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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 35: Song of the Siren

Update 28: Song of the Siren

...The hell are you idiots stomping around for at 7 AM? I was still sleeping...

So yeah, uh, let's go finish The enigmatic woodsman.

Let it never be said that Ragnar H. Homsar, Medic extraordinaire, has a good--or even barely functional, really--memory.

Thank the spirits, it's still here.
I don't wanna know what that messenger would've done if we lost both the Wind Rock and the incense... Deuuuugh...
SYSTEM: This must be the incense that was asked for in the quest. You place the branch in your bag, taking in the subtle sweet scent.

Got yer incense right here.
...Thank you very much. I've left the reward with Cass, so please go retrieve it. The quite a rare and valuable item, you know. Sometimes, even our allies might hesitate, and...choose poorly... But, of course, you would not do such a thing. Here, th-this is our thanks...

Might as well have just given us garbage, it's about as useful as the Blind Gas.

Then, please excuse me... Please do not lose that honest heart...

Oh, welcome back. I heard the news--yeh took care of business. But it kinda seems like yeh guys are makin' strange friends these days, eh...?
Believe me, we keep strange enough company already just by associating with Ranger.
Well, birds of a feather, eh? Haw! They're even talkin' about inviting yeh lot into their holy land, from the sounds'a things. Guess they warmed up to yeh quick!
I-I'll pass on that...
Who knows? Maybe they'll brew up some kinda curse to make yeh drop by and see 'em again! Haw haw haw! Oh, but don't get me involved, awright? I dunno what they're really thinkin', and I ain't about to try and find out. Anyway, here's yer reward. Til next time!

Sweet, sweet Amritas.

Incidentally, here's Cass's dialogue if the quest ends with you trying to sell Abigail the Wind Rock:


Ah, yeh're back! I heard about it, yeh got the offering...and yeh--yeh tried to sell it off? ...Pfffhaww haw haw haw haw! Ahah! Hah! I can't believe this! Yeh got some guts! D'yeh always try to sell other folks' things? ...Eh? No, no, no skin off my nose. Ain't my business how yeh go about getting yer work done! B-But, yeh lot, of all people...mmpff... Th-That's just too damn...funny... Pffhaw haw haw haw haw heh heh hah! Were yeh not able to resist that Abigail's big, watery eyes? What...? That's it!? Well, doesn't matter, since it's all done. Just collect yer reward. H-Here...take it...pfff... Hawww haw haw haw haw haw! A-Ah, my sides! I can't breathe!

I'll skip the level ups because...

Can you people quit pulling me in for these big fights? Ugh.
Maybe if you weren't so good at makin' other people hit harder.
Gods know I can't resist a good fight!
Based on what the others have said... That Ice Princess is either the best makeup job ever, or the greatest affront to life ever.
My new hat should keep my head warm.

Rheine was technically voted in over Stardust, but I had a whopping 6 votes for my own choice, so I swapped in Stardust so I can get a really quick kill on Scylla. Remember how I said she was considered a massive roadblock? Let's just say I'm about to say "fuck you" to that.

Phoebe's build hasn't changed at all.

I maxed out Spear Assist on Tyler (since TP costs don't matter a ton when you go for quick kills), and put his other 2 points in Phys ATK Up, since I didn't really consider any of the other spear skills worth it.

Ranger maxed out Flame Sabre (+ Fire Wave) and Delayed Chase (+ Blade Recoil), and I dumped his remaining points in Elem ATK Up.

Stardust now has maxed out Inferno Formula and I put her remaining points in Elem ATK Up.

I decided to have Milly invest in Flame Fantasia, since I was going for a quick kill. The Fantasia skills both apply a buff to allies and a debuff to enemies--specifically, a buff that increases all allies' resistance to an element, and more importantly, subtractively reduces all enemies' resistance to an element. Note that this isn't a defense debuff, it's an additive resistance modifier. At level 9 (and 10), a Fantasia reduces all enemies' resistance to an element by 30%--and this stacks fully with normal attack buffs and the Preludes. Elemental damage is seriously strong in EO2U, and you're about to see why.

Everyone's Grimoires. Just increasing levels for whatever I can (and a random Lick Wounds on Phoebe for reasons I can't recall).

...Okay, no, seriously, what is that thing?
Artelinde and Wilhelm said it's a former ally 'a theirs, turned into that thing by th' Overlord of the floating castle.
Good gods, I was semi-joking with the affront to nature statement.
How does she move if she's rooted in the ice like that? Does she pick up the lake and move it with her?

