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Part 38: Half-Self From Mad Doubt

Part 37: Half-Self From Mad Doubt

The Cavern of True Red

Oh god, oh man, oh geez, it's time for B29F. At least we can get to it quickly, cause while I'd LOVE to travel through the entirety of each floor, uh, I think my refrigerator is running, so I've gotta be quick!

Look at you, being scared of EO1's B29F.

Welcome to teleporter mazes! Also this floor is just pure trial and error. At least in later games, teleporters either have a pattern, or follow certain rules.

This is gonna be your view if we stick to one screen, not much, right? This floor is just a bunch of corridors and warps, so the best way to describe it is to show you.

What (and I cannot stress this enough) the FUCK? Like, how am I supposed to map this? How am I supposed to show this to you guys in a way that makes sense? What's the best path through this floor? How am I supposed to explore all of it and show it off? This floor is just miserable, I spent the entire of it with this map up and constantly glued to it just figuring out where the heck I should go. Also nice job using red on purple, Zaraf.

Aesthetics are not map image makers' strong suits, I've noticed.

The path to take is 1, 2, 3, 4, 23, 29, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38; in case you were wondering. How are you supposed to know this beforehand? You don't. Enjoy mashing your face into teleporters for all eternity! Oh and yeah, you really can't map this. Not enough symbols, and you'll run into the icon cap if you decide to do this.

I feel like this is going to break us.

Well hey, I'll just put you back together.

You don't care about healing anymore, remember? You held your stave up and declared you'll whack until the end of time.

I don't see a problem with that, you should always whack.

Hm. We're almost being too obvious.

As an aside, since the dragon team is off doing dragoning, this lucky lot will exploring the final two floors.

Oh good, shouting, but in a high pitched whine that makes me feel dizzy.

I'll make them shut up, ehehehe.


Level: 67
HP: 811
STR: 255
VIT: 132
AGI: 66
LUC: 66
TEC: 66

EXP: 2958

Charge: Doesn't use a body part. Prepares to use Piercer next turn. Increases ATK by 100% and has an 80% speed modifier
Piercer: Uses the Arms. A Cut attack that deals 80% damage to a single target and attempts to inflict Instant Death. Has a 20% infliction chance, a 90% accuracy modifier and a 50% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
150% 50% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities
50% 100% 1%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: Black Root. 5% chance. Sells for 960en.
3 required for Ebon Glove (Dark Hunter Glove, DEF+9, AGI+11)

Rare: None

Conditional: None

New floor, new enemies. Nothing too special, hopefully you'll kill them while they're charging since you'd rather not roll Piercer, but you might have more pressing enemies to kill. The real tragedy is their drop. The fuck is up with that? Everyone's so mean to the Dark Hunter endgame drops.

In EOU, you instead get to farm for 30 of a 15% drop for that glove.

20% to instantly kill someone. Wow. And it's only single target too. Yeah, not remotely a threat.

Doesn't feel the same without someone yelping whenever I do this...

So, let's be honest, you can see how all this connects. It doesn't really matter if you're not exactly following along, since what's important is that I know where I'm going, and that we're going to new areas.

The final variety, sour cherry.

What's a cherry?


Level: 63
HP: 768
STR: 243
VIT: 133
AGI: 128
LUC: 128
TEC: 64

EXP: 2100

Blaze: Uses the Head. A Fire attack that deals 85% damage to the entire party. Has a 95% accuracy modifier and a 10% speed modifier.
Odor: Uses the Head. Reduces the entire party's ATK by 50%. Has an 80% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
0% 0% 0%
0% 150% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: Red Ore. 20% chance. Sells for 710en.
30 required for Ruby (Accessory, DEF+4, Fire Resist Up 30%)

Rare: None

Conditional: None

Aren't enemies that resist absolutely everyone but one thing great? Haha, I'm acting like there's audience participation and I care what you guys think. Flamegels are deadly because of Odor, which usually goes first and makes everything miserable. At least they're the first enemy that easily drops Red Ore! UGGGGGGGH. Despite that, we've got an easy way to deal with them in just a moment.

These things just kill everyone in EOU if you leave them as the last enemy in a battle.

They're basically just an annoyance. Either kill them or run away if you lack the damage.

Alright, I'll put my damn bat down long enough to heal you. Such a pain.

She's fallen to the dark side. Good.

A 91% base chance for an arm bind, yum. I won't bother with Immobile, since I don't think we'll encounter another Leg skill. We're nearly done with everyone's main skills, so soon it'll be ~passives~ all the time.

