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Part 136: Bonus: Draconic Cooking Part 2

Bonus: Draconic Cooking Part 2


I kind of had a feeling as I was making this... but is the presentation a problem?

You're finally getting it.
Well, after all I've made... I finally figured out that dishes of whole monsters--especially insects--aren't very popular.
I'm glad that you've learned, but... Regina, are you really okay handling this?
Hm? The most I thought about it was that it was a big catch... an ingredient worth cooking.
Cooks are crazy...

This is out of the question.
I knew it... It may have been fine during Apicius's time period, but it might not be as well-accepted now.
A time when whole roasts were normal... That must have been an exciting time.
I'm interested.
I've never been more glad to have been born in this era...

...Actually, I'm okay with it.
Hm? Is it the size that makes it okay?
Wait wait wait! Whaddya mean by “actually”!? What makes it actual!?
Hrm, so it does vary from person to person.

Dialogue merges here.

So, what're we gonna do? Eat it?

All 3 choices lead to the same bit of dialogue.

Let's eat./We have no choice but to eat./...Let's eat.
If you are resolved, Sir Knight... Th-Then... so am I!
Huh, wai-- Really!? I-I... can't even...
I'll eat, too.
Then, I guess I'll go along.
Y-You're all eating it...!? Th-Then... M-Me, too!

...It is a long and heavy battle. It is flavored, but for some reason you cannot taste anything...

I somehow missed screenshotting this, but this next line is spoken by Arianna. My shame is eternal.

“U-Um... Do we have to eat this face here...?”

You impressively clean the plate! You are filled with a sense of accomplishment, similar to when you defeat a powerful foe.

But, good work. I'll add it to the menu, so order it again if you feel like another challenge.

This is a bit of a weird food effect, and how, erm, “useful” it is depends on the difficulty. If you happen to get a game over, you can retry and get sent back to the moment before you got into the losing battle. Letting you use an Ariadne Thread or whatever to avoid that outcome again.

On Picnic, this is useless. You have infinite retries there. On Standard, you start with 1 retry, so that gets bumped up to 2. On Expert, you don't have any by default, so you get one with this in effect. Now this effect would have been handy in EOU because its 6th Stratum is brutal. In fact, it's possibly the most brutal post-game in the entire series. The game can just simply decide to just give you a game over whenever it feels like it. This game? The random encounters in the Forbidden Wood are not a threat at all. Really the frustrating part is navigating it, not fighting through it. And this isn't that great for boss fights and the such since it doesn't take that long to get back to them, and you don't lose much progress there in most cases. Basically too situational and not that great in this game. Eat something else.

Alright, it's done. Could you try eating it now?
My... Purple meat and orange sauce make it quite vivid!

Yeah, they're complementary colors!
Yes, they do make each other stand out. It is a nice combination.
Y-You think...?

Looks poisonous...
Do you think so? Purple is a beautiful color; does it not make you hungry?
...You really love purple, don't you, Arianna?

Dialogue merges here.

But why is the meat purple? When we brought it, it was a normal color.
This changes color when you cook it. If you mess up the temperature, the entire thing'll turn purple. It's pretty difficult.
The entire thing will be purple...? That sounds delicious, too!
Hrm, you may be right. I think that this temperature is best for steaks, since any more would change the flavor... But it may make for some interesting color combinations for stews and such when combined with vegetables.
...Well, that sounds like it'll turn out to be quite a unique stew.

You should try everything.
Hrm... Then, I'll give it a go!

I'll pass on the taste test.
Hrm... You telling me that makes me want to feed it to you even more.

Dialogue merges here.

Not an Apicius recipe, but a Dame Regina's original.
*chuckle* A recipe with my name, huh? It'll be a long road... but I like the ring to it. Alright, I'll add this to the menu, so order it again whenever you feel like it.

This is what I consider to be the best stat food in the game. In fact, until I discovered the true effects of the Blind and Paralysis food, this was my food of choice for dealing with the post-game. A 5 point stat increase to everything is a huge boon to diverse parties. Sure it's half as effective for specific stats than the other stat foods, but overall it's a 15 point stat gain over them. Of course if you're trying to optimize, and have all STR based attackers or something like that, you're probably better off with the 10 point versions.

