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Part 98: Never Trust an Animal (Except Wolves)

Update 7: Never Trust An Animal (Except Wolves)

Previously on this Let's Play of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold...

And the name that was voted on was...

How brilliant! How bursting with creativity! It's perfect.

Now, Regina doesn't have anything more to say after that, but there is an audio only conversation we can listen to.

You're kind of in my way, there.
Oh, pardon me. I'll move over here, then.
Ugh. It's not about where you are, you're distracting me. What's with you, anyway?
My apologies, I couldn't help but gaze in awe at your lovely technique, Dame Regina.
Of all things to say-fine! Just try not to get in my way, alright?
Of course!

What a pain.
Hey, come on now. We already accepted the job, didn't we? You're starting to sound like a certain cranky old man.

To recreate this, we'll need Rye and Sugar Beets. Ms. Blondie said we can find Rye on the 1st floor, and Sugar Beets on the 2nd floor. If we can find it in the Labyrinth... Should we look for them in places we can Mine, Take, and Chop?
Yes, a fine idea. Let us first look for a suitable place to search for those ingredients. At once, it is coffee, and yet not coffee...! I'm very curious as to its preparation, and how it might taste!

And let's head to the 2nd floor of the Labyrinth.

That... looks bad. Why don't we wrap up the exploration and call it a day?
What if it's here tomorrow?
Isn't it obvious? We sleep at the inn and wait until it disappears.
Sir Bertrand, our lodging bill would quickly grow unmanageable if we did such a thing...

Well there's an obvious solution to that.

We can do it if we camp out.
Why're you acting like our hotel bill is the problem here!?
It's hardly the point. If we don't figure out a way around this thing, we'll never catch up to the guard.
Oh dear... you're quite right. Well then, let us remain here until we've found a way to proceed.

I get past it.

Same thing as in Classic. I go to the room on the right and find a Sugar Beet from the Mine point.

No, that's a beta vulgaris.
Is that... like a betta fish?
A beta vulgaris is a beta vulgaris.
...Chloe. You're not helping.
It's, hm... like a daikon radish, but not. When you boil this one, it turns into sugar. Say, isn't this the Sugar Beet the kid at the cafe wanted?
Ah! I see it plainly now! Well then, we have the Rye already, so let us take these back to Dame Regina!

I head back to Cafe to cook up some coffee.

Yeah, looks like what I asked for... Rye and Sugar Beets. With this, I can try that recipe! Time to make this coffee now. You can just leave the rest to me.
Um, is there any way that we can help you with the process? It sounds like quite an interesting recipe. I would like to be of some assistance, even if it's in the most minor capacity!
Assistance...? You?

Is that okay?
...Well, if you want to give me a hand, I won't stop you. The recipe itself isn't all that complicated. Well then, let's see if you can give me a hand with Apicius's coffee substitute.

And here's one of the side stuff that we can do. Cooking! We're given a tutorial on it.

Well, let's go make some coffee.

Alright, let's try making a new dish!

If you use the right ingredients, that happens.

Alright, I have made Hi Lagaar Coffee!
Wow, that's incredible...! It's coffee, but without the use of coffee beans!
The aroma is so soothing... It is amazing that you were able to make this with that technique!
Yeah, that's a bold process that only Apicius could come up with. Come to think of it... I have heard that Apicius' cooking gave people mystical powers. It might be useful to your adventures, so why don't you have a drink before going out?

The game then tells us about how food works.

Do you know any more recipes? I want to make more food...
Yeah. Currently three recipes are known. Could you help me develop the menu? If you just bring me the ingredients, I'll take it from there.

More specifically, it heals the party for 15% of their max HP for every 9 steps they take. Which is basically 1.6666% for every step you take. Meh.

So anyways, what you saw there was a restaurant skit. Classic Mode misses out on those, but in Story Mode, the party will comment on the dish that was made. I'll make sure to show all of those off. Oh, and thanks to Hobgoblin2099 for providing a transcript of these scenes.

Here's another recipe we can complete right now.

