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Part 27: Big Bird's Bullshit Break (Guild Edda VS Iwaopeln)

Part 26: Big Bird's Bullshit Break (Guild Edda VS Iwaopeln)

Big bird, big dodges.

Don't let its majesty distract you! It's real easy, I know.


Level: 46
HP: 9000
STR: 330
VIT: 125
AGI: 100
LUC: 50
TEC: 100

EXP: 25000

Voltwing: Uses the Head. A Volt attack that deals 100% damage to the entire party and attempts to inflict Paralysis. Has a 30% infliction chance, an 85% accuracy modifier and a 90% speed modifier.
Rockbeak: Uses the Head. A Cut attack that deals 135% damage to a single target and attempts to inflict Petrification. Has a 50% infliction chance, a 95% accuracy modifier and a 30% speed modifier.
Feathers: Uses the Arms. A Stab attack that deals 120% damage to 3-5 random targets. Has an 85% accuracy modifier and a 120% speed modifier.
Grip: Uses the Legs. A Cut attack that deals 150% damage to a single target and attempts to inflict Arm Bind. Has a 95% infliction chance, a 90% accuracy modifier and an 80% speed modifier.
Roar: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Confusion on the entire party. Has a 20% infliction chance and an 80% speed modifier.
Faster: Uses the Head. Increases AGI by 100%. Has a 200% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
50% 125% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities
5% 15% 0%
65% 65% 65%

Normal: Steel Claw. 75% chance. Sells for 2200en.
1 required for Epee (Sword, ATK+139, STR+8, AGI+5)
1 required for Labyris (Axe, ATK+162, STR+9)

Rare: Gold Plume. 10% chance. Sells for 6000en.
1 required for Angel Robe (Medic Armor, DEF+45, AGI+7, TP+22, must be restocked)

Conditional: None

After one hell of a floor comes one hell of a boss. I hoped you saved and prayed, cause this guy is pretty deadly... if you don't use Immunize of course. There's 3 phases to this boss, boosting and then gripping, then basically using Voltwing every turn between 70% and 40% health, then murdering you with Rockbeak and Feathers. Definitely not one to take lightly, but since Faster does literally nothing and Antivolt gives you a bunch of free turns, you can get set up to wreck house. Of course, Feathers is a super nasty attack, so things can very quickly go south. Let's see how this team fares.

tag yourself i'm Faster

Imagine how demoralizing it would be to kill everything, forget to save, and then lose to this thing. Which is more than a real possibility, because this isn't an easy fight if you opt to play fair and square. Being evil sure ain't easy! If you don't have access to a level 5 Antivolt, you are in for a bad bad time!

Did that dance do anything? I feel like it should do something.

That bird should cool it! Hah! ...alright everyone just ignore me.

That typo of 100% instead of 200% means Faster does absolutely nothing. It wouldn't make too much difference, Iwaopeln usually goes first, but since we're only two levels under it, the battle should be fairly even.

I am very much amused at how much messier EO1's code is compared to the later games.

I don't know how I keep avoiding this stuff, but that makes things easier. Everyone behind me!

Alright, I'll trust this man. Just this once. But the last man I trusted tried to strangle me with my own wedding dress!

Now is not the time for backstory, fuckin hell!

A bunch of free Antivolt turns later and we need to refresh Defender. Even that's not enough to keep Simone alive, mama mia.

Well that's what you get for staying out of formation.

And then just F.Guard isn't enough to save her, sheesh! (It's only 3% more effective by itself).

Oh wow, that really wounded it! Uh, what's it doing?

What's it gonna do flinging feathers at-

Alright... good to know... ah my leg, my lungs, my everything!

I feel like my shields aren't blocking enough...

Cool, what did I miss?

Hey... before we all die horribly... wanna go for dinn-URK

Noooooooooooo!!! Uh, I mean, yes, I mean- ah forget it...

Just the two of us, eh? This always seems to happen to me. But let's see who's faster!

No, wait, I wasn't ready...

Until the Dawn of Another New Morning

Ugh... my head...

Oh hey, it worked.

What in the-- Oh, come on, my day got interrupted because of some jerks I don't even know?


What the hell is this?

Just fix this already, Ranger.

Before I do: people I don't know, what kind of fruit would make a good sauce for a steak?

...I don't know, paprikas? You'd be better off asking Lilian.

What the fu-

i would like you all to know that while i added a bit to this, Cross was the one that added Ranger and Realga in in the first place

It started as Ranger thinking one Realga was cool, so surely two Realgas are even better. It's always good to workshop jokes!

It's time to end this, once and for all!


Hm? You alright, Karin?

...huh. I dunno what that was, but hopefully it never happens again.

Were you disliking the lack of game overs? It could've happened earlier, but I've ran from a few wipes and have restarted a couple times when things go a bit south in boss battles. But that was a proper game over since I was really hoping I could win, so hey, we'll probably get plenty more in future. Though unlike later games, while you do save your map data, you don't save your map sight, so don't get ambushed by the same FOE you died to!

