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Part 12: Tenfloor

Part 11: Tenfloor

Sup, Glowbirds and Firebirds weren't listed as B10F encounters, so I figured I'd grind out the last Feather drops we need. This turns out to be untrue and I should've looked at the encounter tables, but eh.

Ah god, what the hell is this stuff?


Oh hey, the Glowbird's Corrode is single target. Neat.

Some nice levels from this, Allslash deals 190% damage to 4 enemies. We can also boost it to 15 for that mythical 5th hit, but we'll definitely not see that, 1% chances are dumb. Cure II heals 126HP, so nice for out of battle stuff. Gerson now has 112% TP and we'll be stopping there for a while and grab the anti skills when we're close to needing them.

Pretty sure the 1% chance thing is due to a... unique aspect of how multi-hit skills are coded in this game and not something that they really expected you to see.

The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow

We could've left some of this stuff for exploring B10F to make it more interesting, but hey, it's all in the same update, no biggie.

5 Tailbones and 1 Bird Talon is required for Bone Flail (Staff, ATK+47, HP+11), sells for 1360en.

5 Iron Shells and 1 Bird Limb is required for Biliomg (Axe, ATK+77, STR+3), sells for 1440en.

5 Iron Shells and 1 Bird Talon required for Ring Mail (Heavy Armor, DEF+16, AGI-2), sells for 1150en.

5 Feathers required for Plumed Hat (Headgear, DEF+2, TP+7), sells for 325en.

7 Feathers and 3 Bird Talons required for Down Glove (Gloves, DEF+2), sells for 225en.

10 Feathers required for Wing Coat (Clothing, DEF+6), sells for 1050en.

12 Feathers required for Plume Boot (Footwear, DEF+2, AGI+3), sells for 350en.

That really wasn't worth it.

But don't fret. I'll still pay t'reward. Go see Valerie and pick it up from her, okay?

Well I guess hitting stuff can be useful.

I should teach you!

This should make Ryu less squishy, I don't care about the ATK boost.

There's quite a few survivability staves in EOU that give either VIT, HP, or both. I don't ever use them but hey, someone might.

Oof, yep, this is definitely the real deal. You wear this stuff every day?


The Vast Primeval Hidden Grove

I can't wait to leave this place, it's wearing thin.

your game was 6 years too early, karin

Remember we'll be spending five days here shortly. yeah, I can't wait to leave this place, it's wearing thin.

Welcome to B10F. It's a pretty big place with a lot of doors, which you'd think would result in a lot of content. However, a lot of it is empty and uninteresting. Aw yeah!


Similar malice, but a much nicer golden colour.


Level: 25
HP: 171
STR: 94
VIT: 49
AGI: 30
LUC: 28
TEC: 20

EXP: 600

Fang: Uses the Head. A Cut attack that deals 90% damage to a single target. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 10% speed modifier.
Voltshot: Uses the Arms. A Volt attack that deals 120% damage to a single target. Has a 10% speed modifer. Will not miss unless accuracy/evasion is changed.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 150% 0%

Disable Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: Tiger Fur. 25% chance. Sells for 40en.
2 required for Iron Glove (Gloves, DEF+3)
5 required for Chain Boot (Footwear, DEF+3, AGI+4)

Rare: Tiger Fang. 12% chance. Sells for 45en.
1 required for Viking (Sword, ATK+57, STR+5, VIT+2)

Conditional: None

So since we're getting up in levels, new enemies are only really threatening if they're much stronger than you. This is the only new regular enemy on the floor and we will have no trouble taking it on, since it's not that dangerous. Hey look, it's our first elemental attack! It's not that impressive. Ah well.

Elemental attacks make use of the TEC stat instead of the STR stat. So uhh, it actually means the Stingmaw's Voltshot skill isn't that scary to be hit by, like Fang which... which... Why the hell do its skills do less damage than its regular attack!?

Ah, n-nice shot!

Thanks. I'm trying to curve them around you.

Really? Just a gathering spot?

That's what they're telling me.

B10F E2 Mine Point

Scrap Iron. 50% chance. Sells for 53en.
3 required for Magnet (Item, warps you to the last Geomagnetic Field used)
1 required for Scavenging for Ian I

Fossil. 25% chance. Sells for 55 en.
3 required for Old Choker (Accessory, DEF+1, LUC+8) Required for The fossil charm
1 required for Scavenging for Ian I

Thin Shell. 15% chance. Sells for 300en.
1 required for Hauberk (Clothing, DEF+10, AGI+4)
1 required for Scavenging for Ian I

There's gonna be a lot of gathering points where you wonder why they even bothered. I'm not gonna fight an Assassin to get to it.

