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Part 75: Title Goes Here

Update 60: Title Goes Here

...Could you come with me for a moment?
(What's with the attitude? She's obviously not staff, and there's no way that Makise Kurisu would be working with someone like Doctor Nakabachi. Which!)
Y-you're with the Organization?!
...I think all this time fighting monsters is getting to my head. Whose voices are those?
Oh, good evening, Milly. We're just acting out scenes a part of Colette's book to pass the time.
I know orange is close to red, but did you really have to make me say her lines? Couldn't I have been someone who looks and sounds less mean?
Are there any other voices I should know about?
I'm not in this scene, but!
Okarin? Earth to Okarin!
...Let's just get going.

This is gonna be a short update, since there's no new enemies here, just obstacles.

There's certainly some dickish encounter formations, though.

Wandering Eyes have holes in the ground that they'll spawn out of, and holes in the ground that they'll despawn at. They take 3 steps in one directino for every step we take.

There's a treasure chest over there, but there's also the issue of the path to it being patrolled by a Wandering Eye.

Take a wild guess as to how I handled it.

Not interested.

Dear lord.

This long pathway might look intimidating, especially given that there's tons of holes where Wandering Eyes spawn out of.

Too bad they're absolutely no threat at all.

I dunno what happened, but that was the only wave of Wandering Eyes I ran into.

I told you this'd be short.

SYSTEM: A sea of cherry blossoms fills the air, and the wind blows a torrent of red that is nearly dizzying to behold. Surely this must be the Throne of Thunder!

SYTSTEM: The noise is unmistakable... You recognize the roar of the dragon that you have come to know so well.

SYSTEM: This dragon is the Storm Emperor that you have been pursuing! Whether an effect of its thunder, or merely an illusion, the air around your body crackles, numbing your skin... However, if you turn back now, then the dragon's rampage will continue unabated. If you are ready, then you must not hesitate. Begin the battle against this living force of nature!

This party probably could take on Storm Emperor, but I'd rather not just charge right in.

After forgetting about town dialogue for two updates, let's take care of that, shall we?

You really make me worry! You just keep climbing, and climbing... You'll bang your heads on the sun if you're not careful! Oh, I know. Why don't you all just climb the Labyrinth at night? The sun won't be up during the night, so you'll be perfectly fine! And it'll be less hot and stuffy, too!
I don't think that'll be necessary. The Labyrinth is maddening at times, but even that is a bit much for it.

Hanna's "advice" here was serious in the original EO2, incidentally. The 26F teleporters in that game changed where you went based on what time of day it was, and you could only go to the real parts of 27F by going to 26F at night.

Is that even a question? Scrambled!
...Oh, I like scrambled eggs too! They're really good. Mom puts milk in it when she makes it... She says if you do that, it makes the eggs all fluffy... Oh, um, don't let Mom know that I told you that. It' to be a secret. Okay...?

Now that I think about it... It's been a long time since you first came into this store.
Been about... I'd say a little over seven months.
Hee hee... You've really become regulars here. I don't know why, but the thought of that makes me happy... When unfamiliar people walk in the door, sometimes I get nervous, but when I see it's you, my worries just fade... Thank you for coming here so often. Please take your time and look around!

So, were you able to find any new ingredients? Stop by if you find something new. ...It really is a luxury to have you keep bringing new kinds of ingredients to this cafe... I'm counting on you, Lumen!

Do I even want to know what happened?
Because of yeh, there've been parties every single night here. Thanks to that, I'm hungover every damn day... Heard yeh're still going back into the Labyrinth. Kinda feels like we live in different worlds. By now, yeh lot are pretty much Labyrinth monsters yerselves...! Don't take that the wrong way, though! Haw haw haw! ...When they first found that Labyrinth, I never figured there'd be a day when somebody reaches the top. But yeh lot did it. When I first saw yeh, I thought yeh were hopeless, but now yeh're regulars of mine... I dunno if I'm happy or a little sad about that... Dammit! I've really taken a shine to yeh lot. Yeh were all scrawny, but yeh had that gleam in yer eyes... That's when I knew... Argh! This hangover! Makin' me say all kinds of crap! Just forget everything I said! But listen, Lumen... Even if yeh get all famous, more than yeh are now... Yeh better still come to my bar, yeh hear me!? Haw haw haw!

We've been finished with the floating castle for several weeks now.
...Then again, I'm sure the strongest guild in High Lagaard doesn't need reminding of that. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I hope you find fortune on your travels.

Yeah. There's another stratum above the floating castle...somehow.
What!? So there were yet more branches reaching above the castle...? One could assume that the branches grew beyond the castle because it was blocking any sunlight from hitting them.
I don't think we're really still on the tree in that place.
...Ah, but we can theorize as much as we like. This is still Yggdrasil we are talking about, after all... I'm sure it won't be easy. Listen carefully, Guild Lumen. We here at the Grand Duchy will not hesitate at anything for your sake. For you are a citizen of this country. Your battles are our battles as well. We will stand at your side. I would like you to keep that in mind. Be sure to come back safe.

Well, I could've planned that out better.

Next time: Storm Emperor.