Sorry to keep you waiting. It's done.
Huh... A-A snail!?

Snail cooking...?
Oh, no, Sir Knight. This is called escargot.
Nah-ah. The escargot I know isn't this big!

That looks good!
...Huh!? But don't you think it's a bit too big?
Sir Flavio, this is an established dish known as escargot.
Well... yeah, but...

And the conversation continues on from there.

You didn't do your homework, kid. The bigger they are, the more valuable they get.
...Huh? R-Really?

But the taste is exquisite. It is stronger and richer than normal escargot.
I can't wait.
I would love to have this as well. I have not eaten escargot since I've left my homeland.

I want to eat, too.
Of course, go right ahead. I'll add this to my menu, so you can order it whenever you want.

...Ah, fine then. I'll cut it up for Arianna, Bertrand... and Chloe. You and Flavio don't need it, right? I'll add this to the menu so you can order it whenever you want. ...Hmph.

And this increases the amount of ingredients we get at item points. Handy if we want to farm for dishes.

Oh, it's alright. Just put all your dirty laundry by the door. I'll wash them all for you. Exploring the Labyrinth is all well and good, but you loves should try touring the city a bit too, you know? High Lagaard is really a beautiful city. It might be nice for you to look at the Labyrinth from the outside for a change!

The NPCs do have one time dialogue for the restaurant opening up, but Hanna's dialogue is the same as it was in Classic, so I'm not showing that. Anyways, I could use some sleep.

S-Sure I do!

That's a lie... I can tell by how you look away when you say it.
......You see, at home... I'm called the Daughter of the Mark. My great-grandma lives with us, and she keeps telling me that I have an important role... I never was allowed to play with anyone my age. I had no friends.
Which is why I'm so happy to have come to the Midgard Library to study! You are my first and only friend.
So, Knight... if ever there is a time that I'm in trouble, will you come and aid me?

Flavio's not your friend?

Er, well... Flavio is a friend too, but not in the same way.
When there is trouble, it is you that I want to reach out and help! So promise me!
The weather is lovely. Let us visit the waterfall on the far end of the woods! Flavio's waiting for us.

And then we wake up.

Abigail gives us a tutorial on Blast Grenades. Unlike in EOU, these are actually useful in these game, and will effectively neuter a couple of dangerous encounters.

Don't stock up on too much of them, but having 3 on hand is usually enough.

I don't think we can pay you...
Oh, it's fine! The one I gave you is just a sample--we're passing them out for free! And besides, Dad says sometimes you've got to spend money to make money. I don't really get what that means, but knowing my dad, I bet it's a phrase that'll make everyone happy! Oh, um, sorry for taking so long. That's all I had to tell you. Please, take your time and look around!

Incidentally, Abigail's cafe and 2F dialogue are the same as in Classic. But there are quests you can take in the bar that involve unlocking some equipment. If you've already done that before taking the quest, you'll get some different dialogue once you enter the store again.

I think there's been a mix-up... I just told Cass to cancel that request! You already brought me all the materials I needed to make it, so... But I'm still grateful, and I'm sorry for any trouble I caused. I'm just not used to this... It was my first time leaving a request, and I didn't know if anyone would respond... Oh, but you know what? I left the reward with Cass, so you can still claim it from him! If I need anything else, I'll leave you all a request on the notice board!

While I won't be showing off stuff that was already shown in Ragnar's Classic Mode playthrough, I will be covering stuff he missed.

The hell's the matter with 'em...? I know this place is a bar, but we make a lot of our cash from the food we serve at lunch. ...Hey, yeh lot. What say yeh go do some investigatin' fer me? Yeh don't want the old Stickleback to shut down... Yeh'll help, right?

What!? Oh, c'mon! Who's more important to yeh, the Grand Duchy or old Cass!?

I think that's actually supposed to be Flavio talking. Whoops!

Dammit! Ingrates...! Guess I better start addin' some more dishes to the menu!

And now for his 2F dialogue.

