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Part 90: Pre-Final Update: Ur-Child pre-fight overview

Pre-Final Update: Ur-Child pre-fight overview

HP: 140000, STR: 97, TEC: 94, VIT: 73, AGI: 60, LUC: 83
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 125% 125% 125%
Disable resistances:
50% 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 0%
0% 50% 75%

The origin of all life created by the Ruler of Heaven, more powerful than even the Overlord!

Origin Bud
HP: 10000, STR: 97, TEC: 94, VIT: 73, AGI: 60, LUC: 83
Damage resistances:
100% 100% 100% 125% 125% 125%
Disable resistances:
50% 100% 50% 0% 0% 0% 0%
10% 10% 0%
50% 50% 75%

Protects the Ur-Child and catalyzes its evolution. Do not fall prey to the Ur-Child...


FUCK UR-CHILD. Ur-Child exmplifies everything wrong with EO2U's boss design: a strict pattern that's designed to severely punish you for not memorizing it beforehand, summons that do nothing but prolong the fight and punish you for not killing them within a strict time limit, kill moves you can't possibly see coming on the first time around, and monstrous HP inflation. 140k HP is already way too fucking much, that's over DOUBLE what the Great Dragon had, and that was already a fucking annoying HP sponge, but then you factor in the fact that Ur-Child's gonna cast Noble Rest three times, and you realize that it effectively has closer to 170k HP!

I will admit, I do like the idea of Ur-Child manipulating your Force--however, just flat breaking or completely restoring it isn't that great of an implementation, and it doesn't really add much to the fight as a whole. In fact, it can actually seriously fuck you over. Notice how Ur-Child waits until Turn 8 to cast Sunlight's Dawn in Phase 5. If you don't wait for that turn and instead knock it down to below 30% HP, you are NOT getting your Force back for the rest of the fight, which is pretty goddamn bad with the two back-to-back summons of Origin Buds right after it.

Value of Solitude deserves special mention, by the way. It is the worst kind of fuck you to the player--it not only punishes you for not knowing the pattern ahead of time in Phase 4, it can just randomly fucking happen in Phases 6 and 7! Don't have an easy way to kill someone, even if you know the pattern? Fuck you, then, hope you can bind Ur-Child's legs!

Oh, yeah, speaking of binds, Ur-Child's also immune to every useful disable. Did you like using Hexers up to this point? Too bad, they're considerably less useful for Ur-Child, to the point where I consider them actively garbage. Arm and leg binds only disable a couple of anciliary skills (although leg binds DO disable Value of Solitude), poison is absolutely laughable this late in the game, and blind's only really useful if you have the Blind Effect Up food on, and even then, you can only inflict it a few times throughout the fight.

The Origin Buds are also a special kind of hell. 10k HP is non-trivial to burn through, and you have to kill both of them within 3 turns for most instances in the fight, and you have to do it twice in a row for Phase 6. Failed to meet that time limit? Enjoy an unavoidable game over, since Twilight's Gleam ensures you'll never have either Perfect Defense or True Endurance for Eternal Exodus.

So, I imagine you're probably wondering what my strategy is. This is the party I will be bringing to Ur-Child:

Front row

Colette: Barrier is absolutely invaluable, given how many disables Ur-Child tosses around, and the fight's damn near impossible on Expert without it. In fact, my strategy with Colette is to literally just have her spam it every turn Ur-Child does anything that can potentially inflict a disable.

Ursa: Ursa's job is the same as always, and that is to keep the rest of the party out of harm's way. With the Bikini Armor, she's really fucking good at tanking My Wrath/Sorrow/Mercy--in fact, she can eat pretty much everything, short of Howling Winds, full party Value of Solitude, and Eternal Exodus, of course. Auto-Lick and Auto-Heal also mean that she's incredibly self-reliant, and will be at pretty much either full or near-full HP for every turn.

Ranger: Ranger deals damage. That's it. Akashic Nova combined with Crusade is really fucking good at just wiping the Origin Buds in one turn. If you're playing a purely Classic save (ie. no NG+ from Story mode), you can probably put a Ronin in this slot as a generic damage dealer. They don't really get the benefit of elemental weaknesses, but there's not really anyone else you can put in that slot that'd do much better.

Back row

Stardust: It wouldn't be a boss fight without Stardust, would it? She'll do the same thing as Ranger: deal elemental damage. Eschaton deals slightly less than Akashic Nova, due to not hitting a weakness, but it'll still wipe out the Origin Buds in one shot with Crusade.

Milly: Buffs are incredibly important in EO2U, and it stands to reason that I'd bring Milly along for the final fight. Crusade is reserved for one thing, and one thing only: enabling Stardust and Ranger to wipe out the Origin Buds in one turn.

That should do it for my thoughts on Ur-Child. Get ready, because tomorrow, it all ends.