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Part 14: Intro

This game was released within a year of the first, built on the same engine. It doesn't have graphics and sound options at startup. Sounds can still be toggled at the in-game Preferences menu. The intro scene can be watched here.


You were settling in for an evening by the fire. Then a note was slipped to you. It was from your friend Khelben Blackstaff, Archmage of the city. The message was urgent.

The contents of this letter are shown in the manual.

As indicated it comes with an attachment, which is twice the length of the letter.

That attachment has its own attachment, which is three pages. That's five pages of attachments to a single-page letter.

The party heads to Khelben's place.

Going by what the letter in the manual says, the party should damn well know this considering they've already agreed to his task.

The party climbs some stairs...

...and finally meets the man himself.

Khelben posted:

Ancient evil stirs in the Temple Darkmoon. I fear for the safety of our city.

Khelben posted:

Three nights ago I sent forth a scout. She has not yet returned. I fear for her safety. Take this coin.

Khelben posted:

I will use it to contact you. You must act quickly. I will teleport you to Darkmoon. May luck be with you my friend.

And so the next adventure begins.

I'm making the spellcasters Kirath and Ileria required. The other two will be decided by a poll.

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