Fun fact, binds are actually capped at a 90% success rate in this game. So it's really 90%. Ailments do not have such a restriction.

Usually it's pretty easy figuring out what order images go in so I can show the simple progress through a floor. I don't care about this one, so I'll just shove as many as these in as I fancy and then break it up with some fighting or whatever. Who cares? That's what you do this late in the postgame, you just want it to be FUCKING OVER.

Ehh, they're not all too bad. Claret Hollows is just special with ETERNAL SUFFERING MUHUAHAHAHAAAA!

You may act like you've ambushed us, but we are always the ambushers!

You're welcome.

You can get an encounter after warping, which is a bit rude, but Ambush is just wonderful, I love it so much, man Survivalists are so strong, I can't wait to see how strong they get next game!!! Yeah, I know...

Don't break my heart again at reminding me that they're not even a real class in 2.

The encounters can be pretty mean, but we're stronger than we were when we started, while enemies never change their level, so slowly but surely, we're catching up.

There's quite a few instances where one warp will lead you to somewhere nice and one will send you to back quite a bit. Note how many times warp 6 pops up, which sends you to the very start of the floor.

Jelly, with a crunchy shell.

A 60% chance of petrifying a Flamegel is great, letting Ryu ignore them entirely. Not that they do much with Blazer since we're catching up in levels, but still.

Simone has just got ~passives~ while Karin, due to doing everything all the time, still has plenty more to learn. A 122% ATK boost and 280% power with a 55% base stun chance.

So where are we?

Heeeeeeeeeeere? Yeah. Here.

At least this floor is mirrored, so you can see how it'll look, but that doesn't actually help navigating, instead informing you how many times you'll need to do this bullshit.

The floor title for B29F is so very very apt.

What a reward...

I'm getting the feeling this place is a little mean.

Some rooms, such as this one, are just a dead end that warps you back. They're pointless, but I've gotta go to each of them! Well, I don't, but then the witch's curse updates and then I do.

Off with her head!!!

Alright, drama queen...

I sure am offering you some real views on the top screen...

After a certain point in these games, I stop looking at the top screen entirely, and just navigate by the bottom screen. Said behavior is more common in this playerbase than you might think.

At least they're weak to volt.

I've gotten over butterflies now.

If you're curious which passives I'll go for, well obviously I'll do weapon masteries and ATK boosts, but I'll do both HP and TP Up, but which one I'll prioritise depends on two factors: does one give a 150% boost and do they need TP? Simple enough, since I won't be able to max out both in most cases.

Haha, the one advantage of being small, I can dodge!

Another fifty fifty to getting the treasure.

Not too helpful when the enemies are smaller than you.

Oh she's trying her best while whacking.

The main annoyance is on the way to a treasure, one of the warps lead to a dead end room, so I've gotta go all the way back to reach it. I mean, it's good experience either way.

Time to do all that again!!!

Just be glad I've got magic.

Save state often kids. While the floors are the biggest annoyance, ignore the enemies at your PERIL!

Also another way the post-game can be demoralizing. Not only do you have to deal with the map bullshit, but if you die, you have to go through every last floor all over again due to how this Stratum works! There are no shortcuts other than the knowledge you've gained. Welcome to hell.

Still, that's everything optional we can explore. But there's still the rest of the floor to go!

3 Black Roots are required for Ebon Glove (Dark Hunter Glove, DEF+9, AGI+11), sells for 55,000en

30 Azure Ore is required for Sapphire (Accessory, DEF+4, Ice Resist Up 30%), sells for 100,000en

I love drop cheats. I hate all this garbage. Okay, gloves aren't that great, so I guess your DH could use some more AGI? Maybe? We'll save our money.

The glove is better in EOU, since it at least gives some HP. It unfortunately loses out compared to a Shoulder Shield and a certain accessory from B30F, but oh well.

lol EO1 "ultimate" armor.

Lord help me, I'm back on my bullshit.


You've gotta play fucking spot the difference so you know where the new, identical hallway is.

Ugh, two of them.

That's what teamwork is for.

2HKOs? Throughout the entire game? It's more likely than you think.

This map design is... SHOCKING! Please help.

I would if I didn't have my own Claret Hollows to go through.

Mmmm, nah. Your suffering is ever so amusing to watch!

It's almost insulting what some of these contain.

Well, uh, at least we're nearly done!

Alright, just one more of these to do.


