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Part 50: Under Troglo and Castle Troglo (2)

Update 044 – Under Troglo (2) and Castle Troglo (2)

Told you we'd be back! Images are still a little skewed, but that's something I can't really fix at this point.

"We're back!"

"Turn back, human!"

"No! They come from the tunnel of the Great Enemy! They must be allied!”

“Yes! You are correct! Kill them!”

“Huh, they actually talked it out before attacking.”

I'm a good dozen levels over where I was when I came through here the first time. Everything is a roadbump at this point. I'm just here to examine the part I missed last time then go through the Castle to properly loot explore it.

“So, where were we?”

“I think we missed the south-western corner of the caverns.”

“And we didn't get to tour the castle at all!”

“Doesn't look like much, really.”

“It still behooves us to be thorough.”

“Hello! Independent inspectors for the safety of evil altars, artifacts and general stupidity!”

Antimagic Cloud neuters so many early to late game enemies it's not even funny. Probably one of the reasons why Vogel has constantly toned down the power of mages over the course of his games.

“Let's see here...”


There is no reward for Sanctifying this altar that I can find. That's alright.

“Well, with that out of the way, shall we head upstairs?”

“I agree.”

“Well, this is all new. Let's see, the throne room was in the sou'east, and we're in the sou'west.”

“Circle around?”


“Huh. Random place for a skeleton.”

Heh. Check out the activity log. The Shaman tried to summon up more creatures, but we're already at the monster limit for the town so only one showed up.

“Performance issues?”


“A bent haft is no laughing matter!”

“I'm confused.”

“Don't think about it. Really. Please. For all our sakes.”

“Hey, what are you guys doing?”

“Watching you beat up the enemies.”

“Well, that's nice.”


And if you do?

“Probably a ceremonial pool.”

“Nothing good in here. Nothing much at all.”

“They're probably all in use anyways.”

“And south wards we go... looks like we're almost up against the outer walls.”



“Oh, that's not a good sign.”

“I hear something next room down.”



“And that's enough out of you.”

“Not as awesome as the horses.”

“No, but the worgs are about the right scale for the Troglodytes.”

“We could kill them anyways....”


“Then we won't.”


“What sort of testing, I wonder?”

“Probably not algebra.”

“Great. Hazing.”

“Well, we had to get tested too before coming up here.”

“Still, starting with a knife? Ritual maybe?”

“Or a weapon against the lizard.”

“And then they beat up on each other.”



“I don't think there's much in these rooms.”

“No, but they are in the back corner.”

“What's that in the very edge of the map?”

“... I don't know.”

“At least they grow crops in a secure location.”

There's an article that I read last year that came from a person who considered how many games have what is necessary for the player, and not much else and how that can break the suspension of disbelief. He cited two of the Fallout games for how this can go wrong by pointing out that in one of them, the cities and NPC's just sorta existed, but in another one, the towns had farms, gardens, roads, and things made sense. You could step back and actually see people living in those conditions.

It's something that Vogel does right in all his games. From the presence of bathrooms and trash heaps, to this, a garden/farm in the back of the castle to help feed the occupants, he creates worlds that feel like they are living, rather than existing. And it's brilliant!

“Why is there a gate back there?”

Probably a mis-click on the map editor. I know I've done it a few times in Blades of Exile.

“If I had to guess... launched there via catapult.”

“Wouldn't a trebuchet be a better choice?”

“Eh.... Maybe.”

“Vague and general statues...”

“Probably important figures.”

“Who? By their own admission, they have no culture. No past.”

“Empty barracks. Think they all went to fight the giants?”

“Sounds about right.”

“Yeah, this is pretty quiet.”

“Yeah, this is getting creepy.”

“Never mind!”

“Not much of this food is edible for us.”

“Cells near the kitchens... Ugh.”


“Wait! We are friends!”

“What? No, it cannot be! You are a trick! Die!”

“Don't feel bad. Madness took them in this place.”

“I only weep for the life unlived.”

“Well, you can take out some frustrations on these armorers.”

“And these trainees?”

“Who let the worgs out?”

“Don't get too far ahead! We're being stretched out here!”

“Well, the throne room is just the next door over. So why not?”


“Oh, fine.”

“COME ON THEN! Nothing will protect you! Not arms, or armor!”

“Is it just me, or is she being a little aggressive lately?”

“Don't care.”


“Really? You're going to try and pull that on me?”

“Actually, yes.”


“Your rampage is to my design. You are known, Art of Exile. The path of your life is known to those whom you do not know, and they can describe the arc of your star. You, who will be the ancestor to many more.”


“I knew you would return. Our creators, those who brought us back from nothingness? They warned us that you were this great and terrible thing, to be held in awe and worshipped. We do not. But I saw a chance when you came to my gates with the message I demanded of the humans. I saw what in you made our creators ... jealous.”

“So I sent all my loyal warriors to battle the Great Foe. All that was left were the Shamans, the Khazi, and those fools loyal to them. And you returned, death and desolation in your wake. As was promised. And me. For I wished to see your work first hand, even if it meant I may die. I will raise no weapon against you, Art of Exile. I have no need to.”

“That's it?”

“I only wish two things now. The first is to see the Great Enemy destroyed. The second is to live long enough to see the horror on my creators' faces when you come for them. They know what you are capable of, those beings of light.”

“But they do not understand. And all who come after you? They will.”

This NPC is locked to being friendly. You can attack him, but it counts as attacking an innocent. So I had him give a speech instead.

“What do you suppose he means by that?”

“Nothing polite, I am assured.”

“Still, he is enjoying the change in the balance of power.”


“You want to say something?”

“I don't think she wants to.”

“No, just thinking. If what he said was true, then of our potential suspects, who would think of me, describe me in those terms? Erika? I can see that. The Dragons? I've slain one of their number, no small feat. The Vahnatai? They practically worship the ground I walk on for what I did in the war.”

“There is no easy answer, is it?”

“No. Nor is there one I want more than any of the others.”

“Stairs back down.”

“There is nothing for us here.”


“Another place for the honoured dead?'

“But it's empty!”

“No, there's something here.”

Lava only triggers when you move onto it. I can cast Firewalk before moving, and all will be well.

“Ah! Treasure room.”

“Are you sure we should loot this place? I mean, the king is still alive.”

“I would be more concerned with the demons.”

“I'm not. Let's see what we can loot.”

“And a whole bunch of junk.”

See what I mean about a place to live, not to be?

“Probably empty.”


“That's it for this place. Let's head back out through the tunnels to where our horses are.”


“Never to return.”

“You know, I think we should head south-ish. See where this connects to the places we know.”

“And maybe find those towns people talked about?”

“Might as well. There might be something interesting in them.”