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Part 48: Things Get Serious at the End

Update 39: Things Get Serious at the End

...And that's what she told me to say.
Wait, wait, hold up. You want me to ask her what?
Oh, hey. Mornin', lovebirds. What were you two up to this early? Some romantic breakfast?
I normally wouldn't dignify that with a response, but Ranger just wanted me to walk with him while he got his breakfast.
You're not convincing me that I'm wrong~
Does he LOOK like he's interested in anything even vaguely romantic?

Hi yes hello again! I'm back from two weeks of final projects and final exams! It was very annoying and stressful but it's all over now! Let's celebrate by going through 19F.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what that floor subtitle means.

Do we not have special boots for these acidic floors?
I already spent forever learning how to hit things with this staff, I'm not gonna spend more time learning how to make boots.

Take note of that symbol in the background, by the way--it's irrelevant now, but it'll become important again later, in the postgame.

SYSTEM: It could be seen as a foothold... You can try mustering your courage and stepping onto it.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
If you want to be the first to step on a floating platform inside this crazy place, be my guest.
A leader must inspire her subjects, I suppose. (GIF version)

SYSTEM: It seems as if these footholds can take you straight forward in the direction that you embark upon them. Making good use of these should show you a way deeper into this 4th Stratum... Now that you know this, you check your position and plot your route forward.

Platforms really are as simple as that: as soon as you step on them, they will move in the direction you stepped on them until they hit an obstacle.

Oh christ.


At least Ranger only ate one of the hits.

Doing this too often chews through both Stardust and Rheine's TP really quickly, but that's preferable to dying to these goddamn moths.

Right in the wings, heh!

You propose to establish a cast based on the following tenets: that you're incompetent to run your own show, but competent to shout at others-that you're unfit to exist in theater, but fit to become an omnipotent director.
Gyahaha, I'll smash this bug t' bits!

Oh for god's sake.

In order to deprive us of matches, that you may then deprive us of our artificial ice, you have always regarded effects workers as slaves who deserve no fame.
Nadia, remind me to burn Stardust's stupid book when we get back to town.


Okay, yeah, this isn't funny any more.

How's that whip feel, punk?!

I'm beginning to hate everything in this place, but especially those damn moths.

That could've gone real south, real quick, if the left moth had used Slice and Dice while Stardust and Rheine were panicked.

Is it normal for birds to have beaks larger than their heads?

HP: 460, STR: 36, TEC: 26, VIT: 29, AGI: 25, LUC: 26
Damage resistances:
75% 75% 75% 100% 100% 100%
Disable resistances:
100% 100% 100% 150% 50% 100% 100%
50% 100% 100%
100% 50% 100%

A bird with a gigantic mouth. If one is slain, its kin will frenzy!

I'd be more worried about Diatrymas if they could perform any actions besides normal attacks. The only other notable thing about them is that they're one of the few bird enemies that doesn't have a Stab and/or Volt weakness.

Like, yeah, their normal attacks hurt, but consider that Ranger's VIT is really terrible and, most importantly, he's still alive.

These are the clumsiest birds I've ever seen.

Sophie will be eating well toni--
The other one!

Man, that's some extreme fight-or-flight right there.
Too bad it's almost dead!

Correction: it's dead.

Does anyone else hear very intense screeching to our left?
You're probably just hearing things. I mean, do you see anything in front of us now?
No, but perhaps we should look to our left?
Why would we ever need to look anywhere but straight ahead?

Uh-uh. No way. I can tolerate going short distances with these things, but going that far with them is off-limits.
I somehow doubt whatever magic is powering these things would suddenly fail.
The Labyrinth's machinations may be nonsensical, but at least they're consistent.

We've already seen a Wrath Bloom before, but I didn't post its stats back then.

Wrath Bloom
HP: 1590, STR: 39, TEC: 40, VIT: 32, AGI: 28, LUC: 32
Damage resistances:
150% 50% 100% 150% 100% 50%
Disable resistances:
100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 150% 50%
100% 100% 50%
100% 100% 100%

An electrically charged plant creature that has grown large on devoured adventurers.

Wrath Blooms are one-trick ponies that really only become dangerous if they get to use Cannibalize before you can kill them. Rafflesias at least had a (then-dangerous) poison in combination with their party-target nuke.

