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Part 32: Going Down

Part 31: Going Down

The Capital of Shinjuku

...hey, you ever think that-


It's the final floor time, do do dooo dooo.

At long last, things will come to an end.

Man this beauty is blinding me. Let's go, eh, this way.

I'll only agree with it since I equally have no idea.

A big elephant is cool, but it's no dino.

Ah, finally, something new as an FOE. Don't get too attached though.

Encounters are also getting a bit mean, since there's no new regular enemies on this floor. Surely we'll be fine with a Protector and Medic, right?

here's where i was going to put a very dry "no" but honestly i can't remember the final stretch of EO1 endgame so i'm as clueless as any given reader, probably

Yeah, you'll be fine. Protector and Medic are both overkill on the defenses. Randoms in EO1 stopped being threatening so long ago.

At least we can lap this.

Still don't look too friendly, I saw it eyeing our battle.

Since we don't have 1st Turn Immunize or Defender, the best we can really hope for is everyone surviving the opening volley and killing them with Allslash and Thor. You can guess how that might work out sometimes.

oh hey it's how i play EOU

I don't see 5 dead people. You're fine.

Ooh, are we on the ground floor?

I guess? I dunno what I'm supposed to be looking at here.

Well shit, there goes half my strategy.

Huff... I feel like this is near my limit.

Drink every time Thor saves my arse. Actually, don't do that, it'll kill you.

This also came at the perfect time and only took so long since I decided to get variety. 280% damage to all enemies, with a damage boost of 6. Now to max out Freeze, then Flame.

FUCK, the best we can do here is have everyone Defend (and Gerson F.Guard) and spam Thor until they go below half health.

Oh hey that one's still attacking.

Give me a minute.

Yep, went as well as I expected. Unfortunately, damage variation means some of the Armorolls stay above half and peeps still die despite defending. Oh well, I have a million Nectars.

Thankfully, a good chunk of this floor is basically empty and only contain bear traps, so there's a lot we don't have to bother with.

5 Gum Threads and 3 Gold Furs are required for Gold Cape (Accessory, DEF+3, HP+25), sells for 8600en

10 Blue Blood and 5 Gold Furs are required for Azure Coat (Light Armor, DEF+38, AGI+5), sells for 7000en

Technically the best regular light armour, but the squishy classes prefer the slightly cheaper, slightly TPer Rune Tunic, while the other classes prefer the slightly cheaper, slightly DEFer Blood Mail, while the big classes have the Composite.

every time i remember that the class-exclusive ultimate armors suck in EO1, i get a bit sad

10 Red Blood and 5 Gold Furs are required for Blood Coat (Light Armor, DEF+36), sells for 5880en

The rides down are a bit awkward, no one says anything...

Well I wonder why!

Fuckin Armorolls...

Ooh, let us take this bear down toge-

...actually, you're right, I can't be bothered either.

But that precious 600xp!

Bear traps are getting real fucking old, least it's quick to get back!

this encounter sucks exactly as much in EOU, except now it's even worse because there's a back row

Ah, it's nice when things tickle slightly.

Likes... tickling... ehehehe.

220% power and still a 0% chance to stun, but we'll get there soon enough.

Sometimes you forget how screwed you'd be without squirrels.

Man, don't you hate it when there's something slow on the road? Ah well, let's try out my new technique, everyone take cover!

It didn't... exactly work.

Well he just didn't believe hard enough.

This is why you need Antifire, you'll be in a lot of trouble if you decide to not use Immunize for whatever weird reason. Now sure, only one of them went for a Fire attack, but getting hit by two of those is real nasty!

Huh, weird, I thought the Treetusk would be further along by now, I thought to myself seconds before noticing it was aggroed on us.

Ah come on, the best victory is from the edges of defeat!

Then get edging behind me!

Oh myyyyyyyy

Well of course elephants dislike the cold, see it's theorized they used to have fur to adapt to cold climates but now-

I'm glad I'm in the front now.