I don't understand this place.

B10F C2 Mine Point

Fossil. 50% chance. Sells for 55 en.
3 required for Old Choker (Accessory, DEF+1, LUC+8) Required for The fossil charm
1 required for Scavenging for Ian I

Scrap Iron. 25% chance. Sells for 53en.
3 required for Magnet (Item, warps you to the last Geomagnetic Field used)
1 required for Scavenging for Ian I

Thin Shell. 15% chance. Sells for 300en.
1 required for Hauberk (Clothing, DEF+10, AGI+4)
1 required for Scavenging for Ian I

Especially since there's a practically identical gathering spot that's easier to get to and not guarded by an FOE. Like, I get what they're trying, but it's dumb as fuck.

Hey, we're basically at the start!

What a wonderous use of our time.

Nice little loop there for some gathering points and, uh, that's about it!

Ooh, let's see what thi- hey! What a rubbish sword!

If you remember, the Broadsword was the first weapon we unlocked in this stratum.

For two enemies, Allslash is such a waste, so Poison will easily kill anything we fight.

Hmm, I guess this looks scary. Tear them up Lavin.

Yes, sir!

It's nice getting these weapon masteries maxed early, they're a nice little bonus you wouldn't really think of otherwise.

They'll be giving much bigger returns later, as you get better weapons.

At least cry out in pain, sheesh, you're depressing me.

Meh, it throbs, I guess.

Hmm, best get ready, Ryu, looks like we're not getting through here without a fight.

Alright, got it.

Well this is fun.

I'm more worried about running out of TP than I am anyone dying.

That tends to happen when you've got solid party compositions.

A party member dying, running out of TP, being walled by the plot, or just getting a game over. One way or another, you're going back to town eventually.

B10F C3 Take Point

Dye Petal. 50% chance. Sells for 34en.
3 required for Petal Coat (Clothing, DEF+4, AGI+2)

Mint Leaf. 25% chance. Sells for 41en.
1 required for Medica III (Medicine, recovers the target by 200HP)
2 required for Hamao (Medicine, recovers the target by 300HP and 50TP)
3 required for Stonard (Item, increases the target's DEF by 120% for 5 turns)

Cross Seed. 15% chance. Sells for 150en.
1 required for Blaze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Fire attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Freeze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack an Ice attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Shock Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Volt attribute, must be restocked)

Alright, at the halfway point of the floor. You having fun? I kinda am, nothing much is happening, but I'm not stressing out about fighting new enemies for drops or getting killed in two hits. It's almost relaxing.

That rodent guy would have a field day here, we should send him out here.

Hm? Got a chill down my spine.

Weird, I'm not testing anything on you right now. Let's fix that.

B10F C5 Chop Point

Light Wood. 50% chance. Sells for 32 en.
1 required for Heat Aspis (Shield, DEF+10, Fire Resist Up 10%)
5 required for Hard Sling (Bow, ATK+30)
5 required for Down Staff (Staff, ATK+22, TEC+2)
5 required for Lute (Troudabour Accessory, TP+15)
10 required for Rapier (Sword, ATK+45)

Scent Wood. 25% chance. Sells for 35 en.
3 required for Oak Jacket (Clothing, DEF+8, TP+8)

Starseed. 25% chance. Sells for 40 en.
1 required for Theriaca B (Medicine, removes the target's ailments)
3 required for Star Charm (Accessory, DEF+1, TP+10)
5 required for Prayer to the stars

Oh hello.

Alright, everyone behind me, I think we all know what Ryu is planning.

Let go of my arm, NOW!

S-Sorry. I'm alright now. Phew.

Alchemists. Fuck yeah.

Echoing that sentiment.

The mage classes tend to be wrecking balls early on. I'd say enjoy it while it lasts, but Alchemists in this game tend to be big contributors for a good long while. Unlike the other DS EO games...

Heh... heh... take that...

Interesting, I should measure mental fatigue more.

Well that's an obvious trap if I ever saw one.

Eh, we should probably explore it, or Lavin would have a sulk.

Damn straight.

Hey, block that stuff getting here, alright?

There's a lot of it, alright!

Petals doesn't do much, but imagine if Petaloids had that skill. Nah, that'd just be awful.

