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Part 2: Character Generation Station

Character Generation Station

I intend to have the final party be made of recruitable NPCs. In this case the ones who can be revived from their bones found throughout the game. You can get an early peek at them here.
Before that, we'll need to create an initial party to get through the first quarter of the game before anybody else can be recruited. That's where you all come in.

Stat adjustments: CHA -2, CON +1, DEX -1

Notes: Can read dwarven writing, though you can recruit a dwarf the very instant you enter the part where that's relevant.

Stat adjustments: CON -1, DEX +1

Notes: Supposedly have a hit bonus with bows and one-handed swords. Cannot be revived after death. They can also read Drow writing found in the third quarter of the game, at exactly one spot.

Stat adjustments: INT +1, WIS -1

Notes: Limited to level 9 cleric. They also get a bonus to hit kobolds and can read kobold runes, both of which only appear in the first level.

Stat adjustments: None

Notes: Unlike full elves, I'm fairly sure they can't read Drow writing.

Stat adjustments: DEX +1, STR -1, WIS -1

Notes: Have a hit bonus with slings, if the manual is accurate (it may well not be). Limited to fighter 9 and cleric 8, which is the lowest racial level limit.

Stat adjustments: None

Notes: No dual-classing in this series.

Gender affects portrait selection and nothing else.

Those last 3 faces are usable by both genders. Different characters cannot use the same portrait.

As with all of SSI's AD&D games, there is nothing preventing you from doing this with every character:

Thieves cannot be lawful good.
Rangers can only have good alignments.
Paladins must be lawful good, and are mutually exclusive with evil characters. That's the only real effect alignment has.

Names have a limit of 10 characters.

What I need:
Single-class warrior who is not an elf.