Sooooo... anyone got anymore backstory quips to delve into?

No, I think we're all good.

Mmm. Anymore romantic tomfoolery?

Eh, let's wait until after, we're in serious mode after all.

Quite, quite.

No time is a bad time for romantic tomfoolery.


I fucking hate this place.

Nice to get out and about, I was feeling a bit rusty.

Okay good, the final chest is pretty close to the last one. Doing the same out of the way warping 4 times definitely gets old.


Put a little enthusiasm into it!

There's a bit of backtracking, but it's not all bad, blindsides aside.

Well this is different.

Was starting to wonder if anything dangerous was even down here.

At least the fourth dead end room is actually the way forward! Unfortunately it's to here. One of these warps will lead you forward. The rest, to the start of the floor. This party can't kill Shellords, so let's get to pacing, cause we're gonna be here a while.

Reminder that this entire floor is basically just trial and error bullshit.

Oh just die already. Piece of shit.

This floor is making everyone cranky.

A 72% chance, so annoying, but oh well.

Is this the warp forward? Nope! Keep walking bucko.

I can't wait until I don't need to be cute and cuddly anymore.

Well I'll still think that.

Is this the warp forward? Yes. How would you know that? By trying the last two warps of course! Boy, walking around this hallway was really annoying, would be a shame if you had to do it every time you wanted to get through this stratum! It's just easier to kill the damn turtles.

What would you ever do without me?

I can't muster up enough energy to talk back...

You've done well to get this far. Now tell me, one of these warps is the way forward, the other three will send you to the start of the floor. Pick wisely, or you're walking around turtle highway all over again!

Why yes, I am quite stunning, ehehehe.

It wasn't even funny the first time, let alone the tenth. Hm? Too little, too late, tree.

I never want a tree to make that kinda noise again.

Correct! Now, one is the way forward, the other, start of the floor!

Correct! Now, one is the way forward, the other three, start of the floor!

And correct. We've finally made it.

By the way, take a good look at the map. Yep, you guessed it! No shortcuts on this floor either! You got to go through B26F, then B27F, then B28F, and then the entirty of B29F just to get a shot at going through B30F! The only shortcuts are the knowledge you've gained.

It's finally B30F.


Finally here...


Is that a motherfucking-

But wait! Just before we head to town, there's one final warp.

Okay, now we've finished this floor. It's trash, but it's the final hurdle, since final floors tend to be gauntlets instead of a miserable pile of teleports. We've also opened every single treasure chest in the game! Yeah, it really wasn't worth it...

Bird-Shaped Vane on the Roof

I'll pass, what I have suffices, since I don't want to feel like I'm wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, NOTHING AT ALL.

10 Gem Scales are required for Ghost Vest (Ultimate Dark Hunter Armor, DEF+47, AGI+18, TEC+10, must be restocked), sells for 95,500en

That's a lot of low drops for something not great. It's weird, the DH's ultimate armour is the only one that requires multiple of the same drop. Coupled with the low drops for the gloves earlier, someone wasn't a fan of this class. Regardless, while it makes your DH real speedy, TEC is useless on them and it's the third most expensive for... some reason. That's a no from me.

lol EO1 "ultimate" armor.

Hyah! Hyah! HYAH! Oh, hi Ryu. Just prepping for the dragon.

I see.

Hope that maze wasn't too bad, gahahaha!

Y'all can fuck off.

At least we are nearly done with these honourable quests!

Yes, let's use that adjective~

Our client calls himself the Gourmand King, and wants to eat a dish no one has ever tasted. He gave me a list of ingredients he wants to make it: A Tendon, Gum Throat, Stiff Hide, Drywall, and Sticky Goo. He only wants one of each, but it'll still take a while to find all of those. I have to wonder what he's planning to make with a list like that... think he'll let us have a bite when he's finished...? Yeah, probably not.

That's a good list, means someone's not slacking off!

Ugh, but I'm only one week from retirement...

Ah, excuse me... I have to go... wax my... fish~

What, is he scared of birds or something?

I've got a guy who wants to find the legendary bird from that old fairy tale.

Hmm, I've never heard of that one. Anyone else?

Not me. The only person who would know of something like that would be Wagn- aw, son of a bitch!

