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Part 15: Port Townsend, Point of Contemplation and Southpoint Lighthouse

Update 014 – Port Townsend, Contemplation Point and the Southpoint Lighthouse

“That's a weird smell. Like something's burning.”

“Yes, I get it too. Perhaps it's nothing unusual. I mean, none of the locals are reacting.”

“Off the dock!”


“Smells like garbage being burned.”

“You know what that smells like? Usually we turn that into compost.”

“Hey there.”

A large ogre stands by the dock, holding a roll of tickets. You think it's a female. A small cloud of flies buzzes around her. She speaks, showing huge fangs. "I called Martha. You better not laugh."

“Why would I laugh? Are you just here to make sure people get off the boat safely?”

“Don't remind me! I'm still wobbly!”

"I sell tickets. I sailor, but no ships to sail on."

“Um, forgive me for pointing out the obvious... but we just got off a sail boat.”

She grunts. "No ships for sailor like me sail for long time. Bad, bad. I live by selling tickets to small boats to boring places, and by eating roaches."

“You eat roaches? Are they tasty?”

She grins. You try no to look closely at the stuff between her fangs.

“And we're out.”

“See you later!”


“Hey! I like extra S's!”

This is a generic weapon ship selling Stone-tier weapons, with a couple of Bronze ones as well. I'm past that already.

“Hey there! I'm Sass!”


Get used to this. The Anama is very exclusive, and we'll find out more about them next update. For now though, just roll with it.

“Ugh.” “Now, where is Sass?”

“And when did I become his keeper?”

“Hrm. Something is odd about this.”

This is a very standard 'tight quarters' layout for a building in Valorim. If you see it, it's because Jeff Vogel was trying to convey people sleeping pretty much on bunk beds.

“Curious. I do not recognize this religious symbol...”


“... Why are there so many people here? And why haven't they left?”

“I could use something to stiffen my spine after that ride. Ugh...”

“Um... hello?”


“Huh. What's this?”

“Well, if you insist.”

“Hello, father”

A lone priest stands at the Anama altar, lost in contemplation. When you approach, he turns to you and smiles gently. "I am Father Rise, of the Anama. Greetings."

“My name is Art, father. I have just arrived from the mainland.”

"Ah! Welcome to the Isle of Bigail. I provide guidance to Port Townsend. It is my holy task, and, as a priest of the Anama, I will carry it out to the fullest."

“I have to say, this port is a small parish.”

"Port Townsend is one of the more successful villages on this island. So far, we have been only somewhat afflicted by the cockroach plagues and the diseases they bring."

“I have heard of them. I must admit to some ulterior motive, Father, for I have come to aid in their extermination. What can you tell me of the this plague?”

"We know not why, but the fair Isle of Bigail has been beset by a mighty plague of foul and disgusting cockroaches. Fortunately, we have the Anama to guide us and to help fight the diseases they brought. The Anama leads us from Shayder."


"The largest city on this island, and home of the Anama church. It is not far to the northwest."

“You must forgive me, Father. I have heard very little about the Anama. I am curious as to your tennants.”

"The Anama Church is the dominant force of this island. We believe that the use of Mage Spells in the long run brings more death than good. Would you like me to share some of my beliefs on the subject with you?"

“Of course. I asked.”



“I will not have that”
“Shut up. Let's see here. Where do I start? Oh yeah! Let's start with False Equivalency. You are supposing – without proof – that the plagues are the result of the works of mages. The two halves of your argument do not connect. In fact, your choice of words – which I can only suppose have been designed to elicit a certain response – attempt to equate mages with madness. And because the speaker – you – is a priest, you by this false division create the impression that you yourself and all for whom you speak are not prone to the same foibles.”

“How da”

“I SAID SILENCE! You also pre-suppose that the plague of cockroaches here on Bigail is of artificial design. Now, I can see the logic behind that. There are Slimes and other things in Valorim, and it is quite possible to conclude that such events happening in such a close frame of space and time would indicate an artificial source or controlling factor. I may even agree with that, but I'm not going to make predictions based on theory!”

“THIRD! Your statement is clearly aimed at the lowest common denominator of people who cross your door off the boat. The poor, the tired, the hungry. The uneducated. Your poor logic doesn't work on those who can think rationally for themselves! That is, in my experience, not the methods of a cult out to benefit the whole, but rather to gather up large numbers to make it seem like they have power, might and the support of the 'people'.”

“Fourth, your basic anti-mage tenets would have had you marked as Anti-Empire five years ago. With, you know, Garzahd still in charge before his untimely demise. And him being one of the most powerful mages in existence.”



“I'm out.”

Yeah... The Anama's teachings are poorly shown in the game itself. They have legitimate grievances, but how they go about dealing with it is hampered by the limitations of the engine. There are several other questions like this around the Isle, and I will deal with them all. However, the Goons in the thread have had their own say in the matter, so I will be compiling their comments in a separate post after I've talked to all the relevant NPCs.

For the Narrative, Art will be answering 'No' to each of these questions, with the possible exception of one. Mechanically, she will be answering 'Yes' so as to keep the option of joining the Anama open.

Like that.

“Something the matter?”

“Yes. I want to avoid Shayder for a while.”

“Uh.. alright. Which way then?”



“It's the Roaches, isn't it?”

“Perhaps. This island is also covered in woods – who knows what mold grows here.”

