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Part 33: The End of the Ice Age

Update 27: The End of the Ice Age

...What, no-one's doin' anything fun this mornin'?
We're nearing the end of the Stratum. Let's just go finish it.

All we have left is this one big room.

A massive sliding ice puzzle. Its size makes it seem more complicated than it really is, but I always end up just kind of fumbling around in this place until I find my way out.

NOW is this the right place?
It has wings on it. It seems to match what the messenger described.
Guess I'll just put the offerin' here, then... Now what?
The messenger said to move to somewhere where we can't see the shrine. Let us move, then.

A flash of white happens.

SYSTEM: What in the world just happened? You decide to go back to the shrine to figure out the situation.

...So, uh, here's the thing: I forgot to grab the incense until after I'd finished recording! I'll come back and grab it later.

I don't think I really have to explain why this encounter is very dangerous.

Is there any reason we can't just slide, like, diagonally or something? We could really easily get that treasure by doing that.
Never mess with the laws of nature, Zack.

God, not more of those eye things.

Seriously is there any reason besides "the laws of nature" we can't just step a little carefully and get--
There are unspoken laws of this world that one must not break.

Last extra gathering point of the floor--a Mine point.

Oh no.

How did no-one notice the statue and fishes waiting to ambush us?!

Just wanted to show how much of a difference TEC can make on incoming TEC damage.

Force Breaks like Gae Bolg are really damn useful for blindsides, so long as the user doesn't get killed.


Oh great, more of those goo things.

Hm. 'Course the goo's in the way of the eye from here.

Alright, maybe we can just slide to the west from over--

Zachary. I tend to avoid statements like this, but please do not ever take navigational duty again.
Can't say I disagree with you.

Welp. I either fight the Evil Eye or Ariadne Thread out of here.

Eh, how bad can a floating eyeball be?

Evil Eye
HP: 8354, STR: 38, TEC: 30, VIT: 28, AGI: 21, LUC: 34
Damage resistances:
100% 150% 150% 50% 125% 50%
Disable resistances:
100% 50% 50% 25% 50% 50% 25%
10% 10% 10%
25% 50% 50%

A peculiar, floating creature who stuns prey with its gaze.

Sovereigns or a high-level Barrier are basically a necessity for taking on Evil Eyes--Eye of Madness has too high a chance and inflicts too-debilitating ailments to be ignored. Onrush will also basically one-shot anyone that isn't under the effects of Front Guard, and even then I'm still slightly worried about it.

Basically, my strategy is just: keep Prevent Order up, and hope Front Guard is enough to mitigate Onrush.

Essentially the same setup I used for Artelinde and Wilhelm.

Giant eyeballs are not terrifying!
I said they are not terrifying!
Yes ma'am.

The Giant Eyeball's attacks deal basically the same damage as Artelinde and Wilhelm did with their's.

And our damage is just as bad without our Force Boosts as last time.

I realized retroactively, thanks to a friend, that I'd be getting more out of how I usually use Zack's Force by using something else on turn 1 of Full Charge besides Hurricane. Oh well!

Nice damage coming out from Zack.

We will not be intimidated!

Even with against an enemy that takes 150% Stab damage, Tyler's non-Charge damage is mediocre. He really needs some elemental support.

That cornea is quite sturdy.

Wuh-oh. That's some pretty bad damage for a turn of Force Boost damage.

Didn't see that comin'. Oh well...

Oh crap, that's bad.

Same song and dance as usual.

This is a mistake. I forgot that, without the Order speed modifiers, Rheine's actually pretty slow, meaning I'm about to waste the Medica.

...Why did you do that?
Thought yeh'd be quicker on the Nectar.

Oogh... Shoulda saved that Medica fer myself...

Your job is not yet finished!

That looks impressive, but...

We've only chopped off 50% of the thing's HP. And the Blue Gel is closing in.

I really regret using Gae Bolg on that blindside now.

Now that Stab weakness is starting to show.

I'm getting tired... Please tell me this thing's almost dead...

Welp. One turn between me and an almost-certain game over.

...Is what I thought at the time, and then I realized the Blue Gel can't actually move to us due to the fact that we're not on ice. So I have more time than I thought.

Being safe.

C'mon, I can only bleed out so much...

FUCK. I wasted Perfect Defense.

This'll incur a pretty bad penalty on Delayed Charge's damage--it goes down from 670% to 283%. Still, Cross Charge will at least get its double damage bonus.

...Maybe I should've just been doing this all the time until now.

No more...t' give...

That was all that we needed.

WAY too close there. At least I was able to fix my navigation fuck-up.

Move move move!

Who...put this tree here...

This was pointless--I need to go up from the center of the left area.

There we go, actual progress.

Aw, come on, seriously?

A lot of work for such a crappy reward.

And we're done with that last room--all that's left is the boss room.

Should we at least document what the "Ice Princess" looks like and the layout of the room?
I don't see why not. Advance!

SYSTEM: The beautiful stillness calms your hearts, but the hall has its share of danger.

SYSTEM: That must be the Ice Princess that Guild Esbat mentioned... the creature that once was human.
...That thing was human?!
Good gods, I can see why Wilhelm asked us t' kill the Overlord!
That creature is...revolting...

...And it has now become even more revolting.

SYSTEM: You grimly realize that it has marked you as its enemy. This monster will brook no argument... If you wish to proceed, the only way is through battle with the fiend!
M-much as I'd like to just fight this thing, I don't think we're really the right people for this...
Town time? It's gettin' late.
We need to determine our party for this battle, as well.
Retreat to town, then!

Some of the last stuff we'll be unlocking from the 3rd Stratum.

Sapphire Claw (+104 ATK) is made from 1 Sapphire Claw. My opinion on it is null.

Fine Choker is made from 1 Red Fin. It's the best collar you can buy in the 3rd Stratum--I'd advise buying one if you're taking a Beast to Scylla.

Addle Gas (40% chance to Panic all enemies) is made from 1 Crystal Lens. It's a crappy chance. Don't use it.

Next time: Scylla (and the end of The enigmatic woodsman because my memory is good).