Level: 54
HP: 5500
STR: 339
VIT: 122
AGI: 87
LUC: 87
TEC: 58

EXP: 12240

Rush: Uses the Legs. A Bash attack that deals 90% damage to the entire party. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 10% speed modifier.
Hell Cry: Uses the Head. Increases ATK by 150% and increases resistance to all damage to 150%. Has an 80% speed modifier.
Defend: Uses the Head. Increases DEF by 150%. Has an 80% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
75% 75% 75%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities
15% 25% 1%
25% 25% 25%

Normal: Curse Tusk. 40% chance. Sells for 1700en.
1 required for Ward Gem (Accessory, DEF+2, TEC+8)

Rare: None

Conditional: Hex Marrow (Kill with a non-physical attack). 30% chance. Sells for 8200en.
1 required for Athanor (Ultimate Alchemist Gloves, DEF+7, TEC+10, must be restocked)

These nellyphants would be pretty threatening... if we encountered them at the start of the stratum like every other FOE here. Now, they can be scary with a Hell Cry, but if you've got your team properly rolling, then you'll chunk them so much and defend against it so well, they won't do much to you. Also, you won't really think of much of a strategy for them... since there's only 3 in the entire game. Womp womp.

It's basically a big stat blob. The only interesting thing about it is the fact it has access to Hell Cry.

...the idea of a monster having War Cry/Hell Cry is perplexing to me

Ah, jeez, take this for scaring me!

Tis merely a flesh wound.

With Immunize it's not a big deal, but I wasn't sure how bad Hell Cry would be, so we won't use it next time.


We can't ignore this bear, though I wish I had, since I can't do much to stop this when it charges first turn.

OOF! Still gonna take your tusk!

Bit tricky to intimidate it when said tusk is through your leg.

After we get Aryll 130% more STR, we'll go for, uhhhhhhh, TP? Sight? No fucking idea.

oh i love Avidya Sight

Sight could be worth it since it's a damage boost. Course that comes with the cost of becoming nocturnal.

If only we could tear down this wall.

And be back at their love den full of cooties? Ugh.

...I only now wonder if it's alright to admire this lightning while covered in metal armour.

Oh boy, here we go!

Taking down the Muskoids isn't the problem, it's the mostly full health Armorolls that will just endlessly attack. We have fun here.

I'm almost going to miss these winding corridors.

With these displays of power, you look content, but you should smile more!

I am smiling.

250% damage and a 40% base stun chance. We'll actually pause this skill for a moment, since Karin's healing skills are starting to lag behind. Well, Salve II is, so we'll put some levels into that then resume the whack-a-twat.

I wish there was more to this floor, but I understand the need for a long gauntlet.

Some things are just more interesting to play through rather than watch. The number of video games that can function as a very friendly spectactor sport (Without a shit ton of editing or something) is actually quite small.

...must get... TP... before Karin... drinks it all...

Go for it, I can keep her at arm's length.

Damn you taller person! I will remember this!

Another close one... you were supposed to be on watch, Aryll!

Sorry, was thinking of honour.

Then what were our other frontliners doing, aside from dying?

Well, he keeps thinking he's stronger, so we were having an arm wrestle...

I mean, I won, but that's cause you kept giggling and turning red when we locked hands to start. Maybe you've got a fever.

More lightning, another shot. Woo, my head.

karin's reaction to holding hands like that reminded me that it's Official Canon in my LPs that the teenage Harbinger and Shaman in my EO5 LP tried holding hands on their first night in the same inn room and the Shaman passed out from the excitement while the Harbinger sat on her bed all night blushing at having done something so unthinkable

The final bear trap of the stratum. Thank fucking god.

Gosh, Lavin, do you think that enemy did or did not get the point? ...okay, good to know.

Hmm, let's just ignore this bear.

Mmmmmrrrmmmm, ah, that was a nice fireside nap. You know, I wonder what they're up to.

Swordsman down!

Bear approaching!

Burning poison!



Oh I'm sure they're fine~

Well this is nice, even if this bear is breathing down our neck. Everyone ready for the final push?

This lad is way too chipper.

Lavin's a lucky bugger. At least he's got a 130% boost to Sword ATK, so his Flamberge technically has 254 ATK, higher than the strongest sword without this skill!

Clever girl...

Here's 3 Kingdiles to finish this stratum off. Are you having fun? I'm having fun.

i'm having something resembling fun

Oh I'm having a lot of fun! Ahahahaaaa!

Man, we're nearly done with this place, just one more door to- hm? This wall is hollow!

So it is. Maybe I don't hate this place after all.

Speak for yourself.

But yeah, here's the ONLY shortcut in the entire stratum. Okay, the lifts are technically shortcuts, but shut up.

The final regular fight of the stratum. We survived the opening volley, so we're perfectly fine.

And then we'll finish up this floor once the damn croc moves out of the way...

He moves to stand between you and the door as he speaks.

You have done well to defeat such skilled warriors as the forest folk, Ren, and Tlachtga. Truly, none who have traveled the Yggdrasil Labyrinth are your equals. Come with me to town, and I'll see to it you receive the fame and fortune you deserve.