If I wanted, I could just walk right into Scylla from here and start the fight. This is tantamount to suicide, because not only will she be at full HP (fucking 23700), but the Barrier Creepers will join in on the fight too.

Instead, we have one final ice block puzzle.

It's fairly simple once you mess with the blocks a little. Just shove the two blocks on your sides thataway...

Then shove one of the side blocks down to the lower area. Note that the Barrier Creepers will follow you slowly...

And will reflect ice blocks like the Blue Gels.

Once you have both ice blocks in the lower areas...

Make a mad dash for the other side...

And shove an ice block into Scylla. This will kill the Barrier Creepers, and lower Scylla's HP by about 10%.

Rinse and repeat 3 times, and it's go time.

We'll t' make this quick!
Everyone deserves eternal rest! Even former allies of people who, admittedly, tried to kill us.
...That's yer battle cry?

VIDEO: Boss Fight: Scylla

Oh yeah, one more thing. If you hit Scylla with at least one ice block, you'll get a preemptive on her.

A quick refresher on her stats:


HP: 23700 (can be lowered to 14220), STR: 39, TEC: 38, VIT: 34, AGI: 31, LUC: 35
  • Cry Soul: Uses the head. Deals 5-8 instances of 400% melee STR-based Cut damage to random targets. Can hit the same target multiple times. Has a 30% speed modifier and 1 base accuracy.
  • Ice Shave: Uses the legs. Deals 180% ranged TEC-based Ice damage to one row. Has a 70% speed modifier and 130 base accuracy.
  • Piercing Shell: Uses the legs. Deals 2 instances of 110% melee STR-based Stab damage to random targets. Can hit the same target multiple times. Has a 90% speed modifier and 99 base accuracy.
  • Lullaby: Uses the head. Attempts to inflict Sleep on the entire party, with a 70% chance. Has a 70% speed modifier.
  • Six Sins: Uses the legs. Attempts to inflict Blind, Paralysis, and Panic (in that order) on one party member, with a 25% chance. Has an 80% speed modifier.
  • Call Ally: Summons 1-2 Ruin Creepers. Amount depends on when in Scylla's pattern she summons Ruin Creepers.
  • Normal: Ice Queen's Vine. 100% chance. Sells for 3000 en. 1 needed to make Snow White (+87 ATK, normal attacks become Stab+Ice).
    "These strands steal heat with their touch. Its dark power turned countless invaders to ice."
  • Conditional: Lavish Bone (Kill Scylla while she's asleep). 100% chance. Sells for 6700 en. 1 needed to make Bindings (Dark Hunter ultimate armor; +93 DEF, +3 STR, +3 LUC).
    "Bone resembling a lance. It breaks upon Scylla's death, unless she's put to sleep."
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 125% 50% 100%
Disable resistances:
50% 25% 25% 50% 25% 25%
0% 0% 10%
25% 25% 25%

Phoebe doesn't have anything to do until turn 3.

Tyler's opening action is pretty much always going to be preparing Delayed Charge for any big fight from now on.

I don't want to use Transform until I have basic buffs set up, so I might as well get whatever damage I can out of untransformed Ranger.

BREAKING NEWS: Stardust and Milly still set up fight with Compression and Warrior Song

That eye looks like a good target.

Maybe those cow legs don't slide on ice?

Is, uh... Is that bundle 'a matches supposed to be burnin' that bright?
No. It should be burning brighter. Hm...

There's no need for Phoebe to react to what Scylla's about to do.

Tyler can FINALLY start using Spear Assist again now that Ranger and Stardust are working with him.

Still waiting for buffs before unloading Force.

I meant to cast Flame Fantasia but instead ended up casting Fire Prelude on Stardust instead. WHOOPS.

Yes good. Good good good.

How do you even do that, anyway? At least Stardust over there mashes a bunch of matches together.
I'unno, it just happens.

...The hell was that? She just screamed at us.
How the hell's that supposed to kill us?
Your guess's good as mine.

Cry Soul hurts--400% STR damage per hit--but it's also the single most innacurate attack in the game, with 1 base accuracy. It's possible for classes that are low on both AGI and LUC (Medics and Fafnir, namely) to get hit by it if you're really unlucky, but otherwise it's gonna do nothing but miss--if your evasion isn't disabled, that is.

It's kinda mediocre damage, really, but it's head-and-shoulders above what Long Thrust/Head Pierce were doing.

She's really rooted herself.

Phoebe finally has something to do now--canceling out Ice Shave.

It's Force time. And that means...

Being rooted in that ice must make moving a real pain, huh?


Chaos reigns.

Stardust'll help, too.

NOW you'll get to see Flame Fantasia in action.

