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Part 23: Update 020a – Stats and Equipment

Update 20a – Stats and Equipment

And now, as promised, everyone's stats, along with a breakdown of equipment:

14 Strength may seem excessive, but it's going to stay there for a while as her other skills go up. I really should invest in some Intelligence to improve her healing.

But first she really needs that fifth level in Priest Spells to make use of Raise Dead and Flame Strike.

Here's the equipment details. I won't be showing the images any more, but will be summarizing them instead, like so:

Name:                       Dam Def Bon   Notes:
Steel Short Sword            6       3    Edged, 1Hand, 180g
Iron Short Sword             6       2    Edged, 1hand, 285g
Iron Breastplate                 8        Body Armor, 2Encumb, 500g
Silver Gauntlets                          Glove Armor, “Protection”, 800g
Silver Ring of Protection        5        Ring, “Protection”, 1500g
Fang Necklace                             Necklace, “Bless”, 750g
Gold Ring of Regeneration                 Ring, “Regenerate (x15 healing), 1200g
Magic Helm                       6        Head Armor, 0Encumb, 300g
Magic Axe                    8       5    Edged, 1Hand, 920g
Potion                                    ???
Art is dealing very respectable damage with her dual wielding, and her high strength is helping add onto those numbers. With only two points of encumbrance from armor, she'll never worry about losing AP in battle. Of note, magical weapons, in another facet stolen from D&D, have no encumbrance.

The Silver Gauntlets seem to have their Defence value mission, though I am certain it was programmed in. With a total defence of 19+, Art gives an amazing -95% chance to hit from any foe attacking her. It won't be enough.

Still tightly focused, the mad rush to give him Tier-7 Mage spells hurt his advancement in other areas. Namely Intelligence, HP and SP. I'll be raising those in future levels.

Once again, Major Blessing is Peregrine's ability of choice. After that, he acts to conserve SP, and is currently falling behind on the XP curve as all he gets is leaked experience.

Name:                       Dam Def Bon   Notes:
Leather Armor                    2        Body Armor, 8g, 0Encumb
Bronze Shield                    3        Shield, 40g, 0Encumb
Bronze Helm                      2        Head Armor, 15g, 0Encumb
Piercing Crystal                          “Dispel Barrier”, 1 Use, 200g
Bronze Ring of Protection        3        Ring, “Protection”, 100g
Silver Ring of Poison Resist.             Ring, Poison Resistance 1, 1400g
Sapphire                                  Gem, 1 use, (Magic Map component), 100g
Steel Dagger                 4       3    Edged, 1hand, 200g
Medium Energy Potion                      Potion, 3 Uses, Restores SP, 600g
Silver Ankh                               “Protection from Undead”, 600g
Scroll                                    ???
Scroll                                    ???
His equipment is designed around no encumbrance, so he'll always be at full speed. The Poison Resistance acts in two ways. First, it reduces the chance to get poisoned and also reduces both the duration and damage when poisoned. I also have no idea how the Silver Ankh is supposed to work, mechanically speaking.

More skilled, and with massive Defence, Karmas is a far more powerful tank than anyone else in the party. He really needs to improve his Strength and Dexterity though, before going back to Edged Weapons and Defence.

Name:                       Dam Def Bon   Notes:
Iron Greathelm                   5        Head Armor, 1Encumb, 150g
Bronze Broadsword           10       1    Edged, 1hand, 300g
Fang Necklace                             Necklace, “Bless”, 750g
Bronze Platemail                12        Body Armor, 4Encum, 700g
Killer Poison                             Posion, Level 6, 1 use, 300g 
Iron Buckler                     3        Shield, 0Encumb, 20g
Iron Shield                      4        Shield, 1Encumb, 250g
Karmas' equipment is quite heavy, he often only has 3AP when his turn comes around. He also seriously needs a better weapon. Note to self, move that Iron Buckler to someone who can use it.

I still have no clue how the 'level' of the poison he's been carrying for ages for dealing with the right foe works. All I know is that it's pretty damned lethal. Far more than the results of Major Blessing.

Ember has a lot of things she needs to improve, not only her Intelligence and SP to fuel her ability to kill things very, very dead.

Kill. Ravage Enemy. Firestorm. These will be staple spells from here to the end-game.

Name:                       Dam Def Bon   Notes:
Leather Baldric                  1        Body Armor, 0Encumb, 4g
Lighting Rods                7       3    Throwing, 8 Uses, Flaming, 200g
Bronze Shield                    3        Shield, 0Encumb, 40g
Onyx Charm                                Magic Resistance, 1500g
Bronze Saber                 9       1    Edged, 1hand, 400g
Medium Bliss Potion                       ???, 1 use
Steel Helm                       4        Head Armor, 0Encumb, 100g
Bottle of Wine                            Good Wine, 20g
I think the damage type on the Lighting Rods are off, but I'm really just saving these for a rainy day. The Onyz Charm is another piece of equipment whose mechanics are hard to describe. Does she take less damage from Magic? Does she occasionally ignore it, causing it to miss? Who knows?

And that Wine is very important.

Duncan is catching up in the combat stats, but he has a lot of Alchemy and Item Lore to buy in the near future. And a few more points of Mage Lore for good measure.

Name:                       Dam Def Bon   Notes:
Bronze Helm                      2        Head Armor, 15g, 0Encumb
Fang Necklace                             Necklace, “Bless”, 750g
Leather Baldric                  1        Body Armor, 0Encumb, 4g
Lockpicks                                 Lockpick Tool, 3/5 uses, 24g 
Fine Lockpicks                            Lockpick Tool, 5/5 uses, 100g
Steel Spear                 10       3    Pole Weapon, 1hand, 840g
Gold Ring of Skill                        Skill, Level 2, 450g
Flame Halberd               18       2    Pole, 2Hand, “Flame” 5 uses, 1250g
I'm pretty sure the Fine Lockpicks give a bonus to the relevant skill, but once again, mysterious mechanics. The Skill Ring effectively adds 2 to the total Defence of the character, and 2 to the Bonus of the equipped weapon(s). The Flaming Halberd is a thing of beauty as its the best weapon we'll have available for a long time by far. It's too bad the rest of his equipment isn't as awesome.

Rook is solid, but not spectacular. He'll stay that way until his equipment improves.

Name:                       Dam Def Bon   Notes:
Bronze Breastplate               2        Body Armor, 2Encumb, 480g
Silver Ring of Protection        5        Ring, “Protection”, 200g
Bronze Arrows               11       1    Arrows, 4/15 uses, 20g
Bronze Helm                      2        Head Armor, 15g, 0Encumb
Bronze Ring of Poison Resist              Ring, Poison Resistance 0, 700g
Iron Mace                    7   2        Bashing, 1hand, 475g
Cavewood Bow                 0       1    Bow, 130g
Arrows of Life               9       4    Arrows, Undead Slaying, 6/6 uses, 600g
Bronze Arrows               11       1    Arrows, 15/15 uses, 75g
Bronze Arrows               11       1    Arrows, 15/15 uses, 75g
Bronze Arrows               11       1    Arrows, 15/15 uses, 75g
Damage and Bonus from bows and arrows stack, in case you were wondering. The Arrows of Life work exactly as advertised, killing undead fast. I have a special target or two in mind for them though.