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Part 9: Spikes, Secrets and Scorpions

Part 8: Spikes, Secrets and Scorpions

The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow

What we got this time? Hey, you strong enough yet?

Ahhh, shhhhut your pretty face!

Poor sap tried to drink me under the table. To his credit, he made it to ten.

You know the drill: go see Shilleka, and ask her what she needs. She's been ecstatic lately about how much her selection's improved. Good luck!

Ah, you found a scorpion yet?

If we have, I probably blocked it from my memory.

What's not to love about scorpions? Ooh, their stingers make me feel all tingly!

You know, maybe it's me, but... the Lady Ms. Meryl's sense of style has really changed... It's too bad, if you ask me... but anyway, good luck.

Only my masters are able to hide. Eliminate them!

Agreed, completely dishonourable!

I believe you're both coming at this from completely different angles.

He wasn't prepared for a fight, so he ran... but when he came back, the monster was gone. Strange, isn't it? According to him, it happened on the 6th floor. Good hunting, kids.

T'is one is meant for self-defense, for t'folks on t'back line. Anyt'ing t'at tries to get t'em back t'ere will draw back quick when it's whacked wit' t'is!

We cannot find either of those drops of B7F, so I dunno why this is available now. I should just not question it.

Seems to be a problem with Niinou's DS RPGs. It got worse in that other DS game he worked on, while the EO series worked to elminiate this sort of thing from the series entirely after this game.

The more I keep being sent here, the more likely I'll end up as one of these...

3 Fossils are required for Old Choker (Accessory, DEF+1, LUC+8), sells for 2000en.

Alright, let's not die.

Like that would ever happen!

As you concentrate on your work, you feel a sudden air of imminent threat. A swarm of bees ambushes you!

Destruction Begets Decay

Ah, bitch.

A music change means this is pretty serious! There's a reason we left this until now.

It's a good song, but I have no idea why this even plays here.

This is quite a problem.

Just take them out one by one, I'll sing for you no matter what~

Oh hey we no longer get two shot by these things. Unless Poison is involved.


Alright alright, we're right next to you, now let me-


Well shit, I really could've used a Salve on that turn.

Of fucking course.

Because of THAT. Remember that you can do this as soon as you enter this stratum.

At this point, my question for EO1 is no longer "Why do you hate the player so much", but rather "How much do you hate the player!?" Good grief! Hopefully you have some sort of AOE attack ready to go by the time you trigger this event.

Hah, I'm still standing you shiGUH

She should really focus on more than one enemy~

Sorry... for not soloing this beast...

Stop running up to the enemy! Now the enemy needs to stop running up to meeeeeeeee!!!

The Vast Primeval Hidden Grove

An exquisite blue flower you've never seen before has grown before your eyes...

Well that was kinda worth it.

Oh don't be sarcastic~

You carefully take the flower and head to town to plant it in the old man's garden.

Ah, a flower as beautiful as your eyes.

Only Cheese has blue eyes, if that's what you're trying.

What abou-

ONLY Cheese.

What a pretty flower... if only the old man could have seen it before he passed away. Thanks for your hard work. I think I'll visit his garden and plant the flower there.

Can't we just... lie in until later?

Jogging around the labyrinth is much healthier for you!

Oh god... I haven't ran... in so long...

Thankfully only a few quests require a specific time, cause it's a pain in the butt.

It's so bizarre how little time of day is even used in this game. Outside of the Ronin's Sight skill, it's only used for a handful of quests. Doesn't even change the encounters, FOE behaviors, or even how certain enemies behave in battle. (All of which would be additions to the series later on.)


I need to come up with more words that rhyme with honour. Hmm, goner?

B6F: still quite mean.

Yeesh, EO2 may be a massive dick to the player, but EO1 just straight up hates you.

80% damage reduction, as well as a 52% speed modifier. Actually getting this to cast before enemies can move would be real nice.

Again, there is absolutely no shame in using this skill.

Is that... a flower?

Wouldn't surprise me, but I could use one for my hair.


Ah, everyone's favorite enemy!

Well, like the last early enemy, we kill it easily.

oh wait it died, never mind

I see... so that monster only comes out at certain times of day, huh? That explains why it was gone when our client went back to try and find it. Well, even monsters have their daily routine. I'm sure that creature isn't the only one.

Thinking about it, none of the monsters really change depending on the day. Weird, huh.

Oh, you're finally awake. Done flirting with everyone?

I have a killer headache.

1 Gum Vine (from that Petaloid) and 1 Bent Claw required for Edge Whip (Whip, ATK+49), sells for 1080en.

Fool! You cannot touch this!

83% accuracy reduction. With all the various quests done, let's head down to B7F already!

That's quite a big one shuffling around.

