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Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight

by Ragnar Homsar, Dr. Fetus

Part 93: Arrival in High Lagaard

Update 2: Arrival in High Lagaard

Our protagonist's name was decided to be Knight! So that's what we're going with.

Nah, I think you heard wrong.

In truth, I'm lacking.

Here's Flavio. He's gonna be one of our party members. And before you ask, no, you cannot rename Story Mode characters.

I'll give it my best shot!

I see... Oh, um, are you sure about sending two rookies, though? Shouldn't the knights of Caledonia be handling that?

Why me?

I'm thinking that maybe all sorts of things could go wrong here.

I'm not confident about this...

Oh. Oops.

B-But we're still in front of the professor, so let's say, “Leave it to us!” Okay!?

I didn't think they'd form an investigation team with just the two of us on it.

No time to be a baby, Flavio.

It's not a big deal.

Heheh, it's reassuring, in a way.
Alright, I can't stand around quaking in my boots. I need to repay the Library for raising me. The Duchy of High Lagaard, huh? Okay, let's get going!

We're playing EO3, right?

That southern ocean city, right?

Oh. My mistake.

Completely different place. High Lagaard is a cold country north of here.
Better take a map so we don't get lost, I guess.

Despite anxious hopes for a perilous adventure, the journey was uneventful. On the night of the 30th day... High Lagaard at last came into view.

Our orders from the Midgard Library were, “report straight to the Guild once you arrive in High Lagaard,” right?
We should probably get going then, huh?

Only one place we can go to at the moment.

Oh? I do recall receiving word that a member of the investigation team would come. Flavio, is it...? And your name is?

I don't give names to strangers, lady.

...How about you tell me yours first?

Now then, Knight and Flavio. In searching for your client Lady Arianna, I'd like you to thoroughly explore the area. This is a mission that is tasked to all explorers of High Lagaard.

Precisely. I'd like to see if the members of the Midgard investigation team live up to the prestigious name. I've already sent a message to the Duke's Palace. I'd like you to head there and accept a mission from them.

By accepting and completing these, you will be able to progress and receive various rewards. First, try heading to the Duke's Palace from the plaza.

We understand, but... where exactly are we supposed to meet our client?
Ah... she's been waiting for your arrival at the Labyrinth's entrance for some time. She seems to be in quite the hurry. I imagine she's waiting at the same spot as usual. I suggest you accept the mission and meet up with her at the Labyrinth.

So here's one of the main differences between Story and Classic. First of all, we start out with less money. And we're stuck with 2 party members at the moment, even though most people would make a party of 5 in Classic mode. Anyways, I'm not gonna talk too much about gameplay here. The main purpose of this Let's Play is to cover the differences between Story and Classic. You want gameplay details? Read Ragnar Homsar's LP, he's covering that pretty well.

The other thing is that we're stuck with this party. We can't make any new members, so whatever the game gives us, it's what we have to work with. Though this game allows some leeway, in that it lets you alter your class (You can't do this with Fafnir. He's stuck in his base class.) Altering your class allows you to do just that. Except the person who alters their class keeps their base stat spread instead of changing to the new class' stat spread. So it's somewhat limited in use in Story Mode. Now there are a couple of good ways to reclass some classes. Flavio can be reclassed to a Gunner or Hexer and can take on their roles fairly effectively if you wish to work with those classes. I won't be making use of reclassing in this playthrough. The Story Mode party is already fairly versatile and serviceable. Oh, and Story Mode characters do have the same stat spread as their base class.

Anyways we can also talk to Marion.

Go accept the mission at the Duke's Palace, and proceed to rendezvous at the Labyrinth.

Now each NPC has a bit of dialogue whenever you talk to them. They usually change it for each new floor you reach. Though some of the dialogue differs depending on if you play Story or Classic. I won't show off the ones that have already been shown off by Ragnar Homsar. Anyways, let's leave.

Gee, not giving us much of a choice there.

That's some beard you've got.

No, I'm pretty sure that his beard is a very important issue.

...Hm. I had imagined the people of Midgard to be more severe folk, but it seems you two have a sense of humor.
Oh! Uh, um... w-we apologize for our behavior!
No need for apologies. Why, it's a pleasant surprise to be complimented on one's beard. I'm rather unused to such flattery! But let us return to the point. Yes, the Guildmaster has already informed me that you wish to take the test. This may also make a fine opportunity for you to attain the basic skills you'd need to navigate the Labyrinth. You may now proceed with the test.

Let's take the test.

Carographic skills are de rigueur when investigating the Labyrinth. I hope for this mission to teach you those skills. Here is a map of the Labyrinth. Note down the details that you find and return to the Grand Duchy when it is done.

And like in Classic Mode, you get a map, and it shows up on the bottom screen.

What I'm interested in this time is 1F. Here, I'll mark the region in question on your map in red.

He does so.

And one last thing. I wish for you to find and retrieve from the Labyrinth a bit of proof that we've prepared.
Proof, huh?

Ahahaha. An unsubtle jab at people who prefer to look up maps on the internet rather than making one themselves.

The proof is a wooden token with the High Lagaardian emblem engraved n it. You'll find it in a treasure box.

Let's go, Flavio.
Understood! We're finally going into the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, huh...? L-Let's get fired up, Knight!

Let's talk to Dubois.

Make sure you visit Sitoth Trading, and prepare well before you proceed with the mission.

Let's leave.

Prepare your equipment there before heading into the Labyrinth itself, hm?

You just said that to us.

Anyways, we'll check out the rest of the town, and meet with our client next time.