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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 57: Queen of Pain

Update 46: Queen of Pain

Ah, it feels like I haven't fought for eons.
It's only been a month or so, Asriel...
On the other hand, it feels like it's only been a day since I was last fighting.
There's only two floors left, Realga, just persevere through it.

Meet the final party for the main story: the same one that we started with.

I forgot to record everyone's new builds. Whoops. I'll do it at the start of the next update.

Okay, very funny, who fudged the campaign sales numbers?
Um, there's a big mountain of ental over here...
Yeah, yeah, I know you think you're a laugh rioooooabbbahuggbaduvoooo...
I'm starting to wonder if she has a fainting problem...

Well, that met the deadline for Haute cuisine and then kicked it in its face several times over.

And that's all of the city upgrades finished.

Here's some foods.

Gem Nikogori quadruples the chance of the Gas/Liberator items inflicting their ailments/binds, respectively. It takes those items from "trash" to "ridiculously good." Gas/Liberator items have 40% base infliction chances, which means quadrupling that gives them 160% base chances.

Sky Chawanmushi adds 0-5 to the level of any newly-generated Grimoire. Bleh.

Nozuchi Soup forces all ailments/binds on your party to wear off in 3 turns or less. This really isn't that great of an effect, since an enemy can usually seriously screw you up in those 3 or less turns.


SYSTEM: You've been asked to make 50,000en through just one Advertising Plan! You were able to complete the quest with the previous advertisement! All that remains is to head to the bar and report to Cass.

Oh, congratulations. I'll make sure the Palace knows yeh took care of it. ...But...geez. FOEbucks is really makin' bank, aren't they...
More than I could've ever imagined back at the start!
Then yeh wouldn't mind if I charged a premium for my quests now, eh? I mean, yeh got steady income! Yeh can handle it.
If you really want us to stop taking on requests here, that's a good way to do it.
Haw haw haw! Don't gimme that face! I'm jokin'! Jokin'...! Mostly. Anyhow, here's yer reward!

The Glow Brace is a pretty terrible accessory: +20 HP, +30 TP.

These level ups aren't very exciting.

At this point, I went back into the Labyrinth on Picnic to grind up materials for Small comforts, and ran into a new enemy. Might as well just post its stats, since this battle isn't a very accurate depiction of how they work because, well, Picnic.

HP: 497, STR: 39, TEC: 31, VIT: 29, AGI: 34, LUC: 30
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Disable resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 50% 150%
100% 100% 50%

A fearsome serpent that has existed for ages, based on fossil records.

Nozuchis are, at best, nuisances to parties that heavily rely on physical damage. Frail Aura does nothing against Alchemists or, y'know, anyone with access to composite damage.

Because I am on Picnic, all it took was one Thor Formula from Stardust, and everything died.

SYSTEM: You should bring these ingredients to the inn.

Eventually, that happened.

...M-Mommy, the...the people from Lumen are here! *cough*
Good lord, Quona, you sound deathly sick...
It's just a cough exacerbated by her being already frail, Luca. Calm down.

Three cleanly severed roots, and two somehow-cleanly severed gels.
...Yup, that's them. Alright, I'm gonna go make the medicine now! Watch pumpkin for a minute, okay?

Uhm...can you chat with me for a little while you wait here?
Ah, um, well... Crap, I'm terrible at talking to kids.
I-I'm fine. I've always been this way, so I'm used to it... *cough* Ah...but... I don't like medicine. It's really, really, really bitter...
Welcome to medicine. It tastes really, really terrible, but it's better than being sick, right?
I-it's for your own good, Quona.
...My own good?...

Oh... Mommy...
Here's some water. Since the people of Lumen got all these ingredients for you, drink it all up!
Agh... Okay... I'll drink it. ...Guuuuh...
Oh, my. You drank it all! What a good girl! You usually complain so much about how much you hate it.
To be fair, most of us would complain. Even the bear.
*cough*... It's...really bitter...'re always making all this medicine just for me... Th... Thank you.
Wh-What's gotten into you? Do you have a fever? ...Well, you only just drank the medicine, so you probably still do have a fever. Maybe tomorrow we'll see some flying pigs out the window, too! Bahahahaha!
Feverish people are still capable of rational thought...
I-I was only saying how I felt... Stupid mommy... Say something, Lumen.
Bahahaha, sorry, sorry. I was just surprised! You don't normally say things like that, sweetheart. I feel all weird about what I said... Uhm ...Thank you for bringing the medicine and staying with me. When I feel good enough to go outside again, please take me back to the place with clean air sometime, okay?
Going back there after all this time would be nice. Sure, why not?
Bahahaha! I'd like that too. I think my little girl's getting a little better thanks to you. You kids! Thank you. I left the reward with Cass, so don't forget to grab it!

