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Original Thread: Let's Finish what we started in Exile 2: Crystal Souls



Let's Finish what we started: Let's Play Exile 2 - Crystal Souls

What is Exile 2: Crystal Souls?

Exile 2: Crystal Souls (or simply E2 if you're reading the thread) is an Ultima inspired RPG developed and published by Spiderweb Software under Jeff Vogel in 1996. It is the followup from their previous game, Exile 1, which was published the previous year. While the style is very simplistic, there is an amazing depth to the world building that appears in the game.


To avoid spoilers, this game takes place approximately five years after the end of the previous game. If you're interested in a detailed breakdown of the events that occurred in E1, then I suggest you read my LP of Exile here. It introduces many of the characters, PC and NPC as well as setting up most of the events that occur in this game.

After the influx of prisoners and malcontents was cut off, the Empire made plans to invade Exile in retribution for the actions taken by the party in the first game. By the start of the game, they have. However, the party is no where near the front lines yet. Instead, they have been mustered at Fort Ganrick for their own minor mission. But things will quickly spiral out of control as a new force makes an appearance.

So, how is this going to work?

This is an old-school RPG, so it'll be a screenshot RP with narrative. I freely admit that Nakar's Ultima LP's are a source of inspiration, and I intend to honour that great work. I don't have a firm update schedule in mind yet as it's an old game and not compatible with newer systems, so I have to do extra work on my end to make an update.

Not Compatible?

Yes. Exile is 20 years old at this point, and it can't run on any system higher than 32bits. That means pretty much any system past Windows XP can't run it, even in compatibility mode. I'm running the game using an emulated 32bit XP on a Virtual Machine available through Microsoft. Past that, you'll have to get those resources yourself. Hey, at least the Exile Trilogy itself is now free!

Exile is Freeware

Oh yes, it came to my attention that the entire Exile Trilogy has been made freeware by Spiderweb Software. You can download it from here! You may need to run a Virtual Windows 32bit XP Machine (or lower) to operate them correctly, as I am.

Also, there is a 'Wrapper' for certain Macintosh OS' to allow you to run these games on modern systems, to be found here.

Audience Participation

There's going to be a little bit of it. After the first post is done, and I explain the mechanics of the characters and give a little tour of the first town, I'll be asking for submissions for the other members of the party, as well as polling the thread for major decisions like what quests to go after. However, once we reach the end-game sections, there won't be much to vote on.

Table of Contents

Act 1 – The Barriers
Update 001 – Welcome to Fort Ganrick
Update 001 – Character Creation

Update 002a– Potential Party Members
Update 002 – The Attack on Fort Ganrick
Update 003 - Fort Draco and Under Draco

Update 003a- Spells

Update 004 - The Nephilim Castle
Update 005 - Gunston Homestead and the Lizard Lair
Update 006 - The Lair of Motrax and Formello
Update 007 - The Blasted Ruins
Update 008 - The Verdant Valley
Update 009 - Exploration and Tiny Fort
Update 010 - More Exploration and the GIFTS
Update 011 - The Aranea Web and the Nephil Castle
Update 012 - The End of the Road

Act 2 - Black Waters
Update 013 - Mysterious Ruins, Island Hut, Watery Ruins
Update 014 - Ruined Water Fort, Ruined Villa, Coffin Cave
Update 015 - The Tomb of Dahris-Bok and the Long Fall

Act 3 - Testing
Update 016 - Avit and Olgai
Update 017 - The Three Tests
Update 018 - Mancuso and Resting Cell #4
Update 019 - Elgi and the Olgai Council
Update 020 - The End of the Beginning

Act 4 - Crystal Souls
Update 021 - The Tower of the Magi and the Serpent Cult

Update 021a- Status Effects

Update 022 - Mertis and the Grim Cavern
Update 023 - Silvar and Fort Duvno
Update 024 - Cotra and the Secret Empire Fort
Update 025 - Coven Cove and the Secret Sliths
Update 026 - The Nepharim Fortress and Training

Update 027 - The Great Map Update #1
Update 028 - Fort Dranlon and the Tower of Eldaran (1)
Update 029 - The Giant Fort and the Brigand Madhouse
Update 030 - Almaria
Update 031 - The Castle, and Magi Clearance
Update 032 - A Peculiar Place, Erika's Tower and The Barrier Tower
Update 033 - Camp Samuels and Fort Emerald
Update 034 - Blosk
Update 035 - Gnass and Patrick's Tower
Update 036 - Dharmon and the Scree Cave
Update 037 - The Unfinished Fort and Fort Dolthar
Update 038 - Revelations and Cleaning Up
Update 039 - Tower of Eldaran (2) and Exploration
Update 040 - Tiger Den and Fort Remote
Update 041 - Kothar
Update 042 - Empire Tunnels and the Totem Tunnels
Update 043 - The Great Map Update (2)
Update 044 - The Tower of Sixus and the Trapped Halls
Update 045 - Micah and the Giant Lands
Update 046 - Northern Waters (1) and the Empire Archives
Update 047 - The Rescue of Jekknol-Bok
Update 048 - Northern Vahnatai Lands and the Lava Dome
Update 049 - The Vahnatai Fortress and Cleaning Up
Update 050 - The Spore Tunnels and the Tomb of Delrin-Bok
Update 051 - Fort Haledon and the Rescue of Caffren-Bok
Update 052 - Demonslayer and the Lair of Sulfras
Update 053 - Erika's Tower, Places of Interest, and the Return to the Ziggurut
Update 054 - Harston, Pyrog's Cave (2) and the Northern Waters(2)
Update 055 - The Empire Teleporter
Update 056 - The Dark Tunnel and the Waterfall Warrens
Update 057 - The Halls of Chaos and the Lair of Athron
Update 058 - The Rescue of Vyvnas-Bok
Update 059 - The Path to Garzahd
Update 059a- The Great Great Map Update and Things Missed
Update 060 - The Assassination of Garzahd

Other Links
The Encyclopedia Ermariana is a Wiki for Exile and Avernum, and the primary resource I've been using for helping develop the background.

Fan Art

The Shady Amish Terror, while I was looking for pictures for the PCs to use while talking, drew up this set of six images.







A rough Sketch of the entire Party.
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