It would make them one of the most nightmarish enemies to deal with. But surely Atlus wouldn't be so evil as to do something as that, right?

Patient scorpions are the worst kind.

D-Did that one just wink at me?

Oh great, a dead end and two angry scorpions behind us. They definitely planned this.

Hmm, give me a minute.

B10F A5 Chop Point

Scent Wood. 50% chance. Sells for 35 en.
3 required for Oak Jacket (Clothing, DEF+8, TP+8)

Starseed. 25% chance. Sells for 40 en.
1 required for Theriaca B (Medicine, removes the target's ailments)
3 required for Star Charm (Accessory, DEF+1, TP+10)
5 required for Prayer to the stars

Cross Seed. 20% chance. Sells for 150en.
1 required for Blaze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Fire attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Freeze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack an Ice attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Shock Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Volt attribute, must be restocked)

Oh great, a pissed off elephant and two angry scorpions behind us. They definitely planned this.

Wait, what's going-

Oh great, a locked door and two angry scorpions behind us. They definitely planned this.

What is happen-

Man, that looks like it sucks.

It takes some getting used to, but that's some pretty nifty work, Ryu.

Wait wait wait! How do you keep resetting us each time?


Keep up Lavin.

What a wonderful trap. Well, if you can kill two Assassins at once then you can just ignore it, but I'm low on TP enough as it is and I don't fancy heading back to town cause I ran out of Amritas. If you can't beat two Assassins, then you're trapped, better have a Warp Wire!

Holy fucking shit EO1. Calm down!

Alright, could really use some healing about now!

Yeah yeah, just keep still now, ehehehe.

One positive of all these long corridors leading to dead ends is all the battles we're facing. Exploring is good shit!

We'll head for War Cry so Lavin has more to do in battle. We now have 119% boost on the 10 bonus damage on both Fire and Volt now. And yes, since the game rounds down, it only boosts it to 11 instead of 12. Nice. Salve II is nice to have, healing everyone for 108HP at a 20% speed modifier.

Wow that's a lot of elephants.

This looks like a puzzle! Hmm...

You're just thinking about killing them all.

Gahahaha, correct! I dunno how to get past them.

Pretty tight walking to get through this room, but so long as you don't run into an encounter, you can follow my path and be just fine.

Anything in that room?

Hmm... nope. Completely empty.

That good, huh.

B10F A4 Take Point

Mint Leaf. 50% chance. Sells for 41en.
1 required for Medica III (Medicine, recovers the target by 200HP)
2 required for Hamao (Medicine, recovers the target by 300HP and 50TP)
3 required for Stonard (Item, increases the target's DEF by 120% for 5 turns)

Cross Seed. 25% chance. Sells for 150en.
1 required for Blaze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Fire attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Freeze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack an Ice attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Shock Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Volt attribute, must be restocked)

Toxic Barb. 15% chance. Sells for 400en.
1 required for Toxic Whip (Whip, ATK+57, STR+4)
1 required for Fashionista II

If you want to travel to the final floor and kill a Moa, you'll have a 15% chance of getting the Assassin's drop. Yeah sure.

Ooh, shocking!

Okay, I can't protect anyone from puns.

We'll need Fortify at level 5 eventually, so hey, might as well do it now. Look at all those skills just above I'm gonna ignore cause they're just not worth it.

Heh, you're keeping up pretty well!

I'm getting used to it, but I still hate it.

Is a floor too small for your liking? Well here's a long straight corridor to add some "content".

It's a lot of leaves, but sometimes standing still is the best defense.

That is something I never thought you'd say.

Behold the long hallway of nothingness! Yes, the game really just put in a long straight hallway that wraps around the outside of the map and doesn't even have anything notable in it. EO1's map design is not great.

Well at least we never have to do that again.

Don't... worry about me... I'll catch up... aww geez.

Heavy armour will fix up those weak lungs.

Bitch I'll end you. It's always been hard to breathe after THE EVENT.

I wonder who that will be.

Piqued by curiosity, you consider heading in their direction to speak to them.

Eh, it's been alright.

Famous last words.

The Jungle King, a monster responsible for many deaths on the 10th floor, dwells here. The Radha must be sending sacrificial lambs to try to unblock further exploration.

Ren falls silent for a moment, looking at you with curiosity.

Interesting that they picked Edda... I hope they chose wisely.

My role in life is not of a sacrificial lamb.


