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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 47: Flimsy

Update 38: Flimsy

It's carmageddon, byeah.
A-Alright, Byeahs, go to...h-here. We need Arc Branches for this quest.

Yeah, Arianna, Flavio, Bertrand, and Chloe are just kinda sitting at the end of the Lumen guild roster, unused. They're consequences of using New Game+ to import Ranger--I can't dismiss them, so they're just kind of stuck there.

After some short gathering, we have Before the festivities ready to turn in.

Awright, that's the lot! We can finally get this show on the road!
Someone seems happy.
Hmm? What, I look happier'n usual? Well, sure! Nothin' wrong with havin' fun at a festival, but that's not all. Yeh rake in tons of cash!
I'm liiiiistening!
Folks like me who run bars or restaurants gotta seize the opportunity, yeh see. Some times of year are a lot more profitable! Yeh should remember that, too! Ain't yeh managin' FOEbucks? Then make sure yeh take advantage of the festival! Though yeh ain't gonna make as much as I will, that's for sure! Haw haw haw haw!
Oh, is that a challenge?
Is that a--dammit, beaten to it.
Here, take yer reward. And go get ready for the festival!

The EXP is a nice reward, but more importantly, like Cass hinted, this ties into a new feature at FOEbucks--festivals. We'll see them in just a bit.

Revive now brings party members back at 130 HP.

Shock Sabre, not accounting for Grimoires, hits for 203% damage, while Thunder Wave deals 560% total.

Lastly, Morale Boost increases Force gain on buffed party members by 8% while Rheine's alive.

A surprisingly big amount of unlocks from gathering.

Rose Quartz Staff (+90 ATK, +4 TEC, +4 AGI) is made from 1 Rose Quartz. Upon reflection, I should've bought this for Realga, since she'd like +4 TEC more than the +10 ATK her Madness Staff gives.

Juzumaru (+123 ATK) is unlocked by selling 5 Malachites and 2 Azure Beaks.

Iron Saker (+96 ATK) is unlocked by selling 1 Prehnite.

Gauntlet (+20 DEF, +1 STR) is unlocked by selling 3 Malachites.

Grand Axe (+119 ATK) is unlocked by selling 3 Scent Woods.

Aquael (+96 ATK) is unlocked by selling 1 Arc Branch.

Scented Whip (+117 ATK, +10 TP, +3 TEC) is made from 1 Bloom Wood. I buy one for Rheine since I'd like her to be a bit quicker with non-Order actions, and she only loses 10 TP from it.

Pelta (+37 DEF) is unlocked by selling 1 Scent Wood and 4 Plum Quills.

I did not miss these damaging floors--I actually preferred the ice...
Maybe if we just made boots out of these floors, we'd be immune to them.
Hey, wait a minute, Ranger, why are you pushing--

Is the floor acidic?!
Hmm... Boots made out of the floor would just hurt all the time.

Well, this is trash, but at least I get to charge you all for patching up your feet!
Could you at least make it seem like you're not in this solely for the money?

Chop point. Once we go back to town, we can tell the Huntsman one of each type of gather point.

A monster with weapons for arms? That seems...unwieldy.

Wind Cutter
HP: 703, STR: 36, TEC: 26, VIT: 26, AGI: 37, LUC: 27
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 50% 100% 100%
Disable resistances:
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
50% 50% 0%
200% 200% 200%

A flying weasel with blade-like arms and an impressive degree of agility.

Wind Cutters are the bane of my existence. They're incredibly fast, and can both heavily hurt a row and make them very susceptible to disables. This encounter's an example of where they can be really annoying, since Stardust or Rheine getting their heads bound would make encounters very annoying--and this is one of the less annoying encounter formations with Wind Cutters in them.

Also, notice how Nadia is basically helpless against these things, since they nullify both blind and paralysis.

Okay, those claws...aren't just for show...

...My arrow just broke in half after hitting the eye. So much for that plan. it!
Maybe try it again when you're not bleeding from being gashed.