Remember: Flame Fantasia directly modifies resistances instead of working as a defense debuff.

Oh yeah, the Ruin Creepers themselves hurt quite a bit too. That's why I recommended that the party have some easy way of taking them out.



Yessssssssss, look at that damage increase!

With Spear Assist, Warrior Song, and Flame Fantasia, Tyler's damage starts to look pretty good.

Scylla's going to either attack or Piercing Shell this turn, so Front Guard is the obvious choice.

What would a fight with Ranger be without Accelerate? Pointless, that's what.

Ranger's the obvious choice for the last Fire Prelude before Crusade.

C'mon, hurry up. I got things I need to do that don't involve being near that tentacled freak.



The Creepers ate about half the hits. Oh well.



Almost there...

Got a light?
Oh, yeah, right he--
Please don't swing that thing at me, Ranger.

...So much for me saying Scylla's a roadblock. The power of burst strats, I suppose.

Uuuuugh... How did you all put up with sliding on that ice for so many floors...
Eh, yeh get used to-- Wait, where's Ranger?
...Slowly sliding over, face-first on the ice.
Gotta say, the contrast between Ranger 'n whatever just happened there's pretty amazing.
I tripped. I thought we were going the other way, back to town.
It's lunchtime.

There's no dialogue from the game this time since we weren't actually on a mission to kill Scylla. Let's see what the 4th Stratum looks like before we return.

So what's this next place supposed to look like? I'm hoping it's not freezing like this was.
If the pattern I've noticed so far continues...

...Okay, I'll admit, this is nice.
Hm... I expected a spring-themed stratum, but didn't think about cherry blossoms.
Do these petals taste sweet?
I, uh, wouldn't try that if I were yeh, Ranger.
'S just like Etria, ha.

We're now at the top of Yggdrasil, and the seasonal cycle's reached its end.

Petal Bridge looked neat in EO2, but was hampered by the DS's bad 3D and awful draw distance. Here, it's been reworked into one of the best-looking strata in the series.

SYSTEM: As you stand in awe at the gently falling petals, a voice rings from the sky.
UNKNOWN: What sort of austerity has the Star's will decreed...?
...Is someone talkin' to us from-- Holy...

SYSTEM: With this, the demihuman spreads his wings and rises into the air. Who and what could the winged organism have been...? Perhaps if you ask at the Grand Duchy, you may learn something about it. You make a note to stop by the Duke's Palace later as you continue on.

What a gorgeous sight!
I can even see the sky through th' trees! How's a place like this come to exist in a giant tree?

Let's take the game's advice and go talk to Dubois about the winged person.

...Right after we talk to everyone.

I heard you're up on a new Stratum! Is it true that the only way to move on is to fly!?
Uh, not really. We just...walked up there.
...Oh. Everyone was saying you sprouted wings and started flying, but I guess that's a little silly.
Going by the fact we could see the sky below us, I'm pretty sure the stratum itself is flying.
Ooh, so it's the island that's floating! How mysterious. I wonder how they keep it up in the air like that. If my inn could float in the sky, I bet we'd get more customers. Not to mention the view would be gorgeous! Oh, but I suppose customers wouldn' able to get in. Getting supplies would be difficult too. Well, I guess it was just one of my "flights" of fancy! Eh? Bahahaha!

Oh? What've you learned so far?
I learned cooking, laundry, and, um... ...A-Actually, that's a secret. Nevermind.

I get this rush of relief every time I see all of you. Hee hee... I guess that's kind of strange, isn't it?
Not really.
Oh, I know! The other day, my mom taught me how to bake cookies from scratch. I'll make some for you next time... Um, i-it would mean a lot to me if you'd try them!
If a certain Hexer doesn't get to 'em before we do, sure.

Snow White (+87 ATK, normal attacks become Stab+Ice) is unlocked by selling 1 Ice Queen's Vine. It'll get outclassed really quickly by bows in the 4th Stratum, so welp.

Almighty Ring (+2 to all stats) is unlocked by selling 1 Frozen Stone (a conditional from an enemy I killed off screen). It's kinda useful for War Magi and Medics, but its problem is it's super expensive--13700en!

They are, but they don't taste like anything.
Yeh seriously tried it after I told yeh not to?
Hmm. Maybe not raw, but if I could candy it or pickle it...? I wonder if I can prepare it without it losing its color... Hey, could you hurry and go back to the Labyrinth? There might be some new ingredients to find there. I'm anxious to start on some new recipes.
We'll get to it when we get to it.
...Augh, the anticipation's killing me!

