenever you order it again, okay?

Going back to an even earlier choice...

Exactly. Go ahead!
...Huh? Um... Am I the only one to drink it!?
Wow, that's something I can't do. You're amazing, Arianna.
Good luck, Arianna.
You guys are all mean...
Oh? Then you drink it with her. I'll sit back and watch.
Yes. Keep watch.
F-Fine then... Here I go!
And I, as well!
Now then, how's the taste?

Sounds of people slumping to the floor.

Arianna? Flavio!? A-Are you two okay!?

...Don't worry. They're both just sleeping.
The smell is so good it put them to sleep. Isn't that a bit dangerous?
...I'll serve this with something to waken the customers.
And I'll put a warning on the menu... You guys be careful too whenever you order it again, okay?

You get the Hazardous Bud from killing a Petaloid, which are one of the most iconic and hated enemies in the series. Mainly because they could put your entire party to sleep, and then kill you while your party took a nap. Or let other enemies kill you during nap time.

Anyways, this is a decent food effect, as it's basically a passive version of Black Mist. Only ailments and binds are forced to last 2 turns longer than usual instead of 1 turn. It's nice for longer battles, but there are other food effects I prefer.

Alright, it's done. Could you try eating it now?
Oh, that looks good! Heheh, let's eat!
It's smaller and easier to eat than the bun.
Mmm, the flavor of meat comes bursting out when bit into...! This is so delicious!
But they're all smaller, so they're gone in an instant.

This size is perfect.
That's right. There's a perfect size for everything.
If it's big, it'll be hard to eat, and you'd get full in the middle of eating it.
I wouldn't.
*giggle* It's true that we wouldn't have to worry about Dame Chloe becoming full.
You really do eat a lot... Do you want my portion, too?
I do!
Glad you like it. I'll add it to the menu, so order it whenever you like.

Let's make it bigger.
Oh, that'd be nice. You can't go wrong with that!
Well, first... I'd like it as big as Flavio's head.
A person's head, huh? ...Do I even have a steamer that size?
No, but before that, I'd need to rethink the skin's composition.
...It wouldn't be as easy as simply making everything bigger?
Well, maybe if I didn't think about it, but you'd want it as delicious as possible, right?
The pride of a professional, eh?
It'll take some time to make a giant shumai... but I'll add this to menu. Order it whenever you feel like it. I'll be waiting.

Increases the party's resistance to Petrification by 80%. This WOULD be a good food effect if not for several reasons. Not many enemies and bosses can inflict Petrification by this point. The ones that do can inflict several other ailments on top of that. Pass.

There you go, twice-cooked meat. Could you try it out right now?
Oh... I like this dish. This would be great with some rice!
I vote for that, too.
I figured you'd say that, so I prepared some. Here.

How considerate of you.
We've worked together this long. I can tell how you guys like to eat.
...I can feel Regina's love.
H-Hey, don't say it like that.

I love you too.
Oh, me too! I like Regina, too!
Sh-Shut up! You guys are making such a big fuss over a bowl of rice!

Dame Regina, thank you!
Wh-What are you saying!? I said don't call me that!
No, I understand Knight's feelings. Regina alone isn't enough.
That's right, Dame Regina!
I have no idea what that's supposed to mean!

Dialogue merges here.

*giggle* You are all really such good friends.
...Oh, Dame Regina, Dame Regina. I love you too.
E-Er, stop that...
...What? Is this where I'm supposed to jump on the bandwagon?
There is no such bandwagon! Ugh, I'll add this to the menu, so eat as much as you like! And I won't give you any more rice!

Going back to an earlier choice...

I'll pass.
I see. If you need any, just ask me. There's no reason to be reserved.
Regina, give me a big helping.
Me too! I'll take a large helping!
Yeah, yeah, I know. You just sit and wait.
*giggle* It's like Dame Regina is a mother, hm?

You're right...
No one's ever told me that before. I doubt there's a mother this rough.
But you did just seem like my mom. Mom also said the same thing when I asked for seconds.
...I-Is that so?
Hmmm... That's kinda touching.

Can I call you Mama?
Of course not!
Th-Then... Mother?
Who was talking about the way you call me it! I don't recall having any kids, let alone children this big!

Dialogue merges here.