Saving your map data isn't all that useful in this game. Unlike in later games where it tracks the tiles you've stepped on (or defogged in the 3DS games), it does none of that here. The only thing saved is your map drawing. So if you haven't learned an FOE patrol pattern properly, there's nothing really stopping you from falling prey to it again if you're unobservant.

Dyed in Blood VS Iwaopeln

Big bird, big dodges.

Don't let its majesty distract you! It's real easy, I know.

Ugh, I hate time travel.

Let's actually beat this boss, cause this battle can go wrong very, very quickly if you're not careful.

Well that dance didn't seem to do anything, I can shoot it just fine.

I mean, if it just wants to waste time, I'm all for it.

A couple of turns to kick back and relax.

And this is where the timelines diverge, since dodging Roar is real nice.

Honestly, these bosses tend to be the biggest let downs.

You can tell which phase the boss is in by how many times it's been hit by Apollon. Even more free turns!

Please, you can't stone what is already dead.

And we're in the last phase already. Survivalists are really fucking good.

Huh. Wonder what it was bristling its feathers for.

Probably something dumb, like its face!

You seem a little angry. Did this fight go too well?

The Withered Forest

At last, you have overcome the guardian bird of the forest folk! As you rest from the arduous battle, the pale-skinned girl of the forest folk appears.

Her cohorts defeated and her guardian bird slain, the girl is powerless to intervene further. Still gazing at you, the forest girl continues.

Everything is gone... I can do nothing else. Go below, if that is what thou desire. The stairs to the next Stratum are in the small room north of here. Take the hidden path in the wall of trees to reach it.

The forest girl casts her head down and makes to leave, bidding a final goodbye.

Farewell, humans. Nothing stands in thy way now; not my brethren, and not myself...

Within moments, the pale-skinned maiden has blended invisibly with the rest of the forest. You have carried out the mission given to you by the Radha.

I'm sorry...

Well let's hope this was all worth it, or we are going to look like idiots.

Opening up the new stratum should hopefully keep everyone away from here.

And that's the last we see of Kupala. She never makes another appearance in this game, or the series, so her ultimate fate is left ambiguous. Though if you take EOU's Story mode version of this scene into account, what happens to her becomes a lot less ambiguous in Classic and is considerably more of a downer, to say the least.

If only we found this before everything happened.

I doubt it would've been open.

Ohoh! They're learning!

B20F A3 Take Point

Sand Cloth. 50% chance. Sells for 70en.
3 required for Dark Tunic (Clothing, DEF+26)
7 required for Sand Glove (Gloves, DEF+4, TEC+3)

Cross Seed. 25% chance. Sells for 150en.
1 required for Blaze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Fire attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Freeze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack an Ice attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Shock Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Volt attribute, must be restocked)

Oleander. 15% chance. Sells for 450en.
1 required for Rose Ring (Accessory, DEF+1, VIT+4, AGI+7)
Stated in the description for Axcela III, but not required for it.

I only put this shit here cause I have to, waste of my fucking time...

A new Stratum lies past this point... the deepest part of the Labyrinth awaits you. But first, you must report your vanquishment of the forest folk to Radha Hall. You check your map for the fastest way back to town.

You CANNOT be serious.

Ahah, just a joke to lighten the mood. Could you imagine, though?

My heart stopped for a second with how serious you were being.

I will not ignore steps right in front of me.

Let's end this stupid labyrinth already!

I really struggle to get this. Do they want us to feel bad as we walk through an empty stratum? There's a fair few things in ths game that are pretty mean, or pretty dumb, but it's part of the fun, this is a tricky game that's super satisfying to master. But in this specific instance: fuck off game.

I guess they really to keep it out of reach and make sure that you really wanted to see the 5th Stratum.

The Capital of Shinjuku

Listen to this by the way. The best Stratum theme in the game!

And say hello to one of the most iconic moments in the entire series!

You look about you in speechless awe. What could these ruins mean? Taking care with every step, you cautiously continue onward.

...w-w-what... is this place?

To think something like this... is this deep down...

It's a massive city! I-I can't see the end of it!

I've never known citadels to be this vast and endless! This... this is the discovery of the millenia!!!

Holy shit! Piiiiiissssss! This is crazy!

same, Karin

Didn't expect this little fantasy game with almost no plot to be post-apocalyptic, eh?

Doors... with handles... what are they made of?

I died and went to heaven. I could spend my life studying doors! And the walls! And the windows! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Let's head back before Ryu forgets all about Lavin.

Frankly, they will not believe this.

I don't believe this.

Ah, welcome back, how fares-

Shut the fuck up everyone and listen to this!!!

Next time, we explore the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. The real Etrian Odyssey starts here.