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Part 141: The Original Sin: The Pinnacle of Shit

The Original Sin: The Pinnacle of Shit


I... I legitimately did not know that Dauntless Order worked on Curse damage, or that it could be endured at all.

Holy shit. I'm still in the fight. I was taking a massive blind gamble there. Out of all the possible things I could have done on this turn, I happened to pick the correct choice. Which did not have a 100% chance of going well, mind you.

Talk about getting lucky, but I'm not complaining! It's time for Knight to rev up the pain train.

Kind of a shame that I lost the attack buffs, but whatever. Summer Rain weakened all the Ur-Eyes enough. ...I think.

Time to take out the Ur-Eyes. I switched around Chloe and Flavio's positions while prepping Knight's combo here.

Chloe still has to use Fairy's Robe, so I can only have 3 elemental walls up this turn. Meaning that I'll have to sacrifice Knight and Flavio. But you know what? That's much better than the alternative.

Besides, I can just have Arianna and Chloe revive them on the turn Ur-Devil uses Eternal Exodus.

Here we go!

And then I realized I didn't actually kill all the Ur-Eyes because Ur-Devil took a good chunk of the hits from Summer Rain, so one of the Ur-Eyes didn't get damaged all that much!

Then I realized that was a blessing in disguise. Since I only killed 3 Ur-Eyes, that means only 3 Waves of Destruction will come out, all of which I can block, so I don't have to sacrifice Knight or Flavio.

Phew. Good thing I had the foresight to use Fairy's Robe, as that could have turned ugly.

Know Thy Reason is coming out this turn, and it'll be forced to be a Volt attack since the only Ur-Eye active right now is a yellow one.

Now I'll have Knight take out the remaining Ur-Eye so I can get past this phase. But he's slower than it, so it might get a Death's Glimmer off.

To counteract that, I'll use Swap Step on Knight.

Despise Solitude is coming out this turn, so I'll have Bertrand use Sentinel Guard. It won't stop me from using Perfect Defense to use against Eternal Exodus.

And the Ur-Eye goes down!

...Wait a minute. Oh no.



...You know, my first attempts at this fight had Flavio in the back row, and Bertrand in the front. I am really glad I had that the other way around for this fight. I'm also really glad I had Bertrand's Force Boost active for that as well. I was very close to getting party wiped right then.

Without Bertand, this fight was as good as lost.

Fortunately, I'm not out of the fight yet. I can still recover from this.

...That was such a ridiculous string of luck right there.

Okay, we are now in phase 5.

Phase 5:
Unlike the other phases, this one doesn't loop. Ur-Devil immediately moves onto the next phase after summoning the Ur-Eyes. But once he drops below 31% (86800 HP), he immediately skips everything and just summons the Ur-Eyes. This includes Sunlight's Dawn, so if you want your Force back, don't deal too much damage to him.

So you know how the previous non Ur-Eye phases were a DPS check? This one is the complete opposite. Like with the Ur-Child fight, Ur-Devil will only give back the party's Force if they let his phase play out. And the next Ur-Eye phase also has Ur-Devil cast Eternal Exodus. And no, Ur-Devil does not give back the party's Force during that phase either. That's right, dealing too much damage to Ur-Devil in this phase makes the fight completely unwinnable!

Though to be honest, that's not really an issue for the Story party. Without any Force, they can't do much to Ur-Devil. Try as they might, they won't be able to bring him below that threshold. But a Classic party is capable of dishing out more damage, so they'll have to hold back and wait through the phase doing nothing but defending against Ur-Devil's onslaught.

Truly the pinnacle of good boss design.

Ur-Devil will only buff himself this turn, so I can revive Knight and Flavio without any worries.

However, I really want everyone to be healed up because of what's coming up in a bit.

Eh, whatever. I can just purge that off with Ad Nihilo easily.

Okay, everyone is alive again, so I'm back in the fight. You know I'm not sure if I got through that by sheer luck or foresight. Maybe a combination of both, let's go with that.

Aaaaand, this is why I wanted everyone to be healed up. So in the fight with Ur-Child you just had to survive his onslaught. Ur-Devil adds in something special to the mix.