Oh, did yeh lot finish yer work? Is the little missy gonna be okay?
Probably. Hanna's medicine seemed to be properly mixed.
Good! Good. I'm glad to hear that. Well, I owe that inn a lot, so I hope I repaid 'em a little. Here's the reward! See yeh next time!

The Sonic Whip is a special weapon. It has only +10 ATK, like the disabling weapons, but it has a special effect. You know how Nadia and Freyja are both really fast? It's not just because of their AGI stats: bows give +10 action speed, while whips give +5. The Sonic Whip? It gives a whopping +35 action speed bonus. Even on support classes that need Grimoires to equip whips, this thing is still pretty damn useful.

I don't have a need for it right now, since Realga's plenty speedy enough with Cure and Salve innately, but I might put it on her later. Sophie could also probably use it, even though she already has a level 10 Speed Up Grimoire on her.

Again, boring level ups. Endgame and postgame level ups in EO games tend to be pretty uninteresting, since you just end up investing in passives that are nice, but don't otherwise do a ton.

The 24F quests--ignore The beautiful princess.

The courageous knight:

Ahh, there yeh are. Haw! That quest again... Are yeh gettin' used to it by now?
We're only two pieces shy of the set the smug noble wants.
More chasin' after these golden chess pieces...but this time won't be so easy. They asked yeh to bring back one each of Moonstone, Tourmaline, and Shine Rock. Yeh can get those through Mining. It ain't gonna be an easy job, but if yeh do it, there's a Knight piece in it for yeh. Go get'em, kids! Awright then, g'luck!

The Byeahs will make short work of this when I get around to remembering that I took it on.

Nupital preparations:

Ah, are yeh taking on that quest? It'd be a big help.
Is this about the guy that proposed to his crush while we were out getting that Wood Rose?
It's from a local boy. Kid of one of the guardsmen...he's kind of a bookworm. The kid got together with some scholar girl from the Duchy. She's studyin' the paths of stars...and now they're gettin' married.
An Alchemist and a Zodiac getting married. Seems oddly appropriate.
I don't think Cass mentioned anything about Alchemists or...whatever Zodiacs are.
He's a smart kid, too. He's plannin' to work alongside his ladyfriend, studyin' the stars with her. Only thing is, his dad--the guardsman--heard the news and stormed off into the forest. Hasn't come out at all.
Oh, great, family issues. I'm sure a bunch of explorers are the perfect people to handle that.
The boy wants his dad's approval, so he wants someone to talk to his dad and try makin' him see their side, and all that. This kinda stuff ain't really my style, so I thought I'd put it up as a request and let yeh take care of it.
If very recent events hadn't...ahem, changed my outlook on romance, I would've walked out after that comment, Cass.
...Whassat look for? It's a job just like any of 'em! It's even got a reward posted, so lighten up and get it done, eh? Well, see that guy with the big book? Sittin' at the bar? Ask him about the details. Maybe he just wanted some folks to complain to! I dunno. Either way, make sure yeh get it done!

We'll do it later, Cass.

The golden shadow:

Ah, yeh lot oughta take that one! Looked real interesting. Yeh know there's a big room to the north of the 16th floor, right? The guard corps went in to investigate, but the scoutin' party hasn't been seen since they went in the room.
Their reinforcements freaked out, all thinkin' somethin' had happened, and went in after 'em. But then it gets weird, see. When their backup stepped into the room, they all felt this weird dizziness and keeled over...and woke up at the room's entrance. No matter how many times they tried, the same thing happened. They couldn't find the scouts--hell, they couldn't even go in!
This sounds more like our niche than resolving family disputes.
But we can't just leave those guards in there, right? Well, that's where yeh lot come in! The backup guards're still stationed at the entrance to the northern large room, so ask 'em for the details. Awright, good luck! Bring me back some souvenirs, or just a good story to tell! Haw haw haw haw haw!