Shaking her head, Ren takes a bottle of medicine from her pack and hands it to you.

Take this. It's a medicine processed from plants deep in the forest. You'll need it.

After you accept the gift, Ren shifts her gaze to deeper within the forest.

Cernunos, King of the Jungle... its lair is nearby. Proceed with caution. If the forest proves too much for you, come back here whenever you're injured.

That sounds lovely, my head is spinning.

I'll be taking this!

After the taciturn greeting, Ren sprinkles some shining droplets on you.

As soon as the water slides down your throat, you feel your stamina replenished!

Alright, we're ready to face Cernunos!

I'd almost agree with you... if this water cured tiredness.

Damn. Maybe next time.

A nice 130% boost to a weapon's ATK and a pretty neat ailment.

Oh, Festivus Festival already?

You mean... Boxers Day?

No no, my town called it Kissmas. Oh those were the days...

Get with the times, guys, it's all about Australian Christmas.

god was that update seriously 8 years ago now, jesus fuck i'm getting on in years

You came at just the right moment!

That's my boy.

Okay, so having Allslash and Thor is making my life so much easier, but, well, I'm not not gonna use them!

A wise decision. Give this game an inch, and it'll use that chance to utterly destroy all you hold dear. You could probably get away with being more merciful in the later games, though.

Ever get that feeling of deja vu?

Well it burns like hell, but hey, I think you feel worse.

They never sting me...

Huh, more and more enemies teaming up? Can they communicate?

They'll die regardless, get ready Ryu!


What a weird snore.

That's pretty intense. Maybe we could do this. Yeah, yeah, I think we can do this!

Gerson's already gone through the door.

Looks like we're fighting it!

Now I know how Liana feels...

It can be none other than Cernunos, King of the Jungle! Stand and slay the demon!

Ho ho, you're a big one! I've been waiting for this.

Hey now, you're acting really Aryll right now!

I can't tell who has the bigger aura of malice right now.

Hope you're prepared to fight Cernunos when you open the door, cause you're led right into it. Can't beat the boss? Too bad, you're resetting and doing the whole floor again!

Basically the rule of thumb is to always go back when you reach the boss door, unless you're really that confident. Really there isn't a good reason to even go in those rooms in the first place unless you're absolutely ready, so you only have yourself to blame for those party wipes.

Oh, the door locked behind us.

Well this is gonna go well.

Alright, enough messing around, let's head back to the rest of the group. We've got a quest to do. And no more of that resetting, I'm finding it hard to stand!

Huh? guys wanna fight the boss? It feels pretty strong, can't wait to see it!

Ooh, he snapped out of it. Haven't seen something like that since, well, you know.

I'm never gonna get used to this...

It's a pretty big floor, but damn, it's pretty empty compared to later games. I'm glad I was able to do it in one shot and without a single death! I know, I'm good at this game

I wasn't kidding about the long hallway of nothingness. Like, what the hell is that map design?

3 Steel Lumps and 2 Tiger Furs are required for Iron Glove (Gloves, DEF+3), sells for 275en.

5 Tiger Furs and 3 Steel Lumps are required for Chain Boot (Footwear, DEF+3, AGI+4), sells for 385en.

Alas, due to only one new enemy, there's nothing all that exciting. Still, minus the Boss and... something else, that's every piece of equipment from Stratum 2! Very happy with that.

Get some good rest guys, tomorrow is the 5 day quest!

Yeah don't fucking remind me.

Oh what fun we'll all have~

An honourable decision to bring all of us, we will prevail!

I just wanna sleep for five days after exploring ten goddamn floors.

You can't deny you're getting stronger, those muscles suit you.

I think muscles suit everyone...

5 days is nothing, my sword needs its hunger satiated.

Gahahaha, 5 days fighting sounds like paradise, I can't wait!

Heh... you lot have fun. Like hell I'm gonna get stuck with you idiots for that long.

Alright, it's time for the worst quest in the game. Which we'll tackle... right now!

Every now and then, the Explorers Guild assigns a trial like this to see who bites. It'll be rough, but it's also a good chance to test your skills. The challenge will begin at daybreak. Best of luck, kids.

Stay sharp everyone, we'll head to B8F in two groups.


I see insubordination in those eyes.

You are honourable for agreeing to join us on this excursion.

Like I had a fucking choice...

Believe me, none of us had a choice.

So it begins.