How sharp are those teeth? I think I'm about to find out.


Level: 21
HP: 230
STR: 89
VIT: 49
AGI: 24
LUC: 27
TEC: 21

EXP: 330

Binding: Uses the Arms. Attempts to Arm Bind a single target. Has a 70% infliction chance and a 10% speed modifier.
Earache: Uses the Head. Attempts to Head Bind a single target. Has a 70% infliction chance and a 10% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities
0% 100% 50%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: Light Wood. 25% chance. Sells for 32en.
1 required for Heat Aspis (Shield, DEF+10, Fire Resist Up 10%)
5 required for Hard Sling (Bow, ATK+30)
5 required for Down Staff (Staff, ATK+22, TEC+2)
5 required for Lute (Troudabour Accessory, TP+15)
10 required for Rapier (Sword, ATK+45)

Rare: Starseed. 18% chance. Sells for 40en.
1 required for Theriaca B (Medicine, removes the target's ailments)
3 required for Star Charm (Accessory, DEF+1, TP+10)
5 required for Prayer to the stars

Conditional: None

Meeting the big boys already. Despite sounding deadly, they'll hopefully spend time binding the wrong party member. But with a level that high and pretty nasty STR, they could just smash your face in.

This is pretty much a support enemy that can shut down your attacking and supporting party members. Of course this being EO1, they also gave it the ability to punch your face in. Because fuck you.

That... hit harder... than I expected.

Ah, using your heads as fists, a classic technique~

Like hell I'm getting caught up in that!

Surprisingly nimble for someone so young.

I'm older than you! I'm just... short.

Soon Midareba will be ridiculous overkill for regular enemies instead of just overkill. Wagner begins his slow climb to Relaxing with 110% TP. I think he's gone below half like... once?

TP really isn't that much of an issue for Troubadours considering that Relaxing exists, and due to just how they work in this game.

Well that looks friendly.

We will walk on these thorns and feel no pain, only the honour within us!


You should take a little pleasure in pain.

You seem to die all the time, so this should be yours.

It will barely help.

Since we won't be gettin Somas for a LONG time, either have Salve, or blow a bunch of Medicas. Pain tiles take 5% of your health each time, so they're just annoying more than anything, especially with that damn flashing. Since there's no other paint colours in this game, I'm not even gonna bother mapping them, they barely show up.

There isn't any way to reduce damage from these damage tiles in this game, but compared to later games, they take away a bit less of your HP, at least for this point in the game. (From games like EO2 onward, they took away a set amount, which usually started at 10.)

By the way, don't try to be clever and get around the mapping limitations by putting icons over damage tiles. There's an icon cap in the series (it's 50 in this game), and you'll be ramming into it pretty fast if you try to do this for every floor damage tiles show up on.

Liana's dishing out a lot of damage with Multihit to one turn these new enemies, but it is eating up her TP.

Ahah! There's the scorpion we need to take down!

Enough running off, that thing will maul you instantly.

Ah, another monster that chases us down~

Bonus, if you start a battle on a damage tile, you won't take damage at all!

Hooray for technical limiations! (EO3 sadly put the shishkabob on this minor exploit.)

You mother-

That armour is working wonders.

-fucker! Oh, it's over.

You obtain a crystal shard that emits a wondrous light. It releases a low pitch and a dazzling glow, as if resonating with something... Perhaps it opens the mysterious crystals entwined with ivy, seen elsewhere in the Labyrinth.

Perhaps it opens the mysterious crystals entwined with ivy, seen elsewhere in the Labyrinth~

Curious, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Were you also thinking "back to town?"

No, we must kill the scorpion!!!

Back to town sounds great.

We'll open up more of these white crystal doors later, but since this one's on the way...

Oh hey, is it backtracking time? It's backtracking time.

Already it's worth it.

With that, B6F is the first floor we've properly completely mapped! I agree, it's kinda disappointing.

I really cannot wait until this stops happening.

EO1: "You poor, idealistic fool."

It looks the same... but subtly different. Interesting.

I will kill it like the rest.


Level: 21
HP: 225
STR: 78
VIT: 42
AGI: 22
LUC: 25
TEC: 19

EXP: 330

Binding: Uses the Arms. Attempts to Arm Bind a single target. Has a 70% infliction chance and a 10% speed modifier.
Thorn: Uses the Arms. Attempts to inflict Blind on a single target. Has a 70% infliction chance and a 50% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities
0% 100% 50%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: Light Wood. 30% chance. Sells for 32en.
1 required for Heat Aspis (Shield, DEF+10, Fire Resist Up 10%)
5 required for Hard Sling (Bow, ATK+30)
5 required for Down Staff (Staff, ATK+22, TEC+2)
5 required for Lute (Troudabour Accessory, TP+15)
10 required for Rapier (Sword, ATK+45)

Rare: Dye Petal. 19% chance. Sells for 34en.
3 required for Petal Coat (Clothing, DEF+4, AGI+2)

Conditional: None

Hurts slightly less and can Blind instead of Head Bind, which is more annoying. Uh, yeah, fun stuff.