THIS is a quest I'm very interested in. We'll be tackling this one immediately...

Right after we talk to people.

Man with a thick book is tied to Nupital preparations:

...Oh, pardon me. I'm afraid I was engrossed in my book... Um, did you have any questions?
We took on your quest. The one with your dad storming off into the Labyrinth.
Oh--you've accepted my request! Thank you very much! I think Cass told you everything, father works as a guard at the Duke's Palace. Compared to my father, though, I wasn't much good at physical work, even as a child. I always preferred my books, or studying... My father hated that side of me, and he made me practice swordplay. As a guard's son, he said, I had to hone my skills...
If I had parents, and they made me practice swordplay... Hmm, actually...
I wanted to please him. I even joined the guards and went in the forest, but... I just wasn't that good. Nowhere near my father. But I tried to listen to him. I kept on doing what I could, and studying to see if there was a way I could be useful... In my efforts, I met another scholar. She agreed to assist me, and...well, we grew quite close, and before I knew it, I fell for--
As interesting as stories about this stuff are, please just get to the point.
Ah, I mean--I-I'm sorry. I'm sure the situation is clear to you. A-Anyway, I intend to marry her soon. We want to move forward together, as scholars studying the paths of the stars. But when I told my father of my decision, he stormed out, and...he hasn't returned from his place on duty in the forest. I know it's a selfish request... But I would like to ask you to persuade my father for his approval.
Will he even listen to random explorers...?
...I can't say for sure. But I know he couldn't be as cruel to you as he is to me. If I was to go, he would just refuse me again and storm off somewhere else. He's never really listened to me, after all... My father should be on the 2nd floor, in the room to the northeast. ...One of my father's friends told me he goes there often on his patrols. I'm sorry I'm putting you in this position, but please do your best to persuade my father.

I'll get on that eventually.

The Gunslinger girl showed up after we turned in Adventurers' Bond.

Oh, it's you. You're the ones that helped us out, right? You remember? Fighting the bird teams on the 20th floor?
How could I forget? Trying to get Ranger to hold back his transformation was almost as difficult as the fights themselves...
Thanks a lot for your help back there. Seriously, we needed it.
If you don't mind me asking, where's the purple-haired Ronin?
Uh... Ahaha... Right. About that. Kind of a funny story. After we turned in the quest, boss wanted to celebrate as a guild. The bonehead just drank, ate and partied until he collapsed. So I came as his substitute to tell you thanks from all of us. I'll give him an earful later, so just cut him some slack for now, okay? Alright, thanks again for accepting our quest! Let's both keep at it!

Adventurers in matching gear, because at this point I remembered I'd have to do town dialogue as well:

Lumen! Come here! Ey, have a drink!
C'mon! You drinkin'? We just got back from the fifth stratum!
S'all thanks to you, see? Now we finally know how to get up there. 's really high.
But it was so scary! We keep gettin' into big ones! Old-timers like us just need a drink when we bump into those!
Y'know about the Huge Statue things? They started freakin' out, goin' nuts as soon as we reached for 'em!
And those things seriously hurt! Gah, if we hadn't reached for them things, none of this crap would've happened...
...Wait. Why...*hic* why do we keep explorin' when all we do is keep gettin' into these big messes?
...Hrmm. Hngh? Maybe...maybe this isn' the time t'be drinkin'...?
I guess it's good that hat guy's guild is capable of introspection...

Hanna has special dialogue for us now that we've finished Small comforts.

Hey, remember that time when you got ingredients to make medicine for Quona? And after all you went through, all the girl could do was say 'thank you' to me! You know, though, even though she couldn't say it to your faces, the poor thing was so happy she could've cried... Sorry, I just wanted you to know! And thanks to you, it looks like she's having a lot of fun. Thanks, loves.

What was she worried about?
About what? About you, of course! How could we not be worried about you? You always come back covered in dirt and scratches...
B-but the most recent party seemed to come back clean every day...
We're all stuck here with nothing to do but worry over you! I don't know what my daughter would do if you hurt yourselves! Listen. If anything happens to you kids, we'll all worry ourselves sick! Don't forget that, okay? ...If you make my daughter cry... I'll never forgive you!