More like Ranger burned the thing down while we helped, but yeah, sure.
The first time yeh showed up in my bar, I thought yeh were a hopeless bunch, but... Heh, I've been an Explorer myself for a while, but I guess I'm losing my touch. Haw haw haw!

Finally, some more bar patrons.


Oh, welcome, Lumen. Listen... Tramonte collapsed again, and she isn't moving an inch.
What was she pursuing this time?
This time, she wanted to get Dense Syrup, so she's been looking for Waspiors nonstop. Thanks to that, she's passed out at the inn. ...Lilly really needs to lay off on these. Sure, she's an idiot, but she's an important member of the guild. We need our meat shield.
'S an interestin' way to talk about your Protector.
How do you get that Dense Syrup stuff, anyway?
Hmm? You want some Dense Syrup too? Well, I heard all you gotta do is defeat a Waspior while it's scared. If you do, rigor mortis stiffens up the organ that makes the syrup. Apparently, that makes it really delicious. Anyhow. I should probably go to the inn to check up on Tramonte, that bonehead...

Dense Syrup is a really important conditional, since it's needed to make Amritas. That condition makes it a serious dick move, since the only non-Grimoire method the Story party has of inflicting Fear is Random Disease.

Sloshed drunkard:

D'ya know about Lumen!? They're some fancy new guild, but they're climbin' Yggdrasil like pros already! Some folks say, right, they even got to the fourth Stratum. Even--*hic*--them Esbat people couldn't get that high!
I think we're past th' point of bein' "new."
...Huh? Whuh, you're Lumen!? ...Pfffhaha, don' tease people like that! Why din'cha say so before? Now, c'mon! Let's drink, drink, drink! Cheers, to the great Lumen!

That legend of explorers who delve too deep being taken to the floating castle... Perhaps it's not just an old myth after all. What could be behind this castle in the sky...? I wish I could ask you to find the truth for us...
We'll reach the floating castle and learn the truth of this. Trust us.
Well, that's all I have to say for now. Try to avoid any unnecessary risks.

This is a scene, by the way, not Talk dialogue.

We, uh... We saw somethin' weird in the 4th Stratum. Some kinda winged human.
What's this, now...? You have met with a winged human? Hrm... Pardon me for a moment, please. I will go call for Lady Gradriel.

Tyler just said that, yeah.
I have read of their kind in the ancient documents that have been passed down the royal family. “The Ruler of the Heavens created an inhuman race, able to fly freely in the sky. These winged beings are human, yet not quite human. They safeguard the entrance to the Heavenly Keep. Only with this phrase can one gain entry."
Give it to us.
"State these words: As agreed, I speak the words of the Overlord by the ancient pact. Lead our return to the heavens!"
That's not ominous at all.
The precise meaning eludes me, but that is what I remember of the winged ones. If the document speaks true, you must parley with the winged ones and ask their assistance. Of course, this is nothing but conjecture. If you intend to investigate...then please, exercise caution.
O-of course, Lady Gradriel.

'S cryptic, but I'm sure it'll come up soon.
Personally, I would like you to find information on the floating castle, for the Duke. I am expecting great things from you. Good luck.

NOW here's Dubois's Talk dialogue.

You... You literally just said it. ...It's Lumen.
Ah yes... it was Lumen, was it not? I've heard that you have reached the new stratum. Very good news indeed. How could an island float like that? How might our ancestors have lived...? If islands can float like that, then surely a castle can float, too. It looks as though the legends could be true...
Scylla was all the proof I needed for th' Overlord existing.
Please proceed without hesitating. I am certain you will be able to find the floating castle. I look forward to your safe return.

A whole lotta quests for 16F. For once, I'll hold off on the Ginnungagap quest...because I still have A culinary crusade taking up space. That'll get finished soon, trust me.

Passing down the skills:

Oh, that one. Yeh remember the girl who wanted revenge for her fiance, yeah?
We just got that elephant bow fer her a few floors ago.
That one's from her, as well. Maybe folks are just getting inspired from hearin' bout yer adventures, but there's been a lot of new explorers lately... That'd be fine, except a bunch of monsters are sneakin' down from the higher floors, and picking off the newbies. And seems like those monsters are the same kind as the fishy bastard that went after the lass's fiance.
Well, that's gotta be a sore spot.
Of course, that lass isn't just going to stand by and watch. She joined up with a team out to exterminate the lot of 'em. But seems these fishy beasties answer to some powerful monster. It nearly wiped out her team, and called up even more beasts. Since they can't handle the lot of 'em alone, they want yeh to kill the boss. That's what she's askin' for here.
Kill a bunch of fish. Got it.
The horde's on the 11th floor. Hate to tell yeh, but there's no way to tell where the boss is from here... But, it's not their leader for nothin'. If yeh keep killin' its minions, then eventually the boss has gotta show itself. The extermination team's headed to the 11th floor, and they're settin' up a first aid camp around here.