What Ur-Devil is doing is telegraphing Shed thy Tears. Which is gonna take a bit of explaining on how it works. So Shed thy Tears is a row target skill that deals untyped damage, which cannot be reduced in any way. It deals a total of 1800 damage exactly, which is then divided among how many people are in the targeted row. So a row with 1 party member will have them take 1800 damage, 2 party members will take 900 damage each, and a row with 3 party members will take 600 damage each. Yes that's right, row micromanagement is actually a thing that this fight is enforcing. Also if your party members don't have above 600 HP, the game basically tells them to go fuck themselves. You can somewhat get around it with the Over Somas, which overheals the entire party for 100 HP, but you still need at least 501 HP in that case. Though that's a bit more manageable than having over 600 HP.

And here are some more problems with this skill. Ur-Devil telegraphs that he's going to use it, but he doesn't telegraph what row Shed thy Tears is going to hit. Also, allow me to take a step back and tell you that every part of this pattern I'm laying out, and all the skills used in it aren't known to a player that is going through this fight blind. The devs expected for the players to bash their heads against this boss fight in several attempts to figure out the pattern. Also, the mechanics of Shed thy Tears aren't communicated that clearly. If a player is using the 2/3 formation for their party, they are going to wonder why on earth their front line just got nuked for 900 damage, and will be completely clueless on how to mitigate it. What I'm saying is that this boss does not belong in an Etrian game at all.

Knight won't have access to Transform until this phase ends, so all he can do to Ur-Devil at this point is use Delayed Chase + Shock Sabre. Which doesn't deal that much damage, but if I don't whittle down Ur-Devil's HP as much as I can during this phase, I will heavily regret it later.

Since the front row is gonna take 600 damage this turn, I'm gonna have Chloe use War Heal to get everyone up to full health, and so that they can still recover from the damage at the end of the turn.

Won't be blinding Ur-Devil just yet, as Shed thy Tears can't miss.

Okay, good. The front row will live.

600 damage may seem like a small amount compared to what Ur-Devil can dish out normally, but consider that this damage is completely unresistable, and that it can rise to 900 or 1800 damage if you get put into a bad spot.

War Heal All really takes most of the sting out of this move.

This is the only thing Knight can really do at the moment.

Unfortunately, Ur-Devil will use a random set of skills on the next few turns. The saving grace is that Ur-Devil will never use the same skills more than once during this portion. Unfortunately, that causes things to become a bit of a guessing game. And you know what I do with guessing games?

I don't bother with them.

Not all that impressive, but there's not much Knight can do.

Well, that's one elemental skill out of the way. Though honestly, this is the main reason I had everyone in Bikinis. Ur-Devil uses his elemental moves far more than his physical ones.

This fight is just eating through my supplies

Oh boy, another Shed thy Tears turn coming up. This time it's targeting the back row.

This is who I'm having taking the brunt of the attack.

I then realized I forgot to purge off Release my Power off of Ur-Devil.

Let's fix that.

And while I had Bertrand use Shield Smite, as he had nothing better to do, he managed to bind Ur-Devil's arms. Hooray? Not that I need the arm bind at the moment.

This phase is purely about survival.

Not that it matters when he can't even hit us.

But that's not an excuse to let up on the damage at any point, unless you're too strong and are in danger of ending this phase prematurely.

Shed thy Tears is coming up again.

Though all I have to do is ensure 3 people are in the front row.

I'll be honest, I'm more worried about what's coming out next turn than Shed thy Tears.

I'm pretty sure my party has enough HP at the moment, so I'll have Chloe deal some damage instead of healing them up.

And just in case they don't, I'll have Bertrand use Sentinel Guard. That should reduce the damage of whatever's coming out enough, and besides, Howling Winds comes out on the next turn, which he can't do much about anyway.

Behold my Power came out here.

DAMMIT! It turned out that my party members did not have enough HP to withstand it. Fortunately, Dauntless Order was there to cover my ass.

Howling Winds comes out this turn. The way I normally deal with it is to have Flavio use Chain Dance. The +60 evasion it provides, on top of Speed Up's +20 evasion, and on top of Flavio's high AGI makes it much easier to avoid. Also with Flavio in the front row, he will almost always get targeted by it.

If you don't have a Survivalist with Chain Dance? Hold onto your butt and pray.

