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Eye of the Beholder Trilogy

by Alpha3KV

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Original Thread: 3 decades of dungeon crawling: Let's play the Eye of the Beholder series



The Eye of the Beholder series is a trilogy of first-person dungeon crawler RPGs, in the vein of 1987's Dungeon Master. They're officially liscenced AD&D games published by Strategic Simulations, Inc (SSI) using 2nd edition rules. The first two games were first released in 1991, with the third coming in 1993. All three were released for DOS and PC-98. The first two have Amiga versions, and the original has console versions by Capcom for SNES and Sega CD. That latter version adds more cutscenes to the game, complete with voice acting. I will be playing the DOS versions that are buyable from GOG. After this LP got to the third game, they also became available on Steam.

The first task of each game is to make a party of four characters. The sequels also allow importing from the previous game and come with quick start save files. Each game also has recruitable NPCs and a maximum party size of 6. You can even have those NPCs replace your own characters, which is what I plan to do in this LP. It'll work like this:
1. As soon as I can get four new recruits in a game, drop any remaining members of the previous party.
2. Finish each game with a certain NPC party.
No particular rules about what happens before/between then. This won't result in the most powerful parties, but they'll be adequate to finish the games.

Spoiler Policy
There's not really a whole lot to spoil in these games. My only request will be to not discuss enemies that aren't listed in the manuals. If it Any outside Forgotten Realms lore is fine with me.

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Table of Contents

Eye of the Beholder
Character Generation Station
1: Rocks Fall, Nobody Dies
2: Sewer of the Dead
3: Curated Fishman Ass
4: Walking Through Webs
5: Dwarf Plot Dump
6: Putting All Our Eggs in One Basket
7: Ate Nine
8: Magic Stones, Swords, and Darts
9: Moss, Mantis Men, Meetings, Mind Flayers
10: End of the Beholder
Bonus Update

Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon
1: Pilgrimage
2: Cata-Cata-Cata-Comb
3: Assembling a New Party
4: Nightmarish
5: Burglary and Vandalism
6: Tour of Insect Nests
7: Mouths to Feed
8: Hand-Eye Coordination
9: Bulette Buffet
10: Dozens of Daemons
11: Mirrors, Mirrors, on the Walls
12: Imprisoned Giants
13: Fire Breath and Dran's Death

Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor
1: Boning Down in the Cemetery
2: Draining, Training, Trailing
3: Out on the Town
4: Pages by the Mages from Those Ages
5: Acwelemental
6: A Temple in Shambles
7: The Dark Fraud
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