*sigh* I'll add it to the menu, so order it whenever you like. ...I won't give any more rice, either.

At the end of every turn, dead party members have a 5% chance of reviving with 1 HP. Yes, 5%. Utter trash, especially this late in the game.

Here you go: BBQ lizard. Could you try eating it right now?
The flavor is a bit strong, so try sandwiching it with bread.
...Ho-ho! This is pretty good.
How can I put it? It is melodiously sweet... And the saltiness that follows is so well-balanced...
Ohhh, and yet it disappears so fast from my mouth...!
Man... I want to keep this in my mouth forever...

It's edible happiness.
Putting it that way... it's a bit sad.
...Do you always think of such difficult things when eating?
No, but it was so good it made me think.
...I understand the feeling. It is just so delicious.
I'm glad you took a liking to it. I'll add it to the menu, so order it again. I'll be waiting.

One more, please.
Shoot, I didn't think of that!
Seconds, me, too!
I hate to burst your bubble, but I didn't prepare that much this time...
...I see.
Hrmmm... I'll add it to the menu, so the next time you order it, I'll make extra. Okay?

Increases Instant Kill resistance by 80%. This WOULD be a good food effect in other Etrian Odyssey games. In this one? By this point, the enemies and bosses that have the capabilities of inflicting Instant Death are so few and far in between, and the ones that do can ignore any bits of Instant Death resistance altogether. Pass.

Anyways, once I leave Cafe and come back in...

For what...? What're you talking about?
Of all the scattered recipes of Apicius, the Grand Duchy has withheld the most demanding--the pinnacles of culinary art. I think it's about time I put myself to the test with those recipes.
Th-The most demanding...!? That sounds rather daunting.
They say these recipes remain incomplete because even Apicius himself couldn't perfect them. ...I'll entrust these recipes to you. If you manage to find any of those ingredients, please, bring them here.

Once you cook all the foods of a specific kind, you'll be given a special recipe to work with.

These count as special recipes.

So you know how the dragons drop ingredients? This is what they're used for. That's right, we're cooking the dragons!

Here it is: traditional osechi!
Wow, a dragon made of vegetables...!

That's what I expect from you.
*chuckle* Thank you. I've been waiting for that line.
It took a while to make this, but I wanted to see the surprise on your faces.
Yes, we were truly... surprised!

I have nothing more to teach.
Haha, what are you saying?
She's right, Sir Knight. You have never taught Dame Regina once how to cook.
...Actually, that may not be true It may be true I've never learned cooking techniques from you, but I've learned something more important.
Dame Regina...

Dialogue merges here.

But still... Eastern households sure make some amazing things. It's pretty luxurious to have this decorated dragon.
Yeah, it's a once-a-year celebration. Each household has its flavor.

Well I' sure like to wonder where that missing “d” went.

Huh!? ...Regina are you leaving?

It'll be a bit lonely.
You even have your own restaurant, too...
...What are you saying? You're all from different countries; you're not going to stay here forever, right?
But... it makes me happy to hear you say that. Well, that's still off in the future. I'll probably need Grandfather's permission, anyway.

Want us to come along?
That's a good idea.
Hey, don't turn this into a big deal. You have your own places you need to go to, right? Plus, Knight has to return to Midgard...

Um, that's completely impossible at this point, but none of this is even canon, so whatever.

Well, that's still off in the future. I'll probably need Grandfather's permission, anyway.

Dialogue merges here.

The Minister's permission, huh? He's really attached to you, so convincing him may be a feat...
Hmmm... He might even cry.
...Don't say things that'll make my resolution waver. I, uh... have a soft spot when he cries.
Hey, kid. Tell me when you do go talk with the Minister. I'll go watch.

I want to watch, too.
Yeah, sounds fun doesn't it?
Trand, Knight, both of you have poor taste. You should let them cry by themselves.

That's in poor taste.
What, and be a Goody Two-shoes? It'll be a blast.
You have poor taste, Trand. You should let them cry by themselves.

Dialogue merges here.

That's right. It's an important parting for the two; you should let them cry together.
Hey, you guys. Why are you determining that I would cry too?
Huh? Dame Regina, you wouldn't cry?
Er, well...
Ugh, I said that's in the future! Enough with the suspicion of whether or not I'd cry!
Anyway, I added this to the menu, so order it at any time. I'll work hard to make it for you.