Just as planned. Though on some attempts, Ur-Devil ended up killing someone else, or the evasion boost that Flavio had wasn't enough to avoid it.

And here's the last instance of Shed thy Tears in this phase.

This time, the back row will take the hit.

Okay, for the record, I was dealing damage at every opportunity I could, and this was the best the Story party could pull off. They don't have to worry about ending the phase prematurely, but a Classic party definitely has to.

The party's Force has come back. So that signals the end of this phase.

And the start of phase 6.

Phase 6:
If the first set of Ur-Eyes dies before Ur-Devil gets to summon the 2nd set, Ur-Devil will skip any end of turn actions he was about to perform and immediately skip to using Amplify. However, if Ur-Devil managed to summon the 2nd set, those must be killed off as well as the 1st set, in order to get Ur-Devil to charge up for Eternal Exodus early.

Ur-Devil now summons one Ur-Eye of every element here. So you remember the double Origin Bud phase from the Ur-Child fight, right? This is kind of similar. If you take too long to kill off the first set of Ur-Eyes, Ur-Devil will summon another set, which have to be killed off as well in order to get Ur-Devil to start using Eternal Exodus. However, unlike Ur-Child's double bud phase, killing off the first set of Ur-Eyes early causes Ur-Devil to skip straight to casting Eternal Exodus. So I'm on a soft time limit here.


This party is capable of pulling that off.

Now in order for my plan to work, I need Knight to use Accelerate immediately.

I really need Chloe to stick the Arm bind on this turn, or things will get hairy.

I also need to use Summer Rain right away to soften up all the Ur-Eyes. I probably could have gotten away with using something else, but I'm not taking ANY chances this far into the fight.

Ur-Devil won't cast Darkness Shroud at all during this phase, so I don't have to worry about Knight's attack buff being erased. Instead, I'm gonna have Arianna set up a safety net for everyone in case something goes wrong. Again.

Not as much as the other times he used it, but it still stings a bit.

Unfortunately, I failed to land the Arm bind here, so I'll have to bust out Fairy's Robe next turn.

Ohhhh boy, this skill. So what Realm of Death does is that it places a very special environmental effect for 4 turns. While it's in effect, you cannot dispel any ailments, binds, or debuffs! Not only that, you can't revive any dead party members under any circumstances! Not even Medical Miracle will work against it! It's completely useless here! You thought the fight was unforgiving before? This skill makes it even more so. If I let the wrong person die while this is in effect, I'm fucked, plain and simple.

I plan on nuking all those Ur-Eyes with Akashic Nova.

Dance with Lunacy is coming out this turn, so I'll block it with Fairy's Robe. I'm not using Barrier just in case any Ur-Eyes survive to use Death's Glimmer. Like I said, I'm not taking any chances.

The other 3 will have to use the elemental walls to protect Knight and Chloe.

Okay good, the plan worked.

Okay I made it through that unscathed.

Not happening.

Okay, I'll be able to make it to the next phase. The problem is, that doesn't necessarily mean I can kill him.

Especially with everyone's TP running so low. I'll have to use Arianna's Force Break to alleviate that.

Okay, now I've made it into phase 7, which is the final phase in this fight.

Phase 7:
This is the final phase, and it has a time limit. If I don't kill Ur-Devil by turn 17 (or turn 18 if I still have Perfect Defense by then) I lose. Oh and you saw how much HP Ur-Devil had left before, right? I have to chew through around 130000 HP in only 17 turns! No pressure, right?

My party will get their Force back on this turn, so I'll just set up and deal whatever damage I can.

Oh, and Ur-Devil starts using Shed thy Tears again, so I have to perform the row truffle shuffle throughout this phase.

Shed thy Tears is hitting the front row, so I don't have much to worry about here.

Since I need to deal all the damage I can, I need to build Knight's Force back up first, so he can initiate back-to-back Transformations.

A relatively small mercy, but I'll take it.

Ehh, he's not at 150 Force, but whatever.

I really don't have much time to take him down, so I'm really hoping that Knight can put in some good work here.

Unfortunately, Ur-Devil has a couple of turns in this phase where he'll just perform a random action, and I can't really predict what he's going to do. So I'm gonna have Flavio Blind him yet again so I don't have to deal with those.