Vital Hit's only level 10, and Realga and Ranger are both missing over half their HP, so Realga's not really doing a ton of damage. That's Vital Hit's biggest weakness, it's going to lose quite a lot of damage against enemies that can act before your Medic--and a lot of enemies fall under that category. At least it doesn't cost a ton of TP relative to Realga's max TP.

Zap. Kinda.

Mmmph rrghrn...

Who'd have thought penguins would die to ice?

If I didn't have Realga on the team, I'd be burning through a lot of consumables after every battle.

Oh look, the cousin of that scorpion the thief summoned.

HP: 721, STR: 39, TEC: 30, VIT: 29, AGI: 25, LUC: 27
Damage resistances:
50% 50% 125% 100% 100% 150%
Disable resistances:
100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 50% 50%
100% 100% 50%
50% 50% 50%

A giant scorpion with a vicious stinger. Few see one and survive...

Much like hat guy's guild said back at the bar, Deathstalkers have slightly special AI. They won't do anything while they're in the back row, but once they move to the front, they'll start spamming Terror String, which both seriously hurts and inflicts fear. Taking them out before they get to the front is fairly easy with Stardust and Rheine, but without them, I'd be having a hell of a time.

Their eyes being so small and beady makes it even easier to blind them!
I dunno!

There! Now that I'm not bleeding out, I can hit harder!

That wasn't an invitation to hit me again!

Alright, the shock function of my palms still works. Good to know.

Nothing...some bandages can't fix...

Aegis just saved Realga from a death by overkill there.

I-I suggest we retreat, and n-never look back! Why should we fight something with a stinger t-that big?

Killing them takes less time.

There we go, one giant hole, patched right up. Near-death-experiences are extra.
And I thought your surcharges at the start were ridiculous.

That's, thankfully, the extent of damage tiles for this floor.

More frogs. Greaaat.
"More" frogs?
You don't want to know.

They jump as far as their annoying cousins do, I see.

Great Frogs will hop towards us on every other step we take.

Are they as dumb as the rhinos from last floor is the question...
Rhinoes. The Labyrinth's ecology sure is varied...and bizarre.

Yep. They are.

Great Frogs are just as susceptible to falling down holes as the rhinoes were.


This is another simple frog puzzle.

Just walk over to this hole, and then sidestep.

Mind the drop.
Eh, too obvious.
Hmm... Rib-bye? ...Like the steak?
That's just a pun--even worse.
"Things Realga does not like: puns."

This Take point is incredibly important due to its ingredient--we'll be coming back here a lot.

This is a formation I seriously despise, and which has cost me quite a few game overs in the past. The Wind Cutter makes whoever it hits with Air Slash easy prey for Confusing Scales, and then the Great Moth and Wind Cutter can easily kill everyone with more Wind Cutters in combination with Slice and Dice.

Don't look directly at him and he won't hurt you...

This is me panicking due to bad memories. It is completely unnecessary, since Transform makes Ranger slow enough that he won't get to act before either the Cutter or the Moth.

You two may be quick, but I'm... Uh, what's a synonym for quicker that won't make me sound like a cliché?
Like the wind?
Not synonym-y enough. Bah, oh well.

...That's your cue, Rheine.
Hm? Oh, right! (GIF version)

That bug must've been really scared to just vanish like that.
Vanish. Sure.

Why are we collecting all of these very-poisonous ingredients, again?
Something about a wife making dinner for her husband. I'm gonna have Cass make sure these are what the requester actually needed once we get back...

An extra percent bonus damage for Stardust.

I have a kind of unconvential way of solving this two-frog puzzle.

Get that frog to jump to its death...

Leave the room so the other frog will reset its position...

Then run for the door. Easy.

Well, that was enjoyably short and not-annoying. Should've known that hat guy was exaggerating.

SYSTEM: Suddenly, an overpowering voice echoes from above!

Who said that?! C'mon, show yourself!
SYSTEM: A winged demihuman appears before you, blocking your path.

