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Executive Suite

by Covski

Part 1: Chapter 1

And the votes have it for Lord Alan Sugar, a native son of Hackney, recently expelled for the Jewish Lads' Brigade after his training as a bugler failed to hold his lofty interest. He has now set his eyes on a lightning career at MMC. Surely, nothing could be impossible for a splendid chap of his calibre?

A few more questions - hang in there!

(Going to assume that Alan is male, but just wanted to show off this screen. Picking "undecided" nets you a snarky response from the game. This game sure likes a good snarky response.)

What is Alans marital status? If you pick married, you'll have to supply a name of the spouse and how many children they have together.

And finally, just what sort of a character is the good Lord Sugar?

The choices to be made: Age, years of work experience, favourite sport and personality.

Note that it might be a good idea to make him quite young, as retirement is mandatory at the age of 80 - and losing because of retirement is the most boring way to lose, can't have that. I also insist that years of work experience and age be somewhat consistent with his age - although the game will see nothing wrong with an eighteen years old kid have forty years of experience, I sure will.

Get to voting, and we might find ourself doing some actual work soon!