But yeh know, kids... I've seen plenty of explorers, and yeh lot still have a long ways to go. Well, let me tell yeh one piece of good advice to become a strong explorer. Don't die. ...And that's it. Pretty wise words, don't yeh think? Haw haw haw!

...That's quite a lot of responsibility. Caledonia's grand assignment, reports to Midgard, exploring the Labyrinth... Don't forget to take a breather sometime, or you'll collapse. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you're always welcome to stop by. I don't mind taking a tea break now and then.

Her 2F dialogue is the same as it was in Classic for the most part. Only her first 3 sentences aren't included.

I will be counting on your support, Guild Guild.

Quiet, Flavio. Sometimes you gotta just keep things to yourself.

His 2F dialogue.

If I'm remembering correctly, not many other guilds were able to climb up so quickly. I'd say the last guild that moved that quickly was, hmm... the renowned Guild Esbat. Ho ho ho! I do understand that the Labyrinth's exploration isn't your top priority, but this is still quite exciting.

In both Untold and Untold 2's story modes, the Labyrinth isn't actually your main objective. The main objectives actually the new dungeons they added in the remakes. We'll still explore the Labyrinth obviously, but that's one of the main ways Story differs from Classic.

New equipment (that is redundant with Flavio's current skillset.)

Yep. Just as I expected.

You walk closer to see what it is, and once again, you find a hedgehog whose spines are caught in a tree's roots.

We meet again.

This again... You think it's the same one?
Maybe it's dense.
Umm... What should we do?

Though you know now there is no reward in helping it, you still have a choice to make.

Let's help it again.

When you reach towards the hedgehog, it trembles at first, but then calms down and allows you to touch it. It would seem that luck is on your side as you swiftly remove its spines from the tree's roots, and yet...!


The instant it is freed, the hedgehog leaps from your hand! Worse yet, it steps on your face in its rush to flee from you.

Ingrate! Never trusting that thing again!

An amazing jumper.
I know we shouldn't expect more from a monster... but we really don't gain anything by doing this.
You all right, Knight?

Though you sustained mild injuries in the process, the hedgehog has been safely released from the tree. You nod to yourself, sure that you did the right thing, before leaving the area.

Mild injuries, my butt! That thing practically killed me! I should be dead right now!

The black-robed girl pauses during your trek through the forest. You cautiously look ahead on the path... To your surprise, there are a number of coins piled beyond the rubble!

Oh dear. Someone must have dropped them. Whoever they belonged to must have been quite the scatterbrain to lose so many.

You're one to talk.

I dunno about that... It'd be nice if it was a cute story like that, but this doesn't seem fishy to anyone else? If it was me, I wouldn't drop my money unless something bad was happening.

You're tempted to retrieve them, but you have to wonder about the circumstances...

Screw being cautious, I see FREE MONEY!

Hey, you're sure about this?

Ignoring Bertrand's warning, you reach into the rubble to take the coins. They are worth 100en in total!

...That's it, huh. Maybe some careless explorer really did just drop them?
Finders keepers.
False alarm...

Heartened by the lucky find, you return to your investigation.

What a worrywart.

In the middle of the path you currently walk is a monster.

Another one of those... or is it?
Interesting. It looks like it's shining.

You think it's a matter of its diet...? Odds are, it's a mutation, or something of the sort.

As you discuss the possibilities, the monster discovers your presence and turns its sharp gaze your way!

Here it comes!

The monster reacts to the survivalist's shout of alarm by baring its fangs and pouncing!

It's just a Clawed Mole, so I take it out easily.

Rare breeds are quite nice to run into, as killing them yields quintuple the exp of what a normal monster yields.

Mmm. That one put up way too much of a fight for my liking...

We killed it in one turn, Bertrand.

Well then, Sir Bertrand, you must only match its vigour to balance the scales.
Balance what...?
Anyway. That monster seemed strong.
Yeah, I thought so too. It looked a lot like some of the others we fought, but it was a completely different fight.

In that I actually took damage from that thing.

On the plus side, they'll be perfect chances to train our skills on. We'll leave it up to you, Knight.

