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Eye of the Beholder Trilogy

by Alpha3KV

Part 1: Intro

The first game was also one of the very first RPGs I played at a young age.

As an aside, the SNES version used different box art from the others. I bet you'll never guess what kind of monster the final boss is!

You can watch the voice-acted Sega CD version of the intro here

The plot is very basic.

It seems that their meeting is being... beheld. :rimshot:

The party, which may or may not resemble the one you create, is given this letter to read in the manual:

Time to gear up.

I'm kind of amused by the cleric praying rather than getting any type of equipment.

That's right, we're starting with a sewer level, baby!

Uh oh, looks like the heroes are about to be the victims of some major orb shit. This line is excluded from the Sega CD version.

The only way out is through now.