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Part 68: Pre-Update 56: Wyvern pre-fight overview

Pre-Update 56: Wyvern pre-fight overview

HP: 33000, STR: 80, TEC: 58, VIT: 55, AGI: 55, LUC: 49
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 50% 125% 0%
Disable resistances:
25% 50% 50% 25% 50% 50% 25%
0% 0% 10%
50% 25% 25%

One of the ancient wyrms, who soars high in the sky, scorching the land below in blinding light.

Wyvern is a pretty big joke. She'd be threatening if she had access to actual all-party attacks, but as is, she can really only target one to three people, and usually only one might die. Not helping her is the fact that binding her arms shuts off her deadliest attack (Wing Talon), along with her method of ensuring that Tail Strike hits. If you bind her head as well, she basically can't do anything at all.

Honestly, there's not a lot else to say about her, so onto the party members, with one caveat:


Nadia: I'm getting the Paralyzed Wing, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. Hazy Arrow is, unfortunately, probably not going to show up that much, but Nadia has other options for dealing okay damage.

Damage dealers

Zack: Chasers, requires other party members for setup, you surely get the deal by now.

Freyja: Freyja has less inherent value here than in the Salamander fight, where Sophie was forced, but I'm sure you'll agree she's still a decent option after that last showing.

Stardust: Elemental weakness, Frost Jars, the Attack Item Up food, again, you probably get the deal by now.

Asriel: Asriel is an even worse option than normal solely because Wyvern has tons of attacks that can one-shot even durable classes. What hope does Asriel have?

Jackie: Paralysis disables evasion, meaning Jackie won't have to worry about missing. Aside from that and the fact that she still deals somewhat-reliable elemental damage, Supreme Bolt can also buy me a free turn if I really feel like it.

Tyler: Spear Assist, Delayed/Cross Charge, I'm really having issues coming up with new things to say about this combo. What I can say about Tyler himself is that his damage actually suffers from how uncommon new spears are, meaning that he deals even lower damage than normal for now. The Wyvern Spear (which I'll have to make multiple attempts at Wyvern to get) will help.

Ranger: Wanna see Wyvern just get evaporated, probably like the Yggdrasil Core? Ranger's your man.


Phoebe: Front Guard unfortunately can't really save anyone from Wing Talon, meaning Phoebe's best contribution is spamming Volt Wall to stop potential Burning Rays.

Ursa: Ursa's main use is dying to high-damage attacks so other people won't. Hopefully Deadly Resolve can save her from that, and she can probably survive Burning Ray if she has Desperation on, or has Realga backing her up.


Realga: Realga's main use is making Ursa really tanky, even in the face of Burning Ray. Probably can't save her from Wing Talon, but not much really can, honestly.

Milly: Milly still enables really big damage numbers, although she works better with elemental damage sources, so she can take advantage of the Fantasias.

Sophie: Binds completely shut down Wyvern, and Sophie's our best option for inflicting those. She won't have much to do after inflicting them, but that doesn't matter a ton. Black Mist can extend paralysis's duration by one, even though she won't be inflicting it.

Colette: Yet again, given that Wyvern is going to have an ailment by the end of the fight, Colette can help contribute decent damage with Ailing Slash.

Rheine: Buffs and Link Order are Rheine's main job. Dauntless Order will finally get some real use here, however, since most of Wyvern's attacks are single-target insta-kill skills, which Dauntless Order has a high chance of basically negating (70% at 10, 80% at 20).

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