Alright, it's done. Could you try eating it now?
Sarmale? ...Not cabbage rolls?
You can think of it as a type of cabbage roll. I'm using pickled leaves to wrap the meat. I also added rice inside, so it might last longer in the stomach than a normal cabbage roll.
Rice...!? Hmm, that sounds interesting. I always thought you only put meat in cabbage rolls!
Chewy and crispy... *giggle* My mouth is quite enjoying this!
Man... Normal dishes like this sure are relaxing.

Considering what our usual is...
Yeah, Apicius's recipes are full of crazy stuff.
That's Apicius's characteristic, so I can't do anything even if you complain to me.
Besides, most of the customers enjoy the novelty of his dishes.
That's something I don't get... Er, the actual taste is great, but...
Yeah, huh? It's great... but crazy sometimes.
I got it, I got it. This dish is on the menu, so order it whenever you need a break from the other dishes. I'll be waiting with the same flavor as always. That is my job.

You need spice sometimes.
When you become like me, you want to just relax. You'll understand eventually.
Knight... becoming like you?
I can't imagine that.
A Sir Bertrand-like Sir Knight... *giggle* That sounds interesting!
We don't need any more bothersome people.
Hey, whaddya all mean by that!?
It's exactly as it sounds.
Now, enough with the gibberish. I'll add this to the menu, so order it whenever you feel like it.
Talk about me was gibberish...?

Every time a party member deals damage, they recover HP equal to 5% of the damage dealt. Ehhh, there are better foods.

Here you go: pumpkin pie. Could you give it a taste now?
It's pretty blue...
I've never seen such a bluer food.
Me neither. If you add a little more red, it would be a beautiful purple...
But this is delicious as-is!
Kid, you eat without hesitation. ...Well, the monster WAS a pumpkin, so I guess everything's okay?

Yeah. A pumpkin is a pumpkin.
Eating monsters is an everyday occurrence for us now, huh...?

But it was a monster.
Ohhh... Normally, that would be true, but don't you think it's a bit late to say that?
This restaurant's food is pretty much all monster-made.
Hey, at least say it's forest-native.

Dialogue merges here.

If you want to eat something sweet, you're free to order it anytime. I'll be waiting.

RIP Elderevenge. Any party member recovers TP equal to 15% of the damage they take from enemies. Yeaaaaah, eat something else.

Anyways, that was the last normal recipe in the game.

She says the same thing as the 2nd time we completed all recipes of a specific type. We get Western Cuisine for our troubles.

Here it is: Imperial manhan quanxi!
Whoa, this is amazing! Huh? This dragon is edible!?
Yeah, the horns and wings are candy, but the actual insides are pretty much dragon meat.
Ooooh...! All meat. Everyone, meat... This is the ultimate.
Yes, I agree!
It was difficult to defeat it, but seeing it like this, it is plump and quite adorable, is it not?

It's attacks weren't adorable.
Oh, you are right...
Definitely not something I want to remember...
But it won't counterattack any more. Meat is good.

It does look adorable.
Right!? We won't have to be so scared the next time we meet it!

...Riiiiight. “Next time.” Sure, whatever you say.

I'd rather not have to meet it at all...

It looks delicious...
U-Um, that's not what I meant...
But the round thighs do look juicy...
Chloe thinks the tail gets a high score.
Young'uns are true to their stomachs, eh?

Dialogue merges here.

Man... They're really all so good. I don't know what to eat next!
That answer is simple. Eat it all.
Yeah, eat as much as you want. That's why I made all of this.
This is worthy of being called the ultimate dish.
But... wasn't this a task to prepare so much food?
It was a bit tiring... But I wanted to answer to you for bringing me such great ingredients.

I'm glad we worked hard!
Hahaha! That's the face I wanted to see! Not only do you bring me ingredients, but you eat my food so deliciously; that's what keeps me going strong.
...Seeing that face makes me reaffirm that it's thanks to you that I made it this far.

You don't need to worry about it.
It's just me acting on my own. It was thanks to you that I was able to focus so much on cooking. It's my little show of gratitude.
Er, this amount of food... That's definitely past “little.”
Do you think? I feel this isn't enough... at least, thinking of you guys.

Dialogue merges here.

Dame Regina...
Now, eat to your heart's content. Filling your bellies is my reward. If you want to fill up, order this dish any time. For you, I'll cook my best.