We've got a puzzling quest that needs looking into, so not into any new areas.
A lot more guilds have been coming to the shop with tales of the castle these days... It seems like they're following the path you've made, and they're arriving safely at the castle that way. Really, it's all thanks to you that everyone can get into the castle now... That's really amazing! ...It's so cool that you were the ones to find and explore the floating castle before anyone else did, though. I hope that one day, I'll be able to help people just like you do!

I understand that you're searching for the floating castle...but it's just a strange feeling, I suppose. All these ingredients...they were once suspended in the sky. Hm? You were flying as well? Hmm...tch. Thinking about that just makes me even more confused.

So...yeh find anything...?
What are you even expecting?
What do yeh mean “what"? Treasure, yeh boneheads! There's gotta be loads of treasure there! All the stories say that there's supposed to be some huge treasure deep in the castle! Yeh need to pick up yer pace and find it. the way. If yeh do happen to find that treasure, could yeh let me get a little glimpse of it?
You've asked us to do that an uncountable number of times by now, Cass.
Oh, c'mon. I just want to take one look. I ain't asking yeh to give it to me or anything. One peek can't hurt. C'mon, do it for old Cass! Haw haw haw!

Well, it's...different. Yep. It looks like it's built from ancient technology.
Hm...? I had no idea the castle's interior would appear that way. I can't imagine it as some sort of living quarters... If the castle is full of monsters, perhaps the residents have long since perished...or simply moved elsewhere. Could it be...? Legend tells us that the people of this city are descended from the castle's residents. But why abandon it...? Of course, these are all merely theories. Be careful as you move forward...there's no telling what may await you. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you find fortune on your travels.

Recently, it seems that every time a thought enters my drives another one out. The other day I left my staff in the study and I became quite agitated... I could not remember where I put it for the life of me.
I sympathize with you, Minister.
I...pfffft...don't... Pffffhahaha!
This is quite a serious matter! My story may be laughable, but it would be far more dire if you forgot something in the Labyrinth. ...You can easily see how awful such a situation could be. Do not take this lightly. You must be sure to always pay attention. I bid you farewell then, Guild Lumen. I expect great things from you.

Anyway, The golden shadow. I have grand plans for this quest. This involved putting together a specialized party you'll see in a bit, and giving Sophie this level 10 Stigmata Grimoire.

What is Stigmata, you might ask? You'll see. Oh boy, will you see.

I also ate the Strawberry Daifuku (attack item damage doubled) food, for Stardust's benefit.

I hate you all.

And there's the specialized party.

SYSTEM: When you agree, the guard nods in gratitude.
Thank you. We couldn't do anything on our own, and we were getting worried.
Um, what exactly is going on here? We heard another unit of guards is...stuck?
Yes, that is correct. We cannot go past this door... We went in, and headed for the next door, but there was this...dizziness...and we found ourselves back where we started. We thought it was just some mistake of ours, but the same thing happened when we tried again. We keep trying and trying, but we just keep turning up back here. What in the world is happening...?
Where's the stranded group?
To be honest, we're not exactly sure... But we originally wanted to head to the large room to the west, so if they're anywhere, they might be over there.
SYSTEM: The guard looks to the west, obviously concerned for his comrades.
Alright then. I'm sorry to have to ask, but please--help us find our comrades. First, find us a way to get past this door so we can get to the next room.
SYSTEM: The guard lowers his head with one last meek plea. You decide to help them find their lost allies.

SYSTEM: You do not feel the dizziness described by the guard, but things could change at any moment... Still, you have no choice but to move forward if you wish to save the other guards.

I'll just skip narrative stuff and be straight here: the gimmick with The golden shadow is that you will get warped back to the door if you take four steps without reversing your direction for the fourth step. That might sound stupid, so here's a basic example:

Step 1) Up
Step 2) Up
Step 3) Up
Step 4) Up

That will result in us getting teleported back to the door. However, if I walk backwards on step 4 instead, I will be free to proceed.

SYSTEM: A few people in armor are sitting in the room. They appear to be the Duchy's guards...