The Chieftain's promise tempts you, but your gaze is still drawn to the massive door... you stand torn between taking him up on the offer, and finding the truth behind the door.

Eh, screw it, I'm tired and want to retire in the lap of luxury, you can keep your dumb secrets.

Agreed, I'm sure it's nothing that important anyway.

I've got enough to study here, to add the biggest secret would just be too much. Count me out.

We are being most dishonourable enquiring this much. Can't a man have some privacy?

Yeah, I don't want to fight a big, cool final boss, I'm perfectly happy ending it all here.

You've come so far... what more could you want? Let us return to town to honor you.

The Chieftain puts his arm around you and jovially escorts you back to town.

Ah, I'm glad everything worked out. Let's head off and find another labyrinth to explore.

Excellent, I love it when things are nice and cushy and end happy and carefree.

What a tale it will be, The Door We Left Unopened Forever~

Frankly I'm embarrassed we took this long to let it all be, I was the first to say we should give up and leave.

A shame, I'll miss all of you. Guess I'll find the secrets of the labyrinth myself, I'm very interested in everything going on!

And there we go, thank you so much for reading my LP of Etrian Odyssey. I'll admit the ending is a bit of a curveball, but really, I think we've got everything we need from this game. Thank you to Dr. Fetus and Ragnar Homsar for joining me in this wild adventure and I'll see you very soon for my next LP of Digimon World DS. Later!

Yeah, no, you're not getting out of the postgame that easily. Get back here before I invoke the witch's curse!

...fuck. Alright, fine, I'll keep playing this damn game. Can I still do the Digimon game?

No, Digimon sucks.

play MegaMan Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance instead. i'll provide the EXE6 translation patch for you. it's got a way less mean postgame

I don't care what you all play as long as you're suffering for my amusement!

On second thought, let's kick his ass.

Eh, sure, I'm not doing much else today.

He should be weak to Fire.

I've already smacked him with my shield about a hundred times in my mind already.


The Chieftain puts on a strained smile as he answers.

Why, the truth of Yggdrasil. Will you be the ones to finally witness the Labyrinth's secret?

His tone becomes harsh, as if to reproach you for daring to ask.

If you wish to know the things I know, then by all means, go through the door. But if you're not willing to stake your life on the truth, then don't waste your time.

The Chieftain falls silent, then slowly disappears behind the door standing before you.

If you enter, be prepared. In exchange, I will tell you the Labyrinth's secret.

The door swings firmly closed on the Chieftain's words. Your heart pounding, you think carefully before deciding your next move. There is still time to prepare in town before pursuing the Chieftain through the door...

Let's have a vote on who's gonna kick his butt.

Indeed, everyone deserves a fair shot at him!

1 Hex Marrow is required for Athanor (Ultimate Alchemist Gloves, DEF+7, TEC+10, must be restocked), sells for 46,000en

Lot of money for a TEC boost, but it's probably worth it over a standard helmet, or shoes. Unless equipment has action speed attached, in which case, helmet.

1 Curse Tusk is required for Ward Gem (Accessory, DEF+2, TEC+8), sells for 14,000en

10 Gold Shells and 7 Space Husks are required for King Aspis (Shield, DEF+14, VIT+5), sells for 2520en

We'll fight the final boss soon enough, so we'll spend some time taking care of all the last little bits to go over... right now!

The Withered Forest

Alright, let's face these damn dinos and clear this area!

I'm gonna make mincemeat outta these guys!

Ooh, I can freeze them and then barbecue them later.

Alas, we barely miss out on a 3 turn KO with these guys, but it's whatever.

Especially when Roar doesn't do anything for the first time ever.

Oh, Lavin, I'm falling, catch me!

Woah, good thing you're still light even with all that muscle. I would say get a doctor, but, you know...

Yeah, we get it, christ almighty.


Sigh... so manly.


Ah, here's something we need Antifire for. They both attacked normally, but it's the priciple of the matter!

Then we've got a Kingdile. It really didn't like Lavin.

Hah... hah... been a while since I got this kinda workout.

Was that worth fighting 4 FOEs for? Yeah, I'd say so.

Pfft, whatever.

On the other path, we have a bear.


Pfft, whatever.

Then a croc.

Pfft, whatever.

Another bear.

Pfft, whatever.

Another croc.

Pfft, whatever.

Then a final bear. Well, wasn't this just riveting.


