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Part 87: Sara Good End - Epilogue

Video: Kid/Sara – Future

The breeze passed through the trees leaves making them rustle. The same wind gently caressed my cheeks.


Wind? Rustling leaves?

I opened my eyes slowly. I didn't know where I was for a moment. Had there been a place like this in LeMU?

There was no ceiling. There was just a sprawling, starry sky. It was not like a fake sky like in the Cosmic Whale Room, but a sky that felt broad and infinite.

More precisely, I was on the floating island, Insel null. Yes, I, we had swam to it...The nearly 100 feet from Zweite stock to the surface...Somehow, I had climbed into the emergency entrance of Insel null holding Sara, unconscious in my arms. I remembered checking to see if Sara was alright. After that, I probably fainted from fatigue and a lack of oxygen.

I awoke up with a start, looked around and was relieved to see Sara lying down next to me. Her chest rose and fell faintly. I could hear the regular sound of her breathing.

I looked around again. I checked around the edge of Insel null, which was a lush park. I could see the administration center, hotel and a tower of light behind the trees. It was still dark, so it didn't seem I'd been unconscious very long. Maybe about an hour or so...

I was...impressed that we had been able to swim all the way to the surface...I went over it again in my head. Suddenly, a conversation in the Control Room with Sara came to my mind.

"Or five three-story school buildings stacked vertically upon each other."

"Five schools stacked...No way. I couldn't swim that."

"Well, then how about a ten-story building? A depth of 100 feet...that is the depth of Zweite stock."

"100 feet..."

Hadn't I said that I thought I could swim it? Sora talked about the pressure and said it was impossible...


And Sora could I describe it? She was so...human...I felt a blunt sense of sadness - as if I had lost a close friend.

"Uh, ummmm..."

Sara's voice pulled me back to reality. This was not the time to be thinking about such things.


I shook Sara's shoulder gently.

"Uh, ummm, ah..."

Sara opened her eyes slightly.


Soon her eyes opened widely. Sara hurriedly sat up.

"Where are we...?"

Sara didn't seem to understand the situation.

"Sara, this is Insel null."


" we..."

"We're safe now. We made it. Over 100 feet from Zweite stock..."

"Are we...still alive...?"

"Yes. We are alive. You are and I am, too."

"We did it! We did it!"

"Yeah, Sara. We did it. We survived."

"Yeah...Thank you, brother."

"I told you to trust me."

"Yes, you did."

Sara smiled. She suddenly put her hand on her chest. She was probably touching the pendant under her shirt, checking to make sure it was still there. Looking relieved, she pulled the pendant out and grasped it in her hand.

"Thank you..."

Sara whispered softly. I knew that the pendant was an irreplaceable lucky charm for Sara. Her face suddenly clouded over as she spoke.

"Hey, brother...what about Nakkyu, Takeshi and the others?"

"I think they are alright. By the time I turned back, they'd already climbed fairly high. If they kept going, they should've reached the surface."

"Really? That's good to hear."

Sara looked relieved.

"We can't stay here forever..."

We had made it to the surface safely, but Sara didn't look very well. Was she worried about being taken back to Leiblich after all?

"Hey, Sara..."


"Let's just keep running. Let's run away."

"Run away?"

"Yes. From them...I mean, from Leiblich."

"'s impossible..."

"It is possible."

"How can you say that? You know about them, right?"

"Think about it, Sara. This island has to be in utter chaos. Right? LeMU flooded and the whole complex is totally destroyed...And since You and the others got out, this place should be in major confusion, right?"

"Y..yeah, I suppose..."

"They'll be telling everyone how we were left behind in LeMU. And for You and the others it's the truth. If Leiblich has their doubts and tries to look into them, that's as far as they can investigate."


"So right now, everyone - including Leiblich people ? will be turning their attention to LeMU and looking under the ocean. They might actually think that we are already dead..."

"Yes, that's true!"

"So...Now is..."

"It's our chance, isn't it?"

"Right now. Now is the chance we've been waiting for."

"You are so incredible, brother!"

"We're already here, so it is impossible for them to find us in LeMU. And if they don't find us in LeMU...They will expand their search for us to the sea around this area."


"They might suspect that we died and the current carried us off somewhere..."

"In the meantime, if we hide somewhere, they shouldn't be able to follow us, right?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure if we can pull it all off that easily...But we'll still have plenty of head start before they figure out the truth."

"Yeah, right!"


Suddenly, Sara looked down.

" are we going to escape from this island?"


"I mean, we can't escape without a way off of this island, right?"



Sara looked at me as if she was full of confidence in me.


She had me. I hadn't thought about that. I thought we would be alright if could just make it to the surface....


I desperately tried to think of something.

"I know! I've got it! There should be all kinds of people around right now that aren't normally here, like construction workers and technical staff. So, ships and helicopters should come and go frequently. First of all...we find some clothes and change. Especially your really stands out."

"'re right."

Sara looked herself over again.

"And...if we can't get aboard a helicopter, then we can sneak onto some ship and get to some port... And after that we're going to be all right!"

"You really are great! You really thought this through."

", er, sure."

Sara's was innocently happy. I thought to myself that I could fight to protect her smile with my life. I thought that would be my mission.

"Let's go, Sara."

Sara reached out to me hesitantly. I held her hand tight and squeezed it tight. The warmth of her soft hand spread to mine. For an instant, the memory of Sara holding my thumb flashed across my mind. That fragment in my hand...that shard had helped me retrieve my memory and rediscover the bond between Sara and me.

"Let's go, Sara."

"Okay, brother."

"We're going to be free!"


"Yes, free!"


I would never leave Sara again. I would protect Sara no matter what. We started running...

Toward freedom...