Now assuming that Flavio can't Blind Ur-Devil, I'm setting up a few safety nets and hope that he uses one of his elemental moves instead of Despise Solitude.

...Never mind. Looks like I had nothing to worry about!

Okay, I'm dealing an okay amount of damage here. The question is, will that be enough?

...I'm gonna be honest. I do not like the way this fight is going right now.

So I'm gonna turn on Flavio's Force Boost to get some extra damage in. Anything to help end the fight soon.

...I'm fucked, aren't I?

I'm just gonna take this opportunity to say that doing this fight without the Blind effect up food is utter hell. My first successful attempt involved making use of the +5 to all stats food, which meant that I had to use Dauntless Order to get through the turns that would pretty much kill my party. This fight is a massive, and I mean massive RNGfest without converting those kill turns into free turns. If I'm honestly making this fight look easy, play through this fight without using the Blind food, and get back to me.

Here we go again.

These are my sacrifices for this turn.

This is one of the few times I use Arianna's Force Boost with the intended effect. I want buffs on everyone without having to spend more turns than necessary.

Well hopefully Knight can dish out some serious damage in the upcoming turns.

All of Ur-Devil's skills he can cast on this turn can inflict binds and ailments, and I am NOT taking any chances of getting my party hit with disables again, no matter how small it is. I mean, take a look at that turn counter. 51 turns in and I'm still not done, or close to it! One little mistake could mean I lose all that progress. And because I'm so far in to this fight, I'm a lot more panicky because of the amount of pressure this fight places at this point.

Flavio isn't gonna get a chance to build his Force back up, so I'm using up his Force Break one last time.

Bertrand doing unimpressive damage with Shield Smite yet again.

...PFFFFTHAHAHA! I wasn't expecting that! Guess I don't have to worry about Dance with Lunacy after all!

4009 damage. Ehhh, well it's more than his usual damage output.

AHAHAHA! Damn thing actually went for Dance with Lunacy here.

Won't have to worry about that for a while. Unfortunately, the Blind wore off as well.

I'm not blowing Akashic Nova just yet, since this phase is his longest one, and there's room for at least one more Transformation.

The chances of Blinding Ur-Devil at this point are either extremely small, or just flat out impossible. Still, I might as well try, since I really don't feel like playing with dice right now.

Buffing Knight's damage output here.

Okay, 16000 damage. That's decent I suppose. Hopefully another round of that will be enough to take him down.

...Oh boy, Flavio failed to land the Blind. This fight is going south real fast, again.

Fortunately, Ur-Devil decided not to go for Howling Winds here, and went for Pity the Weak instead. And that Arm Bind Bertrand landed saved me from having to deal with it.

I really have to wonder what the fuck the developers were thinking with every single aspect of this fight.

Ending off Knight's Transformation for now.

I want to deal as much damage as possible, but I don't think Flavio will be able to land the Blind at this time. So I'll just get 3 free turns of damage for Chloe.

Okay, Flavio not landing the ailment is making me reeeaaaally nervous right now.

Unfortunately, Vampire's doesn't kick in with the Force Boost. You have to be hitting a target with an ailment for it to take effect.

Uhh, that's nice, I guess.

Knight doesn't have his Force Boost ready, but that doesn't matter right now.

On this turn, My Sorrow, My Wrath, or Despise Solitude is coming out, all of which can cause a game over at this point. So I'm restoring everyone's HP because War Heal All isn't gonna be enough. Also Fairy's Robe will at least prevent the binds from My Sorrow or My Wrath from landing if those do come out.

I'm not taking any chances with Knight's Force gauge. I want Transform available on the next turn. Besides, it's not like I'll use them for anything else.

I'm out of the danger zone for now.

Flavio, it would be really nice if you could land that Blind right about now!

Oh yeah, Fairy's Robe was the right call there.

War Heal All would not have been enough to let the front row survive that.

Especially with Realm of Death coming into effect next turn, ensuring that any survivors won't be able to revive any dead party members.

Here we go, the last time Knight Transforms in this fight!

Unfortunately, now that Chloe doesn't have her Force Boost, and Flavio is having a really hard time landing the Blind, she won't be able to do much from now on.