Look more lively you lot! We'll get stronger and have a nice campfire by the healing spring. All ten of us will keep guard during the night, in pairs, so Lavin and I on the first night, Wagner and Simone second night, then Liana and Cheese, Karin and Rodent guy, then Aryll and Ryu on the final night.

Surprisingly thought out for you.

It was Liana's idea, the entire thing.

Oh what a surprise~

...fuck. You're not missing any tricks here, we are spending 5 goddamn days on the eighth floor. It really fucking sucks and I'll show you with a bit of maths. For every 30 steps we take, 1 hour passes. There is no way to speed this up or change this. So that's 3600 steps in total. The longest stretch on this floor is 15 tiles long, so 14 steps going back and forth. So that's a max of 257 times going back and forth. Of course, you spend about 70 steps getting to B8F to start the quest, but whatever, you're taking 3600 steps no matter what.

That, of course, is not factoring in encounters, which occur around every 17 steps on that long stretch. That's a lot. That's a lot of experience, but also, a lot of time wasted. If you battle everything during these 5 days, you will be able to crush the rest of the game no problem. I'll get everyone up to level 26 and then just use a cheat to reset the encounter orb. I'll also be using speedup. Because fuck this quest. If you want to ignore encounters, you can walk in the 3 tile wide healing spring room. Which is a max of 1800 times going back and forth. What a complete and utter waste of time. Do not do this quest, it is not worth it at all and something I always dread when playing this game.

So that's why I'm skipping basically all of it and having some small conversations between guild members each night, because I love you guys more than I hate this quest. And fuck me do I hate this quest. On with the show!

I'm fairly certain that this was supposed to be some sort of "test of endurance" sort of deal. But as Crosspeice laid out, it's not really handled that well. The idea would be executed much better in the form of killing contest quests in the later games, where you aim to kill a certain amount of enemies and/or FOEs within a certain timeframe.

First Night

Hm hm, little bit there, little bit here. Alright, looks good!

Ah, cleaning up your maps?

Yup, we did one hell of a floor, and it has to be PERFECT!

Well, you, uh, have fun with that, I'll just keep stoking the fire.

Woah, hey, don't get that close!

Hm? I'll be fine, this tough skin of mine won't get singed, gahahaha!

That's right, you said you were a blacksmith, I sometimes forget.

Well I don't need to mention it every day! Unlike some in our guild...

Haha, right, like we get it, you're a samurai, or you like experimenting on people. Uh, maybe we should stop that last one.

I think it's a necessary evil. This body can take it!

Did you really get a physique like that from being a blacksmith?

Well, not exactly, it's hot and heavy work, but the things you create are just beautiful. It wasn't what I expected to do in life, I was actually a soldier for a time.

R-Really? I don't remember seeing you around.

Well I wasn't at it for long, but enough to get the basics down. The materials I'm finding and the stuff Shilleka is making is setting my imagination alight! This is working out much better than the red tape stuff of the Radha.

I'll say! This place is rough, but really testing my limits and being able to go all out under your protection is really gratifying.

Gahaha, don't think too highly of me, I just have the body for this kinda stuff. It's almost like destiny.

Well, we can see the comparison of stature right here...

Hey now, you're obviously pretty damn strong, and your swordplay is impeccable! We just need to work on your, shall we say, nervous disposition. ESPECIALLY around magic.


What's the deal with that, anyway? It's pretty commonplace around here, I figured they'd squash that out of you during the intense training.

Well, of course I wasn't always like that, I loved magic when I was a kid! But there was a girl that lived nearby, really studious type with dark blond hair, her family ran this company or whatever and since her older brothers were off doing stuff, she had a lot of free time to study magic. So when she got her first proper spell figured out, she really wanted to show me. And, well, see for yourself.

Ooh, yeah, that's a pretty nasty burn. Now I'm piecing it together.

It still aches whenever I sense magic, it's just got that otherwordly feeling, y'know? It's not Ryu's fault, he's really cool! My friend just needed a bit more practise with that stuff. You know, she looked kinda similar to Ryu, her name sounded pretty similar too, though she said she was gonna change it one day. ...well, just a coincidence.

...yeah. That. But anyway, one thing's been bugging me. While it's obvious to everyone except Ryu that you're totally into him, you also flirt with quite a few girls. Enough to annoy Karin at least.

Karin's jealous? No, wait, I'm not that obvious in liking Ryu. A-Am I?