SYSTEM: The winged one looks at you as if in judgement.
I have erred... You are not fit in the eyes of the Star to use the Grail of Kings. The path to the heavens will remain closed. Leave this place until the proper time comes!
Nope. We hiked all the way here, and we're not gonna just turn back at the words of some bird man.
SYSTEM: The winged one's voice is firm, and he remains resolute in barring you from passing here. You think back to the phrase you learned at the Duke's Palace... Perhaps the winged one before you may relent if you speak it now.
Hmm... How did it go again...? Oh, right.

This is the only time in any EO game (excluding EOU/EO2U Story modes) that your party explicitly speaks, rather than implicitly.

SYSTEM: You repeat the words the Duke's daughter taught to you before the winged one. Their meaning remains murky, but the effect they have on the winged one is striking. He gazes at you with momentary surprise before spreading his wings and rising into the air.
You bear the ancient pact! Shall those who descended to earth return to the heavens?
Uh... Sure? What does that mean?
Mayhaps it has to do with that ancient legend? The one that began with "When civilization sunk beneath--" Oh.
SYSTEM: The question does not seem addressed to anyone, and the winged one disappears. You no longer feel anyone else watching you... Their presences have vanished along with his. You are unsure whether to continue investigating or return to High Lagaard for now.
Let's please go back, I don't want to carry this heavy pack up those stairs.

Oh, thanks for the goods. The client was actually waitin' in the back, so I passed off the ingredients already. So, how was it? At least a bit exciting? Not like yeh were expectin' any big life-changin' encounters, eh?
Cass, please, I dunno, check a book and make sure those ingredients aren't unfixably poisonous.
We'd rather not become accessories to murder.
Hmm? Yeh worried about the ingredients? Relax! It'll be fine. She went runnin' home saying she wanted to get started cookin'.
Fine, fine. If yeh insist that much, well, this is a bar, y'know. We might have a cookbook around the place. Let's see...which one was it...ah, here we go. This oughta help set yer mind at...uh?
That doesn't sound like a good "uh."
Oh, crap! Ingredients that need special care!? Hey, I don't like the looks of this! All'a these...! "Poison causes immediate paralysis, convulsions, vomiting"...and there's no way to make it edible!? Th-This is bad! Hold on, yeh guys stay here!

That lady's messed up! She said she saw her husband walkin' 'round with another woman... So she was gonna cook her husband a meal with that stuff! She's scarier than the monsters!
Good gods...
I managed to talk her down somehow, so things oughta at least be alright now. But I gotta wonder how long it'll last...
A week. Maybe even three days. At least we won't be involved again.
...Well, I said it was gonna be a boring request, but it ended up way too excitin' for even my tastes! I tell yeh, married life might be even more dangerous than anythin' the Labyrinth can throw at yeh.
Sarcastic quips are fun and all, but, uh, aren't you forgetting something?
Oops, almost forgot. Here's yer reward. See yeh next time, alright?

I've been knocking the attack items up until now, but the all-target ones are incredibly useful for reasons we'll see shortly.

Hazy Arrow deals 527% damage now, up from 516%.

Yep, exactly.
That'll be a big help! So, where are they?

There, there, and there.
That's a taking, chopping, and mining spot! Alright, this should be enough to get us back on our feet! The reward is with Cass, so go get it from him! See you--thanks a lot!

Good work, yeh lot! Yeh didn't run into any trouble then?
It was just pointing out stuff we run into during normal exploration. I'd be very worried if we did run into trouble.
Guess I'll never have to worry about yeh lot! Haw haw haw haw haw! Here, this is the piece yeh've been waiting for!

Three down, two to go.
I can't wait to shove these things in that smug noble with the stupidly-long name's face.

And I figured I might as well offload our materials before going back to get the next floor.

Fluted Armor (+53 DEF, +8 TP) is unlocked by selling 3 Prehnites and 5 Azure Beaks.

Scorpion Plume (Immunity to fear) is unlocked by selling 1 Meteoric Spike. These will be very, very useful in the almost-immediate future.

