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Part 30: The Ottomans Part 7: Epilogue

The Ottomans Part 7: Epilogue

We've caught up after westernizing and even surpassed the other westerners in technology. This was a game about westernization, but let's see how things end up by the 1800s.

Vienna falls to us in 1730, and with Austria crippled we have easy access to weaker states in northern Italy

Granada uses makes use of its freedom by invading its weakened neighbors and consolidating its strength.

Our navy guards the strait of Gibraltar, preventing any hostile nations from entering the Mediterranean.

Granada sieges Navarra for over a decade before the city falls. There is a level 6 fort there, and it has tremendous lasting power.

They waste no time in annexing that defensible piece of land.

With Vienna behind us, our forces are prepared to advance into Europe and Italy.

Quebec revolts away From Pisa, forming their own nation.

With all of the appropriate territory in their control, Granada forms the nation of Spain and unites all of the peoples of Iberia under a new Islamic state.

The majority of Castille's presence remains mostly in North America.

Ottoman forces advance into Italy, with the goal of linking North Africa with an Islamic Italy.

As the new Holy Roman Emperor, the large nation of Bohemia is eager to defend the small HRE states that we've been plowing through. The Bohemian attack is powerful, and they cross our borders with dozens of regiments.

With our Land Tech in the 60s, I decide to see how an all cavalry unit fares compared to a mixed army. It turns out that cavalry are still a-ok as long as you can afford their price premium.

We didn't even have the military tactics bonus for using a mixed force.

War rages between Bohemia as well as the Italian States, but our army is simply too advanced and too well disciplined for our opponents to maintain any progress against us.

Rome falls to Ottoman control in the 1770s.

The Holy See flees to the Baltic, taking residence in the archbishopric state of Riga. The holdings of Riga become the new Papal States under the direct control of the Pope.

Bar annexes France in 1780, putting Paris in their hands.

By the 1800s, Granadan Spain remains a strong power in Western Europe.

The Ottomans have increased their holdings to include the Itallian Peninsula and Sicily. Former Moroccan lands in North Africa are taken under our control as well.

Bar has grown to become the strongest continental power in France and Germany, excluding Bohemia.

Baluchistan prospers to our east.

North America remains in turmoil, with most nations constantly struggling against colonial revolutionaries and useless colonial wars with one another. The Netherlands does its best to retain its colonies in Central America while Bar chips away at their homeland.

South America remains mostly dominated by Naples, which moved their court to the Brazilian coast decades ago.

And this is where the Ottoman game comes to an end. I have to say I'm a little disappointed by how the colonial uprisings mostly fizzled out again. Seeing Bar suddenly become a great power in the last century of game time might have been a good enough surprise to make up for that, though.