Uh, noooo noooo, we took quite a while to figure it out. Yeah, that.

Hmm, alright. But fine, I do like Ryu, but I also like Ka- I mean, girls, too. I mean, might as well, right?

Very true. Just be careful, this is a dangerous job, so I don't think it's a good idea to get too attached to anyone right now.

Oh, is that why you haven't said anything to Liana yet?

W-W-W-W-W-Well I mean, uh, I don't exactly- it's just- uhhhhh- hey, what's that burning smell?

You're right, what is that- AHHH, THE MAP!

Put it out! Don't wake anyone up! Also let's never continue this conversation.

For every day but the second you'll get a notification to keep you sane. Dunno why.

love me some inconsistency

Second Night

Hum ha, hoo he, na na la la toooooooooo-

What are you doing?

GAH! Don't do that! I was just exercising my voi-

Wait, what was that high pitched squeal?

Stop laughing! I just have a high pitched scream is all, you need that to reach the high notes.

Oh right, that singing you do.

Humph, not a fan?

Let's just say I was a bigger one when you were a group.

O-Oh, you listened to our music?

I was quite surprised to see you in Etria, though after hearing various rumours of the band's breakup, I guess it's not too crazy.

Yes, well, it's quite the story. I never knew you were a fan, you haven't mentioned it.

Well I'm not like that. My entire village loved your stuff. You know, before THE EVENT.

Seems we both have quite interesting backstories. Want to go over them?

No. Sometimes memories surface, but I prefer to keep the entire thing buried. Like my entire extended family.

Oh, r-right. Well I guess I could go over mine, since you were such a big fan and all.

Uh, well, out of everyone in the village, I liked your music the least-

It all started a few years ago...

Alright, just ignore me then.

I was already quite the talented singer when I finished school, so I was quite excited to enter the passionate world of music. At this big music event hosted at our town hall, that's when I met... Rita. She had travelled from another town and when we first locked eyes, we fell in love. Oh it was such a magical moment. She was an expert on the flute and when combined with my singing, we made quite a team. Together, we grabbed the attention of a manager with our duet and he signed us up immediately. We were ecstatic! But this led us into meeting the next troupe member... Matthew. A force to be reckoned with on the bongos, he made quite the addition to our team, but I could see immediately that he had eyes for my Rita. Indeed, it wasn't too long before I discovered Rita had eyes for him. It was heartbreaking, but at least through Rita I met... Erin. Now she was definitely the love of my life, and a wonder on the harp. The four of us were going to take the world by storm, we had hundreds and hundreds of people coming to see our shows and I was the lead, the main force keeping everyone together. However, complications arose when Matthew got wind of Rita's large family fortune. It mattered not that we had more money than sense at that point, I knew how cunning he was and that he wanted everything for himself. So I hatched a plan to stop him once and for all...

Ooh, do go on!

GAH! How long have you been sitting there? Where's Simone?

Just over here, I've been practising my swordplay while you stared off into the distance and rattled on about random crap. Everyone's waking up now.

Oh... well, since you're interested, Aryll, I suppose I could-

Let's get moving you lot! Three days left!

You'll have plenty of time to tell your story later, dear.


Welcome back, everyone's level 26 and I'll go over their skills in the Boss overview. Now we just walk. And walk. And walk. And walk.

Third Night

Yes, yes, I know, it's been a bit tricky setting this all up, but I really think this could work. Mmm, yeah, I think if we take control of the Radha-

You talking to your pets again, Cheese?

GAH! Uh, d-don't talk about my masters in that way! They're relaying important information to me.

Oh, sure, sure, you have fun with that.

You're mocking me.

No, no! Just a bit of light teasing, those squirrels have been very useful to us. I'm just... curious about them.

Well I'm not telling any secrets, they don't like me talking about them.

Oh, right, well I don't want to pry too much, but could you thank them for me?

S-Sure, I guess. They don't really care either way.

Hehe, I know, but you do!

My masters want me to stop talking to you now.

Fiiiine, I'll just talk if you don't want to, there's still a bit until I wake everyone up. Mmm, they're all so cute just sleeping there.

You've just been looking at Gerson the whole time.

N-N-No I haven't!

My masters see all.

Alright fine, I like him, what can I say, strong guys are just my thing, y'know? But he's too much of an idiot right now, this place needs to mature him some more before I even think about spending my life with him and having two kids named Edgar and Sally.