SYSTEM: The guard looks exhausted, but he pulls himself up with a ragged breath.
Are you all the stranded guard corps?
SYSTEM: You ask if they were the stranded scouts. The guard nods emphatically, and begins to explain.
I heard this strange howl when we came to this room. Suddenly, I got caught in some kind of weird rift...
SYSTEM: With not much more to say, the guard leans on his weapon wearily, thanking you for your intervention.

SYSTEM: Rather than dissipating, the bizarre sensation is only growing thicker and more oppressive by the second...
Milly, are you causing this earthquake?
Wh-- No! How would I even--

SYSTEM: Before you have a chance to react, you hear an unearthly roar from closer than ever!
A-a-ah... W-we may be in serious trouble...
SYSTEM: Something is directly in front of you... Though you cannot see, you sense its massive presence. And after a couple moments, your vision slowly starts to return...

Oh dear gods...
Is that a...dragon?!
Am I gonna get to taste dragon meat?!
It looks like a giant snake with a mustache. Maybe Jackie could make a stuffed toy that looks like it...

SYSTEM: With regal, sturdy horns, a body longer and bigger than any snake, and scales of gleaming gold... A dragon stares you down! Its cold eyes focus on you, and you can feel the pressure of its focused power, unable to move beneath its gaze...

Th-This is a nightmare... It must has to be!
SYSTEM: Confronted with the creature of myth, the guard gibbers, losing all composure... Already exhausted, and now faced with a creature told of in legends, it makes sense that he'd be overwhelmed. You can escape with the guards to ensure their safety, or you can take your weapons in hand and challenge the dragon.

I'm never gonna get another opportunity like this again!
Is this stupid voracious eater serious?
Jackie's gonna want detailed notes...
O-oh dear... I-I don't know what to...

VIDEO: Boss Fight: Storm Emperor

Storm Emperor
HP: 32000, STR: 77, TEC: 59, VIT: 58, AGI: 52, LUC: 53
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 150% 100% 0%
Disable resistances:
25% 50% 25% 25% 50% 0% 0%
0% 0% 10%
25% 25% 25%

A legendary yellow dragon who wields electricity masterfully.

The Storm Emperor is one of the three elemental dragons, who have shown up in every EO game as postgame bosses. Storm Emperor is level 70 internally, meaning you're supposed to fight it when your party is anywhere from 64-70 on average. Fighting this thing without Volt Wall, or hell, just fighting it before the postgame at all is usually certain death.

...Y'know, this is the bit where I'd pretend that I didn't know what I was doing, say "oh shit I've made a terrible mistake," intentionally let Volt Torrent kill me, throw up a Game Over screen, and then reveal that it was all a not-very-clever ruse.

Screw that. I know full well what I'm doing, and that's because I've got a very deadly weapon on my side.

And it's this beauty right here.

Stigmata and Creeping Curse, that is. Not Sophie. I mean her portrait isn't bad, it's not creepy like some portraits are and... Okay, no, that train of thought cannot go anywhere good.

Remember how I said you'd get to see what Stigmata does later, exactly? Now's the time.

(Everyone else did standard setup.)


HAVE IT ALL! ...Oh, it's so amazing...
She... She just...
Sophie's had a bottomless appetite as far as I can remember, but that...
Th-the dragon doesn't even look like it can move...
Sophie looks stuffed after that.

Stigmata, at level 10 binds all of the user's body parts if they don't have resistances or immunities. In return, it attempts to inflict every bind the user has, all at once, on one enemy. And at level 10, it has an 85% base chance--255% with Creeping Curse. She has a 10+ LUC advantage on the Storm Emperor, too, along with a level 4 Curb ATK Up and a little extra base chance from the Bind Up added effects. Even against the Storm Emperor's 25% resistances to each bind type, that's still a ~64% base chance before any of the extra bonuses are factored in.

Stigmata on its own is mad stupid, but remember...

Well, if there was ever a time for this...

We have Ecstasy.


Ironically, Ranger is going to be contributing the least damage out of anyone here.

Oh yeah, I can demo Compression + Strawberry Daifuku + all-target Jars now. If you like seeing big numbers in action, please watch the video.

I'll have Sophie purge off her self-inflicted binds so she can use Black Mist next turn.

Freyja... You just caused a gargantuan-sized dragon to shriek in pain.
I-it started it...

