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Part 63: Fallout (2)

Update 057 – Fallout (2)

"Well, time for me to talk to myself again."

"What have I become, I wonder? A sword of vengeance? Did the Vahnatai really do this? Or is this another false lead? One more comprehensive than the others? We did find that book attributed to Erika in the Tower, but does that mean anything?”

“I'm not a thinker. I usually have other people for that. I'm an actor. A doer. Point me at a problem and I'll gnaw on it until it's no longer a problem.”

“Story of my life. Just a simple Acolyte, attached as a field medic to a Corps out to isolate and terminate a rogue and mad Mage. And from there.... Well, I would rather not go there again.”

“Yeah, I'm a mess. A wreck. And time to see if I need to write some awesome letters of recommendation. Wouldn't be the first time I've scared people off.”


“No, please. Don't stop on our account. I want to hear more about how you're a mess.”

“Oh hush! That won't be necessary.”

“You do what you do, there is no stopping you. You said you would move the world? I want to see that.”

“She already has! Her statue is HUGE!”

“And maybe she'll do it again? What happens then?”

“Uh... her statue gets HUGER?”

“Thanks guys.”

“So, what's the plan, oh fearless leader?”

“Tower of the Magi, then Ghirka, then we'll see.”

“Refreshingly direct.”

“Not to the Vahnatai first?”

“No, not yet. While it may seem like a good idea, as long as they don't know we know what we know, they will act like we don't know what they know, and thus won't act suspicious.”

“My head's spinning from all the knowing!”

“Don't worry, it'll get better.”

* * *

* * *

“I'll never get used to this.”

“Still a marvel of magic.”

* * *

“Hello, Art. I heard.”

“Hey, Peregrine.”

“Let me please get something out of the way first. I will not be able to join you. I have too many responsibilities here.”

“I wasn't going to ask. But thanks anyways. Look, I know that Matthias wasn't exactly Tower material, but, well...”

“I will take care of things. Do not worry. Have you had a chance to confront Rentar-Ihrno yet?”

“No. I don't want to either.”

“But it must be done. The respect they have for you, Iktah, is not something they can overcome with ease. You may be able to reach them on a level that no one else can.”

“They say I hold the gates.”

“I got to hear a repeat of your little speech where you said that to them. You are not one for public speaking, are you?”

“Not unless I'm yelling, no.”

“Then yell if you have to. If they can prove their innocence, then take up the mantle of justice twice-fold. Once for them, and one for ours.”

“Maybe. But it's just one more name on the toll. Not that I would tell them that.”

“You don't have to. Now go. You have places to be.”

“Thanks. And take care.”

“I will.”

I remembered at this time that I had been hoarding the Golem Gems for a kill-count for them. Well, I added them up. I had 110 in inventory (that sell at 50g a piece), which means I probably actually killed upwards of 150 over the course of the past few updates. And the average random encounter had about 5 golems in it. Yeah, that's a bit.

It also appears that I could not get my reward from X for dealing with the Golem problems. I may have not tripped a flag properly. Oh well, it's not like I can't get these spells elsewhere, and I have all the vital ones I might need already.

I also finally use all those Knowledge Potions that have been sitting in Art's inventory for who-knows how long. Everyone except Art gets two, and thus four more Skill points to spend when I train again.

“I hope you're innocent.”

“So do I. I would not want to fight them.”

“None of us do.”

* * *

“Now, to talk to Rentar-Ihrno.”

“No signs of life. This isn't good.”



“Empty. There's no one here.”

“Come on. We'll see if they left anything behind.”

“Like what?”

“Their Crystal Souls?”

“This isn't good.”

“I can't see where they were. Which doesn't mean much given magic.”

“Dammit. Well, there's one place left to check. There south-east quarter.”

“We could not enter last time.”

“Maybe something has changed?”

“I hope so.”

“The barrier that prevented us from advancing last time is gone. This is another bad sign.”


“Well, this is still bad news. Attack!”

“Hrm, I think I'm having a problem.”

“Right! Maybe I shouldn't be using a burning sword on something made of fire.”

“Right, well, that could be anything, but I'm going with hostile forces.”

“For a moment, I thought you were going to make another excuse.”

“Not anymore.”

“Uh... the path closed up behind us!”

“But it has stopped.”




“This isn't a good sign. Well, might as well trigger it.”

“{I am Art-Iktah! Cease at once!}”

“Never mind. They're both undead.”

“And what about you?”

From a ways away, this looked like a formidable Vahnatai Warrior. When you get close, however, you see that it isn't actually there. It's very slightly translucent. It looks at you as if it were alive, however.