Rare breeds are different from their normal counterparts in that their strength increases during battle.

If you think the rare breed is within your means to defeat, it's advantageous to try and vanquish it. However, rare breeds are prone to run away from battle, so keep that in mind.

So, rare breeds are a returning mechanic from EO4. They're tougher versions of regular enemies, but give out 5 times more exp when defeated. They almost always move first in the turn, but they only get a huge boost to their action speed, so priority skills can still go before them. It is possible to outspeed them, but that happens rarely. For every turn that passes, their damage output increases by 10%. And they have a chance to run, so you want to kill them quickly. Oh, and FOEs can be rare breeds as well. Only they don't run from battle, so only fight those if you're sure you can win. Thankfully, bosses can't be rare breeds. If the enemy is incapacitated through the use of Sleep or something like that, they won't get a power boost when it's their turn.

These fruits are small, but plump. They'll be good to eat.

If you wish to eat one, they can be easily plucked from the tree.

Let's eat them.

Okay, then I'll go pick one for each of us.
More. I want tons.
No, we shouldn't take too much. It's good forest etiquette to leave some for other explorers.

You bring the small fruit to your lips... The juice that gushes from it has a delicate sweetness that restores some of the energy you had lost!

Ahaha, you spilled the juice. It's a small fruit, Arianna, just put the whole thing in your mouth.
Gimme more.
I told you once, it's not good to take too many.
There are a few unripe ones, though. I think they'll be ready to eat by the time we pass this way again.

You could note the tree's location on your map as a reminder, should you happen to be in the vicinity another day.

I eventually decide to head back to town.

Yes. Dame Regina... pray tell, what exactly are you doing?
I was just carrying some things to Cafe.
What's this all even for? Do you need any help carrying it?
No, that won't be necessary. I'm pretty much done with most of it. I'll explain what's in these boxes at Cafe later. I'll see you around then.
And there she goes. Wonder what's in all those things.

Maybe a care package.
From who to who?
Come on, let's hurry and go to Cafe.

It was left here so you could use it however you please, which is why I was carrying it in. I have a message for you from Grandpa as well.


Heh. You've got a lot of bluster, but you're kind of soft underneath it all, huh?
Look, the important thing is the message! It appears as though the Midgard Library has decided to help the explorers of this nation. These things the Library developed... Grimoire Stones, or something? Anyways, they've been approved for use here.
Oh, we can use Grimoire Stones now? That'll be a big help!
Grimoire scones...? My, I had no idea the Midgard Library was researching pastries!
Scones? Do they taste good?
What? No! I mean--Grimoire Stones are... They're items that can record the skills of the person holding it.
If we use these, even I could heal or use elemental attacks.
That so? They say Midgard's responsible for inventing some nifty stuff... but this is definitely gonna come in handy.
Grimoires, scones, gluten, whatever it is. All I know is I got a bunch of them for you to use however you want. I'll set up the facility for them here, so do what you want with them.

Select the Guild House from the menu to enter the Guild House, and try equipping a Grimoire.

Incidentally, that option unlocking actually lets us talk to Regina now. Here's her dialogue for when the restaurant opens.

You can also obtain some ingredients just by defeating monsters. I'll be counting on you, alright?

And here's her 2F dialogue.

...I'm counting on you to find them for me. Good luck.

So Grimoires are a returning mechanic from EOU. They've been reworked to be significantly less annoying, but I'm still not a fan of the system, as it still has too much RNG for my tastes. As for how I'm gonna use it for myself? Probably just gonna stack abilities, and that's it. I probably won't be using other class abilities or enemy skills too much. Enemy skills are rarely worth it anyways. Anyways, let's head back to the Labyrinth.

Oh, uh... hello. It's kinda rare to see you out and about like this.
I was just taking a walk. There's something invigorating about the air near the Labyrinth, don't you think?
Ah, I too am fond of a brisk constitutional! Would you perhaps like to take a walk with us?

Sure, why not?