Pretty much operates just like the Maneater, but trades a bit of damage for more lockdown capabilities. Anyone that isn't a support unit will not appreciate being hit by blind.

That will not stop me, for I am always blinded by true justice! Hyah! HYAH!

Please stop swinging that thing around~

One day this skill will be useful...

And I was doing so well...

Wow that's a lot of internal bleeding, this is great!

There are too many dead ends containing scorpions!~

These FOEs are great since you can only "see" them on the bottom screen when they're right next to you. Otherwise, they're completely invisible. Of course you can see them in orb form easily enough, but you can't rely on your map for everything.

Also the draw distances in the DS EO games are terrible. You can see ahead like 3 tiles at most.

I don't need scout squirrels to tell me going down there is a bad idea.

Still nice that they're around even without Cheese, I'm glad we have small helpers that will never betray us or take any of our possessions.

They are honourable, true... but I will never trust them.

Another useful shortcut? Man, where was all this last stratum?

Holy shit, an actual moment of mercy from EO1's earlygame.

Oh this is gonna be good.

Being at the back has its perks~

Ah crap. Okay, focus, focus, Karin has you covered...

Ah double crap. But if it's to the right...


Ooh fancy aiming.

I guess we should level up Quicken now. I hope I never use it.

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.


Just when you thought 3HKOs meant you were safe, nope! Though the chance of all three enemies attacking the same person is much more unlikely.

It'll probably remain at level 5 for the rest of the game when I finally reach it!

A waterfall?

Merely by standing here, your body begins to feel lighter. You ache to rest here... but suddenly, you sense an ominous presence nearby.

Hey, where are you hiding? Come out, coward!

I can't see it anywhere and that makes it even more frightful~

It feels as though you are being stalked by some dangerous creature... the sense of foreboding is enough to drive you from this spring immediately. It may be best not to return here again.

You're not the boss of me now.

Ya done?

I guess...

That was a one time full heal, since it wasn't obvious.

Oh hey, the second moment of mercy on this floor.

Ain't this just grand?

Oh wait, never mind. Have a bunch of unavoidable damage tiles just after that moment.

Why do we keep getting the short straw when it comes to floor length?~

Now I know what it feels like to be sloppy seconds...

That is... one hell of a monster I'm feeling.

Perhaps we shouldn't fight it.

Shush, I think I can hear something. Let's go in deeper.

What is this reverse dimension I've slipped into?

The monster is scary, but so is a determined Liana~

Usually I'd head back to town, but there's just one little thing I wanna do.

Well that was worth it.

No, it's coming from behind us.

The roots reach to the ceiling as if to receive something, but they do so in vain.

There we go, that explains it.

...what could you hear exactly?

The creaking of the dry roots. I'm around trees and plants all the time, so I understand its nuances.


As you puzzle over this, you suddenly hear familiar voices approach behind you.


You pipe down.

The ronin and hexer seem pleased with your progress thus far.

We have a favor to ask of such accomplished explorers. Usually, the waters of a healing spring can be found here. Lately though, the water has stopped, creating a great nuisance for adventurers.

Ren punctuates her bitter explanation with a quick point to the ceiling.

A monster blocking the spring in the floor above is to blame. It is tiresome and vexing. Warriors of Edda... will you go to the spring and free it from that vile monster?

It is already done, on my honour!

It would be fun to watch you fight it alone.

We could make short work of it ourselves, but we have other matters to attend to. If you mean to further explore the Labyrinth, to do this would be in your best interests.

With this, Ren and her wordless companion turn to leave.

Luck be with you, warriors. Gain victory over the monster, and bring honor to your guild.

Yes senpai

With those final words, the two adventurers leave this place. You can go defeat the monster as requested, or continue your investigation.

Perhaps if you defeat the monster to unblock the spring on the floor above...

...then everyone would have access to it. It's perfect!

You say something?

Festival of Worship

Uh, 7th, yeah. When new dialogue is each floor, you tend to visit each place often enough to trigger this stuff at the right time.

I'm very pleased to see your growth as explorers, day by day. Which reminds me... we've just issued a mission that you may be able to undertake for us. I'd definitely like you all to accept it at your earliest convenience.

Now this would be something to write songs about~

Ooh, to wear dragon scales, that would've been a great way to stop THE EVENT.

