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Part 137: Bonus: The 6th Stratum

Bonus: The 6th Stratum

Okay, let's start our file back up and begin the post-game.

Knight is back with absolutely no explanation, and don't expect anyone to comment on that. In fact, everything that happens from now on is essentially non-cannon as far as the game is concerned, because Knight is actually taking a vacation in Armoroad at this very moment. Yeah they pretty much went for a sequel hook instead of an actual ending, because that's such a great way to end a story. And with how badly EO2U did sales wise, who knows if we're even getting an EO3U.

Anyways, there is some new dialogue in Story so let's see what the townsfolk have to say. These all count as their floor 26 dialogue.

But... you already reached the top of Yggdrasil... but you're still coming here...? Which means...! You'll keep exploring in High Lagaard!? Yaaay! I-I mean, thank you very much! I'll keep doing my best to help you from here! We'll always be open with a smile at Sitoth Trading! Please, take your time and look around!

Haw haw haw, I always knew yeh had it in yeh... I guess yeh can take care of yerselves just fine. So now, let me in on the details. Just enough so that those bigwigs won't have a fit about it. Hey, c'mon. I'm a barkeep! Ain't gonna tell anyone. Got one of those, yeh know, confessionality clauses. Like doctors. Uh... Confi-- Confidentiality? Well, it was somethin'. Whatever it is, I got it. When yeh celebrate, yeh drink! That's explorer tradition, ain't it?

You found the floating castle, uncovered its mysteries, and though many may never know, saved all of High Lagaard... ...Yet you haven't returned to Midgard, I see. Do you have some unfinished business here to attend to? Surely, you too must be thinking... there exist undiscovered wonders beyond the floating castle. Ha... Don't worry, I won't waste my breath. Continue your journey as you see fit. I must admit... I am glad you stayed. Once more, I can watch you progress onward, and upward. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you find fortune on your travels.

The princess of the past, the Ruler of Heaven... None of our records give any clue as to their true intentions... However, there is one thing that I know. High Lagaard is now free from the ancient chains that shackled it... ...And we have you to thank.

Well, there was some unfinished business in Overlord's throne room. Let's go back there and take a look.

Now with the plot effectively vaporized, there is nothing stopping us from going up these stairs anymore.

DS Version

Okay, I'm going to be honest here. I loved the look of the Forbidden Wood in the original game and loved the music that played here. In the remake, not so much. In my opinion, the Forbidden Wood got a massive visual downgrade, as it just kind of looks like a regular old forest now. Also I really hate what they did with the music. It was originally a peaceful track, and then the remake turned it into elevator music. As a kicker, the post-game in EO2U is way more pathetic than EOU's. None of the encounters or FOEs here are remotely a threat as long as you don't play like an idiot. The bosses are a different story, but what can you expect from such a well designed game like EO2U?

Anyways don't expect me to show most of it off. There aren't any events up here, and there's only one thing the Story mode party even pipes up for in here. And since this is one of the few times we'll be seeing this place, I'll just put in both audio only conversations that can play here. Here's the first one:

You know, thinking back on the whole trip, we've come a long way.
I never would've imagined we would've made it this far in.
Especially this team of misfits.
But we're a good team.
Indeed. We're a wonderful band of misfits!
Heh heh.

And here's the final audio only conversation in the game:

How queer. We're floating high in the air, yes?
Well, our feet are on the ground, but the ground itself is miles above the Earth.
I'm curious how it floats.
If we find out how the castle flies, we might be able to fly too.
Oh, how wonderful that would be!
What if we ended up floating and couldn't get back down?
Oh, that's possible.
Not so wonderful at that, then.

And here are the rest of the town dialogues. Floor 27:

My heavens... That sounds like it's going to be tough. You're planning on climbing it? It's just another adventure for you... You really make me worry! You just keep climbing, and climbing... You'll bang your heads on the sun if you're not careful!
I suppose... We are climbing up rather high.
That's what I'm saying! Oh, I'm getting so worried for all of you! Oh, I know! Why don't you all just climb the Labyrinth at night? The sun won't be up during the night, so you'll be perfectly fine! And it'll be less hot and stuffy, too!
Ah, what an ingenious solution!
*sigh*...If the professor could hear us now...

I never thought there would actually be a castle so high on Yggdrasil, but there's a forest even higher... It's a little scary, to be honest... but thanks to that forest, you'll all be staying in this city longer... I wish the forest went on forever...