Lets walk together.
Hey, you two. We're not just here to go on a nature walk... don't we have more important stuff to do?
Hm, very well. I'll take you up on the offer. Let's walk together for a bit.
Huh!? A-Are you sure!?
Yes. There are some things I'd like to tell you about those Grimoires you've got. As members of Midgard, you might have an understanding of how they work, but I can see you're still getting used to them. Come, let's go.

You gradually understand that she has spotted monsters not far off.

Let me explain something before the monsters there notice us. You already know that Grimoire Stones hold the knowledge of skills, allowing you to use those skills yourself, yes? But these stones have another interesting trait.
Do they...?
Yes. Every so often, they may split off into new Grimoire Stones during battle.
Oh yeah. I think I remember hearing something like that at the Library.
You THINK you remember...?
C-C'mon, it just slipped my mind!
That sounds suspicious.

Suspicious indeed.
Th-There's nothing suspicious about it!
You seem rather at home in the forest. But do not forget that it is also the home of monsters.
We were told off...
I-I'm sorry...
Now then, back to what I was saying about Grimoire Stones. Grimoire Stones created during battle also hold the knowledge of skills inside them. Fight with Grimoire Stones equipped, and you will find yourself gaining more. It all depends on how the Grimoire Stone is feeling at the time. If you're lucky, then maybe... That is all I have to say on the subject.

Before you can ask what she means by this, the monsters identify you as prey and charge towards you!

And then we get a tutorial on how we can get more Grimoires in battle. So sometimes you'll see that Grimorie Chance thing pop up. And sometimes there will be an extra notice underneath, telling you that you have a chance to get an active, passive, or an enemy skill. You have a 30% chance of getting a Grimoire when those notices pop up.

The exception to these are Premium Chances. These are more rare than the other types of Grimoire Chances. When you get one of these, you are guaranteed to get a Grimoire for that turn. If you cast an active skill, you will always get a Grimoire Stone of said skill. But if you do something like attack or defend, you'll just get a random skill, whether it's from you or an enemy. Premium Chances are also more likely to give out higher level Grimoires than normal Grimoire chances.

When a character is successful in creating a new Grimoire, the game will tell them what they got. Though specific details about said skill will only be found out once the battle ends. For this tutorial, everyone will get a Grimoire Chance.

Ooh, that's lucky. Sometimes you'll see that pop up while in battle. Whenever it does, everyone in the party will get a Grimoire Chance for that turn.

And sometimes Grimoire Fevers can happen multiple turns in a row if you're lucky. If you get them to happen 3 times in a row or more, all Grimoire Chances will become Premium Chances during those fevers. You can't prolong a battle forever to get Grimoires. Each character is limited to getting 5 Grimoire Chances in one battle.

Once a battle ends, you'll be told about the Grimoires you got. Unlike Untold, each stone can only contain one skill. Oh, but don't worry. Unlike in Untold, Grimoire Stones no longer take up space in your inventory! (Yes, that was actually a thing. And it made exploration kind of annoying.) Instead, Grimoire Stones have their own category in your inventory, and you can carry up to 400 of them.

This was the first time I've seen you in combat. You have some skill.
Thanks, but listen! Siccing monsters on us like that is bad for the heart, so please don't do that again!

They were snails, Flavio. SNAILS.

True. My apologies. Though you seemed equal to the threat. It goes to prove that you have the strength to survive the forest.
A compliment...
Hone those skills as you proceed through the Labyrinth. Never let them go to your head. Well then, if you'll excuse me. Take care as you explore.

Dame Marion left... I should have liked to spend more time with her.

Then I'll go get her.
If you'd be so kind!
Alright, stop it right there. We need to focus more on exploring this place.
If we don't, how are we ever going to accomplish your goal, Arianna?
Ah, you make a good point. Perhaps we can invite her for a stroll another time.

You nod to the woman before beginning your exploration of the Labyrinth, to accomplish what must be done.

Back on the 2nd floor...

An enemy...?

The black shadow that introduces itself with a low growl happens to be a large beast with ebon fur. But you know quite well by now that this beast is no enemy. For the black shadow appearing before you now is Wulfgar, your erstwhile companion as you mapped the 1st floor!