Unihorns are unlocked by selling 1 Unseasonal Grass. I'd prefer to just have Rheine and use White Noble during the few situations where Unihorns would be theoretically useful.

Up we go...

And back we go.

You've all gotten rather famous, haven't you?
That'd explain why people either want my autograph or scream and sprint away from me.
They were already doing that before...
I think my daughter's so proud that you stay at our inn. She's telling everyone! Hahaha, even my husband wanted to meet the famous Lumen guild in person! ...But it feels so strange, now that you're big names around here. To me, you lovelies will always be cute little children! Bahaha!
Even Asriel?

Oh boy. Alright, Abigail, what's wrong?
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't notice you. It's just... I made a really big mistake. ...A customer already told me earlier, but I put the wrong sale price on one of the pieces we're selling... I wrote down one too many zeroes on the price of a sword. If it was actually that expensive, it would be a huge problem...
I agree, that IS a big mistake. Making people part with more money than necess--
I'm just glad we caught it before anyone actually bought it, but... I really have to be more careful from now on...!

This is a reference to one of Yuji Himukai's EO2 comics, which were about the then-new Gunner, War Magi, and Beast classes, and the various facilities in Lagaard.

...Do these winged people really exist?
We just saw one, so yes.
I suppose they eat food from the forest. Do they cook with fire...? If they're birds, then maybe they prefer grains... But I suppose there are carnivorous birds as well... Then again, they'd need to stay light in order to be able to fly, right...? Hmmm. Very interesting.
I doubt they'd visit the cafe if they live that high up in the tree.

I feel great power radiating from this...!
...It's just a strawbrery with honey on it. Might I ask how that radiates power?
It's the secret to amplifying all these jars I've been sticking matches, splits of the ice core, and raw electricity in!

The Strawberry Daifuku is one of the best foods in the game. What it does is it doubles (yes, doubles, not triples, the game's straight-up lying there) the attack power of all the Jar items we've been finding. While that might sound mediocre on its own (and it is), remember that the all-target Jars can be affected by Compression. With this food and a level 20 Compression, the all-target Jars get a 4x bonus to their damage--they deal 880% damage, quite a bit more than the 640% of a level 20 all-target Formula with level 20 Compression.

Judging them before formal discussions would be premature.
Look, I'm just sayin', everything livin' in the Labyrinth so far wants to kill or eat yeh. And yeh let yer guard down in the Labyrinth, even if it seems safe...? Bam! It's over! Pretty flower? Bam! Baby bunny? Bam! Dashin' swashbuckler? Bam! Sweet lil' girl? All kinds of bam!
Something tells me those last two aren't exactly natives of the Labyrinth.
Whassat? Those last two ain't creatures of the Labyrinth? Doesn't matter! Y'get my point! Look, just be on yer guard at all times! Remember, it's the Labyrinth!

No new bar patrons, so let's just go to Marion.

I hope you like steak with apple sauce on it. It's Ranger's month to decide the menu at FOEbucks, and he's made the menu nothing but that.
We also have apple sauce and steak to go with the apple sauce steak.
Now, jokes aside...
They're not joking.
I heard you encountered the winged ones. ...The palace is doing their best to cover it up, but the more you try to hide the truth, the clearer it becomes. Almost all of High Lagaard knows of the winged ones now...and everyone hopes that the floating castle is not far off.
I'd hope so, given that there's not much of the tree left.
You should know... a great many of them believe you will be the ones to discover it. And... I count myself among them. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you find fortune on your travels.

Ah, there is something I wanted to tell you. It would seem that your names are now known even to the Duke himself. It seems Lady Gradriel personally told him all about you. Be sure to show her your gratitude when you next see her.
Uh... Where is Lady Gradriel, actually?
...Hm? Where Lady Gradriel is? Ho ho ho, that's quite the brush-off. Tired of being greeted by my old face?
Ah, uh, n-no, I was just curious.
Unfortunately, Lady Gradriel is currently meeting with an ambassador. I doubt that she will have time to come down today.
...You seem rather disappointed. Are you not satisfied that you have an audience with the minister of the Grand Duchy?
Well, I don't find an audience with a government member particularly special.
...But I suppose the true glory for you lies within the Labyrinth. You are explorers through and through. You needn't worry. I am sure Lady Gradriel will gladly make time to hear the news of you reaching the floating castle. Will that be all, then? I look forward to your safe return.