Ah, crap, I just said all that at once... So maybe I've thought about it a lot, but I can't help but worry about him. Ah whatever, we can't spend this entire time talking about BOYS, I gotta find out something about you.

Ugh, since you keep bothering me, fine. Dunno my parents, raised by squirrels, they're dope as hell, taught me some sweet shit. The end.

Oh. That's it? Don't you know any of your family?

Nah, who cares about them? Never met them. My masters are all I need in life.

Right, of course.

I guess I'm weird to you since you have such a nice family and all.

W-Well, a fair few here don't have family, so you're not weird! I think it's really good to have such dependable... masters. My brothers are the same, you can rely on them for anything, but they can be such a pain sometimes. I sure you know the feeling.

I know! Vryv442klaz really takes up space in bed and Btty0zlhy is always trying to lead the way! I... I mean... it's whatever.

Hehe, don't worry, I won't tell anyone. You obviously love them a lot. Just look after them, okay, it's dangerous work they're doing, even if they assure you they're doing alright. Ethan acted like he was just fine even after losing a couple fingers. He tried to hide it from me, but it all came out when he also lost an eye. Yet he's still so reckless and laughing about how he's fine and I can depend on him. Idiot.

I know... they don't live too long and we've already lost a couple. But the collective will continue on. We'll be just fine. So don't worry, cause I know that's your specialty.

Y-Yeah, I know, I can't help looking after family. That's what you guys are, we'll all make it through this. I'm a big sister to everyone!

Hmm, well, I'm older than you, but sure, if that makes you happy.

Heh, it does! Alright, come on, we've got to wake everyone up, let's go sis!

Alright, don't call me that.

Now that I've stopped getting distracted by Let's Go's datamining, it's only taking around 5 minutes to turbo button my way through a day. Still boring as shit.

Fourth Night

Man, I can't wait for this stupid quest to be over already. Walking up and down, up and down is soooooooo boring. And to top it all off, I have to spend the night with you.


What you scowling for?

N-Nothing. Just feeling the same way. Can't believe I got dragged into this.

Well, that seems to happen to you a lot. But that's cause you're not properly a part of the guild, what Cheese says goes. How did they find you anyway?

I'm... not sure. I just travelled to Etria and was looking for a guild to join when I encountered Cheese. I was hoping to be a bigger part of this story, but I guess I'm fine with gathering, it's fun to do.

You seem to go with the flow, I can appreciate that. It's what I like doing, ehehehe.

Yeah, I'm glad to be dodging whatever the hell you're doing with the guild.

Hey, none of your sass, boy. I've had enough of people critisizing me for what I do. It's important and no one understands!

What, you don't get a sick thrill from it?

...alright, yeah I do. But don't judge, you like what you like! If all I did was follow the rules from med school, then I'd never do anything with my life. No, in order to really succeed, you need to push the boat out and go further in your field than anyone has before! And you've seen my results, Immunize is one of the best things I've ever created. It's the breakthrough of the century and something they'll never teach you!

Oh, wow, you're pretty passionate about it.

What? Of course I am! What is life except living your passions? Sounds like you're not passionate about anything.

Eh, look, before coming here I just lived out in this nice cabin with my family, so it wasn't hugely exciting, since they were pretty good at living off the land. I wasn't really pushed to do anything in particular.

Sounds peachy. I can't remember the last time I was staying in comfort before coming here. Too used to being chased out of everywhere. It's nice having a proper room and that, even if I'm sharing it with Liana.

Yes, it is quite nice, I suppose. But I really wish Gerson next door didn't snore so- hm? Get behind me!

What is it?

Oh, just a Firebird. Doesn't look too hostile, just looking for something to eat. Although, look, its left wing is injured and it's limping on the same side. Pretty nasty fight it got involved in.

Huh, you could tell that from just a couple seconds?

Of course, how do you think I not only find all those rare items from gathering but get back unscathed? You need a keen eye and proper skills to make it in this place. Not too dissimilar to back home.

Hm, not bad, you're almost looking kinda cool.

R-Really? Oh, well, uh, thanks, I guess. Hm, I should be more confident in myself.

Oh yeah, I interrupted you before, but what's your name?

Ah, well, my name's Ro-

Morning guys. Uh, what's going on?

L-Lavin? There was, uh, a Firebird and-

What do you care if something was going on? I'll go wake everyone up, see you around cool guy.'re walking on thin ice, bub. I'm watching you, uh, whatever your name is.

