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by Covski

Part 2: Chapter 2

Undecided gender, eh?

Told you so. MMC really doesn't seem to be aware that gender is just a social construction, how typical.

Yeah, who wouldn't be impressed by Lord Alan Sugar, aristocratic transvestite extraordinaire?

After making a bet with his good friend Lord Humphrey "Mistress Helena" Duncombe during one of their heavy drinking sessions, he has now quit his current job (not that he *has* to work, of course - but mingling with the lower classes is a quaint way to pass the time) and set his sights at becoming president of MMC. A sort of blind ambition, if you will. How difficult can it be, after all?

Mechanics! Every time we apply for a position, the state of the economy will be different. A stronger economy means that higher leveled jobs will be available.

So these are the entry level positions available to Alan at the moment. Higher levels mean better pay and other benefits, as well as more responsibilities and all that jazz. Higher leveled positions will have higher requirements, primarily demanding that you have previous experience in the relevant department. But that won't matter for a while. The ultimate position, that of president, is level 12, for the record.

Tell me, what position shall the good Lord Sugar apply to?