Also I've been following some weird consistency with regards to enemy images up until now--I've been using shitty game crops for normal enemies, and switched to using renders for FOEs/bosses a few months ago. I kept using the crops because some of the random encounter models have really bad deformations in the 3DS model viewer I'm using. That changes from here on out--I'm gonna use renders whenever I can, with reduced size--that is to say, for any enemy that doesn't deform badly in the model viewer.

Stay where you are!

Yeah... Great paralysis... Thanks, Nadia...

Stardust is my go-to nuker, but she can only do so much when she's using a level 1 skill against a 100% resistance. Blech.

It's not often you see Link Order hurt more than its activator.

It's even less often you see a Sabre dealing the most damage of any action in a turn.

Is there any particular reason you carefully trimmed petals off that flower, Ranger? That seems...unlike you.
Secret plans.
At least lemme take one of the frozen ones for that quest.

At this point, I remembered that Stardust got a level up earlier, and I put another point into Formula Mastery for +1% extra bonus damage. Exciting.

Aha! That's what the screeching earlier was. I was positive I wasn't imagining it!

Enraged Raptors are the other primary gimmick of 19F. They start at either the north or south ends of the map, with a certain spawn point for each one, and then they move several tiles in one direction for every step we take. This one you see right now is very easy to evade, but the others later on aren't quite as easy.

Notice how I left that previous area by taking this platform to the left, and am now going forward on it--finding ways to travel different directions with the same platform isn't just a gimmick for this floor, it'll reappear in the last part of this stratum, as well as in some postgame sections.

Chop point.

Ugh, I'd give anything for telekinesis right now.
I'm surprised you still put faith in these chests' contents after all the garbage we've gotten from them.

Oh goddammit. Any encounter with a Great Moth in it is annoying, but this one is extra annoying because Cannibalize won't take off much of the Great Moth's HP, and Confusing Dust can leave the party helpless while the Wrath Bloom spams Discharge at us.

Something tells me that flower doesn't care much about arrows.

Let's just nip that one in the...wings, I guess.

Oh, so that's what being shocked feels like.

It's always nice to see something that's not garbage.

Pictured: one of the aforementioned sections where Enraged Raptor puzzles are more complicated. This one zips up a one-tile pathway, meaning that starting down that path at the wrong time can trap you.

I felt it was time to go back to town to rest up and save.

White Hat (+28 DEF) is unlocked by selling 1 Glinting Beak.

Brio Wrist (+7 VIT) is made from 1 Frozen Petal. Ironically, I wouldn't say these are great for Protectors (they don't do a ton of tanking) or Beasts (they want HP more than anything, because of Desperation), but they're pretty good for Combat Medics, since it increases their survivability, and give what would basically be a +3 STR bonus (in terms of the normal damage formula) to Vital Hit.

And since the Frozen Petal was what Academic obsessions needed, Abigail has dialogue for us.

Hee hee... I'm looking forward to bringing them to her... She's so beautiful that you might end up falling for her!
But I don't even know her. How could I trust her to catch me if she asks me to fall?
Ignoring Mr. Scatterbrain over there... Well, uh, hypothetically, I guess...
She's kind, and beautiful, and she gives me black tea and crumpets when I visit, and tells stories, and--she's just a great person! One day, I want to be an amazing lady just like she is... But what if I can't...? I wonder if any of her experiments can make me more pretty? Hrm...
You're treading dangerous territory at that point.
Besides, Abigail, you are perfectly fine as you are now.
Eheheh... The alchemist actually told me the same thing. If I stay as the young lady that I am, she said, then I'll grow up to be a lady more wonderful than anyone else. Hee hee...thanks to you and her, maybe I really do have a chance at becoming someone amazing! But you absolutely have to come meet me again when I grow up to be a proper lady. I'll be waiting for you here!
I don't know if I'll even still be living in this frozen hole after we're done with the Labyrinth--I'll have the clout to go anywhere in the world and earn so much more than I ever could here!
Okay! Let's see--what would be the first step to becoming a fantastic lady like her? Maybe I should drink more milk? A-Ah, I'm sorry! I got sidetracked for so long... *sigh*... I guess I still have a long way to go... I left the reward with Cass, so please accept it! Okay, then! If anything happens, please come help us out again!

