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Part 139: The Original Sin: Ur-Devil

The Original Sin: Ur-Devil

Is that the 'deepest darkness' ...!?
It just sounded like empty melodrama to me, but... this power... Maybe its name really is accurate...
I don't feel good... looking at that thing...
Y-Yeah. My hands are... shaking, just thinking about fighting it...
No damn way we're just going to leave it be, though.
Yes...! Truly... in the entire forest, there has been nothing as powerful as this monstrosity...

Indeed... all your senses and experiences are telling you that this entity possesses power beyond anything you've ever known! Knowing that, and feeling the raw malice radiating from this being, you immediately understand that it must be defeated! Are you fully prepared for the momentous battle that awaits? If you are, then there is no need for further words! Here, at the zenith of High Lagaard's Yggdrasil, confront and slay the deepest darkness of the Labyrinth!

Oh boy, here we go.

Here's the food effect I'm making use of. It makes the upcoming fight MUCH more tolerable.

Also I normally don't do this, but I'll tell you what my inventory consists of for this fight:
You're probably thinking that's complete and utter overkill. Trust me when I say it isn't. Even though my inventory is completely filled, I still feel completely unprepared for this fight.

Every single character in my party has been Trained at level 99, so they all have an extra 10 points in each stat, and 10 extra skill points to work with.

Knight is the main damage dealer for this fight. It's important to have Transform active as long as possible so he can accomplish that goal. Also I wasn't mixing and matching Grimoires from other classes before, but now I am. I need every bit of help I can for this fight.

Chloe is one of my secondary damage dealers, but she's also gonna be playing a support role, ensuring that the boss will get locked out of using more of its more important moves.

Flavio is my other secondary damage dealer, who is also playing a support role. He's probably one of the most important supports in my party, allowing me to scout out what the boss is going to do, and effectively buying me a few free turns with his skillset. Blind and Poison are the only ailments the boss can be hit by, so there is absolutely no point in investing in Paralysis and Sleep Arrow.

Bertrand's main role is ensuring that the party does not die. Not an exciting role, but an important one. If he dies at the wrong time, I am fucked. Plain and simple.

Arianna is the party's safety net. There is little room to screw up in this fight, but Dauntless Order can get me a bit more wiggle room to work with.

And yeah, my equipment setup is mostly the same for most of my party members. Everyone except Flavio has Dragonbanes purely for the 5 point stat boost it gives them. I'd give one to Flavio, but he can't use Swords. Everyone is in a bikini because armor honestly does not matter at all for this fight. The boss' physicals will either kill the party, or they won't. There isn't much middle ground. The boss' elementals are survivable with the Bikini Armor, though. The Gold Belts are for the extra 100 HP and the 5 point boost to all stats.

And as a courtesy, proof that I am doing this on Expert. There is actually a reward for defeating this boss on that difficulty. You get no such thing when doing so on Picnic and Standard.

I'm going to warn you, if you're going to do this fight on Expert, your party members need at least 501 HP if you're using Over Somas. If not, they need at least 601 HP. Also no matter what difficulty you do this fight on, you need a Protector or a Beast! But don't bring both, or bad things happen.

Another thing to note, if you tried to look up how people handle this fight, you would pretty much see mostly cheese parties and no one even bothering to do it legitimately. Allow me to show you the reason why no one in their right mind would bother to attempt such a thing!

Here we go.

Here it is. The ultimate challenge pile of bullshit, the Ur-Devil.

Level: 99
HP: 280000
STR: 99
TEC: 99
VIT: 75
AGI: 65
LUC: 85
Exp: 999999
Attack Type: Cut
Skills: Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 125% 125% 125%
Disable resistances:
150% 150% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 0%
0% 100% 100%
Description: The ultimate evolution created by the Ruler of Heaven. It has the power of ruin and reckoning.

Wait, what the fuck? Overlord thought Ur-Child wasn't enough, so he created something even more powerful than it!? Uh, moving on.

That's quite the skillset, huh? If that wasn't enough, it also has a ridiculously elaborate attack pattern, like Ur-Child. But whereas Ur-Child's attack pattern was a flawed execution of testing your Force management skills, Ur-Devil's attack pattern can simply be described as a mountain of failure conditions! One tiny mistake can cost you the fight, and there are plenty of points where that could happen.