I wasn't- oh, whatever, I'm not getting involved in this crap!

Wake me up when this waste of my fucking time ends.

I make no promises.

Fifth Night

Only a few hours left. I'm still in perfect condition and ready to take on any monsters coming our way! Heh, what an honourable warrior I've become.

Just relax and let me read in peace. Anything that comes out, we'll obliterate before it even moves.

Humph, very well. I'm glad you're not suggesting we run and hide. I've had enough of that so far.

Please, I love killing as much as the next guy, but there's always a time and a place. Reading is food for the mind and soul.

But of course, it is how I learned the way of the blade! Without the numerous pictures and colourful diagrams, I would have never discovered the great warriors of the distant past. Ah, so noble, ah so honourable, ah so strong and brave and cool!

Uh, that doesn't sound like a proper text on the subject. Don't tell me you only read the one book?

Well of course, once I got the basics down, I trained myself while my father ran around like a headless chicken preparing my marriage. Ugh. Much better use of my time.

Oh a chicken, I've read about those. Anyway, you made it sound like you were an avid reader, but you're telling me you've never read such classics as Scylla: Scourge of the Southern Seas, or The Debunking of Gladsheim?

Pah, my father showered me in books and ancient texts to make me more appealing to suitors, but challenging potential husbands to a duel was much more interesting. Alas, they all ran out the mansion, screaming and wetting themselves, it was hilarious!

You hate getting married that much?

Well... I just... never you mind!

Okay then. If you'll excuse me, the next chapter of this book goes into extensive detail about kangaroos the size of mountains.

That sounds ridiculous! ...but if you must know, just between us girls... I actually like girls.

Oh. Right. Well, sorry to tell you, I'm a guy.




Ah, yes, I suppose... in a way... please, I'm not a huggy person.

S-Sorry, I was just so surprised. My apologies for judging you on your appearance. I should know better, being how I look myself.

Don't, ahem, worry about it. Man, my ribs... I'm not that bothered, I am myself, I don't feel the need to go around telling everyone that. Though I understand why others do, it's quite liberating.

Yes, well, I hope my father never finds out. So please, keep it a secret from him.

Of course, with all the monsters and magic and teleporting wires going around, it's still so surprising to find someone who takes homosexuality as a negative. At least my family doesn't mind. Still, I'm sorry to hear that you have to hide it from your own family.

It's... only my father. See, my next eldest sister is the same as me and... when she told father... he turned a pale white and threw her out of the house. I was unsure if I felt the same as her, but after so many sleazy men trying their chances at marrying me, it just put me off them completely.


How was it for you? I'm curious about the other side.

Ah, well, nothing like yours, I just met a really cute boy when I was young. Unfortunately his parents stopped us seeing each other when a spell went a bit... awry. I've wanted to meet him again ever since, but, really, what are the chances of that?

You never know! When you are honourable and true, the one meant for you will see your pure soul and never be able to let you go! That's what I think.

Heh, you know, I think you're right. That's definitely something I'd never read in a book. I'm learning that more and more as I explore.

Yes, indeed! Once you know the basics, you can apply yourself in many ways. Say, let me teach you the way of the blade! It will be most helpful to train yourself and that staff of yours!

I do like muscles... but, uh, I don't-

No talk! Now, plant your feet and swing it thusly.


Ah, good work everyone, we did it! Uh, you alright Ryu?

Y-Yeah, just had a hell of a night with Aryll.

What did I miss this time...?

Can we go now? I'll snap if I stay down here any longer.

Ah, the most wonderful image of the LP.

It was the longest five days of my life.

Oh come now, I feel liked we all learned something about each other!

I feel like I learned too much...

Well so long as I get recognition for that crap.

Gahaha, it wasn't that bad, I feel better than ever!

Indeed, a great way to strengthen both body and soul, let us do this again some time.

The Hauberk is not worth this garbage. I prefer +8TP to +2 DEF and +4 AGI, surprise surprise.

Of course the reward from this tedium would be garbage. Wouldn't be EO1 without some "ARGH!" in the mix.

Still, with all the monsters we beat, it's some nice cash. Oh yeah, if you beat too many enemies, then you'll have to throw out items constantly and that's pretty fucking tedious.

I need a goddamn nap after that... what an awful quest. Anyway, it's behind us now and next up is the king. We'd best not miss!

poke a god and pay the price, cernunnos'll bury you in tombs of...bash

that joke doesn't really work as well here, whoops