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Exile 3: Ruined World

by berryjon

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Original Thread: These are the Consequences of our Actions - Exile 3: Ruined World



These are the Consequences of our Actions.
Let's Play Exile 3 - Ruined World

What is Exile 3?

Exile 3 (or E3, not to be confused with the Video Game Convention) is the final part of the Exile series. Developed and published by Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software in 1997, this game refines the Ultima-inspired elements into its final form before the series was rebooted as Avernum. In many ways it is better than its predecessors, but on the other hand, it is also a step back.

What is the Plot?

Several years have passed since the events of Exile 2. The Empire and Exile are in a state of cease-fire, yet there has been no contact since the end of the war. Exile and their Vahnatai allies are rebuilding their respective nations when a new series of caverns is discovered.

Except these caves connect directly to the surface.

Exile quickly establishes Fort Emergence to defend this location, and prepares to send out a scouting party to determine the current status of the Empire and the surface. The first such party vanished shortly after arriving on the surface, their reports indicating that things were in horrible condition.

Now, a second party is being prepared, to succeed where the first one failed.

How will the LP work?

Much like my two previous Exile LPs (Exile 1, and Exile 2), this will be a screenshot narrative LP. Nakar's Ultima LP is a source of inspiration, and I intend to honour that work.

Once again, Art will be returning as my lead protagonist, while the other five members of the party will be submitted and voted upon by the thread as I did in my previous LPs. Please see the Character Creation post for more details.

How do I get Exile?
Given that it is almost 20 years old, Vogel has released the Exile trilogy as Freeware. It may be downloaded from their website here. However, I am using a 32-bit virtual machine to run this game as it cannot even be installed properly on more modern systems.

If you are using a Macintosh computer, there is a wrapper here that you can use to run the game properly.

Audience Participation
I will try to ask the thread about major decisions, but in the end, I will try to get everything done. This won't be a 100% completion LP, the game is far too massive for that. Naturally, I will pay attention to what people say, and the suggestions they make.

Other Links
The Encyclopedia Ermariana is a Wiki for Exile and Avernum, and the primary resource I've been using for helping develop the background.

Table of Contents

Act 0 - The Party and Upper Exile (1)
Act 1 - Krizsan Province
Interlude 1 - The First Suspect
Act 2 - The Isle of Bigail
Interlude 2 - The Second Suspect, and the New Formello Murders
Act 3 - Karnold Province
Interlude 3 - Karnold Province
Act 4 - Midori Province
Interlude 3.5 - The Cult of the Sacred Object
Act 4.5 - Exploration of the Midori Province
Act 5 - Monoroe Province
Interlude 4 - Side Quests
Act 6 - Footracer Province
Final Interlude
Final Act - The End

Fan Art and Commentary from the Thread
The artist on deviantArt known as Sir Tiefling did this piece after I won an "Inspire Me!" competition with Art's story:

(click for full view on dA)

SA poster "Jamie the D" gave us this, in response to update 10 - and Art's reaction therein:

During a discussion on multi-tiled monsters, this exchange made me laugh:

MagusofStars posted:

FWIW, whether a monster is only one tile or multiple tiles isn't completely correlated to strength - A multiple tile monster is usually pretty strong, but some of the nastiest monsters in the game are single sprite.

The Lone Badger posted:

Like Art.
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