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Fallout 2

by Breetai

Part 1

Herro. Me name am Trogg. Me am mightyfine young man from village of yoyo.

Me am very strong mightyfine young man. Everyone in villiage knows this. Everyone say "No-one thicker than Trogg". They see Trogg strong make Trogg happy.

Me am very excited. Why me excited? Because me am soon go on wonderful holiday. Me Gram-Gram tell me that me am to go outside of village for first time ever. YAY! First, me Gram-Gram tell me to go to temple. She say big surprise waiting for me in there.

Here am temple. Is very strange place; all cold and ucky.

Me think maybe me no want to go there. Maybe me just go home, eat rat on stick.

Uh.... herro.


Is very dark inside temple. Me see something in distance. Is surprise? Maybe is doggy?

Is NOT doggy.

That is not doggy neither.

Me think maybe Gram-Gram lie about surprise. Like time Gram-Gram lie about treasure down bottom of well. Or lie about eat poop make Trogg smarter. Trogg will look for surprise though.

Trogg see many more notpuppys.

Trogg am see little pot. Trogg know "Just Say No", but Trogg look anyway.

Mmm.... funny powder make Trogg feel lightheaded. Is good surprise.

Trogg decide to look for more surprises. It like Trogg birthday!

These notpuppys are silly. They fall down.

Trogg no feel so good.

Trogg no understand why notpuppys no like Trogg. All Trogg want am hug.

Trogg see skellybones near some notpuppys. Skellybones have something shiny. Go way, notpuppys!

Now Trogg have two pointystick!

Trogg have problem. Trogg see door, and Trogg push door. Then Trogg speak to door. Then Trogg yell at door. But door not open.

Trogg am artistic.

Trogg step into room, and big spear go whoosh past Trogg head!

Trogg know safest thing to do. RUN!

Trogg am kill more notpuppys, and am find more treasure. Happy Trogg! Much powder make Trogg speakadefasty!

Trogg see 'nother yoyo tribesman. Maybe he here look for treasure also?

Uh Trogg no feel so good. Why does no-one just want to hug instead of fight?

Me Guess that make sense.

Tribesman fall down, just like notpuppies!

Trogg am do what Gram-Gram tell him do: Aim for low-hanging fruit.



Trogg am see special surprise from Gram-Gram! Trogg see that he now has...

Dorky Pyjamas.

Is not complete waste though. Trogg feel strong; Trogg learn much about punching things. Trogg think Trogg know how punch little better. Trogg like punch things.

Well, now Trog am go to talk to Gram-Gram. Then maybe Trogg say goodbye to villiage before go on holiday. Trogg know that everyone must have many goodhearing things to say to Trogg!

See you soon!

 Update am whenever possible, maybe once, twice week. Trogg look forward to making friends with all of you!

Trogg thinks that he will make many friends on his holiday!