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Part 75: The Keep of Tinraya, Under Tinraya and the Great Circle

Update 69 – The Keep of Tinraya, Under Tinraya and the Great Circle

“This place was beautiful.”

“Now it's not.”

“That is not made by Slith or humans.”

“Well, at least we know we are not alone here.”

One of the few times I show my use of Detect Life – there's Alien Beasts waiting just around the corner, plus who knows what else will spawn in. And spawn in they will.

“I think the only thing in our favor is that they never expected us to get this far.”

“Well, as long as they come to us in ones and twos, we should be able to handle them.”

“What if we go to them?”

I suppose you could, but I choose not to.

“Well, in that case, we are choosing the battles on our terms, which is enough.”

“No one remains.”

“Well, that is smaller close up than it looks like from a distance.”

“Illusion magic.”

“This corner of town is residential. I don't know what you'll find down here.”

“Vahnatai architecture.”

“Huge Alien Beast as a guard beast?”

“You mean was a guard beast, right?”

“A powerful barrier. It may take a few tries, but I can get through it.”

“This is far too complex for me to remove in any sane time frame.”


“Let's see what we have here.”

“Executive Decision, we go back and make sure we didn't lose anything on the surface first.”

“I don't think the mayor is here.”

“Did they die in the attack, or did they manage to flee in time?”

“I suspect the former. If this place was attacked from the rear – the mountain side where that edifice is, this place would have been first hit.”

“And bones for the dead.”

“Is there anything in that corner?”

“Well, there is that lever.”

“This is the only way back into that corner.”

“Assuming this whole thing isn't a waste of time. It probably just controls the gate there.”

“Hrm, armory.”

“Nothing of use though. Just steel equipment.”

“I can pull the Lever!”

“You know, it would be too easy to just walk in the front door.”

“Nope. Back door, emergency exit it is.”

“Might as well go forward.”

“Let's keep the lights out, there are bound to me more Alien Beasts down here, and I don't want to provoke them.”

“Ugh! They're worse than Slith tadpoles!”

“Alright, lets be quiet.”

“I can smell water through here.”

“It's worth checking out.”

“It's a boat.”

“It's a boat!”

“Curious. A means to bypass the Alien Beasts perhaps?”


Yeah, this is annoying. Getting the boat upwards means going past Alien Beasts who can attack you while you can't retaliate. I got lucky here, was able to land safely and take out the things in my way.



“Oh, golems too. How predicatble.”

“It is simply more confirmation about what we already knew.”

“This is as far as we can go. We need to go west from here.”


“He's right. We can't go much further past that bridge without being penned in by rocks. We'll have to get off.”

“Here we are.”

“And another secret passage.”

“Even I can tell we can walk on these rocks.”

“It's getting quieter. I think we've passed by the worst of them.”

“Or not.”

“These poor Alien Beasts. We have them right where we want them.

“Dead at our feet.”

“One last bridge. Thank goodness.”

“No, I can totally read this. It's a reminder to clean yourself up before entering the barracks area.”



“This is a repose area. We'll find meditation crystals nearby and whatnot.”

“Oh. No. Alien. Beasts.”

“I think we can turn on the lights now.”

“You see, tables, chairs and sleeping cots.”

“There is seating for a lot of Vahnatai here.”

“Nothing to do or see here.”

And I totally meant to take this screenshot showing off Sass' ascension to level 50. Ni'aurrl and Delilah are about level 44.

“One last section to go through.”


“I wouldn't recommend leaving things undone behind us.”


“Hello? Art-Iktah here!”

“Where are we?”

“Art-Iktah, forgive me. You deserve better than this. But please, rest.”

“We're in the prison!”

“And there's no way out.”

“Not even out the back.”

“No, it's an output lens for the teleporter that brought us here.”

“I'll start digging!”




“I know that voice.”

“This portal has been reversed. It is unstable.”

“Art should go. She knows these people, and their ways.”

“Fine. But the first thing I'm doing is coming back for you.”

“Right. Murder everything time. And you're first!”

“At least it's a short trip back.”

“Hah! Can't get to me through the gates!”


“{How did the honored one escape?}”

“{It does not matter. Let us die with honour.}”

“Wrong turn. And the doors are locked.”

“You're between me and where the Crystal Souls are, so I'll kill you later.”

“Oh, that looks important.”

“Huh. You know, I have no idea what the heck “Thalen” is.”

“No, wait. I'm an idiot. It's not a technical term! It's Vahnitai! 'tha' is 'substance', often associated with fluids rather than solids. 'len' is not the verb, but the noun associated with creation or birth. So ... substance of birth. It's the material being used as a medium for the creation of all these forsaken plagues!”

“I'm an idiot. The evidence has been in front of me the whole time. I just refused to see it.”

“But my follies are my own. I still need to get the others out.”

“Alright, if I'm not an idiot, then each of these buttons corresponds to a door in this room. 'Dha' means closed, and 'Kaik' is open.”

“G will take us out to the control room. I will open the door to the cells. And ... K ... K seems like a nice door to open. It's the letter of luck in the Vahnatai language.”

“Now, time to get everyone.”

“I want to open Cell 2, thank you.”

“Took you long enough.”

“You came back!”

“Any problems?”

“Nothing she couldn't handle.”

“{You too?}”

“{For our people.}”

“I knew about the luck thing!”

“Alright, let's get prepped for this. Everyone, cast up.”


You return to the room, and the projection of...


“{You are not enough to stop me.}”

“Jekknol-Bok. You know, I'm not surprised about that.”

“They've fled. Where to?”

“It was ... a quick teleport. To the north. Not too far. We need to leave this place and follow them.”

“And back up, into the monolith.”

“No one is here.”

“Exit is out the back.”

“Let's not open the barriers leading into what are obviously Alien Beast pens.”

“Not when there are those in front of us.”

“And going down again.”

“Come on. Let's leave this place behind.”


“This isn't natural. Why would they put a city at the base of a volcano?”

“Well, I've cast Firewalk. I see a path of some sort out the north side.”

Or you can actually use the Orb here. You can't Orb out from this region, it's backtrack manually or go forward.

“Well, that's some welcoming committee.”

“I don't see any Slimes there.”

“And no giants or troglos either. Though I suppose they would simply kill each other instead.”

“That's odd. I hear something.”

“Another Stone Circle? Here?”

“To the north.”

This is the consequence of praying at the Stone Circles.

“This is it.”

If you see that little gap in the upper-right pillar, that just holds some steel weapons.

“This is a trap.”

“It is.”

“Even I can tell that!”

“Well, one way to deal with traps.”

“I can hear it still...”

“Well, this was dumb of me.”

“Yeah. No. Not a chance.”

“Everyone knows what to do.”

And these are the consequences of trying to manipulate Art.

“Well, times like this makes me wish that Demonslayer wasn't in Karmas' hands.”

“Then I would have to choose between it, the Beastslayer, or the Flaming Sword!”

“Learn to dual wield?”

“Use your mouth for a third!”

“Right, that's done and out of the way with. Let's go find Rentar-Ihrno.”

“This is the way.”

If you have prayed to more than three of the Stone Circles, passing through here would teleport you to the Great Circle for a forced battle.

“And back underground.”

“This place...”

“Yeah, this is going to get ugly.”