There was an orphan boy so poor he could barely buy a loaf of bread every day. Unable to bear it anymore, and on the brink of starvation, the boy stole a piece of meat. But he was seen by the store's owner and panicked. He tried to flee into the Labyrinth, but as you may guess, he soon became lost. After running through the dark forest for hours, he eventually collapsed with fatigue. Some time later, the boy woke up to the sound of footsteps. When he opened his eyes, there stood the shop's owner. The terrified boy cringed... but the shop owner embraced him. He wasn't angry at all. On the contrary, he had been trying to give the boy a bigger piece of meat. But the boy ran away, and the shop's owner tried to stop him from entering the forest. The Labyrinth was as dangerous then as it is now, of course, and no place for a child. The boy apologized to the shop's owner, who embraced the boy once again. The boy's stomach growled then, and the two of them laughed out loud.

The shop's owner gathered some wood for a fire to cook the two pieces of meat. But the scent of the meat drew hungry beasts from their lairs in the forest. The dreadful monsters emerged, ready to sink their fangs into the helpless pair, when... there came a loud sound of flapping wings, and the legendary bird appeared! All present were stunned by this turn of events... even more so when it asked the boy and the owner if it could have the delicious meat. The two quickly agreed, and the bird swallowed the meat in one gulp. After this, it said "I shall grant light to the strong, and power to the meek!" The bird then drove away the beasts surrounding the two, and led them to the forest's exit. And that's the story. It's long, but it's so good... hey, are you kids awake? Hellooo?

I love a good story, maybe one more ti-


Uh, what everyone means is we can hear it again later since... uh, we need some lunch!

Maybe, that legendary bird really does exist, somewhere in the forest. But how would you find it...? Hmm... oh! How about this? You could lure the legendary bird out with a piece of meat, like in the story!

Well it's just a story, but we could use a nice camping trip...

Huh...? Yeah, I guess you're right. That stuff would probably only work in fairy tales.

That's 34 images for a ruthlessly simple quest. The reward is real nice, though, so I guess I don't mind?

Alright, I'm back! Shame I missed the legendary bird story, I know it's a real classic, but it was real urg-

Well since you know the tale so well, I know someone who'd love to hear it!

Ooh, again, again!

...well I do like the sound of my own voice~

Looks like another abnormal situation has come up that Radha Hall needs help with. Some thingy that goes up and down deep in the Labyrinth stopped working... the Radha members are at a loss for what to do with such strange machinery. Since you found it, maybe you can figure out how to fix it. Give it a try, at least.

I suppose I could give it a look. Nice to have a name for those boxes. Lifts... sounds almost foreign.

We'll need to do it anyway, otherwise we can't put that motor back! Oh, speaking of motor...

Thanks again for gathering the Ankh-shaped parts the other day. Radha Hall analyzed them and made a device that might be usable on the 21st floor. This is it... the Ankh Motor. They said it'll fit into the machine on the 21st floor. But they don't know what'll happen after that, so be prepared for anything.

It was a simple enough task, ufufufufu...

Ooh, your glasses are lighting up again, how do you do that?

Alright, you guys go gather up all the boring stuff and we'll take a look at the tech stuff, or whatever. Love you, byeeeeee!

Hey wait a minute, you can't cut back on fetch quests! You will regret this!!!

That Name Was Engraved Into the 100th Volume!

Our dragon hunting team is gonna need some real training before they tackle the other two dragons, so to level 70 it is! Sure, Ryu is also on the exploration team, but there's only one floor left and Alchemists don't get affected by level much. It also means I can talk about Retiring! Ugh...

Who are you?

I am you, but stronger.

Doesn't seem too different, right? Well retiring can happen from level 30 and above, but you should only bother when you're level 70 since that's when you get the most bonuses. Well, I say bonuses, it's only skill points, +2 at level 30, up to +6 at level 70, making 78SP the actual total. There are stat boosts, but it's based on the class that just retired, +1 to that stat at level 30 and +3 to that stat at level 70.

And yes, it's just the one stat, being VIT if you retire a Protector, STR from a Landy or a Ronin, TEC from Medics, Alchemists and Hexers and then AGI from Dark Hunters, Survs and Troubs. Firstly, only STR is actually worth a damn in this game, TEC is only good for Alchemists and you're not throwing away a perfectly good Protector or Survivalist for +3 VIT or fucking AGI. It's just hilarious. And by that I mean depressing. Secondly, it's just the one stat and just +3 at that, you can get that from rubbish armour we unlocked three stratums ago. And thirdly, 6 extra skill points is NOTHING in a game with 10SP for EVERYTHING! Also you need to grind your new recruit SIXTY NINE levels to get them back to before. So yeah, overall, a waste of fucking time, never Retire in this game, not only do you not need to, you shouldn't want to.

