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Part 15: Pilgrimage

TLOD 1: Pilgrimage

The characters who start off the second game are Tyrra, Anya, and Kirath, who all definitely survived the battle with Xanathar, plus Ileria, who absolutely did not run away from it. Also Anya ended up retaining her negative HP and the deathlike state that comes with it. Welp, it's fine, they'll all be replaced by the third update anyway.

The character in the top-left position will start with Khelben's Coin, which can be worn as a necklace. All characters had their XP brought down to one point below what is needed to reach level 12, except for Tyrra. She was brought to one point below level 11, and stayed at that level after killing the first enemy:

Wolves. As you can see, there's a bit more variety to enemies of the same type compared to the first game. The layout of the forest has lots of corners and intersections, and the way wolves spawn makes it somewhat likely that you'll have them coming at you from multiple sides at once. They can be a slight annoyance for that reason, but this isn't the start of Baldur's Gate and the party is well beyond them being any real threat.

This is the game's quick start party, consisting of a paladin, a dwarf fighter/thief, a half-elf cleric, and an elf mage. The latter notices this because of her race. Rangers, ostensibly experts in this sort of thing, do not.

Walking into those trees leads to this. Ileria gained two levels, and 4 HP for each. That's twice what it's supposed to be. Characters still get constitution bonuses applied to the static HP gains in levels after their last hit dice are rolled. That's incorrect by AD&D rules.

This cellar has a recolor of the tileset for levels 10 and 11 of the first game. Despite how it looks on the ground, that armor is leather +2 (I don't yet have a way of identifying magical items). These inedible rations were lying next to it. There is also a mage scroll of Blur, a self-cast defense buff. The recruitable mages both start with it so Kirath learns it. It's a 2nd-level spell that was not in the first game. On that topic:

Clerics get two new fifth level spells, at the bottom of the list. Slay Living will at least cause damage if it doesn't live up to its name, making it a good offensive option against anything not undead. True Seeing will make illusory walls disappear while it is active, which includes the trees leading here.

On the mage side, Stoneskin has actually been removed from Kirath's spellbook. The devs thought it was too overpowered.

In the northeast we find graves. Only a fighter will make this brilliant observation.

This comment comes from a cleric. If you click on one of the graves, you will be asked if you want to dig it up. If you say yes:

A cleric or paladin will object to it, but you can still go through with it.

Doing so can get you some femurs, which can be used as very weak blunt weapons, or skulls.


A paladin will not object to this.

The earliest solid confirmation that the temple is up to no good comes from your party themselves being major shitheads. Let's try to act in accordance with their alignments:

If you refuse:

I opt to earn her a silver:

The following screen is accompanied by an ominous chime:

That's what we're here to do.

After taking one step in the temple we are greeted by these two. If you pick leave:

Let's actually try to do our jobs and inquire.

There is a door to the west. When you try going through it:

We'll listen for now.

On either side of the door:

This game is more elaborate with decoration than the first.

They really went all out on the Fantasy Catholic aesthetic. The door is still open, and you can return to the forest until you do something to make the clerics hostile.

Just south of that we meet Ira, whose name is only given in the clue book.

I have a suspicion that Nadia won't "take care of her" in the way she's hoping for.

You can break the fancy stained-glass windows around the entryway. Doing it just once won't earn the clerics' hostility. The west door leads to a short hallway with stairs on either side. We go up first.

I'll obey since we need keys to actually get anywhere up here.

Going through the door made the greeters attack. They don't give a second warning. Getting further in the game requires your party to be the aggressors in this situation. The Aid spell no longer has the bug where it can act as a full heal, though it's still a helpful buff.

Once the clerics have become hostile, the temple door will be closed permanently, locking you in. The only way to go is downstairs now.