To prevent your eyes from glazing over more than they probably already have, I'll post pieces of his attack pattern one at a time.

Phase 1:
Once Ur-Devil falls below a certain HP threshold, he'll summon 2 Red Ur-Eyes, and moves onto the next phase.

On Picnic, Ur-Devil will transition to phase 2 once he drops below 51% (142800).
On Standard, the HP threshold is 67% (187600).
On Expert, the HP threshold is 76% (212800).

Also this fight is a bit unique in that Ur-Devil's attack pattern depends entirely upon which difficulty you choose to fight it on. Since I'm on Expert, I have to deal with the whole thing. Well, let's get this started.

Before I have Knight Transform, I want to get up to around 150 Force for him first.

Chloe will deal some damage.

Now Ur-Devil likes to do this thing where it follows a specific pattern, but the first move in said pattern is randomized. Blinding Ur-Devil will not only give me a few free turns, it also lets me know what its pattern is going to be.

Selfless Strength will fully drain the party's TP, effectively leaving them helpless. I'll have Bertrand take one for the team. He won't need to use his skills for a good while, anyway.

Arianna will buff the front row.

Time for Bertrand to take one for the team.

Yeah, take a good look at all that TP damage. Oh I should note those numbers are because of the damage reduction from Hit-Taker. If I just let the entire party get hit by Selfless Strength, they would have lost over 1300 TP!

I'll just say that my entire strategy revolves entirely around not dealing with Ur-Devil's pattern in the first place. I don't feel like playing guessing games, so I'll just make it so that Ur-Devil can't hit me at all. Flavio's chances of landing Blind on Ur-Devil for each stack of Accumulative Resistance Ur-Devil builds up are approximately 162%, 129%, 97%, 64%, and 32%. He only has 1 less point of luck than Ur-Devil, so the chances are only slightly lower. Not that it really matters in the first place. So I essentially have 2 guaranteed Blinds, 1 almost guaranteed, 1 with an okay chance of landing, and one with a really low chance of landing. I'll have to make those inflictions count.

...That was only less than 1% of Ur-Devil's total HP. Yeeeeep, we are in for a long fight!

Standard setup.

This is Flavio's best damage move for now.

Thanks to Ur-Devil being blind, Bertrand doesn't need to do anything vital for a few turns. So he was the perfect candidate to sacrifice. But I won't build up his TP back up just yet. I want to ensure that Knight's Force gauge reaches 150.

It seems I'll have to watch out for Behold my Power on the next loop. As much as I would love to not have to deal with this thing's attack patterns more than once...

I'm not exactly taking off a lot of its HP here.

Ah, excellent. Knight's Force gauge has reached the right amount.

Which means I can really start dishing out damage to Ur-Devil!

Also prepare to hear that song a lot throughout this battle.

Pity the Weak or Dance with Lunacy will be used on the next turn. While Pity the Weak can be avoided, Dance with Lunacy is purely a status move, so Blind won't do a thing to it. However, it uses the arms, so I'll have Chloe Arm bind Ur-Devil so I can scout out which skills to look out for from now on.

Unfortunately, this is Flavio's other only real damage option for now.

I'll have Bertrand spend a few turns building his TP pool back up.

Arianna will help dish out the pain.

...Yeah, not that great. Having a level 20 version wouldn't have helped all that much either, as Flavio would have done 1100 instead of 800 damage. Whoopee.

All according to plan.

And this lets me know to look out for My Wrath on the next loop.

If I didn't have the blind food in effect, I would have had to guess which elemental move it would have used on this turn. And if I got unlucky, several of my party members would have died.

5300 damage would normally be a respectable amount of damage, but it's only just less than 2% of Ur-Devil's max HP. But this is the best I can dish out right now.

Oh sorry, 6800 points of damage. Which isn't much better.

Finishing up the combo.

And this is Flavio's main source of damage for this fight, and the move I'm going all in on. Since I don't intend for Ur-Devil to attack me that often, Flavio should get off a decent amount of Hazy Arrows.

That was from Sagittarius Shot, for the record.

That's from Hazy Arrow. Not on the level of Chloe's damage output, but every little bit helps.

Oh good. If Pity the Weak is all I have to look out for on the next loop, then Chloe can just keep throwing out Ailing Slashes instead of having to toss up a Barrier.

That's a total of 11495 damage, which is only 4% of Ur-Devil's max HP. We've still got a ways to go.

