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Part 8: Project Purity

Part 8: Project Purity

Goddamn, are you seriously taking on the mini-Hulks with your bare fists? Even I’m not that crazy.

You’re badass, I get it! Stop trying to kill yourself!

Oh, there’s the aircraft carrier. Man, it’s just around the corner from Jefferson.

Ah, here we are. Now I’ve just got to wait for “dad” to catch up.


“James, you’re back!”

“I’d like to believe you, James. Really I would. This is all just so…so sudden.”

“Madison, I’m telling you this is real. I talked to Braun himself. He confirmed it. Don’t you see? This is what we’ve been waiting for!”

“I…I don’t know, James. So many years have passed. Is it really still worth trying?”

“How could it not be worth improving the lives of everyone in the Wasteland? What could be a more worthy endeavor?”

“You haven’t lost any of your passion, have you, James?”

What’s this? Some kind of bobble head?

“It’s as important to me as ever, Madison. I know it’s important to you too. Let’s finish this together.”

“James, I…We don’t have a G.E.C.K. I can get a small team together, but we’ll need proof that it works before people believe us.”

Neat, it’s got a mortarboard hat and everything.

“I know, I was thinking about that. The lab at the facility had some old pre-war computers that we scavenged. One of them might be useful.”

“From the last reports, there’s no power at the facility. Even if one of those computers had a database, we couldn’t access it.”

Looks like it’s got an inscription on the base.

“That’s why we’re going to head over there right now and get things up and running as best we can.”

“You know, if it were anyone else asking me to do this, I’d have them run right out of Rivet City.”

“It takes the smartest individuals to realize there’s always more to learn.” I’ll have to remember that.

“And you know I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think this would really work. It’s time, Madison.”

“Damn you, James. When this is all over, you owe me a drink. I’ll get the team together.”

“Thank you, Madison. It’s good to be working with you again.”

Hmm? Oh, they’re done. Well, back to the Jefferson Dome.

“Revelation 21:6. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life, freely. Don’t you see? This is what it all means. The water, the purifier. THIS is the water of life. Your mother’s dream. No point in wasting time. Let’s get to work.”

Finally, now this is what I’m talking about. Getting some real scientific progress done and showing all those quantum particles who’s boss.

“There’s much to be done. The Project was abandoned shortly after you were born. Things have deteriorated here since then, and there’s been some flooding. I’ll need you to get to the Flood Control Pumps and activate them so we can clear out the water and reach the mainframe. The automatic doors sealed when the flooding occurred, so you’ll have to use the access tunnels to reach the pumps.”

…Damn it.

Hooray, I flipped a switch no one else could be bothered to walk to.

“Here, take these fuses. The box is back down in the sub-basement, near the eastern end of the level. Once the fuses are replaced, you’ll be able to get to the mainframe.”

This is already sounding way too much like my old job. I busted my ass for eight solid years to get a Ph. D., wrote a 120 page thesis on the interactions between gluons and negative atoms, and what do they have me do?

“Gordon, go fix the fuses!” “Gordon, go clear out the air ducts!” “Gordon, go into the dangerous chamber and flip the switch!” “Gordon, keep this headcrab from eating my face!”

Well, that last one only happened once or twice, after the incident.

Oh good, flipping the switch worked. And here I was worried that I’d have to do something interesting, like making a diagnostics check.

“There are a few minor repairs still to be made up here in the control room. Why don’t you come back here and give me a hand?”

Wait for it…

“Actually, wait. There’s one other thing I need you to do. Janice says there’s a blockage in one of the intake pipes. It’s on your way back; head back up to the museum level and give me a call on the intercom when you get there.”

Totally called it. I bet he wants me to climb down into the tunnels, doesn’t he? I’ll just get in and fix it.

Looks like this pipe was busted before they even put it in place, considering they wrapped chicken wire around it. Is that all this is here for? To make it harder to access the plumbing of a water-based project? I suppose it’s not much dumber than some of the pipes back in Lambda Lab’s waste complex.


“Everyone, it seems we have some visitors. I don’t know who they are or what they want.”


“…The Enclave? What are they doing here…They’re where? Madison, lock that door!”

Finally, the damn door’s unlocked. I’m getting out of here.

Well, no wonder they’ve got drainage troubles; they put tires in the pipes!

Stop shooting at me!

God damn, it’s just like with the Combine; shoot first and forget the questions entirely.

Ooh, and they’ve got some neat weapons just like the Combine, too. I’ll have to hold onto this.

Now what?

“Am I to assume, sir, that you are in charge?”

That guy sounds like Foghorn Leghorn.

“Yes, I’m responsible for this project.”

“Then I repeat, sir, that you are hereby instructed to immediately hand over all materials related to the purifier.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s…”

“Furthermore, you are to assist Enclave scientists in assuming control of the administration and operation of this facility at once.”

“Colonel…Is it Colonel?”

Colonel Sanders?

“I’m sorry, but the facility is not operational. It never has been. I’m afraid you’re wasting your time here.”

“Sir, this is the last time I am going to repeat myself. Stand down at once, and turn over control of this facility.”