Quest time.

Academic obsessions:

Oh, I've been waitin' for yeh. Accepted that quest, did yeh? Well, it's from Sitoth Trading, after all! So, there's this visitin' alchemist that hangs around the store, and apparently is workin' on some new experiment. As yeh explore more of the forest, yeh find more new materials and items. Apparently that's damn excitin' for the scholar-types. So, this alchemist is hopin' yeh can bring back a couple materials from the Labyrinth. Yeh know, for experiments. Ask for details at Sitoth Trading. The trader's little missy should have all the information yeh need. Well, be careful, awright?

Explorers! Heroes! Caterers!

Aha! That request, eh? Well, makes sense. Yeh're the reason that one's up there in the first place, after all. See, the person who put it up--well, they're practically in love with yeh lot! Yer guild's exploits left 'em dazzled. And they want yeh, specifically, to take this request! Seems yeh've gotten popular all over the city! Haw haw haw! But here's the thing. That person's...well, uh, actually a huge important noble.
Sounds like an easy--wait, huh?
And they're throwin' a huge banquet soon. Gonna be all kinds'a fancy foods there. So, for one of the special ingredients, they're gonna need Monster Steak. Don't know too much of the details myself, but I heard the Minister himself is runnin' it. Why don't yeh ask him at the palace? Right then. G'luck!

I see, I see... And you've some knowledge of the ingredients! Splendid, splendid.
N-no, we don't. That's why we came here. What's the point of all this, anyway?
The banquet isn't merely a celebration, you see. Rather, it serves as a symbolic gesture--an important show of Lagaardian power. By proving dominance over the monsters dwelling within the Labyrinth, we thereby prove dominance over the Labyrinth itself. And knowing that the Duchy still holds sway over the Labyrinth will go a long way towards easing the minds of our citizenry. Do you understand...?
Of course, it's simple logic.
Even if not, I hope I've made it clear that this isn't just about satisfying our appetites, ho ho. At any rate... it is said that the meat of the bovine monster in the 18th floor tastes unlike anything known to man. I humbly request that you fell the beast, and secure for me a suitable portion of its meat.
Seems easy enough... Okay, no, what's the catch?
However, the monster does have a curious quality. When gravely wounded, its body will flood itself with poisonous toxins. Some theorize it's an attempt to slow and incapacitate the creature's attackers, to keep them from getting to its young... I regret to say, but if you do not defeat it quickly, the toxins will render the meat quite inedible. Speed is of the essence.
We've commented several times on the curiousness of Labyrinth ecology, but that's nearing the top of the list of strange monsters.
I estimate around the time you end your third round of actions, the poison will have taken full effect. Act swiftly, hm? Now, regarding this monster's whereabouts... I've heard that it can be found in the northern area of the 18th floor. That is, unfortunately, the extent of my knowledge. Bring the meat to the Bar, and I'll have someone pick it up from there. You have my thanks in advance for your assistance.

Gods, not another bison.
SYSTEM: Do you remember the quest you accepted for the exotic meat requested by the nobility of the Duchy? This must be the monster in question. It doesn't seem to have noticed you... If you intend to attack it, now would be the time. But exercise caution! According to the Minister, the monster will infuse its body with toxins when injured. For the meat to remain edible, you must defeat it within three turns. With that in mind, if you feel adequately prepared, then strike at the beast and begin!

You think that Dubois will appreciate the meat being pre-cooked?

Dignified Bull
HP: 7358, STR: 40, TEC: 31, VIT: 33, AGI: 24, LUC: 27
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 125% 100% 100%
Disable resistances:
150% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
10% 10% 50%
100% 100% 50%

It produces high-quality meat, but unfortunately, it has a habit of poisoning itself...