Hey, welcome back. I dunno what they were tryin' to make, but did everythin' go awright?
It went as well as any trip into that weird tree can go, honestly.
Yeh've probably only seen alchemists out in the field, but a lot of 'em are perfectly happy just cooped up studyin' and learnin'...
Does that factoid include explorers only registered as Alchemists for technical reasons, like myself? Because I certainly can't stand poring over a giant book for hours on end.
Alchemy's good for a lotta stuff, so some noble houses just pick some alchemists to sponsor, and let 'em go wild experimentin'. As the forest opens up more, and they get rarer stuff to work with, they can make all kinds of gadgets to make life easier. Some kinda glowin' rock, maybe, or a cup that lets yeh talk to far-off people...? Hell, I'd want a box that washed my dishes for me! I dunno if I could get used to that kinda easy livin', though! Haw haw haw!

The EO world already has electricity, I don't see how any of the technology Cass mentioned could be that far off.

Anyway, yer quest is complete. Here's the reward, so take care of it, awright? See yeh next time!

Decent rewards all around.

I replace Realga's Pointy Hat with the Brio Wrist for the reasons I mentioned above.

Hazy Arrow now deals 538% damage.

I walked into FOEbucks to see what recipes I could make, and Regina had something to say as soon as we entered.

You remember I asked how I could make the customers feel more comfortable here?
And we told you to smile more, I'm pretty sure.
I tried following your advice, and being a little friendlier with them...and I'm pretty sure a lot of them are coming back. I used to think I had no reason at all to talk to the customers...
But whenever they eat my food, they smile, and tell me how good the cooking is. It's not that big...but it makes me happy to hear.
...It kind of reminds me of the first time I actually tried cooking.
The first person to tell me that I was a good cook was my Grandpa... It was a pretty simple dish, and I didn't make it that well, but Grandpa was still overjoyed to have it...
...Yeah, I can picture that.
I started cooking because I liked seeing people enjoy the food I made.
Um, I...
What? Is something wrong? Did Ranger say something?
W-Well... it's nothing. Nevermind! That's all I had to say... Sorry if I took up too much of your time.
...Huh? What?

And the scene just ends there.

Let's get cooking.

Forest Fried Rice restores 5% of someone's maximum TP when they are inflicted with an ailment or bind. If a single action inflicts multiple disables, the amount restored is not increased. An absolutely trash effect with basically no use.

Scorpion Green Pasta increases the chance of escaping from a battle by 10%. This is a completely negligible effect unless you are consistently running away from battles, which is a really awful thing that you should stop doing, hypothetical escaping strawman.

Honey German Potato increases all party members' AGI by 10. That's a pretty big damage boost for Survivalists and Gunners, and could put some classes on the cusp of outspeeding certain enemies beyond the threshold otherwise.

Bleh... Why are we going in here at night, again?
Hopefully those moths'll be busy doing other things this late instead of looking for explorers to eviscerate. C'mon, let's get going.



Ever consider that walking around while we're tired is a bad idea...?
No, but I now know to not let someone who's obviously tired do navigation!
Why did we agree on that, again?



That was, quite possibly, the worst flute playing I've ever heard.
Whaddya want from me? I should be in bed by now...

I'm not taking my chances with trying to run from the Enraged Raptor--that thing could've easily killed everyone in the span of two turns or so.

This platform, thankfully, can be ridden like this to bypass the Raptor puzzle over there.

In fact, we have to ride it like that, since platforms just act like solid tiles if you walk onto them from a direction where they're blocked from moving.

Thank the gods, the stairs...

My word... I don't think I've ever seen a vista as gorgeous as this.
Exploring the Labyrinth's worth it for places like this, I feel.
Yeah, it's really pretty... Hey, I think I'm just gonna go close my eyes over there for a sec...
Realga, can you please just wait until--
...I should ask her how to fall asleep that quickly.
Is that a giant bird over there?
You three go look, I'll try to figure out how to get Realga back to town.

Yyyes? I still have no clue what that actually means.
SYSTEM: The man who speaks to you now is one of the winged ones... But he seems different from the others. He is well-dressed and has a noble bearing about him. The man glares at you for an achingly long time, then speaks in harsh tones.
We of the sky have waited long to hear those words of the ancient pact. But words are not enough. If you wish to gain entry to the path to the heavens... Bring the Ancient Periapt. Without it, we do not recognize you as the bearer of the ancient pact.
SYSTEM: The chief of the winged ones crosses his arms and blocks your path forward.
We will be back tomorrow with the Periapt--you have our word.
It's just one thing after another with the Labyrinth, isn't it?
SYSTEM: It seems you must return to the Duke's Palace to inquire after this Ancient Periapt.