Yes, retirement fucking sucks in this game. No, none of the bonuses stack through multiple retirments. And unlike in the later games, the new unit always comes in at level 1. It sucked so hard that they gave it a ridiculously huge buff from 2 onwards.

Like I'd actually do that to her. We won't be touching Retirement, this update is depressing enough, so let's go fight something instead.

The Capital of Shinjuku

While we may be greeted with the endless void, tis nothing else to do~

I mean, ugh, you could help!

I'm just enjoying the view.

With great difficulty, you force your fingers between the doors and slowly pry them open. Once the doors are partway open, you see a roiling horde of spiders inside! The spiders crawl out through the partially open doors and attack their nearest target--you!

Oh wow, Ryu went before them! ...that's bad isn't it.

We're about to find out, I can guess what they're about to do!


Level: 65
HP: 4367
STR: 375
VIT: 143
AGI: 98
LUC: 98
TEC: 65

EXP: 2800

Silencer: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Head Bind on the entire party. Has a 40% infliction chance and a 10% speed modifier.
Disarmer: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Arm Bind on the entire party. Has a 70% infliction chance and a 10% speed modifier.
Web: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Leg Bind on the entire party. Has a 70% infliction chance and a 10% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
125% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities
0% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: None

Rare: None

Conditional: None

I went to level 70 for the dragons and the rest of the postgame stuff... but there was another thing on my mind when I did that. You can probably guess what's about to happen, since one of these Steelwebs are annoying, if tanky. But what about FIVE??? You did bring some Theriaca As, right?


Five 4k HP targets, with 375 STR! Yeah, if you can't handle these, you can very much just get tied down and then wiped.

Well, they say justice is blind. HYAH!

Yeah, I say that! Oh she can't hear me, anyway.

Ugh, gonna be picking this out of my armour for days.

Well when Lavin is hit by leg bind, I get to use Tornado! Why does Allslash use the legs anyway?

Probably to diversify body part types. Would be boring if everything physical used the arms.


We can't really hear him, so it doesn't really affect us.

Gah! Those spiders are pretty fierce.

Well, yeah, but also because of that massive spiky shield that pierces your chest whenever you move. Wanna use something else?


Since Gerson now has the Pain Shield he'll be taking a lot of damage from everything and getting tagged by every side effect. It's completely useless as a defensive tool, since that was even through F.Guard, but I'm sure we'll be fiiiiiine.

Please use a real shield on your Protector in your own playthroughs.

What a warm up! I'm ready to kick a dragon's ass!

Let's fix this up... then return to town...

You pry the doors open fully to see that the interior is matted with spider's silk. After you carefully remove all the thread, the elevator slowly rumbles back to life.

Wow, that dragon really thrashed you.

Don't you... sass me... dear...

I don't pretend to understand why, but I guess those monsters' nest stopped it from moving. Good thing we had experienced exterminators like you around, huh?

For the final time we'll head back to this panel, for something that's easier than the spider quest. I wish I was joking.

Who wouldn't?

Once you press the switch, a strange light emanates from the machine. Within the light, you are surprised to see the 25th floor, as if it were before your eyes. But in this vision, you can now see a gigantic dragon near the path to the 26th floor. The illusory golden dragon turns its head to you, letting our a mighty roar. With that, the image vanishes. The 25th floor... the site of your desperate struggle with the Lord of Yggdrasil... you shiver at the thought of facing this dragon, sure to be an even deadlier nemesis. If you have the courage, then continue forth!

Yes! Yes! Yesyesyesyesyes!!!

I think Dragon Slayer Aryll is eager to get going.

Dyed in Blood

Starting strong I see, just how I like it, gahahahaha!

Oh bother, my hair is sticking up~


Level: 70
HP: 35000
STR: 550
VIT: 164
AGI: 120
LUC: 68
TEC: 121

EXP: 0

Voltage: Uses the Head. A Volt attack that deals 900% damage to the entire party. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 75% speed modifier.
Curse: Uses the Arms. A Cut attack that deals 250% damage to a single target and recovers HP equal to damage dealt. Has a 95% accuracy modifier and a 50% speed modifier.
Shield: Uses the Arms. Reduces all damage resistance to 1% for 5 turns. Has a 150% speed modifier.
Corrupt: Uses the Head. Neutralises all buffs from the party. Has a 200% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
75% 75% 0%