We meet again, Wulfgar. You are well, I trust?

The black-furred beast looks at you calmly before turning his gaze to a point behind you, as if trying to convey something.

What the beast gazes at is the path where you just came from. However, you notice that a portion of the path stands out... You have seen stone pillars on occasion elsewhere, but this is the first time you've seen a floor tile like this.

He was looking at that like he wants us to check it out. But what's so special about it...?

I don't have time for this. Let's just move on.

The beast is not an impediment to your investigation, so you see no need to let it bother you. Having decided that, you begin walking again on the road leading deeper into the forest.


He continues to glance back at the stone pavement, as if directing your attention to it. You know not way, but it is clearly important to Wulfgar that you examine the stone pavement at all costs. You don't understand why, but there is no point in arguing with the beast. You go to obey its command and check the stones.

We don't know yet, but we're gonna find out. C'mon, old man, you'd better help.
Hmm... But all our probing is revealing nothing. It's simply a floor crafted of unremarkable stone. Though Wulfgar took pains to bring it to our attention, so I should think there must be something to it...

Though you examine it from different angles and probe every inch of it, your investigation yields nothing.


Her her, huh? Man, that kind of typo shows up in these games often. Dunno why.

With that, she produces her weapon and strikes it against the stone pavement!

A hollow thunking sound is heard.

I heard... an echo...?
Uhh, so what does that tell us?

Think fast!

You have 10 seconds to figure it out.
Ten seconds...!? What!? Okay, Flavio, think... you can get this...
Wait, this isn't exam day at the Library! Don't scare me like that!
It's hollow under here. That's why it echoed when I hit it. But we don't know why it's hollow.
Then shall we try asking Wulfgar? He may have another clue for us.

Huh? He went off somewhere...
More's the pity. We cannot ask him now...
You couldn't ask a dog anything anyway.
Let's not stand around here anymore.

You agree with the black-robed girl and make to resume your exploration.

You can barely make out a squirrel-like animal in the shadow of a large plant. The rodent doesn't seem to fear your party, and it chirps brightly as it approaches.

There are warning bells ringing in my mind, but I don't know why.

My, how cute...! Might it be used to people in the forest? I suspect it would approach us if we beckoned to it...
Don't even think about it. What if it's rabid?

The squirrel-like animal looks up with its beady eyes, in seeming defiance of Bertrand's warning. The way it cocks its head is absolutely heart-melting... You may reach out to pet the small woodland creature, or simply leave.

Oh, but it's just a squirrel. What can they really do, anyways? It's not like they're as bad as hedgehogs.

You kneel down and extend a hand gently, so as not to surprise it. But at that moment...!


*gasp* Hey, get out of there!

What, really...!?
Wh-What a thieving squirrel...

Is there nothing in the forest that we can trust!?

Of all the things to take...!
Why did the squirrel want the thread? Strange.
Who cares why!? We need to get it back!
Whoa there. Chasing a small target like that? Through this forest? Don't be reckless... it's long gone.
Man... the forest sure is dangerous, huh?

Coming to realize the truth of this statement anew, you continue exploring with heightened caution.

We have to dodge another one of these before we can move on? What a pain...
Come now, it will be all right. We're old hands at dealing with these monsters now.

Then let's get going.
W-Wait a sec! Look at where that monster's sitting.
It's right in our way... isn't it?
Ah... indeed. The monster sits squarely in our path, blocking the way forward.
I don't wanna fight that thing.
Well yeah, me neither, but we can't get past it... So what do we do...?
Hmm... Might we prepare bait for the monster to lure it away?

Great idea! Flavio, you've got a big job to do!

The only bait it wants is us. I doubt anything else would interest it.
Hey. Mr. Sword.

As the other three debate over how to resolve the situation, Chloe calls to you. You see that she is pointing to a spot slightly in front of the monster.

Do you remember?

You struck it, Chloe.
That's not important. What matters is it was hollow underneath. What if we lured the monster onto it? It might work.