This food completely eliminates any random encounters in the Labyrinth. Considering how annoying the later floors in the 6th Stratum can get, it can make things more bearable. Unfortunately, all the special foods only last for one trip.

Here you go. Hermit sugata-zukuri. Go ahead and try it.
...Huh!? It looks like a monster is simply sitting on a plate.
Wh-Where are we supposed to start eating from?

Let's try the shell.
Well, it DOES stand out...
Hm? This part's movable? ...Whoa, it came off!

The whiskers?
Hm, I'll try pulling on a long one.
...? The head came off.

How about the claw?
You're right. If there's a place filled with something to eat, it'd be here...
...Huh? It came off!?

Dialogue merges here.

Amazing! The inside is cut into bite-size pieces!
*chuckle* It looks hard to eat at first, but it has been prepared to be easy to eat.
The yuzu goes well with it. Bon appetit.

Before you realize it, the giant hermit has disappeared!

Phew... The presentation has impact, but more than that, the taste was great...!
My heart was pounding when the head came off. However, it was pounding more at the taste. It's so good, even though it's not meat.
I want to give this Chloe's Honorable Meat Award.
*giggle* A blue-ribbon winner!
Is that even praising it? ...Well, I guess it is in Chloe's eyes.
I'll take that award and add this dish to the menu. Order again anytime.

Fire Jars, Ice Jars, and Volt Jars are now infinite use. Okay, why in the world would you want to use this!? If you're gonna use a food to increase the effects of items, go with the one that doubles Jar damage or quadruples the chances of gases and tanglers having an effect.

Here you go. Black osuimono. Go ahead and try it.
Hrm, this smell is powerful. I can tell what it is, even though it's a clear soup.
Whoa... It's like... Boom! Don't you think so?

Yeah. Boom!
I'm usually not one for these type of clear soups...
But with this “boom,” I can drink it!
Hrm, I know you're giving me opinions on the flavor...
But I have no idea what exactly that's supposed to mean.
Don't worry, kid. I don't get it, either.
...No clue either. How are they having a conversation with onomatopoeia?
Do you think so? I think I can understand
These kinds of refined soups are usually a bit “floofy," but... this one is “boom"! Correct?

What are you talking about?
Huh? You don't get it...? Why not? I mean, it's “boom”!
I don't get it either. You're just repeating onomatopoeia.
Do you think so? I think I can understand
These kinds of refined soups are usually a bit “floofy,” but... this one is “boom”! Correct?
Ooh! You get it! That's right, it's “boom!”
Hrm, I know you're giving me opinions on the flavor...
But I have no idea what exactly that's supposed to mean.
Don't worry, kid. I don't get it, either.

Dialogue merges here.

“Floofy”... and “boom,” huh? I-I see... Hrmmmm...
Well, I'll take it to heart. I'll add it to the menu, so give me your opinion again.

I'm pretty sure that skit was a reference to Arthur from EOU, who held similar conversations.

Anyways, this food doubles the chances of Grimoire Fevers occurring and continuing, though I have no idea what the odds on those even are. Not that useful to be honest. There are better foods if you want to go Grimoire farming.

Here you go. Sumo chanko pot. Go ahead and try it.
Full of meat. Thick slices. Me happy.
Hmm, it's a big pot, but it's been well-stewed, so it's easy to eat!
...But what's a sumo?
Ah, that's a warrior of the east. Something like the ronin.
Exactly. This dish was developed to help them retain their powerful bodies. In other words, this is the secret to their strength.
I see. So warriors of the east are also chefs?
...I wonder if the ronin also have some traditional dish?

...What kind of dishes do they learn? I would like to ask them about that!
Well... I have a couple of acquaintances, but I haven't heard anything from them.
...Maybe it's a secret. This pot was a secret too, right?
Regina said it herself: the secret of their strength.
So the Mr. Ronin may be keeping their cooking a secret?
Then perhaps it is not something to simply ask on a whim... It is dangerous to recklessly reveal the secret of your strength, after all.
But still, that shows how much Apicius was trusted by the sumo that told him this.
...He was truly a great man.