You want any help carrying sleepyhead over there, Stardust?
You seem like you're straining yourself.
No, Realga's thankfully...light enough that I can get her back to the inn...from the Labyrinth entrance. Just use the Ariadne Thread already...

That's more effort than I'd be willing to put in for someone if they just conked out in the middle of the Labyrinth.

Money money money!

I trade some recycled trash for a level 9 Order Mastery for Rheine, since that was the only thing on Grimoire Trade I was kind of interested in.

Oh, right, FOEbucks dialogue.

And that cook is one handsome girl! I'm glad she's getting the place on its feet. When you have a beautiful girl as the store's face, it's bound to succeed. Just look at me! Bahaha!

And now, normal 20F dialogue.

Once Realga's back in her room...sure...
I'll help.
...Your ability to just appear from nowhere, uncanny...
And that's that. Thanks! I used to be able to handle all this like it was nothing. These days, everything's so heavy...
Why not just build a Byeah that can move things for you?
Hm? I shouldn't push myself so hard? Oh, loves! Aren't you sweet. Thank you. These are my daughter's old clothes... I was thinking about donating them to the church, over in the residential area. There's plenty of poor children in Lagaard. It may be a small city, but that's exactly why we need to help each other. The same goes for you. There are so many explorers out there... If there are others that need help, you need to help them. If you help others, all those good deeds will come back to you in the end!

You could reasonably interpret this as a gentle reminder to the player to do quests, since quests are needed not just to do certain postgame quests, but you actually need to do a certain quest later on to do any of the postgame at all.

She came to the shop to commission some cooking utensils from my dad the other day... Sh-She was...really handsome! I mean, she was very pretty and handsome!
I'd be hard-pressed to disagree.
She's so pretty, and she's such an amazing cook. I wish I could be like her...

Normal dialogue time.

Oh, did you know the delicatessen is having a huge sale today? Um, if you head out and to the left, there should be a tall building close by. Look across the street, and you'll see the deli. ...Then again, you're all explorers, so you probably just eat all your meals from the inn, huh...?
A mixture of Hanna's cooking and FOEbucks, yes.
But the deli's food is so good. Oh, the best one is the ground beef and potatoes mixed together and fried...! I know, I could go get you some! They're really good, I promise. You just have to try one!
Maybe later, we've got other stuff we need to do now. Thanks for the offer, though.

But I think you've exceeded even my expectations. You really are...amazing.

Very insightful.

Normal dialogue.

Negotiations with the winged ones...? Sounds like it might be difficult.
They're sentient beings who appear to follow at least some of our basic customs--negotiations will be but a matter of time.
It takes so much for even humans to come to an understanding, let alone a whole other race with completely different values. And you are the ones that'll have to figure this out... I could learn a thing or two from your positive attitude.

They're sayin' stuff like the cook's changed her attitude, and the place feels a lot more homey now...
That's pretty much what Regina told us, yep.
...Hey, tell her if she steals any of my regulars, then it's war! Awright!?
No, not "awright."

Normal dialogue.

Oi, yeh lot! Is it true? Yeh're cooperating with those bird-people? Yeh're not accepting jobs from them, are yeh?
All we've done is recite some weird old saying at them and then get blocked from going further.
...Oh, so that's it. Guess I got worked up for nothing there. But if they start giving yeh jobs, what's gonna happen to my business? They better post a quest so I can get my fee!
I doubt the winged ones have currency that could easily be exchanged for ental or any other reasonable reward, Cass.
If they were lookin' to hire yeh out from under me, I woulda gave 'em a piece of my mind, but looks like there's no need. 'Course, they're always welcome to hire yeh... as long as I get a share of the profits. Eh?
No. Not happening.
Wh--Whaddaya mean, no share for me!? Yeh dirty little...! After all I've done for yeh! Oi! Are yeh even listening to me! Arrgh, yeh bunch of ingrates...!

Bar patrons.