I'm gonna take my chances and hope that My Mercy comes out this turn.

Flavio, please.

My Mercy did come out here, but Flavio got hit twice, which would have killed him. Fortunately, Dauntless Order prevented him from outright dying, which would have prevented me from reviving him until Realm of Death wore off.

Yet another Shed thy Tears turn coming up.

Okay, a victory is looking possible here, but it's not really guaranteed. I only have 7 or 8 turns to shave all that HP off. I'm really cutting it close here.


Yeah yeah, do your worst. ...Wait.


At least Dauntless Order saved Chloe, but being forced to fight with only 4 party members is gonna sting for the next few turns.

Once again, using Barrier because all of Ur-Devil's skills he can cast this turn can inflict disables.

Oh phew, it was only just Dance with Lunacy.

Okay, I can revive Flavio next turn.

Okay, I only have 5 or 6 turns to take off all that HP, and I am not liking my chances of pulling that off.

Not gonna use Accelerate just yet, since I do plan on having Knight use Akashic Nova.

Gonna bring back Flavio.

The skills coming out this turn are Null thy Strength, Pity the Weak, or Howling Winds. Shed thy Tears is coming out next turn, so it's safe for me to use Sentinel Guard here. I'm hoping Howling Winds doesn't come out here, since I can't have Flavio redirect it with Chain Dance.

If Howling Winds DOES come out, I hope it targets Flavio, since War Revive will bring him back at the end of the turn.

Oh, never mind. It was just Null thy Strength.

Ech, that's actually not a lot of damage for Knight. I need to get that attack buff back on him as soon as possible.

And this is the final time Ur-Devil will use Shed thy Tears.

I only have 4 or 5 turns left, and I barely did any damage on my last turn. It's highly possible that I'm going to lose here.

Hopefully Knight's next Accelerate rampage will shave a bunch of that HP off, but who knows.

Okay, hopefully I can land the Blind because the very next turn is pretty much a coin flip that determines whether if I get a game over or not. See, next turn Ur-Devil will either use Value of Solitude, or Despise Solitude, both are moves that will kill the party if they don't have less than 5 living party members, or have 5 living party members. It really is a coin flip, and right at the end of the fight.

Reapplying Attack Order.


This time, I made sure NOT to screw up dealing with Shed thy Tears.

Well, here goes nothing.

That was around 22434 points of damage. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to kill Ur-Devil.


Also, talk about extremely lucky! If Flavio did not land that Blind, I would have gotten a game over right then and there since Value of Solitude came out.

Okay, while Knight's assault didn't kill Ur-Devil, it did take off a massive chunk of his HP. Even then, I still don't have a lot of time left to kill him.

I swapped Arianna to the front row so she could buff Flavio. ...Even though I could have just used her Force Boost to buff everyone. I wasn't really thinking straight at this point.

...Thanks for giving Flavio another opportunity to use Hazy Arrow! Idiot.

...I'm out of time.

This is gonna be down to the wire.

If I don't kill Ur-Devil this turn, it's all over. Everything up to this point will have been a complete waste of time.

Wait, did that just say what I think it just said!?

...HOLY SHIT! It's over, it's all over! Now... what would be the ultimate form of disrespect in this case? Ah, I've got it!

gg ez win

Ur-Devil doesn't drop anything, and you get absolutely nothing aside from the exp and any Grimoires you might have obtained during the fight on Picnic and Standard. On Expert... well, you'll see in a bit.

But as you lash out at the enemy with all your power, focus, and determination, it finally slumps to the ground! And with that, the deepest darkness of Yggdrasil melts and disappears without a trace...

Damn straight. Now never ever put a boss like that in the series ever again, please.

We... W-We did it!
Yes! We have indeed won!
We're strong.

I want to go home and sleep...
Yeah, tell me about it... This old man wants to go back and sleep too. For at least... half a year.
That's... a lot of sleeping, old man... But I agree. We all need some rest. That was... exhausting.
I want to go back and eat until I'm full.
Geez, even now... I can't believe you can say that even after fighting against what we just beat...
Hm? I'm tired, so I'm going to eat. It's only natural.
I mean, that's true, but... nnnh. Nah, forget it. Too tired to argue. Just want to hurry back and get some rest.
*giggle* I suppose it can't be helped. It was truly a force to be reckoned with.
Well done to you too, Sir Knight.