This gauntlet can certainly wear down weaker parties, that's for sure.

The grotesque beast has an animal's body, a scorpion's tail and a human's face. Beating its two large wings against the dry air, it stares directly at you. Spying an escape route, you quickly weigh whether to run or stand and fight.

Now this is a final boss!

That's not a final boss, that's an optional boss.

Alright, alright, I see you've played finally optionally before.

Hm. Let's try that again.

Dyed in Blood VS Manticor

Gah, if only your shots stopped this searing pain!

Yeah, yeah, gimme a minute!


Level: 45
HP: 8500
STR: 333
VIT: 123
AGI: 98
LUC: 49
TEC: 98

EXP: 0

Poison: Uses the Legs. A Stab attack dealing 100% damage to the entire party and attempts to inflict Poison. Has a 100% base infliction chance and deals 163 Poison damage. Has a 95% accuracy modifier and a 10% speed modifier.
Petrify: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Petrify or Confusion on the entire party. Has a 30% infliction chance and a 30% speed modifier.
Lullaby: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Sleep or Fear on the entire party. Has an 80% infliction chance and a 50% speed modifier.
Darkcoil: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Blind or Curse on the entire party. Has a 50% infliction chance and a 90% speed modifier.
Passive: 70% chance to reduce ALL damage by half each attack.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
50% 50% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities
5% 10% 0%
50% 50% 50%

Normal: Toxic Hand. 55% chance. Sells for 3000en.
1 required for Toxic Gage (Gloves, DEF+2, Ailment Resist Up 50%, must be restocked)

Rare: None

Conditional: Beast Eye (Kill within 10 turns). 30% chance. Sells for 7000en.
1 required for Sage Wand (Ultimate Staff, ATK+150, TEC+20, TP+30, must be restocked)

The last thing to do before the final boss is a couple of smaller bosses. Manticor is all about ailments and not much else. You might think its stats aren't very impressive, but you can't attempt this boss until you can survive Poison, which, even through Immunize, does a real good chunk. However, that's Manticor's only way of really dealing damage, so as you as you keep topped up and don't get too screwed over by various Fear or Petrify procs, you should be fine. But if you get unlucky, it'll still take some time to claw through that passive.

in EOU, the passive instead halves the first instance of physical damage manticore takes on any given turn. i cheesed it by just using Swallow Strike, which meant it halved the damage of one of the three hits, which is an extremely brain genius move on manticore's part

And here's the only enemy with a passive skill in this entire game. Manticor's damage reduction isn't even communicated to the player at all, other than the damage numbers bizarrely varying wildly every now and then. Anyways, just make sure to keep yourself topped off, and you'll be fine.


I wish I was dead again.

Since Manticor tries to shove a million ailments at you, they will get replaced, usually by Fear, since it's pretty common and easy enough to land. Fine by me, it's all getting cured anyway.

playing EO1 made me miss accumulative resistance at times

We'll be home in time for lunch!

Hm, well, I'll try my best from back here, it's a pretty defensive creature.

Makes my job easier, now stay still, ehehehe.

Manticor does have a regular attack, but it's rare.


See, now you're getting it.

By the honour gods that's distractingly shrill.

Ah, it blocked you.

We noticed!!!

Ugh, what a pain. Just reduced damage with no way to stop it. Still, it's not a huge deal, we're slicing through it just fine.

Man that is particularly nasty.

This is why you really need to be topped up, Poison will almost always inflict.

Ah, well, nevertheless...

Hold up, let me get the pack from Karin's shoulder. Thank you.

Little bit scary, but so long as you keep healthy, you'll be just fine.

1 Beast Eye is required for Sage Wand (Ultimate Staff, ATK+150, TEC+20, TP+30, must be restocked), sells for 150,000en

Here we go, the final staff. It's actually a bit of a hard sell, since no one can really use it effectively. Karin likes the ATK and TP, but TEC doesn't really do much for her. Ryu likes the TEC and TP, but doesn't care for the ATK, while Cheese likes the TP, but nothing else. No Staff Mastery makes it a pretty expensive, yet somewhat weak option, but a combat Medic will still appreciate it. Funnily enough, Wagner likes the weapon the best, since he enjoys the ATK, the TP, even if he doesn't hugely need it, and can use the TEC boost with his imbues. Probably not gonna bother though.

By far the best weapon for a combat Medic. If you're willing to grind up the cash, it's well worth the purchase.

Man, my feet will never get used to this.

At least we never have to deal with pain floors again. Hahaha. R-Right?