If things get rough, just head over here. They'll be able to heal yeh, at least. Things might get a little dangerous on this one, but she's countin' on yeh, so do yer best!

Passing down the skills is honestly a super-tedious quest, so I'll be putting it off.

Law and order:

Hey, I've been waitin' fer yeh! Finally got a lead on that thieving bastard from the cave. That fraud pretended to be a foreign adventurer and acted just like one of the guys 'round here. Yeh remember?
I wish I could forget.
So I had someone look into it, and the scumbag's wanted in four different countries. He's no small-time crook... But listen here. That outlaw's been sighted skulkin' around on the 1st floor, and he's keepin' his head down. Don't know what he's up to, but now's yer chance. He should still be on the 1st floor... It's payback time.

Law and order'll start once we enter 1F.

A clever ruse:

Oh, that request! That's been on my mind, too. Go ahead, take it! The requester's an explorer. He was walkin' through the 4th floor, but he tripped and faceplanted into the bushes... But he says there was a whole other room on the other side of the bushes! And there was even a treasure chest! Sounds like a lucky klutz, right? That's what I figured, but then it gets weird.
Can't be weirder 'n anything we've seen so far.
Of course, he went straight for the loot. But then, the fella says, everything just suddenly went dark. Started gettin' shootin' pains all over, too. He panicked, and stumbled back until he got himself somewhere safer. Not much to go on, but he says that's all he remembers... So, he wants to send someone out to take a look and figure out what's goin' on. So the place I need yeh to visit is this spot he found, on the 4th floor!

Heck, I'd go after it if it wasn't in the forest... but I'll let yeh handle this one. G'luck!

Fun fact: this was originally supposed to be a DLC quest, going by the game's internals. Guess Atlus thought they already had too many of those.

An outing in the forest:

Oh, that request. Yeh lot know the innkeeper's daughter, right?
She's the one with the pink hair and the cloth arm shields with belts.
This'll be easy, then. So, the little missy at the inn has what yeh'd call a weak constitution. Somethin' like... she can't breathe too well sometimes. Well, it ain't too bad just livin' here, but every now and again we like to get her into the Forest for some fresh air. Normally, the Palace would send escorts for her, since they're good about it...but they can't spare anyone right now. So, yeh're gonna play escort for the little missy. That's all.
...That's it?
Head to the small room in the middle of the 14th floor. The little missy should be waitin' for yeh at the inn, so get goin'. Alright, g'luck!

And now our quest list is full. Let's fix that by taking care of Law and order.

...Right after Dubois talks to us.

Yep. One of the few times he hasn't rambled at us.
We've no idea what that scoundrel is scheming, but if that flute allows him to control monsters, the city is in grave peril. So, I have taken it upon myself to lead the town's defense. I will give my utmost to protect this town, in the name of the Duke.
By hitting them with your cane? ...Actually, I guess that's what Realga does.
Hm? Appearances can deceive, my friend. In times past, I led High Lagaard's forces, and was renowned for my military prowess. While we protect the town, you are to subdue this blackguard with all due haste, and put an end to his villainy. Now then. I wish you good luck.

And after Quona talks to us when we enter the inn.

Cass said yeh weren't doin' too well. How're yeh feelin' right now?
Huh...? Yeah... I'm really fine.
Yep. Guild Lumen, escorts for hire.
Hehe... I'm glad. Thank you. Uhm... Are people in Lumen strong? You don't lose to monsters?
We've had a few...brushes with death, but otherwise we haven't lost yet.
Wow, th-that's amazing... I'm relieved... I'm happy to... go with you, but I don't want anyone of Lumen to get hurt... I...I'll stay in the back, so I don't get in your way. Ah, but...can we leave...right away? If you have...other things to do, I don't mind going later...
We need to cook apple sauce steak for a quest. We'll be back later.
Well, not apple sauce steak specifically, but yes, we haven't helped Regina for a while.
Okay, um...see you soon.
...Wait a minute, we can't be cookin' right now, the thief's still lurkin' in the first floor!
Oh, yeah, huh.
Well, aren't you non-plussed.
That guy's small-fry. Kinda surprised you guys fell for his setup.
And yeh know it was weak how?
I'm pleading silence on that one.

Next time: the boss party finishes Law and order, does some cooking, and...that's it, really.