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Part 59: Chapter 59

And there we have it, at last.

As if there was ever any doubt. It's been a long journey, but Lord Sugar has made a path covered in gold and assassins all the way to the top.

Did we actually only lose once in the entire playthrough? Impressive!

Not a bad score at all, and still young enough to get bonus points for age!

(the little lights on the plane are actually blinking, a pretty neat looking effect for the time)

And there we have it.

Lord Sugar actually managed to fulfil his ambition.

I hope you've all enjoyed this LP, you've all been great. The banter in the thread has been really enjoyable, and there has been a lot of favourite moments. Especially those moments that involved contract killings and gold plating things.

As for now, if there is sufficient interest I'd be up for another run covering some of the jobs we didn't get to see this time. In any case, if there is anything you want me to show off, just ask. (responses to choices we didn't pick, etc)

So what do you say, thread?