Enough with your giggling, young lady, you will come back with us to town!

I get the feeling she won't come quietly.

Being a massive plant girl, I doubt it.

Scatter About VS Alraune

Switching to jelly mode!

God, don't shout that so loud, it's embarrassing...


Level: 55
HP: 16000
STR: 470
VIT: 160
AGI: 120
LUC: 59
TEC: 125

EXP: 0

Kiss: Uses the Head. A Cut attack that deals 110% damage to a single target and recovers HP equal to damage dealt. Has a 50% accuracy modifier, a 100% speed modifier.
Thrash: Uses the Legs. A Bash attack that deals 80% damage to a single target and then to the left and right of the target. Has an 80% accuracy modifier and a 90% speed modifier.
Lily: Uses the Head. Only used when inflicted with Arm Bind. Attempts to inflict Instant Death on a single target. Has a 30% infliction chance and a 50% speed modifier.
Pollen: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict all ailments onto the entire party. Has a 25% infliction chance and a 150% speed modifier.
Flame: Uses the Arms. A Fire attack that deals 105% damage to the entire party. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 90% speed modifier.
Frost: Uses the Head. An Ice attack that deals 135% damage to a single target and attempts to inflict Stun. Has a 100% infliction chance, a 90% accuracy modifier and a 200% speed modifier.
Shock: Uses the Head. A Volt attack that deals 95% damage to the entire party and attempts to inflict Head Bind. Has a 25% infliction chance, a 90% accuracy modifier and a 70% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
125% 0% 0%

Disable Vulnerabilities
5% 10% 0%
10% 10% 10%

Normal: Royal Vine. 80% chance. Sells for 5500en.
1 required for Thorn Whip (Ultimate non-elemental Whip, ATK+195, STR+13, TEC+9, must be restocked)

Rare: None

Conditional: Velvet (kill with a non-Fire attack). 30% chance. Sells for 5000en.
1 required for Fairy Mail (Ultimate Troubadour armour, DEF+47, AGI+10, TP+16, must be restocked)

The final optional boss we'll be tackling is quite a step up, with real dangerous attacks, high stats and a real chunk of HP, but she's still technically weaker than the final boss, so sure. Alraune has a lot to her AI we'll go over in a bit, but just know you need to stop her elemental attacks, or more specifically Shock, since getting a Head Bind is pretty dangerous due to accuracy drops and healing and elemental skills getting locked. The other two elemental skills are annoying, but not a big deal, this is definitely a battle to use Immunize. She'll use her elemental attacks for most of the fight, slipping in her physical attacks after dropping past half health. Pollen seems like it would be nasty, but it doesn't really pop up until later and only if you're not using Immunize. Which, uh, you should be, so you can be resilient enough to proc the other AI checks and have her use the elemental attacks.

fuck alraune and all of her later iterations. the fight against her in EOU is miserable, especially if you don't have a Protector. the only good version of her was Dryad, solely because the EO team recognized that if you're gonna make a boss dedicated to overkilling the party, at least make them supremely vulnerable to disables

Alraune's attacks here hit decently hard, but not super hard. Immunize definitely helps, but isn't needed. (Though you are going to need a lot of healing to make up for that.) Unlike the later games, where Alraune basically operates in phases, that's not something she really focuses on here. She does change her behavior once she goes below half health, but she's more concerned about the state of your party. More on that later.

Well... she's flammable. No, wait, isn't that the same as saying she's inflammable? Ah, whatever.

Alchemists are starting to lag a bit, but the damage chunks are still appreciated.

Alchemists are still perfectly usable by post-game or so, but they are kind of a bit lacking compared to the other options you have.

O-O-Ok-k-k-k-ay-y-y-y-y, that was cold! And then very hot. I haven't been this confused since I was a teen!

Honestly, keep up Lavin.

Yeah, Lavin!

Can't help, still in jelly mode.

Frost is a pain, but it's only one target and Lavin will live. But he will get targetted by her a fair amount due to her AI. Flame is also a pain, but it's not too bad due to Immunize. Gerson will be in Antivolt mode this entire fight, since I'm not that worried about her other attacks.

Health goes down, Soma goes in, health goes down, Soma goes in.

D-D-Dammit, I really wanted to s-s-s-scream some more.

We can always do it later.


