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by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 78: 冻住! 不许走!

Update 62: 冻住! 不许走!

You know, we've got all these different slices of monster... What would happen if we asked Regina to combine them?
Firstly, I doubt such a process exists for creating a composite meat like what you want. Secondly, I doubt anyone but you would be able to consume such a creation.
Exactly! No-one but me would ever want to eat it, meaning Ranger won't snack on it!
...He's been snacking on the slices I preserved for you?
Firstly, I need to talk with him so this does not happen again. Secondly, I'm amazed he's alive...

We're searching for the Ice King's grave today, because I have a strange compulsion to finish all my quests before going any further in the 6th Stratum.

SYSTEM: Baffled, you check your bag, and findt he Ice King's Book radiating light, and trembling. Upon revealing the block, the crest also seems to shudder, and begins emanating a thin light...

SYSTEM: You examine the tome again, but it simply appears to be a mundane book once more. If you wish to proceed, it seems you will have to lay hands upon the mysterious crest... Once you are ready to touch the crest, reach your hand out!

Much like the last icon, that thing turns into a shortcut after that.

Did you miss the giant areas with tons of ice? Because I sure did.

Again with the near-identical divergences.

Ice Drake
HP: 2451, STR: 65, TEC: 67, VIT: 51, AGI: 46, LUC: 54
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 100% 0% 150%
Disable resistances:
100% 100% 50% 50% 0% 100% 50%
50% 50% 50%
100% 100% 100%

The frosty breath from this dragon will affect its prey as well as its own body.

Ice Drakes can be incredibly deadly if you don't have either Ice Wall or anyone quick enough to either kill them or disable them before Ice King's Howl. Good thing both of those are pretty easy to come by, no?

The only other big thing about them is that practically every encounter in the 3rd Stratum secret area has an Ice Drake in it. Great fun, I tell you.

Mmm... Bleh. It tastes frozen. No other taste at all.
Were you expecting something different?

Even slow-as-molasses-going-uphill-in-January-with-crutches Ranger can outspeed Snow Lizards by this point.

Should I just toss these slices, Sophie?
Eh, I wouldn't. Maybe Regina can use it as a kind of exotic ice.

This update is honestly going to be really light since it's really hard to talk about the ice areas.

Lots of chests by this point will just have some kind of high-level consumable, which I'm not gonna complain about.

I mean, really, how do I make sliding around that area for about 5 minutes interesting? It doesn't help that every encounter is 100% unremarkable.

The stairs lead to this small area that's basically just a corridor.

SYSTEM: A human-like silhouette melts into the snowy environs upon realizing your presence.
SYSTEM: You trudge closer, but a gust of wind blows through the room, and the silhouette disappears.
...I believe we might have just witnessed...
A ghost?
I prefer the term spirit, but in a sense, yes.
SYSTEM: You squint, wondering if you saw true, but nothing is there. What could it have been...?

That event is so abrupt that I believe Atlus only put it in to make this corridor not just something to walk through.

Another small area.

Huh. Floor's in a checkerboard pattern.
I refuse to believe this formed naturally.
That belief begs a question, however: who is responsible for this?
Does it really matter?

I don't know why Atlus thinks 3rd Stratum FOEs are threatening.

The Stun Knife has a 30% base chance to stun enemies upon a basic attack.

This isn't your average, everyday trash. This is...advanced trash.

If you kill the Wandering Eyes, which you should very much be capable of, there is no special trick to moving around this room.

I went back to town to save and drop off drops.

Glacier Rod (+151 ATK, +6 VIT, normal attacks become Bash+Ice) is unlocked by selling 1 Frozen Horn.

Dragon Helm (Highlander ultimate non-body armor; +55 DEF, +20 HP, +20 TP) is made from 1 Shabby Bone. Can you tell that Atlus really had no idea how to gracefully do Highlander ultimate armor?

Hail Vambrace (+33 DEF, +10% Ice resistance) is unlocked by selling 2 Frozen Horns.

Athanor (Alchemist ultimate non-body armor; +41 DEF, +25 TP, +3 TEC) is made from 1 Shabby Bone. More TP and TEC for the elemental damage goddess.

Oh god look at how much empty space there is between us and the rest of the floor. This is going to be long, huh?

There was absolutely nothing interesting going on for a solid 6 minutes of raw footage.

Giant empty halls can only mean one thing.
That our goal is here?
If I was a fancy monarch, I'd wanna be buried in a big, symmetrical hall, too.

SYSTEM: The footprints you leave in the snow reveal that you stand on a sturdy stone floor. You see faint but unmistakable signs of the High Lagaard crest engraved into the ground!
Aha! I suppose this does seem like an appropriate burial ground for someone referred to as the Ice King.
SYSTEM: This can only be the Ice King's grave that you came to find! As you exult in your discovery, you notice something at your feet. You pick it up and see that it is a white Auratum.

Hmm... Flowers like this don't naturally grow in frigid climates.
SYSTEM: To have lived this long in such cold surroundings... Was it planted here deliberately? It may serve as proof that you have uncovered the grave. You stow it in your bag. When you return to Lagaard, you should report your success back at the bar.

Ahh, yeh're back. So did yeh find this so-called “Ice King?" What? Yeh weren't lookin' for him? Well, that's no fun...
C-Cass, we didn't say we weren't looking for the Ice King. Well, anyway, we found the nation's crest in this big room--probably a safe bet it's the Ice King's grave.
The nation's crest, eh? Wait...does that mean our rulers went into the Labyrinth themselves in the old days? Now that's interesting... Hm? What's with the flower? Why would I need that? The Grand Duchy's gonna send a team to the coordinates yeh gave. Get it properly verified and all. I'll tell them what yeh found. Here's the reward! Come back anytime!

Before we end the update, Quona has some dialogue now that we've finished The sleeping Duke.

Oh? Is that white thing a flower? It's...really pretty...
The Auratum? Yes, it's a flower.
Your guess is as good as ours for how it grew there.
This flower'll just melt in our pack. Do you want it? Actually, take it.

Wow... Thank you...! It's really pretty, and it smells really good...hee hee... I'll make sure to take good care of it. Oh, this flower reminds you still have that flower charm I gave you?
It's gotta be in the pack somewhere. Think this is it.
SYSTEM: You take out the small charm Quona gave you and show it to her.
O-Oh... It's all shriveled up... Um...this flower grows on the 14th floor, right...? Hmm... If I prepare properly...
Um, Quona, what are you talking about?
Huh? O-Oh, it's nothing. I'm fine, hehe... Th-Thanks for the flower. I'll make sure to find a place for it!

Ugh... Luca, it's almost 4 AM. The sun's coming up in just a few hours. What kept you guys?
...Oh, gods, it IS that late. Were you up all this time waiting for us to get back?
It's not like I've had much else to do for the past three weeks. ...P-plus, if you guys die, that's five less people I get to patch up and charge for.
Slipping around on ice really eats up time, I guess.
I trust no-one will object to us sleeping in for some hours. Come on, Sophie...
Do you think Regina's still up? I'm hungry from not eating my usual 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM, 11 PM, midnight, 1 AM, 2 AM, and 3 AM steaks.

Next time: that one other quest we have, followed by actual 6th Stratum exploration. Surprising, I know.