Probably not.
...Do you think? That's a bit unfortunate.
I thought the same as well and asked several ronin, but turned up empty-handed. According to them, sumo is a job where having bigger bodies is beneficial. That is why they have secrets in eating.
The bigger the better? I wonder what kind of job it is.
Are they incredibly tall? Then this dish was prepared to increase their height...?
Heh, if that's true, then Chloe needs to eat a whole lot, huh?
Shut up, Trand. Chloe's not small. This is my perfect size.

It may not just be ronin.
...Does everybody know of a secret dish!?
Wh-What should I do...? I do not know of any sovereign cooking...
I don't know any survivalist secret dishes either...!
...Now that I think of it, Trand made a protector grill when we were traveling together.
Ah, that was a mess. I tried cooking meat on my shield, but it burnt and the maintenance oil made it smell...
...That's just a failure.

Dialogue merges here.

Hm? The entire pot has been emptied out while we were talking... I'm glad you took a liking to it. I'll add it to the menu, so order it again. I'll be waiting.

Fun fact, this effect was completely mistranslated in EOU. That game said that any Grimoires created would have their levels doubled instead of this.

Anyways, any equipped Grimoire is considered to be 2 levels higher. If you combine this with the legendary effect that increases Grimoire levels by 3, you can make it so that you only need level 5 Grimoires to reach level 10. For the record, this can't overflow and give you like a level 11 or 12 Grimoire. This is handy if a Grimoire has a bonus effect that you want, but its level is too low. Though Grimoires are trash, and I am glad they are finally gone in EO5.

Here you go. Eastern nishime. Go ahead and try it.
Whoa, what's this!? The vegetables are shaped like flowers... They're like toys.
They're so cute and delicious! *giggle* I'm at a loss what to eat next.
Yeah, I thought this recipe was for you, Arianna.
Conversely, I figured Chloe would hate it. Not hungry, Chloe?
But... there's no meat.
I figured you'd say that. It's such an elaborate dish, too... What a waste.
Huh? It's definitely good, but... isn't it just stewed vegetables?
Stew all these types of vegetables together, and you wouldn't get a taste like this.
I think that the seasoning and stewing process is different for each vegetable.
Oh... So that's why each vegetable has such a definitive flavor. I was wondering how they were prepared.
Huh? What's wrong, kid? Standing around like that.
S-Sorry, I was surprised. I never imagined hearing something so normal from you...

That's your fault.
...Do I act THAT bad usually?
Usually, yes.

Regina, that's harsh.
S-Sorry... It was so unexpected, I accidentally spoke my mind...
You like to lay it on, kid...

Dialogue merges here.

At any rate, I'll add this to the menu, so order it anytime.
And, um... Bertrand, sorry about that.

This is kind of underselling the effect a bit. What this actually does is that all encounters with FOEs are forced to be preemptive strikes. Even if they walk into your back. Not only that, it works for bosses as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on the post-game superboss or the DLC superboss. This effect isn't super useful, but it's a bit neat.

Anyways, I leave Cafe and come back.

Tell... us?
Yes. I thought I'd tell you what happened at that dinner--the one for my relatives.
Wh--Geez, that's pretty important! Don't just 'forget to tell us' that kinda stuff!
I agree. I was pretty worried about it.
Haha, sorry.

So it went well, right?
Hah, you could tell?
Well... ahem. My relatives have now approved my independence. Looks like they were extremely impressed with my recreation of the lost recipes, and all we've done to develop the city.

...That's cold.
Well... ah... I apologize. How do I put it... After I discussed it with you, it felt as though the issue was already resolved.
...I felt like I was already over it. It was a little embarrassing to simply bring it up again.
Heh. I suppose there's not a lot I can say on the matter, anyway.
So, how'd it go? I'm guessing things turned out alright.
Well... ahem. My relatives have now approved my independence. Looks like they were extremely impressed with my recreation of the lost recipes, and all we've done to develop the city.

Dialogue merges here.

My...! Dame Regina, that's wonderful news!
Haha, thanks. ...Some of them were still against it, but even they cleaned their plates. I think that was what made me happiest.
Regina's cooking is always good.

Wouldn't expect any less, Regina.
...I couldn't have done it alone. If Grandpa hadn't helped me, I wouldn't have even had that chance, and...
All that I have achieved wouldn't have been possible without your help.

