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Part 76: You Good End - Epilogue

[Video: Kid/You – Multiverse]

You and I were riding on a boat. The infinitely deep, blue ocean spread as far as we could see. A clear blue sky unfolded above us. There was a pair of seagulls flying overhead. The sea breeze whipped at us little strongly, and You used her hand to hold her hair in check. She had recently started to grow her hair out. Somehow it seemed that she might have been starting to look like her mom 'her.' That and...she seemed to have become a bit more easygoing and ladylike...

"So how is college going?"

"It's alright I guess."

Yes. I had somehow gotten into college and was in my first year. Of course, I was going to a different school than You, so we never had a chance to meet on campus.

"Why on earth did you decide to major in archaeology?"

"You really want to know?"

"That's why I'm asking."

"You know, it might be better if you didn't ask."


"You still sure you want to know?"

"W-well... Then I won't ask."

"Alright. I won't tell."


"Why? Tell me!"

" just said you weren't going to ask."

"That's because you said I probably shouldn't..."

"This is too confusing..."

"You're the one who made this conversation confusing."

"Anyway, I guess I'll listen to your reasoning."

There she went changing her mind again.

"You can really be twisted sometimes."

"Come on, say I'm pure at heart!"

"What are you talking about? If you were, then I'd be..."

"Huh? You would be...what? Then you'd be 'the pure-hearted Kid?'"

"Hey...stop it. I'm not like I used to be..."

But after that, I was reluctant to speak. I wondered if I really was different from the person I was at that time...Probably I was. Since then, no inexplicable, mysterious things had happened to me. I couldn't predict things any more. I had gotten my memory back...Or maybe, maybe I was the same. Maybe I was the same as ever. I knew that people learned, got hurt, and lost things... and that they change as they live life. But my basic nature hadn't changed. Some things change. Some things never did. I was still 'me'...but myself in the past was different... If I had to explain it, I might say that it was like 'me in another world....' Maybe that was it.

"You're right. You are not like you used to be."


"Well, for one thing you got so tall."

She stood on her tiptoes and raised her hand over my head. I had grown a head taller over the two years.

"So, are you going to tell me or not?"


"About the reason you majored in archaeology."

"'s because... I want to know myself better."

"To know yourself?"

"Yes. To know more about myself at that time... At that time, I thought that it would be best to major in archaeology, the same as you, to better understand the weird stuff that was happening to me."

"You're not going to... Study the third eye?"

"I sure am."


"I told you... It was probably better that you don't ask."

"You haven't changed...a bit, I mean..."

" haven't changed at all."

"...You, neither. That reminds me. Your clothes are..."


"The same ones you wore then, right?"


There was a thin black stain on hem of her jacket that had remained. It was a memorable stain. Our memory.... I started to think as I gazed at the ocean. I thought about the time when I met You. About those unforgettable seven days... But I should talk about the things that happened after that. After that...

The sun looked extremely bright after a week without it. Its rays were warm. At that moment... Someone patted me on the shoulder. I turned back and... There was...

Track—Karussell Delphine


"I promised you that I would see you again soon, didn't I?"

"Bu-but...why are you here?"

"Am I bothering you?"

"No, not all! I'm glad to see you again."

Hearing that, Sora smiled gently. I exchanged a handshake with Sora when I met her again.

The clear blue sky seemed to spread on forever.

"Dr. Tanaka is waiting for you. Please come over here..."


The person called Dr. Tanaka that appeared in front of us was the woman I'd seen on the monitor... It was the person who had claimed to be You's mother.


[Dr. Tanaka]
"You...I'm so happy you're alive..."

"Why are you...?"

[Dr. Tanaka]
"I promised that I would tell you everything when you got to the floating island, right?"


[Dr. Tanaka]
"It's been a long time..."


I wondered if she were talking to me. It seemed like it was the first time that I'd met her... Or had I met her in the past...?

[Dr. Tanaka]
"What's wrong? Is there something that you would like to ask?"

"Y-yes! I have tons of things I want to ask."

[Dr. Tanaka]
"Fine. Don't worry, I'll tell you everything."

"All right, then.... F-first I want to..."

"Hold on!"

"Wait just a minute..."


"First, there is something I have to ask. Is that alright?"

[Dr. Tanaka]
"Go ahead."

"...You said...that you're not my real mother. You also said that I was your child."

[Dr. Tanaka]

"There is only one thing I want to ask."

"Are real 'mother'?"

Dr. Tanaka looked down. She twisted her lips sadly.

"Which is it?"

I wonder why You would ask such a thing. She should've already known the answer...

[Dr. Tanaka]
"...I am You..."
Said in English, as you can hear in the video.


[Dr. Tanaka]
"I am...your...'Mother'.... You..."

She stared You in the eye as she said this.



"Huh? Yeah... Hey, You? Do you know the proverb 'Water flows and people live'?"


"Water flows from high to lower places... But the flow, its path has an infinite number of possibilities. People live...means that like the water, there are infinite ways for life to flow. That's what it means."


"If life has infinite possibilities, there might be another me somewhere who has a different history from me in the present."


"Yeah, say, beyond this broad sky... Beyond this limitless universe... There should be another universe... Another me in another universe..."


"I was thinking about that other me."

"Another universe, huh?"

"Hey, if there is another universe like you say... Is there another pair of us in that other world dating like us now?"

"Sure there is."

"How can you tell?"

"I can tell because I can."


"You see, if I do this..."

We were surrounded by the spring sun, clouds floating in the sky, the rippling ocean and the song of seagulls. I felt everything about You through her skin. Her warmth, her scent, her touch, heartbeat and even the color of her heart. I could see through You completely then. It was exactly...the third eye. Ultimate wisdom.

Yes, if I do this…