Holy fuck.

Hmm. Stuffing my matches into a jar amplifies the effect. Interesting!

If that doesn't seem as impressive, bear in mind that Stardust doesn't have the effect of a level 20 Volt Prelude like Freyja does, and Analysis only gives a 65% damage bonus instead of the 100% that Trance does. Also, she requires a fraction of the setup that Ecstasy does--just one turn for Compression, instead of potentially multiple to fully bind the enemy. It's also not reliant on the binds not wearing off.

Oh man... I don't think any food'll ever compare to that...


Told you Ranger wouldn't be doing much.


Okay, okay, that was over-the-top, yes. I'll save the reasoning for why the Yellow Heart is a gigantic pain when we fight the Storm Emperor for real in the postgame, but let it be known that the Dragon Hearts are, in my opinion, the ultimate example of why EO2U's summon-focused bosses are fucking terrible.

Everyone else will just repeat their previous actions, except for Sophie, who'll force the binds to last one more turn.

I wish I could have more...

For you fans of percentages, Freyja has now chopped off over 33% of the Storm Emperor's HP in two turns. And we're well over 10 levels below where you should be when fighting this thing.

Stardust's damage with Volt Prelude. I told you Compression + Strawberry Daifuku was broken!

Ahaha, eat shit, you're not going anywhere.

If you fight the Storm Emperor during The golden shadow, from turn 3 on, it will try to escape during the turn, and at the very end of the turn. That last one is a bit of a dick move, since that check is performed after the ailments/binds wearing off check is done, meaning the Storm Emperor could fail to escape during the turn itself, but then flee at the end.


The Yellow Heart's only action is to cast Resonant Thunder at the end of the turn, which deals scaling TEC-based damage of the same element as the dragon. I'll explain precisely why this is shitty when the postgame rolls around.

Nope. You wanted to pick a fight with us, you'll stick with it until the end.

This is gonna feel so good.

Th-the ectasy of...agony...
Look, Freyja, I have connections, I'll get you an acting assistant to help you with talking. Anything to repay you for what you just did.
Nothing for little miss abomination over there?
The taste of the dragon is payment enough for Sophie.

I did say that Stigmata and Ecstasy was insanely broken, didn't I?

In fact, it's actually a really popular cheese strat for just breaking the entire game. I'm not kidding when I say you can go from late 2nd Stratum (the first point where you could maybe get a lv10 Stigmata Grimoire on a Hexer) through all of the postgame (sans superboss) with it--I should know, because I did exactly that. I am not going to be using it after this fight, I just wanted to demonstrate it on what was intended to be a very quick game over.

Mm... I can still taste the heavenly texture, and the tang of the scale combined with the meat...
SYSTEM: Who could have foreseen this? It can only be the fruit of your daily training regimen! The dragon soars into the sky and disappears elsewhere in the Labyrinth. Along with its departure, the forest also begins to return to its unwarped form. The danger has now passed. You talk to the guard about what just happened.

SYSTEM: The guard finally relaxes, and sinks to the floor with a sigh of relief. You can hear the footsteps of the guard corps coming from the north of the room.
It''s my group! We can finally go home! Thank you... Thank you so much! We owe you our lives...! Good bye, now!
SYSTEM: The guard thanks you fervently before rushing back to the safety of his comrades. This marks the end of this quest! All that remains is to return to the bar and report to Cass. You pack away the spoils of war from your clash with the dragon, and set out once again.
Did the dragon drop this giant bag of coins as it was flying away?
I...guess it did. I don't know why a dragon would need a comically big bag of ental, but whatever, it's ours now.
I bet Realga's gonna be happy to see that!

Killing the Storm Emperor during The golden shadow gives you 100k en. I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be an extra reward if you tackled this thing a lot later on (like, in the middle of the postgame, when you'd normally fight the Storm Emperor).

Ahhh, yeh did it! A messenger from the Grand Duchy just came to deliver the news. Something about that monster's howls was warpin' the forest. It's one eerie place, with monsters like that around... Anyways, glad to have yeh back. Here's the reward... Care to make a donation? Come back anytime! Haw haw haw!

That's all of the 5th Stratum recipe books now.

Next time: we actually explore 24F with the new party, instead of getting distracted with snapping the game in half.