If everyone dies during a battle, they'll all be revived at 1 HP instead of getting a game over. I dunno, I guess it could be handy? I generally prefer more offensive oriented foods over defensive ones.

But now we've cooked every single food in the game! Regina has something new to say when we talk to her.

I've been writing it for a while now... but Grandpa suggested that I try getting it all down in proper book form. Oh, I know. Why don't you write a little something at the end? I would never have been able to complete this without all your help, after all... so... 'co-author' has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

The next time we enter Cafe...

Knight, Arianna, Flavio, Chloe... and Bertrand, I guess.
...'And Bertrand, I guess'?
It was only thanks to you that I was able to recreate the lost recipes of Apicius. ...You've helped me recreate a part of history... one that we thought was lost to the ages. As a chef... no. As a citizen of High Lagaard, you have my gratitude.

You exaggerate too much.
No, I'm not exaggerating at all. My thanks alone are nowhere near enough for all you've done.

We had fun helping out.
] Had fun, eh? It's... a little embarrassing to hear that from you... but it makes me happy to hear that as well.

We did help a lot.
Haha, I suppose so. You have every reason to be proud.

Dialogue merges here.

But... it's strange. When I first started running this place, I wasn't concerned at all with the history of High Lagaard. All I could think about was gaining my independence, and convincing everyone of my worth... That feels so long ago, now. I think... it was thanks to you that I was able to change.
Hah, but that's enough from me. Do you have some time after this? I've actually prepared a little something for you.
A little something...?
Yes, it's over here!
Th-This is amazing...! Look at all these dishes!
Dame Regina, what's this about...?
It's celebrating the completion of the menu. Everything's on the house today, so eat all you want!
Eat all we want... She said it. You all heard her say it.
Whoa there, lady. You might regret saying that to Chloe.
Never. On the contrary--I'll cook until she says she can't eat another bite.
Challenge accepted. Today... I will eat!

Today... I will eat too!
Sure. Eat all you want!

Let's not get too crazy...
No need. Today's a day for celebration. Come on, sit down. Eat all you want!

Thanks, Regina.
Save it for after you've eaten. Seeing you enjoy my food, and calling it delicious, is the only thanks I want.

Dialogue merges here.

*munch* *munch* *swallow* ...Gotta try this too. *munch* *munch*
Chloe! I was gonna eat that!
No. This is my meat. You can have this instead.
Uggggh! D-Don't pass me the deep-fried carcasses! Give those to the others!
Ahaha! I'm getting accustomed to the sight of it now. Though it did surprise me at first...
Customers order it just for grins, but it seems to be catching on because of how good it actually is. ...These High Lagaard guys sure are big-hearted.
Apicius is from High Lagaard originally. *munch* *munch* Cooking things whole might be a tradition here.
I want seconds.
Sure. You want an extra large helping, right? What about you, Flavio?
Yes please! I'd like it extra large too!
You better pace yourself, kid. There's a lot more where that came from.
Heh... Don't worry about it. So, you think you'll be needing seconds too?

Extra large!
Sure thing! Eat all you want.

Just the usual for me.
About this much, in other words. Heh... Guess at some point I memorized your usual serving size.

No thanks.
What, are you getting cold feet?
*chuckle* I'm kidding. Feel free to eat however fast or slow you want.

Dialogue merges here.

I want seconds.
What...!? B-But she just served you an extra-large portion! ...I-I haven't even finished mine.
But I'll try my hardest to have seconds, so please save some for me, Dame Regina!
Haha, you got it...

Fade to black.

Thank you for the meal...!
Oh man... I'm completely stuffed... This is bliss...
You had quite the appetite.
But... I wasn't expecting you to actually finish everything I made.
Almost didn't make it.
Hey, you better not puke.
I'm not going to throw up. That would be a crime against Regina's cooking.
That's for sure! I'd feel terrible if I threw up a perfect meal like that...
...I'm glad to hear that. But the only reason I could make all that great food was because of you. I wouldn't be who I am now – Regina Dubois, master chef - if I didn't have you all standing with me every step of the way.
Dame Regina...
Your work on the recipes may be over, but this cafe will always be here. Just promise that you'll keep coming here. And that you'll keep ordering my cooking.

And that's it for cooking, we are completely done with it!

Next time: Finishing up and cleaning up loose ends.