Exhausted Tramonte: I-I can't...wake...up...
Hey, look, the splitting image of a certain someone. Cass, you got any coffee?
Whoa!? H-H-Hot!!! Wh-What are you doing!? I'm just trying to catch a nap...! ...Huh? Oh, this feels familiar... Is it Lumen again...?
Whoa, long time no see! I'm kind of embarrassed, just sleeping here when my old friends are here to visit me. I just got back from fighting in the forest. Look at this Dormant Seed. I got it by putting Night Flower to sleep and defeating it before it wakes up... But instead of getting the flower drowsy, it put me to sleep! So now, even after I got back, I But I gotta bring this item to Lilly, so I can't fall... fall asleep... *snore*
There's a moral in this... Somewhere.

Girl in a white sundress:

*sigh*... What is this strange feeling...? I've been frequenting FOEbucks only because their food is so delicious...but recently, the place feels different. I can't put my finger on why...but it's just not scary anymore. In fact, it's...really relaxing. Comfortable, even.
Regina did mention that people were coming back to the restaurant frequently now.
So I decided to tell the chef that the food was delicious, and then...and then...! Th-That adorable face... It's just not fair!
I'd crack a joke about those weird Etrian comics Jackie reads, but I'm drawing a blank aside from something about flowers.

Hmhm, I'm rather jealous... Hm? Of who, you ask? ...Well. Who do you think?

Normal dialogue.

Old habits die hard.
...More importantly, I've heard you are continuing through the Labyrinth in order to negotiate with the winged ones... I might like to meet with them myself... As guildmaster, however, I can't simply abandon my post to explore the Labyrinth. I suppose for now, I'll just have to be satisfied with the stories you bring back. ...So I certainly hope that you remember to prioritize your own safe return, when you're out exploring. Hm?
But of course.
Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you find fortune on your travels.

Dubois starts talking as soon as we enter.

W-wait for me... Hah... I sprinted here after getting Realga back to her bed... Did I miss anything?
Nah. Anyway, Dubois...
...So, you have encountered what seems to be the chief of the winged ones...? Perhaps he may know of this “path to the heavens" that Lady Gradriel mentioned. But it seems they are the ones that are blocking your path? ...I see. They require some sort of token in order to grant you access to the forest ahead. Wait here, and I shall call for Lady Gradriel.

That was our express goal ever since we started, but we appreciate the thanks nonetheless.
Minister Dubois tells me the winged ones have barred your path forward. Is this so?
Th-they mentioned something about an "Ancient Periapt."
The chief apparently requires it as proof of the legitimacy of our claim that humanity shall "return to the heavens."
This Ancient Periapt they refer to... I believe I might know what they desire. I wish to entrust you with this item... However, accepting it will mean continuing forward to the castle in the heavens. I will not force such a dangerous path upon you.
Didn't Rheine just say finding the castle was our goal from the start?
If you truly believe that you are ready to take on this task... Then please, do this favor for me.

Here it is: the final mission.

You don't even have to ask if we'll accept that stuff by this point.
Thank you... I am sorry that I must burden you with the fate of High Lagaard. I must go inform the Duke's daughter of this good news.

I had faith that you would help this land.
We, honestly, have little choice otherwise.
You will need this, then. It is a pendant with an engraving of an ancient sword, which has been passed down in my family through generations. Perhaps this is what the winged ones mean by the proof of the ancient pact.

I am relying on you. The floating castle and the Grail of Kings... For High Lagaard's sake, you must find them!
Count on it.

Dubois's FOEbucks dialogue.

...Hrm. I suppose it's nearly time. Hm? Nearly time for what? Oho ho ho, no need to worry! This is nothing that concerns you... At least, for now. I'll be counting on you to continue helping Regina.

Normal dialogue.

Ah, Guild Lumen. I hear your exploration of the floating islands is going well. Good work. But I must ask...these, ah, winged ones... They do not pose any threat to you, do they?
Aside from blocking us twice, they've seemed fine.
If they are the ones that take people away to the floating castle, as the legends Minister, I cannot allow them to go on. Thus, I would like you find out if they have any relation to the old stories. We would like to avoid needless conflict, if possible. It would be best if you could convey this to the winged ones.
I will try to bring this up when we next converse with the chief.
This situation rests on your shoulders. I will be counting on you.

Quests time!