Very good. Now then, let me give you the details. The 8th floor in the second Stratum is home to a legendary dragon. We don't know much of the Wyvern's ecology, but we're very eager to study it. So we'd like you to head to the Wyvern's nest and retrieve the Dragon Egg there.

Wow does that sound like a bad idea.

Are we gonna raise a dragon?

...! An honourable steed!!!

By studying the egg, we may be able to learn a great deal about the Wyvern's habits. Take care, though. It will be extraordinarily difficult to beat the Wyvern as you are. Find a way to dodge the Wyvern and obtain its egg.

By the way, for those of you familiar with the later games with missions like these, no, you aren't given a map of the area. For those of you wondering why this is relevant, you'll find out soon enough.


Ah fuck me, is it time for the worst quest in the game ALREADY?

oh god why does this quest exist

Hey, since when did you join the grown up's table?

Ah, w-well, I was just-

Nah, Cheese, it's cool, I'm starting to like Mister...?

Oh, uh, it's Ro-

Who cares about that? Which five saps are gonna take this trashpile of a quest?

I'd be fine out there for five days. I'm used to long stints in the labyrinth.

T-Then I've gotta go too. You need someone close by at all times.

With music, you can make five days pass by in an instant. I'm used to the lonely trail...

We don't have to make a decision yet, this is a big undertaking. And as the sole person keeping you all alive-

Hey now-

SOLE PERSON, I'd rather decide what we're gonna do next about this Wyvern business.

It would be a great foe, but we are not ready. There is one thing we could do.

Good thinking. We got this shiny key, let's go loot the place!

We know the locations of the doors. My masters were very thorough. There's also something else they'll lead you to...

Alright, it's settled, you five go out and get some cool stuff. We'll prepare for the Wyvern!

W-We will?

While drinking heavily, I presume. Let's decide all that after you're back.

Sounds perfect, let's go then!

The Green, Green Woodlands

I'm surprised the squirrels found this place. Seems a bit random.

Sick of this stratum yet? After you beat Fenrir this one way passage opens up. I'll draw them like this, showing the direction they can be entered in. It's very easy to forget all about this until much later when you remember that B1F isn't meant to be so empty.

How the hell did these get up here?

Excellent, to fight against such weak monsters now would be dishonourable!

The encounters are similar to B6F, so it's not the best idea to come here right away.

Of course these are here, they're always here.

Remarkable that they were this close the entire time~

Yep, there's FOEs on the first floor! Though of course they're now no threat to us in the slighest.

Dunking on FOEs in this series by virtue of just being flat out stronger than them is always satisfying, wouldn't you say?

Huh, I've gotten a lot better with my aim since I last fought these. Excellent!

Mmm, that's the good stuff. 3 125% power hits on a single enemy. Too much TP to really consider on normal encounters, but any FOE is gonna feel this.

Even if she may be bad at dealing with randoms, she'll at least have a role in the bigger fights.

Obvious door had more than secret passage, go figure.

Ever get the feeling this place is specifically constructed?


Take this you damn idiot. Try and compare my eyes to a flower AND DON'T EVEN GET THE COLOUR RIGHT!

Huh, wonder what she's angry about.

You know.


Boom, cured.

Ah. I had no control over myself. The entire time. Definitely.

We should save our duel for later.

Why bother with Refresh when you have party wide Theriaca Bs?


Wish something like that would happen to me...

I didn't intend for that to happen to Simone twice, but I guess she likes dealing lots of damage.

Third Ragelope, whatever.

Soon we could actually use this skill!

More TP for more Revive and Salve is OK by me!

That's what I'm talking about!

Settle down there, Ryu, sheesh.

And there's the way out. Wasn't that fun? Let's go to another white door.

Always appreciated, they taste delicious.

So I've heard...

All we have left on B1F is that damn violet door, so we'll be coming back later. Again.

Where'd they come from? Also ow, I guess.


It's just not the same amount of enthusiasm. There's no bloodlust involved.

Pfft, says you.

That is B2F completely done at least. I hope I never come back to this floor ever again.

Last up is this door. Strap in folks, this will take up the rest of the update.

That smell...

As if I could forget.

I wonder if we'll ever be free of wolves. They just keep appearing.

Honestly, I could oneshot them at this point~

Some pretty good stuff here to keep us goin- oh we're leaving?

We've got what we came for. Squirrel keeps telling me there's not much else down here.

How are these creatures so good at charades?

Damn, that's actually a pretty good haul from this venture! Usually these backtracking trips in the later games aren't quite worth your time.

We could explore down this way for quite a bit longer, it's a pretty substantial area. Buuuuuuuut, I don't really want to and the rewards wouldn't be that great, so we'll tackle it later. Next time, we'll fight a dragon! No, seriously.