“I want to see a point to contemplate!”

“I don't think that means what you think it means.”

“But I wanna!”


“At least we get out of the woods. It should help clear up my sinuses.”

“Nice view. Except there's no signs of life.”

“Hey! Stand still so I can stab you!”

Normal Roaches are very easy to kill. Remember, the difficulty for the Roaches and the Slimes are supposed to be about equal. Completing one quest makes you too good for the other.

“These things are everywhere!”

“Nothing in here. Just the ruins caused by the Roaches.”

“How do I stab insects quietly?”

“Don't worry about that. Be as loud as you want.”

“Did any of you hear that?”

“I hear nothing.”

“Ugh. Defend the doorway!”


Two-tile wide super-giant roaches. There is no can of Raid big enough for this.

“We got this! You guys take care of the big ones!”

“Oh, such cleansing fires!”

You think the Anama might be onto something...

“This would be a beautiful place, if it wasn't for the roaches, and all the damage so far.”

“Curious. This appears to have healing properties.”

Drinking from this fountain cures all Poison and Disease in the party! It's awesome!


“I wouldn't say that. There's a little back here.”

“Same book.”


Damn, Poison and Disease from the Roaches? This could be annoying. If I didn't have five Priests.

“This is.. I want to say intelligent, but perhaps they were just reacting to the magic in the altar?”

“There is no magic left, I can assure you of that.”

“This used to be a chicken pen.”

“There's nothing left here. Come on, let's go.”

* * *

“Hold up... There's something or someone ahead.”

“What are those things?”

“Bears, and something else...”

The Ursag is a mutant Bear. We'll be encountering more of them much later in the course of another Plague.

Generic Ogres.

Generic Bears

Generic Fireballs

“I don't want to encounter those again. Normal bears are bad enough!”

“Maybe whoever lives there can tell us about them!”

“OH NO!”


“That tower is on fire!”

“Uh.. It's supposed to be.”

“What? Why?”

“If we get in, I can explain it for you.”

“Hello? Is the Keeper home?”

“Come in!”

You meet the lighthouse keeper, a wiry, aging man with a misshapen face and a host of tiny scars on his hands and arms. He emits a long, loud belch and chuckles. "'Scuse me. I'm Garnak."

“Matthias. Are you the Keeper?”

"I take care of Southpoint Lighthouse. Beats workin'!"

“Ah! You are familiar with the operation of the lighthouse then?”

"There's a big fire upstairs. I throw a few sticks into it every day to maintain it. Ships don't founder on the rocks. I get fed. It's a living."

“But that's work! How does it beat working?”

“You're a big'un aren't you? What are you? Nah, never mind.” He grunts. "Eh, I wouldn't be out here were it not for a few, well ... indiscretions in my past. Can't do the old business, but the new business has its points."

“What are indiscretions?”

He burps in irritation. "Not a very tactful question, if I do say so myself."

“Well, if you're still in the business, perhaps we can talk that before we have a look at the lights?”

He says enigmatically "The old skills are still active, if you know what I mean. I know you wouldn't come out here if you weren't interested. Buying or selling?" He then belches enigmatically.

How do you belch enigmatically?

Huh. Though when you find out something about what's going on here on Bigail, this becomes a lot more understandable.

We can also sell our stuff to him. Not that we have stuff.

“Garnak? Who's there?”

And this is totally not me covering up the fact I forgot to screenshot the location of the next NPC.

“Some visitors!”

“Well, send them over!”

“She's in the room to the south.”

The thing you notice most about this woman are her fingers. They're pianist's fingers, or wizards fingers. They're long and thin, and move with perfect precision. It's probably necessary in order to cut and shape the crystals around her. "I'm Elspeth. Welcome to my little shop."

“Greetings! What do you do here?”

“Well, this is my shop. I don't get visitors often.”

"I work crystals. This is an excellent place for it. Out here, I can concentrate." She pulls out a large velvet lined case, and opens it. It's filled with an eye-popping variety of crystals. "Aren't they beautiful?" She winks at you. "And they can be purchased, if you are so inclined."


“Well, let's show you that lighthouse now.”


“You know that there can be shallows in the waters, reefs and sharp rocks?”


“Well, it's the same here on the surface. And to warn ships about them, from long distances away so they can correct their course, places like this exist.”

“This fire, plus the colouring on the outside of the lighthouse let ships know where the problem areas are and how to avoid them.”


“What are you doing?”

“Making Shadow Puppets!”


“Interesting books.”

“I spent a lot of effort learning how to pick locks. This is a stupid manual.”

“And all this information about the Vahnatai is completely wrong. I'm taking one to take back. To show how the propaganda of the Empire is working.”

“Nice to know the Empire maintains consistency, even when their people don't.”

“Well, two separate beds. Nice to see that.”

“That doesn't mean much.”

“No, but the club in the dresser between them does.”

I admit, I laughed more at the implications here than I should have.

“Have a nice day! Come back soon!”

* * *

“Well, I'm less angry now. Let's go to Shayder and see what the locals have to say about their Roach problem.”




“That certainly looks like the place.”

“Perhaps we can talk to those farmers first?”

“Hail and well met!”

“Rings marking membership? What's to stop forgery?”


“Well, we can find out ourselves. Welcome to Shayder. Capital of the Province of Bigail and headquarters for the Cult of Anama.”