So what is Alraune's deal? Well, her AI has some interesting aspects to it, let's review:

These are very specific checks that don't really appear anywhere else, but I had to keep them in mind so I knew what Alraune would do next. Then once she hits 50% health, she can use any element she fancies, as well as Kiss. Anyway, to begin with, no one in the party is weak to the elements, especially since all PCs have a 99% resistance to everything for whatever reason. Anyway, only Gerson is properly resistant, since he has Shields, so the first checks aren't procced, but will the second set be? Yes, actually, since Gerson has maxed out Shields to get Smite, making him just over the amount needed to proc the check, but which check? Considering she still uses Flame, it seems to be random, which is good, since we don't want to activate the table with Pollen in it.

Yeah, in EO1, the AI can check for your party's damage multipliers. Something that's never done in any EO game after this, oddly enough. And yes, your party's damage multipliers in this game all have a default value of 99% for some reason instead of 100%, like in the later games. I don't know why.

Who knew she'd be quite so resilient?

War Cry would make Lavin weaker to the various elements and so proc the first set of checks, which is why he keeps getting tagged by Frost, since he's the most weak to Ice, buuuuut Immunize does make things a bit wonky. Because of War Cry and Shields, Lavin is weak to the elements, while Gerson is resistant to them, so the puzzle is figuring out which check gets triggered first and revolve a strategy around that.

At least buy me dinner first, gahahaha!

Admittedly, it doesn't really change my strategy of resisting her attacks, using Antivolt to ignore the worst one and then pummelling her, but it's always good to know how things tick. Still, because of Immunize, even Lavin is nowhere close to being 110% weak to elements, so we can basically ignore those checks.

P-P-P-Piss off already!

Okay, so she hasn't used Shock once, but it's the principle of the matter!

Hm, I don't feel as strong as I- well fuck.

Dammit, we were soaring too close to the sun, damn you Ussop's Tables!

Whoops, I'm not used to fights lasting this long, so I got caught out by the buff timers. Since I refreshed them on turn 5, acting all smug with my pre-planning, it means the 5 turn count starts from there now, instead of being extended in later games. So the buffs run out on turn 9. So we don't have Immunize.

She's nearly done, chaaaaaaaarge!

Ugh, don't like how this all went.

And of course she uses Shock the one turn I'm not defending against it, fuck off game.

But it's too late, I wasn't expecting to get one shot, so I was only slightly panicking.

Why's everyone's hair all pointed?~

Ugh, we'll tell you later.

A shame you beat the boss without us, but hey, it let us get ready to beat up an old guy.

Frankly, I can't wait.

Then we can finally blow this joint.

So the monster disguised itself as a girl, to lure people into its trap... you got lucky. Lots of explorers have died at the hands of that thing. But I'm glad you're back safe. You look exhausted... go get some rest, okay?

I'm annoyed at a waste of jelly.

Well I can still use it for healing. And for delicious honey!

R-Really? But your honey is divine! Oh no...

Relax, I zap it pretty hard to seperate and purify the ingredients.

1 Royal Vine is required for Thorn Whip (Ultimate non-elemental Whip, ATK+195, STR+13, TEC+9, must be restocked), sells for 130,000en

Slightly stronger than the Dominator, but with no Boost Up, and weaker than the last whip, but the last one is a bit shit. The TEC boost is useless, but with maxed Whip mastery, it could be worth it.

the TEC boost on the equivalent weapon in EOU (Heaven to Hell) makes more sense, where TEC is the primary stat for inflicting disables. too bad it lost the STR in favor of AGI, when Dark Hunters already have that in abundance

And just before we finish, there's a damn thorn in my side.

Her smug grin is really annoying me! Especially cause it's really making me fall for her!

Will he get a fucking clue already? Being smug and condescending is how I tell guys I like them.

Man this is fun to watch.

Since this is a bastard FOE, we need to wait 14 days for it to respawn. Thankfully, this is a relatively painless way of doing it.

And repeat 2 more times.

5 M Leaves are required for Moss Ring (Accessory, HP+80, STR+10, VIT+10, must be restocked), sells for 200,000en

Aryll's gonna fucking love this when we eventually get the money for it.

200k en what the fuck

The Moss Ring is definitely a good accessory, but 200,000 en good? Yeah, you won't have access to this if you decide to unlock this first thing in the 4th Stratum.

5 Gold Horns are required for Kuzunosada (Katana, ATK+209), sells for 18,800en

Basically beaten by the Hachi in every way, but those are basically the last two katanas for a while, so I'm fine with slight boosts in power so she's not too ridiculous.

This final training session has felt like weeks have gone by.

I have no idea what you mean.

Next time, the final boss. So far!

About time.