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by Covski

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Original Thread: Like a boss! - Let's Play Executive Suite



Hello LP subforum!

Some of you might have seen my previous LP of Hidden Agenda (archives only, I'm afraid) Well, it's time for another LP of an unknown and unique gem from the eighties. This one, made in 1982 during the heyday of the yuppies, is called Executive Suite and is the best (and only) simulation of office life and career-making I've ever come across.

The goal of the game is to make your way up the corporate ladder of Mighty Microcomputer Corporation (MMC), and getting the job of president of the company. On our way there we will experience all the joys of corporate lives, including overtime, incompetent bosses and office politics. And much like my last LP, I'll be relying on your helpful votes to guide the way to success! Let's get started, shall we?

Everyone's favourite thing: job interviews!

So, to get started, we'll need to decide on a name, hometown, (if) where we went to college (assuming we did), what major we where in, and how well we did.

A lot of decisions at once, but such is the life of a rising star in the corporate sky. Get voting goons, we'll be in that suite in no time!

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