It's thanks to us.
...Knight, stop being so conceited. You're not doing yourself any favors.
It's the truth, though.
All that I have achieved wouldn't have been possible without your help.

Dialogue merges here.

I'm surprised those bigwigs actually gave up on marrying you off.
Well... about that... My father was furious, and still can't let it go.
But I have a cafe to run! I can't afford to be thinking about unimportant stuff like marriage right now.
Of course, if it's someone I've chosen for myself... You never know. I might change my tune. *chuckle*

I doubt an average man could handle it.
Haha, you could say that. I wouldn't choose just an average man, now, would I?

The Minister'll have a fit.
Oh, I wouldn't think so. The person I've chosen has already earned Grandpa's trust.

Are you saying...

Dialogue merges here.

R-Regina... y-you don't mean...!
Hm? Something the matter, Arianna?
N-No! You mustn't! Y-You can't!
Whoa, what're you freaking out about? ...What do you mean by 'she can't'?
W-Well, she just... can't!
Haha, relax. I know, I know. I was just poking fun.
In any case, that's all I have to say I hope that... we'll continue to help each other, like we always do. And I'll continue to cook for you... to the best of my ability.

And that's the end of Regina's subplot. Of course I also cooked all the Japanese cuisine available, so another scene plays immediately after that.

I think it's about time then.
Wait, there's more of those incomplete recipes left?
Yeah, that's right... I'll entrust you with this now, as well. If you're able to find these ingredients, please bring them here.

The first conversation with Regina unlocked some new town dialogue. None are exclusive to Story mode.

Here it is: court haute cuisine!
This is... incredible! The dragon is all bread! This is bread, right!?
Alright, let's start cutting! Should I start from the tail?

Give me the tail.
Ooh, like the edges? Then the tail is yours, Knight.
Then I take the head. It looks crunchy and tasty.

Give me the middle.
Okay, then. I'll take the tail.
Ooh, the end is crispy, but the center is fluffy!
This is cooked superbly!

Give me the head.
The head!? You're starting from there!?
No, Chloe gets the head. It looks crunchy and tasty.
This is a pickle... With it being this big, why don't we split it into two pieces?
S-Split this even more...!?

Dialogue merges here.

*chuckle* I'm glad you're enjoying it. So... how is the dragon? Does it look like the real deal?

*chuckle* Not bad for second-hand knowledge, huh?
But still, in order to increase the degree of completion, I would like to see the real thing for myself...

A little different.
Hrm... I suppose that's the limit of creating from second-hand knowledge. I would like to see it for myself...

Dialogue merges here.

Whoa whoa whoa, it's really dangerous. I mean, way past dangerous. Like, seriously dangerous!
Hrrmmm... You're right. I can only wield kitchen knives and pots, so it'd be reckless to explore the forest, huh?
Weapon: Pot. That sounds strong.

Chloe is already brainstorming ideas for a potential chef class.

It does, huh? She's pretty strong, so maybe she can actually do it.

Regina's a chef.
It's true she's skilled at what she does. It'd be a waste for her to change careers now.
...I see. You think that highly of me, huh?
Plus, it really is dangerous. Regina's a girl, after all.
...? Flavio, what does that even mean? Chloe and Arianna are both girls.
Huh? Oh, now that you mention it... you're right.
*giggle* Sir Flavio is quite forgetful, forgetting our gender.
Y-Yeah, leave it at that, please! That's me. Forgetful Flavio!
...You lucked out, Flavio.

Want to join Guild?
You're right. Cooking is a battle with your stamina! Plus it would be fun to have Dame Regina explore with us!
H-Hold on there. You're one of this town's top guilds! Welcoming an amateur would be--Plus, I would have to talk with Grandfather... No, but--
R-Right now, I can't.
Right now? So you're fine with it someday?

Dialogue merges here.

...It's tempting to go on an adventure with you, but before that, I've been entrusted with this restaurant. Right now, my main job is to cook up good food for you as you go exploring.
...You're right. We also enjoy coming here to eat.
Yeah, I will continue to strive to make you useful dishes. Now then, I've added this to the menu, so order this whenever you like. For you, I'll cook my best.

Broken Force Gauges have a 10% chance of being repaired after a battle. Not that great.