Settling a bet:

Yeah, that one's from me. It's somethin' I want to ask yeh, specifically. Bah. How do I start...? Well, look, first off. Everyone who comes in through that door is an important customer to me. Yeah? I ain't always nice, but it's...gah, what am I sayin'...?
Take your time, Cass. It's "only" 3 AM.
It's just how I am, not personal or serious. And I'm proud of the Stickleback. But, well, I'm only human. I try to be fair to everyone, but sometimes that just doesn't work out. Y'know? ...A long time ago, there was an adventurer that I really didn't treat right. Heh, real piece of work... Kinda like yeh folks. Just showed up one day outta nowhere, but really made an impact. Kept visiting, too! Always had the best stories, and liked a drink or two. The kid kinda grew on me. Kept sayin' all this stuff like, “I'll climb Yggdrasil and prove to you once and for all that the flying castle exists!"
One must admire people like that, who have bravado in plentiful amounts.
...Back then, nobody even knew there was a labyrinth in that tree. Even I laughed at the thought of it. One day, though...the kid told me about a hidden entrance into the tree. Only told me, nobody else. 'Course, I didn't believe it. Figured the kid just saw a hole in the bark and got all worked up. Just a tall tale. ...So I just laughed. Said to enjoy the trip, and come back when yeh think of somethin' crazier. ...Never saw the kid again.
That's a hell of a last thing to say to someone, Cass. Go on, though.
But we made a bet, y'see! I said if the story was true, then I'd owe the kid a gold coin! The kid must've been talkin' about the forest...and got in, somewhere. Pretty tough kid, believe me. Might even have got to the flying castle.
If they somehow got past all of the larger monsters we've faced, and the winged ones, all on their own... I'd call them a legend by that point.
...Still... I guess with all the dangers in the Labyrinth, it'd be pretty stupid to think the kid's still alive... But...if I don't keep my promise, then I dunno if...I can move on from it. Lumen... I'm askin' yeh. Can yeh take this gold coin, and just...yeh know. If yeh find the kid, hand it over?

...Sorry. I know it ain't much of a request. No leads, no information, no location or anythin'...
As much as I like being down on you, Cass, you've done a lot for us. We'll make sure your promise is kept!
Heh, for a guy who handles everyone else's requests, yeh'd think I could manage a better one myself... But I can't ask anyone else for this. So... If yeh could even just try, I'd be grateful.

We can't finish this quest until 21F.

Call of the gunner:

Ahhh, how're things? I've got an unusual client for yeh this time... Guild by the name of Esbat.
...I was not expecting them to show their faces after word of their actions spread.
Old member of theirs asked especially for yer help.

After hearing how you directly engaged some of us in a fight to the death, I'd thought so, too.
But now, I have a favor to ask... And it's clear to me that only you can fulfill it. I can't tell you how much I'd appreciate it if you helped me with this...
...Fine. A request's a request. Go on.
...The day after you defeated the ice princess... Ms. Artelinde disappeared into the Labyrinth. To you, the ice princess may have been merely another monster...but to us, she was someone irreplaceable. We swore to protect her...and I believe breaking that promise has deeply distressed Ms. Artelinde. A guard said he may have seen her around the 3rd floor, to the southwest--near the door that does not open. ...You may be the only one left who can save our guild.
Any reason why Artelinde wouldn't just listen to her guardian instead of some jerks she tried to kill?
Tch... That's...already been tried... Even my words did nothing to sway her, and now I cannot help the situation... But I thought perhaps you might...stand a better chance than I. I'm sorry, but please... I ask that you convince Lady Artelinde.

The first Stratum should be child's play for yeh lot. Yeh'll help the poor man out, won't yeh?
Gaaaaah! Fine, we'll do it.

I'm thankful I suffered through doing the 1st Stratum secret area as early as I did--Artelinde's at the very end of it, just before the big empty area in the 1F secret area.

An ethical dilemma:

Oh, that request. It's from that lass at Sitoth Trading. Ain't sure what it is exactly, but she said that there's something she wants yeh lot to take care of. Something didn't seem right about her, so hurry up and head over! Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seemed like the little missy had somethin' on her mind. Well, g'luck!

I'd go do what Cass said, but this is a good stopping point for now.

Next time: the stuff that we just heard about. Winged intrigue! Abigail being concerned about something! Doing a request for someone that tried to kill us! All very exciting things.