“We we”? I suppose some things never change, even in the DLC.

Let's be honest, both Arianna and Knight carried that fight. Arianna especially with all those Dauntless Order procs.

Thank you, Arianna.
No, Sir Knight, the honor is yours.
You guys are gonna get caught in an endless thank loop. C'mon.
That would be fun to watch too.

Now if you beat the fight while playing on Picnic or Standard, the conversation would start to end here. But since I beat Ur-Devil on Expert, there's a bit more to this scene.

However, as you chat amongst yourselves, Flavio calls out, looking back to the site of your perilous battle.

Hey, Knight. Take a look at this.

Flavio indicates the point where the horrific monster once stood, and to your surprise, you see a sword in the ground.

It is... a sword.
Why is it here?
What, someone lose it...? Yeah, right, like that's possible...
Was this... here even before we started fighting?
Hm... To be honest, I was so focused on the fight that I do not recall...
I don't know either.

As the others discuss its origin, you quietly move over to take a look--admittedly something of a sword connoisseur by now. Its blade gleams in the light, and it appears sharp enough to cut through any known material... Even setting your hand to its hilt makes you feel a sudden surge of power. You try pulling the sword from the ground, and feel even more strength coursing through you. You have no idea where this sword came from, but it clearly houses immense power within...

Wow, that sword is pretty.
Indeed. I daresay it suits you, Sir Knight.
Then, we'll take that home as our prize. Okay?
Well, I... guess it's okay...? I can't exactly think straight right now, but... I don't think it'd be a problem...

If you weren't playing on Expert, that whole portion of the scene is skipped, and just goes straight to this point.

Well then. Now that we've accomplished our goal, let us return. I am sure our requester will be overjoyed.

Before we do that, let's take a look at our shiny new sword.

That's quite the prize. Though given that Ur-Devil pretty much needs an optimized party to beat, it's pretty much just for bragging rights. Still, it serves as cold hard proof I suffered through that fight on Expert. Also, I listed what was in my inventory before I started the fight, which consisted of this:


  • 6 Medica IVs
  • 18 Amrita IIs
  • 3 Soma Primes
  • 17 Nectar IIs
  • 5 Therica As
  • 5 Therica Bs
  • 6 Axcelas

Now it's:
Out of 60 items, I ended up using 22. Most of it was for safety nets, but thankfully all those Dauntless Order procs prevented me from having to use up even more Nectar IIs.

Fade to black.

But to think you would actually manage to slay it, as well...! Truly, I do not know how to thank you...

Your feelings alone are enough.
Perhaps... saying such things with ease is a part of what makes you all strong. On behalf of the Duchy of High Lagaard, I must express my gratitude to you for aiding us in this grand task.

Oh, no... We are glad to be able to work for the sake of High Lagaard as well.
Right! If someone's in trouble, we give them a hand! That's just how it works!
Geez. Trying to sound all cool in front the lady, eh...? He's right, though.
I had fun going on a new adventure, too.

At no point during that overcomplicated mountain of failure conditions did I consider it FUN.

Let's never do that again.
My... It sounds like it was quite the ordeal, then. However, it is thanks to you that High Lagaard's future is safe... once more. I do not know if it can ever be enough, but please accept your reward for your efforts at the bar. And please... rest well, and prepare yourselves for a new journey. So, members of Guild Guild... Until we meet again...

Eh? Yeh fought the most powerful monster yeh've ever encountered... and yeh came out alive? ...Every time, yeh always do incredible work, and it always seems like yeh hardly broke a sweat... And yeh always just look... unfazed. By anythin'. Guess I really don't have to worry about yeh lot, huh... Welp, guess all I gotta do is give yeh the hardest requests I can get! Just keep comin' back with all yer wild tales of adventure, monsters, and all yer treasure! Haw haw haw haw haw! Here, this is yer reward. Come back next time!

Well that reward sucks. Oh well, I wonder how much that sword sells for.

...You know what, I think I'll just keep it.

And with that, I am done with Story mode in EO2U. I've off shown everything it has to offer. So with all that out of the way...