No, I'm not saying that you should leave. Actually, I... well, how do I put it... ...... N-Nevermind! If there's a whole new forest to explore, there must be more ingredients that I've never seen before! What are you doing wasting your time here? Hurry up and go get those ingredients!

The hell are yeh still doing around here? I thought yeh Midgard folk had no business 'round here anymore. ...What? There's still more to the Labyrinth, so yeh're staying here for a little while longer? Well why didn't yeh say so earlier!? Man, yeh really are weirdos. Yeh're actually staying to investigate that deathtrap? Wait a minute... Did yeh say there was more to that Labyrinth!? And here I was drownin' my sorrows 'cause I thought I'd never see yeh again... Haw haw haw! Guess I was completely wrong! Yeh know what yeh do when yeh get good news, eh...? Drink!

But I also hear that you intend to keep exploring the Labyrinth. Hrm. I had no idea there were branches that extended even above the castle... One could assume that the branches grew beyond the castle because it was blocking any sunlight from hitting them. ...Ah, but we can theorize as much as we like. This is still Yggdrasil we are talking about, after all... I'm sure it won't be easy. Listen carefully, Guild Guild. We here at the Grand Duchy will not hesitate at anything for your sake. ...Hm? You wonder why we would do such a thing? I should think it would be obvious. ...Your dream is our dream. Your fight is our fight. I would like you to keep that in mind. Be sure to come back safe.

Before I go onto floor 28, there is something I want to show off first.

Ragnar showed off the correct solution to this platform puzzle, but there's actually an alternate solution you can pull off. One the devs did not see coming.

Oops I broke it.

The platform is even clipping into the flowers.

Oh and the ending of The volt king's rampage quest is different if you have a Survivalist or a Gunner in the party. Ragnar had neither by the time he did this quest, so I'll show off what happens if you have a Survivalist.

You have defeated the fearsome legendary dragon! At last you relax, pausing to catch your breath after the harsh battle...

...Suddenly, the dragon bolts--whirling into the sky, flying despite its grievous wounds! If you do not interfere, the dragon will return to wreak further havoc, fully healed and filled with hatred! ...Against all expectation, you see something else appear in the sky. The figure glides through the sky faster than your eyes can follow, on a direct collision course with the dragon! ...All at once, it hits you. You recall the quest from Abigail, to rescue the young monster whose parents had been slain... There can be no mistaking it. The figure diving towards the Storm Emperor... is that very chick! It may be that the chick wishes to repay you, but it doesn't stand a chance against a legendary dragon! You cast around desperately, trying to determine some way to help!

You hear someone behind you cry out, and something falls into Flavio's hands. ...It's a bow. When you look behind you, you see the chief of the winged ones nodding, eyes ablaze with determination. Flavio loads an arrow into the bow that Canaan passed off, draws the string, and shoots the dragon! The arrow cuts through the sky, and pierces the dragon's forehead, burying deep! The dragon's head snaps back, the shot slaying it instantly. It plummets to the ground. You have saved the monster!

Now safe, the monster flaps down to you and hops happily about your feet. As you fondly watch the triumphant chick frolic, Canaan approaches you.

If you didn't save the baby monster earlier and don't have a Survivalist or Gunner in the party, Canaan snipes the Storm Emperor himself. And I kid you not, you can actually accuse him of kill stealing.

Why are you here?
That Divide Bow, passed down through generations in our tribe... Upon touching it, I had a vision... that you would need it. But for you to truly fell the mighty Klanvaline... you never cease to amaze me.

Nothing is impossible for adventurers.
Then, that is your fate... Earthbound ones truly are interesting.

His gaze falls to the bow, and he gestures towards it. Canaan nods his head in understanding. His gaze falls to the bow, and he gestures towards it.

I do not know if this is enough to repay you, but please, take this bow. I brought it here that you might make use of it.

Oh yeah, there are “ultimate” weapons you can get from quests. Most of them kind of suck, but a few of them are more useful than what you can buy in the store. This is not one of those weapons.

Goodbye, Guild. Your heroic deeds will forever be passed down our tribe in legend... I swear it.

The monster chick flaps up into the air, cheeping, and flies off into the sky. You watch the two leave, and take one last moment to look at the Throne of Thunder. The Throne's master has been slain. You have defeated the thunder dragon. For your efforts, you now hold the most powerful bow in existence. Congratulations! All that remains is for you to return to the bar when you have time, and report your success!