It's just a War Bison with higher stats and more HP. Some parties might have trouble chewing through 7358 HP in 3 turns, but not this one.


Mostly because of this guy.

Dying's easier when you can't see it coming!

Quickly, now! Chop-chop!

Hee-YAH! ...If only my staff hurt as much as everyone's swords and bows and ugh.



Have two arrows! ...If only I had three of them.

Without Transform, Ranger would've been killed pretty badly by that.

Upon reflection, I could've used this opportunity to demonstrate the Jars. Oh well, hindsight's 20/20.

Whenever you are ready, Ranger!

That bull's cooked to perfection.
The question is, did it poison itself?

SYSTEM: With the Minister's words in mind, you were able to slay the beast before the coursing poison contaminated its body! With the beast's panting fallen silent, your own frantic breaths seem loud in the still air. You exhale slowly, finding composure. After calming yourself, and letting the adrenaline fade, you carve out a careful portion of the monster's meat.

Guess not!
SYSTEM: Congratulations! You obtained the exotic meat. All that remains is to deliver it to the bar to complete the quest.

Let's go check that campaign first!
But-- Ugh.
I should take lessons from her about moving that quickly...


We shouldn't let this chance get away! Let's draw in customers excited by the festival and have them eat!
SYSTEM: Festivals will now occur in all of the wards! If you advertise in a ward that is having a festival, you can earn twice the profit of what you normally would. When a festival happens, make sure to start advertising!

That's really all you need to know about festivals.

I first set up these two campaigns, and then I developed the Slums a bit.

Woah-ho-ho, that is a LOT of potential customers!

Enough that this happened.

And the last ad campaign for now.

Hey! Welcome back. I was keepin' up with the news, and it sounded like a tricky job. Oh, so this is the monster meat, eh...? It doesn't look half bad... Whaddaya say? We oughta try some here. Taste-test, like.
...What's with the glare? Awright, awright, I won't sneak any. But... I mean...look how much there is! Little bit won't go missin'.
Try it, Cass, and I'll give you such a whacking.
Okay, fine, fine! Kidding! It was a joke, I tell yeh! I'll make sure to bring it there, okay? Seriously, yeh don't have to be so stubborn... Here, this is yer reward. Awright, see yeh next time, then!

Alright, that's two of the three 4th Stratum recipe books.

Revive now brings someone back at 270 HP, at the cost of 25 TP.

Fights go by quickly enough that I don't have a ton of qualms about raising the TP costs of Shock Sabre and Thunder Wave.

And Morale Boost now boosts Force gain on buffed party members by 10%.

I cooked the one Chinese Food 4 food possible at the moment.

Fried Whole Spider gives the party a guaranteed chance to survive mortal damage once per battle, with the effect lasting 3 turns. It's situationally useful.

And to close out the update, here's Abigail's quest dialogue.

Did you accept my request again? Oh, thank you so very much! This time, the request is from an alchemist that works with this store sometimes. This alchemist has a real passion for experiments, and is always trying out new things with Labyrinth materials. A lot of things have come out of it! Like... Um, flat sponges... Cloth woven from metal thread... oh, and liquid that glows in the dark! Apparently, making weird things like that helps with developing new weapons and protection, so we're always learning more. So in return, we give the alchemist all we can spare for the experiments! Everyone helps each other!
That's all very interesting, but what do they want for the quest?
...O-Oh, uhm... I'm sorry! I have so much fun talking to you, so I ended up getting a little carried away. In any case, there's a new experiment the alchemist has in mind... And it's going to need some materials from the forest, so I thought maybe I could ask you to get some? Um... let me see the instructions... It says here... 1 Frozen Petal! You can get it from some monster called a Wrath Bloom, but it's kind of hard to get... The alchemist said the final blow should be an attack that could freeze the enemy. If you collect it, please sell it to the shop, and I'll make sure to deliver it! So, please do your best...! Ah, but p-please don't get yourself hurt! Promise?

Abigail said everything I could've.

That's all for now. Next time: 19F.