I say, sir, that is, I say…

“Colonel, I assure you that this facility will not function. We have never been able to successfully replicate test results…”

Holy shit!

“I suggest you comply immediately, sir, in order to prevent any more incidents. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Colonel. I’ll do whatever you want; there’s no need for more violence.”

“Then you will hand over all materials related to this project, and aid us in making it operational at once.”

“Very well. Give me a few moments to bring the system online.”

Man, what a dick. Foghorn would never kill a man to make a point.


There must be a ton of radiation for it to be leaking through the protective glass. Damn it, why did the only guy badass enough to fight mini-Hulks barehanded have to die?!

Well, at least Fuckhorn Leghorn died too.

“We have to get out of here. They’ll be coming for us next. We’ve got to evacuate now! James…your father caused an overload. He sacrificed himself to keep the Enclave from getting the purifier, and to buy us time to escape. There’ll be more of them coming. We need to get out of here before they find us, or else your father died in vain.”

Don’t see why we can’t kill them all. There were what, two helicopters’ worth of soldiers? I can take that many.

“There’s an old tunnel that will lead us out of here, to someplace safe. We used it as an evacuation route once before, but that was a long time ago. I hope everyone remembers how to get there. There isn’t time to round everyone up. Come on, follow me. And hurry!”

Fine, have it your way. I bet someone will get all bitchy if I just let them die.

“Mighty, Mighty Man” by Roy Brown

I’m a mighty, mighty man, I’m young and I’m in my prime
I’m a mighty, mighty man, I’m young and I’m in my prime
I don’t pick my jobs I’m ready for any ol’ kind

Yes, I’m a real young man, a brand new twenty-five
Oh, I’m a real young man, a brand new twenty-five
Well, I’m willing, I’m able, I’m practically much alive

Well, I’m six-feet-tall, I ain’t no hand-me-down
Yes, I’m six-feet-tall, and I ain’t no hand-me-down
Well, I got a gal in town who calls me Good Rockin’ Brown

Oh, I’m a single man, I really don’t need a wife (Pick up, you gals!)
Yes, I’m a single man, and I really don’t need a wife
Yes, I’m gonna stay this way, 'cause oh what a wonderful life

Well, I’m a mighty man, I’m young and I’m in my prime
Yes, a mighty, mighty man, I’m young and I’m in my prime
Well, when you want me, holler and I’ll be there on time

Well, when there's work to do, send for the mighty one
Yes, when there's work to do you better send for the mighty one

Yes, he’ll stay on the job, until the job is done

Now what?

“Garza has a heart condition. He needs medicine, or he may not make it. I’m not moving until he gets the medicine he needs. I don’t have sufficient medical supplies with me, or else this wouldn’t be a problem. If you have any Stimpaks, I would ask that you hand them over.”

Well, I’ve got plenty of those.

“Yes, this looks to be enough. He’ll need medical attention once we’ve reached the Citadel, but this will get him there. Give me a moment, and we can continue.”

The Citadel? I thought you said we were going someplace safe!

Oh hey, it’s the power armored guys who didn’t attack me on sight! This day’s already looking better.

Wow, look at those zummies melt. I could watch this all day.

Wait, is this the “Citadel?” This is the Pentagon. Not much of a citadel, really.

Pretty beat up, too.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. No unauthorized civilians allowed inside the Citadel. You’ll have to leave now.”

Ooh, she sounded angry. I wonder if they’ve got a history?

And so they’re all safe. I still got it.

“Don’t talk down to me, Lyons. I had nowhere else to turn. You must help us. Project Purity has been overrun.”

“Yes, I’d heard reports of an incident there. What details can you give us?”

“The Enclave. They’ve attacked Project Purity. James is dead…there may be more. I don’t know. You have to do something!”

This is less of a lover’s spat than I was hoping for.

“Then it’s as we feared. Madison, I’m sorry this happened. I wish we could have done something…”

“Then do something now! They’ve taken over the purifier. Lyons, they cannot be permitted to have control over it. It’s not right!”

“Now, now, calm down. You know as well as I do that the purifier doesn’t work. It’s useless to them. Perhaps it’s time to walk away.”

“That’s not true. James…He found what’s been missing. We know how to get it running.”

“Is that so? Does the Enclave know this?”

“No, I don’t think…I don’t know. I just don’t know what’s happening anymore.”

Welcome to my world.

“All right, Madison. It’ll be okay. now, this is James’ son, I presume? I can see the resemblance.”

“Yes. He knows what we need. Vault-Tec computer, something to locate equipment. Please help him.”

“Very well. We’ll sort this all out.”

“Rothschild should help you. But don’t forget that he’s Brotherhood. I’ve never trusted them. Be careful what you tell them.”

No worries there. I suppose I should go take a look around.

Good looking lab. Wait a second, is that—

It’s a giant robot! So awesome. I hope it can kill stuff with eye lasers, that would be wicked.

Now what’s this? Looks kind of familiar.


Finally! It’s about time I got some decent bullet deflection. I should probably keep the wrist computer on, though. Just gotta pull off the arm of this thing…there.

A crowbar! These things are so useful.

Looks like dawn’s coming.

You know, it took way too long, but I finally feel ready to take on the world again.