Since Knight isn't gonna be dealing damage this turn, I swapped Bertrand to the front row.

It's absolutely important for Knight to be Transformed as long as possible. You saw how much damage he was dealing compared to Chloe and Flavio.

Howling Winds is pretty much guaranteed to kill a party member. The only saving grace of the skill is that it's less accurate than Ur-Devil's other moves. Which isn't saying much, because its base accuracy is 99.

At the end of the first loop, Ur-Devil will cast this move.

Which restores a decent amount of TP to the front row. That's why I had Bertrand move up there, so he wouldn't have to keep eating Amrita IIs.

Oh yes, he only does this once, so don't try to stall out this phase hoping to get more TP back for your party. Not only that, if you let the phase loop 3 times, Ur-Devil will cast Twilight's Gleam at the end of the 3rd loop (after 13 turns pass), which completely breaks your party's Force gauges. Essentially if you let the fight reach that point, the fight becomes completely unwinnable! I have to deal over 67200 points of damage in 13 turns or I lose. And considering the party's damage output, I'm on an extremely tight time limit here.

I'm swapping Knight back to the front row and preparing to make use of Accelerate.

Unfortunately, the blind wore off, and I really don't want to have to focus on dealing enough damage in time and dealing with Ur-Devil's skills at the same time, so I'm gonna inflict it again.

If Bertrand has nothing better to do, I'll just use Shield Smite for some extra damage.


It's not looking too good at this point.

I really hope I can get to the next phase in time.

I'm using Shock Circle instead of Link Order here, because the overall DPS I'll dish out here is way more than if I had Arianna just use Link Order. For one thing, Link Order only scales off of the base damage. And if whoever set it off used a Charge skill beforehand, the damage boost from the charge doesn't get factored into Link Order's damage. I need to optimize as much as I can to win this fight.

That was around a total of 16400 damage! The unfortunate part? In some of my failed attempts, that wasn't enough to drag Ur-Devil into the next phase. This means I am nowhere near out of the woods yet.

Just because my party hasn't taken any bit of damage whatsoever doesn't mean I have the upper hand in this fight. Not even close.

And blowing Akashic Nova just to get to the next phase is beyond stupid. So instead, I'll cancel Knight's Transformation.

Eh, why not? It's not like her Force Boost is that important.

I have Arianna set up Dauntless Orders in case something goes very wrong. What it does is it places an endure effect on a row for a few turns. If someone takes a mortal blow, they have an 80% chance of surviving and being healed for a bit. If I make a mistake, this skill is my only safety net.

I don't need your pity.

The reason I wanted Knight's Force gauge to reach 150 was so I could Transform as soon as possible when I used Force Reset. Though I don't want to blow my Force just yet, so I set up a Delayed Chase instead.

Arianna has nothing better to do, so why not? Besides, I need all the TP I can get for this fight.

I'm surprised the 2nd blind has lasted this long. I was willing to activate Chloe's Force Boost just to increase my damage output if necessary.

There is a way to deal with this move that doesn't involve blinding Ur-Devil, but I haven't found the need to use that method yet.

I am taking a really big risk here. If I time this wrong, I'll lose the fight. Knight only has 1 free turn to burn here while Transformed.

I don't have that many turns left before Ur-Devil uses Twilight's Gleam, so I'll activate Flavio's Force Boost to get some extra damage in.

I love the Apple Matcha Shaved Ice.

Holy crap, yes! I got to the 2nd phase just in time!

And yes, Ur-Devil has adds as well, because of course he does. The worst part? Until you take them out, Ur-Devil's damage resistances drop to 0%, meaning that it takes no damage while the adds are alive. And unlike Ur-Child, Ur-Devil is still considered a valid target, meaning that using random target moves to deal with the adds aren't going to be effective.

Oh right, the adds.

Ur-Eye (Red)
Level: 99
HP: 11000
STR: 99
TEC: 99
VIT: 75
AGI: 65
LUC: 85
Exp: 0
Attack Type: Bash
Skills: Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 0% 125% 100%
Disable resistances:
100% 100% 100% 0% 0% 100% 100%
0% 0% 10%
100% 100% 100%

Also here's Ur-Devil's attack pattern in phase 2.