“Fun” fact about this quest in the original. The game only asked if you had a Survivalist in the party. Which was one of the worst classes in the game. A Gunner did not count for that quest. And if the monster decided to help out here, it would flat out die. Even though it was just flavor text, people weren't really happy about the game essentially saying “Fuck you for not using one of the worst classes in the game.” So in the remake, the monster just gets injured instead, but lives in the end. Anyways, let's take a look at some more Story mode exclusive town dialogue.

Floor 28:

...So? What do you think? Good...? This was actually made by my daughter. She said she wanted you all to have a taste. I knew she was a hard worker, but she's been doing everything she can lately. I'm sure she wants to help you. She's always going on about the great Guild guild, you know. I might even change this place's name to the Guild Inn... Bahaha, I'm just kidding! Your faces! You're all still going into the Labyrinth and investigating it, right? Well I hope you'll still come and visit us. My daughter and I will always be waiting to welcome you back!

Oh, Arianna, there's... some kind of leaf stuck in your hair?
Oh dear. I wonder how that could have happened?
Eheheh, I'll get it for you... There! I got it! ...This plant must be from the Labyrinth, isn't it? Um, would it be all right if I kept this?

Of course.
Yay! Hee hee, maybe I'll press it and make it into a bookmark...
Kid, it's just a leaf. Not that big a deal.
But it is! I've never been in the Labyrinth, and besides...

What do you want that for?
I-I'm serious! It's just a little souvenir, that's all.

Dialogue merges here.

I've never been in the Labyrinth, and besides... Er... um... w-well, it's, uh... I-I just thought maybe I could feel a little like... like you do, when you're out exploring in the forest... I-I mean, nevermind! Forget I said that! That must have sounded so weird...! I-I'll be working over there... so... Um, I hope I didn't come off as some weirdo, there...

Man, that's... hard to imagine. Don't the monsters in there get tougher as yeh go up? What kinda lunatic would willingly go to a place like that...? Yeh're monsters yerselves, yeh know that? Haw haw haw! What, did I offend yeh? Sorry, but I ain't one to sugarcoat what I'm thinkin'. No hard feelings. ...Yeh lot are probably going to get even stronger, and become even more famous. But whatever happens, don't ever quit comin' to this bar, yeh hear? It'll get lonely without yeh droppin' by. ... Plus, it means I got good connections with a hotshot from Midgard. Ain't that a sweet deal? Haw haw haw!

Do you remember the guild Beowulf? The guild that you saved back in the first Stratum, right? I thought they would just remain as they were, a two-person guild... but it seems they've accepted some new recruits. Ha... they were novices, with quite a lot of training ahead of them. Still, they look as though they're enjoying themselves. It was something of a relief to see that. People... can change, after all.

We have been scouring our records for information... But we have yet to find any. If something turns up, I'll alert you. ...Lady Gradriel ordered it herself. She told us that any peril you must face is something the whole nation must face. And to think explorers would win the heart of Lady Gradriel... my, my. What am I to do with her! Under normal circumstances, of course, I would have to take some sort of action against such insolence... However, it would seem that none in the Grand Duchy have any objections to your significance to her. ...That includes myself, of course. Hahahaha! The Duke's Palace is certainly a fine home these days!

Floor 29:

I mean, you don't sound like a hero if I just call you Knight... But I suppose the usual way's best. Oh, that reminds me! I heard the news! You made it to the 29th floor, didn't you? Is that... almost the top? What are you planning on doing once you reach the top? Are you... thinking about leaving this place?
...Oh, I'm sorry. I suppose that was a silly question. Well... this is just me talking to myself, but... We're pretty shorthanded around here... It would be great if I had a couple people I can trust, like you loves, working here. If you work here, you'll be guaranteed citizenship, and you'll get room and board, plus you get to see my daughter every day. ... Of course, mama's just rambling to herself like usual... but try giving it some thought.

Hm...? Oh, it's you. So, how may I help the heroes of High Lagaard today? Ha, relax. I'm only joking. But it is the truth, you know. You're allowed to have a little pride in your accomplishments! If you can't take a simple little joke like that, I dread to think how you would handle the bartender's banter! That is all I have to say. If you need nothing more, than I won't keep you further.

Hrm, judging by your faces... You may have done something that you greatly regret, no? ...Well, I will not press the issue. Regardless of your decisions, we will stand behind them, and support you. Whatever the matter is, don't worry, and press onward. Do what must be done.