“Who are you?”

It stares at you, perfectly impassive.

“What do you want?”

It says in an emotionless voice, “I have been left here with a message.”

“What is the message?”

“My creators with me to tell you not to interfere.”

“And who are your creators?”

“Rentar-Ihrno, and others.”

“Why should we not interfere?”

“The Empire stole three of our Crystal Souls. They stole the soul of our people. You cannot comprehend the magnitude of this offence.”

“That was the offence? But those responsible are dead! I made sure of it!”

“Picture if someone violated and destroyed those you loved most. Such it was with us. The Empire must be destroyed. Those who live in the Empire are a part of it and must be destroyed. The Empire's lands must be destroyed. Those who try to prevent our vengeance must be destroyed.”

“And what? Keep the cycle of vengeance going? To destroy everything?”

The shade begins to fade. "Your destruction of the Crystal Souls creating the golems can be forgiven under these circumstances. Do not oppose us further, however. Aid the great enemy, you become the great enemy. Forever. The Empire and its lands must be ashes. Remember this, and choose wisely. " The shade disappears.

“Oh, no. Rentar – what have you done?”

“There's nothing else here for me.”

“Yeah, things just went south. I can only hope this is just a faction led by Rentar-Ihrno, and not the whole of the Vahnatai-Olgai. That would be ... messy.”

“It's more than that.”

“Oh great. What do you want?”

“First, my ... cond ... my ....”

“You did not deserve that. Nor did he.”

“Get on with it.”

“Can we please have this discussion quietly, and without implied threats?”


“To assure you, I am here in person to investigate. I doubt Rentar-Ihrno has left anything of value here, but the contamination effect is still in full force.”

“There's far too much proof for me to give them a pass now.”

“And more proof there will be, I am sure, Art.”

“Came yourself, huh?”

“Necessary. The wards in this place are too strong for me to break through in any reasonable amount of time. Besides, I still have my privacy.”

“Listen, you find anything about where they...”


“Bon-Ihrno. They were saying she was missing. There is no way she would have gone alone with this. Find her!”

“Yes! A viable lead. I will endeavour to do so, but that will take time. Know this, Art. You and your ... assistants should return to Fort Emergence. The Prince is there, and you will both be in need of the council of the other. I will communicate with you when I have more information.”

“Thank you.”

“Do not thank me yet. Rentar-Ihrno is a foe on my level. She is fully capable of destroying Exile. We are not safe. Not yet. Perhaps never.”

* * *

“No sense in waiting.”

“Art, there you are!”

“Your highness.”



“Your highness.”

“Yo. Erika said you were here. That was fast.”

“She was the one who contacted me and told me to come here. Though I technically outrank her, one listens to people like her.”

“Wise people do. So...”

“Berra has been in contact with the Tower and the Castle. At this point, we are trying to reach the Olgai Council, but it is too soon to get a response. We cannot yet determine how to act until we know the full extent of Rentar-Ihrno's actions.”

“Yeah, I saw some of the plans they had at Ghirka. They were using it as some sort of forward observation post.”

“So it would seem. What do you suggest?”

“Find Rentar-Ihrno. Send me in to get an explanation. If there's anyone she would listen to, or at least give a chance to talk, it would be me.”

“That may not be possible. If the Ihrno has indeed done these things, we have made no secret from them that you are investigating the surface.”

“You expect Rentar-Ihrno to be expecting Art, and possibly hostile?”


“That's not good.”

“Not at all.”

“But Art is Art! She can talk peace!”

“We would need to find her first. Erika is investigating, so what did you want me to do?”

“At this point?”


“You're too ... kinetic at the moment. You would rush ahead and find things that we are not prepared for, or ready to deal with the consequences of. Return to the Surface, yes. But investigate things more completely. The things you may have missed. Leave no stone unturned, no good deed undone. We will contact you when we have more information.”

“That's it?”

“No. You didn't collect your reward from Levy yet either. Do so first, then return to the Surface.”

“Very well. We will do as you ask.”

“Thank you. And my condolences. He will be marked and remembered.”

“Thank you.”

“Levy! What do you have?”


“Yep! Wait till you understand what they can do!”

“Well, time to explore.”

Time to polish up missed content and side quests. I'm massively ahead of the game's clock at this point – I'm at least 30 days ahead of the theft of the Orb for starters. So the next few updates will be me poking into corners, fighting fights, and getting the five major Artifacts out of Valorim. Minimal plot at all until the plot takes over.