Disable Vulnerabilities
1% 10% 0%
25% 25% 25%

Normal: Barbel. 40% chance. Sells for 8000en.
1 required for Volt Whip (Whip, ATK+200, STR+11, Elem: Volt, must be restocked)

Rare: Volt Scale. 10% chance. Sells for 13,000en.
1 required for Shinryuu (Ultimate Sword, ATK+250, All Stats +20, must be restocked)

Conditional: None

While Drake was a long, drawn out affair, part in due to its secret area, part in due to our level, the last two dragons will be much quicker, for different reasons. Dragon isn't too impressive in comparison, only having one damaging skill, though it's definitely a good one. Usually I'd go over each skill and how to deal with them, but, well, you already have. See, Curse and Shield are only ever used when its head bound. If you never do that, then the only thing it'll ever do is Voltage.

Unless you have a single buff, like at all, then it'll wipe it with Corrupt. And that's it, the only damage you'll ever take from Dragon is when it fancies using its regular attack. ...I'm being completely serious, this postgame boss is an absolute joke and nearly a waste of time. However, it's the easiest dragon for a reason, which we'll see next update and it uses Voltage whenever it wants, so when it decides to attack, it'll fucking hurt. Otherwise, congrats, here's a free 100k en + drops.

Can I take this Storm Emperor home with me? Please? Mine sucks and is a fucking pain in the ass to fight.

"Dragon." Real creative name there. Anyways, Dragon is pretty much considered to be the easiest dragon to take down in the dragon trio. (The sole exception was EO3, but explaining why here would take too long and is irrelevant.) In this game... you can pretty much see why. Voltage should be nerfed by your Protector, who should be spamming the fuck out of Antivolt since being hit by that is an instant game over. Corrupt basically does nothing in this game other than purging buffs. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Because it does nothing other than that, nothing is stopping you from setting those buffs back up, and sending Dragon into an AI lock where half of his turns are spent purging your buffs, and dealing no damage to your party. There's a reason why they buffed buff enrages to do things on top of purging your buffs to avoid situations like that again!

While my hair is frizzing all over the place, this is quite a relaxing time killing a giant, immortal serpent.

HRRRRRRKKKK! You're damn right it will be!

Could do with less of that though, ugh, pretty heavy stuff.

Oh darn, here I thought I could kickback and fire some elemental shots~

Corrupt is annoying, but binding the head just makes the fight more annoying, so either go without buffs, which will make the fight take a while, regardless of level, or keep putting them up, since it's not like it's a big deal.

Corrupt is a turn where Dragon isn't damaging your party, so you do want to see it using it. However, Dragon can't cast it consecutively, since it will either use Voltage or a regular attack if it used Corrupt on the last turn.

Just keep refreshing... and then slashing...

Why can't you just do this all the time?

So yeah, this fight is gonna be real fun. Thankfully Ronin still use their skills even if their stance is wiped away, or this would be an even longer fight!

Unfortuantely, due to how Ronin work, and Corrupt, they're actually a terrible class to bring along for this fight! As if they didn't have enough going against them already.

Big oof~

Gerson has to spam Antivolt since Dragon has a chance of using Voltage regardless of what's happening, but there's no point putting up defensive measures, so any physical attacks will hurt. If you want your supports to do something, then debuffs is all you'll keep up.

Aw, man... I was gonna unleash some pain explosion.

Since Ryu has practically no HP investment, he's a fragile little thing, but it's very funny that his TP nearly surpasses his health.

We about done here? I should've gotten a cushion...

One moment, after all, we should spread the love around.

Dragon Slayer Lavin!!!

Hmm, did you actually fight a dragon? The spiders fucked you up more!

Yes, well, let's never mention those things again~


Still, I feel like Dragon is a terrible name for it. How about... Storm Emperor! Ooh, or... Klanvaline! No, that's stupid.

Did the Ankh Motor summon that terrible Dragon? Maybe the Lord of Yggdrasil sealed it because it was too powerful... but in case he needed to break the seal again, he scattered the keys. It was just by accident that we found them all and awakened the dragon... Anyway, I'm glad you took the request. I don't know who else could have beat that thing. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work!

1 Barbel is required for Volt Whip (Whip, ATK+200, STR+11, Elem: Volt, must be restocked), sells for 147,000en

The strongest whip, though only slightly beating out the Thorn Whip in strength (211 to 208), and Volt is a very handy element to just have. Still nothing particularly special, so maybe the Dominator would be more interesting.

And next time, it's the final floor, for real this time!