What if it doesn't work?
We'll worry about that if it happens. It's up to you now.

With that, the black-robed girl steps back. True to her word, she intends to let you handle this. You ponder to yourself whether to enact Chloe's plan to lure the monster, or to ignore her and do as you wish.

Hope this works!

The monster is trapped in the hollow space below!

I-It fell in...
It's almost adorable to see the monster thrash about so. Oh, would that I had my sketchbook and charcoals...!

Do you just enjoy seeing FOEs suffer?

Just as I thought. That's a trap to snare large monsters.
Huh... So if we can lure monsters onto these stone tiles, they'll fall through and get stuck.

Obviously, we must finish the job.

And then we can defeat it!
Huh? No, the opposite. Now's our chance to go through without a fight.
Bloodlust is fine and all, but save it for when this old man's not around.

You understand the sense in Bertrand's words and move to avoid the monster... Though you could fight it if you wished.

We're not gonna do that since we don't stand a chance against it right now.

You hurry to draw your weapons, but a figure appears before you can do so!

Don't worry, I mean no harm. I only wanted to have a little chat.

The man clad in fine armor raises both hands to show he bears no ill will before walking towards you. The friendliness of his manner allows you to relax and lower your weapons.

I'm glad you trust me. You're the Guild guild, right?

Are you looking for someone?
Hm, no, but close. To be precise, it wasn't I who was looking for you. In truth, my best friend happens to be acquainted with you. I learned of you through him.
An acquaintance...? Who?
Come out, Wulfgar.

The black beast you've met before appears in response to the protector's summon.

Ah! Wulfgar! We meet again!

The armored man smiles to see Arianna's cheer as she approaches Wulfgar. He turns back to you and continues.

And it seems you know already, but this is Wulfgar, my stalwart partner.

Wulfgar helped us a lot.

You thank the red-haired man for the aid that Wulfgar provided thus far, and then tell him your name and origins.

I'm glad to hear that. I'm sure that Wulfgar is happy he could help. But goodness, to think I'd encounter members of the Midgard Library here! It's an honor meeting you.
I want to ask you something, Mr. Owner.
Of course, go ahead. What is it?

You ask whether he's seen the guard corps you're searching for.

The guard corps... Do you mean the ones making the rounds of this Stratum?
Yes. We must speak with one of their number.

Arianna explains to the man that she is a princess of Caledonia, here to perform a particular ritual.

I see... Well, should I come across that guard, I'll let him know that you're searching for him.
Really? That would be a big help!
No need to thank me. I'm only too happy to lend my assistance to all who explore the Labyrinth. Whatever our reasons, we are all trying to traverse the same forest. I believe that cooperation is crucial.

I don't trust you.

You're making my skin crawl.
That's terrible, Sir Knight! When did this start? Should we bring you to a doctor?
Uh, that's not what he meant. He's fine.
Haha... You seem to be doing just fine without my advice.
I-Is that so...
Well, I'm sorry to have taken so much of your time. We'll get going now. The further you go, the stronger the monsters will be. Keep heart, and never let your guard down.
We won't. Thank you very much!

You can go your own way as well, or head back to town for now.

Sometimes Grimoires can come with bonuses like that. That bonus increases Volt damage by 2%. Most bonuses do stack with each other, so with enough of them, they can make an impact.

The young man examines the map and cocks his head.

Hmm. The guards weren't on this floor either.
Then we'll just have to keep searching. Unless you're giving up...?
No, we must find them. Please continue to assist our exploration of the next floor as well, Sir Bertrand.
Yeah, yeah, you got it.
When Trand says things like that, it means he's not serious. Be careful.
Oh, I don't believe that. I daresay that Sir Bertrand is always doing his utmost to contribute to our exploration.

I believe in you, Bertrand.
You're piling on, too...? ......
Fine, I'll do it. Even this old man can step up when it counts.
Ugh, not that that makes it any less annoying...

Bertrand mutters under his breath before proceeding onward. You decide to follow after him to where the guards should be.

Hopefully, we'll catch up to those guards next time.