Pictured: Either the original writing team in Japan, or the localization screwing up. So in the original game, there was an extra plot that took place in the 6th Stratum aside from trying to kill Overlord's ultimate creation. There were actually a bunch of post-game quests in the original game which were kind of themed around stronger than usual monsters coming down to the lower Strata. Canaan and the party find out that opening the way to the 6th Stratum also opened the way for an army of monsters to come down from the 6th Stratum straight to High Lagaard. Floor 29 is where the party finds out they screwed up big time, and that's why Dubois says those lines in the original game. I have no idea why those lines are in the remake, since that plot got cut out entirely.

There is only one new dialogue in Story on floor 30:

I've been thinking... This nation has no deep political ties with Midgard, so we've never had an investigation team come. And yet here you are, and staying among us as well... truly, it has been good fortune for us. Knight, if it's not too much to ask... I would like you to share with Midgard the splendor of our nation. This land was built on toil, fellowship, and the spirit of adventure... Yes, I could ask for no better land to serve. Of course... there's no rush. I'm sure you can delay your report a while longer, hmm?

Now there's one last thing I want to show off.

Ugh, what is that thing...!?
I-It's still far from us, yet even here I can feel its overwhelming malevolence...
Anything this far into such a dangerous place has to mean trouble... If we're not ready to face it, we might want to regroup and come back later.
I think so too. Knight, are we ready? Do we have enough items and stuff?
We're completely ready.
Mm. Then it's up to you to make the call, Knight.

The rest of the guild raises no objection. If you have come to a decision, then the time is nigh to act upon it!

This is Ur-Child, the true final boss of the game, and the final test of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold!

Which I'm not showing off. I'll let Ragnar Homsar field that one-and wow that is really lucky. Happened to get 2 of his drops right there.

But its power is so incredible that it seems the battle will never end... At last, however, victory appears to be nigh! You land a powerful blow on the demon's forehead and it recoils in pain! The fiend collapses onto the floor, its body dissolving into light...

I-Is it over...?
I hope so...

As you catch your breath in anticipation, the monster completely disappears.

Yesss! It's over!
Thank goodness we survived...
That was nothing.
No! Nuh-uh! There's no way you're blowing off a monster like that as 'nothing'!
Oh, I've only just noticed... There seems to be no path leading to the next floor.
Huh, you're right... I don't see anything.
Does that mean this is the top of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth?
Are we the first ones here?
I don't know about that...
No wonder the air tastes so great.
Truly... It's so crisp and clean...
Meat tastes better.
Goodness, Dame Chloe! Ahaha... I would expect no less from you.
Well then, shall we get going? I wanna get a good rest back in town.
Yes. And once we have rested, let us depart on another adventure together!

You nod to the woman and, with a swelling sense of fulfillment at conquering the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, take your leave.

There is some new town dialogue after beating Ur-Child.

Oh don't be like that. You're the heroes of Lagaard! We can't have you dressed in dirty rags like that! Come on now, Chloe. You're a young lady, for goodness sake! Now here, let's wipe your face off.
And you, Bertrand! Your cuffs are a mess. And don't think I haven't noticed your jacket, Flavio.
Wh--!? Hey, cut that out, lady!!!
And you too, Knight. Now hurry and get out of those dirty clothes! Oh, you'd better turn around, Arianna. This isn't going to be pretty.
Ah, th-that is... um...!
Look at you all. You're heroes of this city, but you haven't changed a bit. You're still a scruffy bunch of children! Hahaha... I have to say, though, that makes me strangely happy. I'll always have a way to help out you lovelies. Quona and I will always be here to help when you need it. Bahaha!

...It's been quite some time since you first started exploring the Labyrinth, hasn't it? You know, the barkeep's been bragging that he was the one that made you into the heroes you are today. Then again, he's not the only one making such claims. Everyone in the city is trying to claim credit for your success. They're obviously all misguided. The one that first saw your potential was me, of course.

You're absolutely right.
Ha, I can count on you to run with the joke. Thanks, Knight. ...Yes... just a little joke, before you return to Midgard...

Were you...?
*chuckle*... As blunt as always, I see. But I was the first one to tell you where Arianna was, wasn't I? ...Oh, I was just having a little fun. Before you return to Midgard...

Dialogue merges here.

Anyways, I'm sure it's difficult being the center of attention all the time. You've accomplished a great deal. The chaos seems far from over, though. Well... If you ever need a place to get away from it all, I will be waiting here, with tea. That's all I have to say. Feel free to make yourselves at home here.

And that's it for the 6th Stratum and everything in Story mode! Thanks for reading this little side LP of Story mode! (also serving as Ragnar Homsar's cleanup crew. )

What's that? I'm forgetting something? Nah, I'm pretty sure there's nothing...