Phase 2: If the Ur-Eyes die early, Ur-Devil will skip any end of turn actions he was about to perform and immediately skip to using Amplify. If the Ur-Eyes are still alive during turn 7, Ur-Devil will use Howling Winds over and over until they're all dead.

On Picnic, Ur-Devil will go back to phase 1 and will not do any more phase transitions, meaning that the first phase permanently loops. He will however, start off by casting Selfless Strength, so be careful about that. On Standard and Expert, Ur-Devil moves onto phase 3.

So yeah. The Ur-Eyes need to be killed as soon as possible. Because they use Death's Glimmer every other turn, which is pretty much guaranteed to succeed, though Fairy's Robe can block it.

However, see how Ur-Devil uses Know thy Reason on turns 3 and 6? What that move does is deals 3000% AOE damage to everyone, but its damage type is randomly chosen from any available Ur-Eyes. So in this case it would deal Fire damage to everyone, but that's easily blocked with Fire Wall. The problem is, if I kill the Ur-Eyes on those very turns, Know thy Reason becomes an Almighty attack! Which cannot be defended against at all, so I lose if that happens.

Why not just use Perfect Defense on it? Because that's against the rules. You'll see what I mean by that later.

The reason I said Knight only had 1 free turn during Transform is because I need 2 turns to take advantage of Accelerate.

I activate Chloe's Force Boost so she can soften up the Ur-Eyes. Also because I plan on using Fairy's Robe in case something goes horribly wrong.

11 tuns in, and we've only taken off that much HP.

Flavio will soften up the other Ur-Eye.

At the start of an Ur-Eye phase, Ur-Devil will use Noble Rest to undo some of your progress. Jerk.

Preparations are in order.

Oh yes, Darkness Shroud.

What it does is that it completely purges all buffs from your party. If a party member does not have any buffs, they are instantly killed. This cannot be blocked, not even with Fairy's Robe! Forget to buff your party? Sorry, you lose.

Oh and it also places an HP recovery debuff, but considering that most of Ur-Devil's moves end up killing you outright instead of dealing a bit of damage, the debuff is a bit inconsequential.

This is the reason I didn't want to blow Akashic Nova early. This is the only way I can safely destroy all the Ur-Eyes without having to deal with the entire phase.

But even with Akashic Nova, Knight can't kill the Ur-Eyes by himself, so Flavio will finish them off.

Unfortunately, when the Ur-Eyes get killed, they target their killer with a 2000% TEC damage elemental attack! And as insult to injury, it deals splash damage. This is why everyone except Knight has an elemental wall Grimoire equipped, so they can block that move.

The main reason I had Knight use Accelerate was so he could get priority and go before the Ur-Eyes could use Death's Glimmer. Also that's convenient, taking them out before Flavio could get off his Force Break.

Yeah no, not happening.

For the record, there is absolutely no point in saving your Force Breaks at this time.

And-oh fuck, I forgot he used Dance with Lunacy on this turn!

Yeah, that was not worth 2000 extra damage.

And here comes this move.

May as well set up with Knight here.

Fortunately, I still have Fairy's Robe available, so I can purge off the status effects easily.

Oh yeah, remember when I said using Perfect Defense is against the rules? This is why.

Because it casts a move called Eternal Exodus. What it does is it deals deals 3000% Almighty damage to each party member, which equates to 6000 points of damage, and hits everyone up to 3 times each! It cannot miss, and Ur-Devil cannot be prevented from casting this since it's immune to every single status effect aside from Poison and Blind. Meaning that if you do not have a Protector or Beast in the party you cannot win the fight! Perfect Defense and True Endurance are the only ways to deal with this move. Well apparently someone discovered a way to survive it without those, but that involves a Medic, Sovereign, and a Troubadour. And we don't have all of them. I am literally not allowed to use Perfect Defense for anything else in this fight, or I will make it unwinnable. Also, Eternal Exodus will still kill you even on Picnic if you don't defend against it properly. Yeah. They really did not want you living through it without those 2 Force Breaks.

And if you had the cheeky idea to bring both a Protector and a Beast, or multiples of those classes, Ur-Devil will randomly cast Twilight's Gleam throughout his Ur-Eye phases! “Because fuck you for not doing this fight the way we intended it.”

Does this all sound completely insane? Too bad, because we're only just getting started with the fight. That pattern was meant for Picnic players so it's not as bad as the later phases. Oh yes, it gets worse.